In The Woods

This happened when I was still in High School. I dated this girl named Tiffany for a few months. I got her hooked on me in every way possible. When ever I wanted to have sex she would be willing. After we stopped dating, we still continued to have sex. After a while we kinda stopped. I started to date a new girl and she was not as good. Well me and the new girl broke up. I still wanted to be with her, but I pushed her away. Anyway, one day I asked Tiffany to hang out and talk about what I was going through lately. Well That went well till me started to make out. I knew her neck, collar bone, and ear turned her on, so I licked and kissed those spots. My original plan was just to have her call the new girl/x to see what she was thinking. She did but at the same time I was sucking on her tits. The new girl didn't say much which was not encouraging. Before they hung up I found myself between her legs licking her juicy,wet, tight warm pussy. Oh and by the way this was all happening in my Ford Expedition parked in the woods in an under developed are. After she hung up, Tiffany pushed my back and started to kiss her way down my chest towards my rock hard dick. Tiffany is about 5ft 8in and 120 lbs. She had nice big tits and huge ass which was in my face at this point as she was sucking on my dick. I continued to lick her pussy. After about 10 minutes, she sat up sliding her pussy down to my dick and slowly slide it into her nice wet warm slit. she rode my dick for a good 20 minutes up and down and rotating her hips in circles. I wanted to just cum all inside her pussy, which wouldn't be the first time. Instead, I pulled out and bent her over got her asshole wet by licking it (it was clean she had just showered) then slide my dick in. She loved anal just about as much as getting her pussy fucked. I fucked her in the ass hard and fast for a few minutes, finally I turned her over on her back on the back seat and slide my dick in as I was kneeling in front of the seat. This was my usual last stand before cumming. I grabbed her thighs wrapping my arms around them for leverage. I began to fuck her slow, then faster and faster. she loved when I did this. she began to moan and grown in enjoyment. I was fucking her hard and fast when she started to cum. White cream started to run out of her pussy on my dick shaft and drizzled down her pussy to her asshole. A minute after she finished cumming she, she came again this time I was climaxing too. My dick was so hard and my cum shot into her wet cummie pussy. I kept fucking her till my dick stopped spewing cum. I slowly pulled out as at the same time our cum came dripping out of her pussy slowly. She stuck her fingers in her pussy and fingered it a little. She would lick them a couple times tasting her and my cum. I helped her clean up by licking her pussy more. After such a good fuck with her, I realized she was and would be there for me. We started dating again. However we only lasted another 3 or 4 months.
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3 years ago
wow that is a loose of a hottie