Stay at Home Break

Welcome to the final part of my story; you have met Terri and Sam in 15 years of lust and Sally in ‘Sally’s virginity.’ Thank you for all the kind comments from both these stories.

Stay at Home Break

It was time for our summer holidays, and as usual Terri and I would holiday with Sam and Richard, Terri’s Mom and Stepdad, and Sally Terri’s younger s****r. We had nothing planned, we did think about going aboard but with all the troubles in the world we decided it would be stay at home break this year. We had three weeks to do what we wanted, when we wanted, and that felt good.
I had closed the office door early that Friday afternoon, and made my way to Terri’s moms’ house, and having parked the car in front of the third garage I began to retrieve our bags and cases and carry them into the house. I was setting them down at the foot of the large staircase when I heard sounds coming from the direction of the kitchen, but I was to be lone in house until Terri arrived, which would be about four o’clock, and it was now two forty-five, and so, now I’m no hero, with some trepidation I made my way towards the sound.
I walked though the archway that led to the lounge with it’s twin facing sofa’s and above the ornate fireplace was Richards pride and joy, fifty-two inch plasma screen, expensive books lined the walls and not to mention the antique furniture. The house became silent as I moved into the dinning area. Glass cabinets housed silverware and valuable porcelain. I questioned myself, why, with all these goodies in the house would burglars be in the kitchen? Did I deactivate the alarm when I open the front door? I didn’t, this meant that Sam or Richard or even the house-keeper would home. I sighed with relief and moved to push open the kitchen door, my hand stopped abruptly. There were no other cars on the drive. Shit; they could have gone out without setting the alarm, thinking that would set it off when I opened the door… The house-keeper, when did she finish? Was it her half day on Friday? Yes it was… There was another crash from the kitchen, this time the sound of braking glass. Something raged up inside of me, and thinking ’Who wants to live for ever.’ I burst into the kitchen.
There was another crash and a scream, followed by… “Ben you fucking idiot… what do you think you’re play at?” Sam held on tightly to work-counter breathing deeply.
“For fucks sake you could have given me a heart attack.” She was wearing light brown shoes with a small heal and cream coloured skirt, not too short, and silk pastel blue blouse and her blond hair tied back in a ponytail.
“What you doing here Sam? You’re supposed to be at work.” I blurted out.
“I decided not to go in; I could do what I needed to do on-line.” Sam gasped.
“So where’s your car?” I asked.
“Richard’s taken it; his is in for a service.” Sam stood up and looked at the kitchen floor.
She knelt down and began to pick up the dropped vegetables; I stooped to help her. I could see down her blouse, those lovely tits that I had once sucked now swung just before my eyes. We stood up; I took the bowl of veg from Sam’s hand and placed it on the worktop.
“We’re alone…” I said as I pulled her towards me. “I’ve wanted to get you alone for months…” I tried to kiss her, but she turned in my arms saying. “No Ben…”
I held her tightly, my hands firm against her soft belly.
“No Ben, it’s wrong… I’m your wife’s mother… Ben please. Stop.”
I whispered in her ear. “I remember you saying that before, while you pushed my fingers deeper into your lovely wet pussy.”
“No Ben… I mean it this time. It’s wrong and not fair on Terri.” Sam tried to pull away from me, but I held her more tightly, and moved my hand down over her belly to her mound and pushed my fingers between her legs.
Sam bent forward and pushed her beautiful bum against my hardening cock; my hands slipped upwards and took hold of her firm large breasts. Her nipples were large and hard. “You’re saying no Sam, but your tits are saying suck me Ben, suck me hard.” I said as I began to nibble at her ear and neck.
Sam spun in my arms and planted a kiss on my mouth; she f***ed her tongue over my teeth, it felt warm and wet, and as I sucked my hands slid down her back, and taking a firm grip of her bum checks I lifted her up and placed her on the worktop. I tugged at her skirt, trying to pull it up, to reveal her soft inner thighs, to run my tongue up to her waiting meaty pussy. I would lick and finger her, here on the kitchen worktop, and, has she did before, she would squirt her love juice all over my face.
“Stop it… Stop it now Ben… Please.” Sam begged as she grabbed my hair and pulled me away from her.
“I’m sorry Ben, but I can’t do it.” Sam looked at me with tear filled eyes.
“But, but we were so good together…” I almost begged.
“I know Ben. Everyday I think about what we did, yes I would love to have your big hard cock in any of part of me, right now. Because… because I think about how you made me cum, squirting all over the place, I’d never done that before… and how your cock filled me up, you stretched my pussy so wide. I get wet just thinking about it. Yes, okay… I do masturbate about what we did… a lot. I can even make my self squirt, that’s how much I enjoyed it with you.” Sam swallowed and took a breath. “You can carry on trying to get at my pussy, because yes, you’re right, I’m wet for you and I would love to have your tongue in me, feel your cock up my arse pumping me full of cum; and yes I want to suck your big hard cock and feel it sliding down my throat, lick your pre-cum from its tip. God, when I remember how you cum in my mouth, I thought you would never stop; so much cum, running down my throat, over my face, in my hair.” Sam looked down and continued quietly. “When you fucked me Ben… it was an all new thing for me, you even licked your own cum from my pussy, which was dirty, sexy, but dirty.” Sam continued in a whisper. “You see I’m off again Ben, I’m so fucking wet right now, I could fuck with you so easily and I would enjoy ever minute of it, I know I would. But I would hate you for it. Because I hate myself, I’m the worst mother in the world.” Sam began to cry.
I took her in my arms and held her, running my hand down her long blond ponytail I said.
“No you’re not…” but I was cut off with… “Yes I am. I can’t even look Terri in the face anymore. I did the worst thing a mother can do to a daughter, and everyday I rub myself off thinking about it. That makes me a bad mother Ben, a very bad mother.”
I held her in silence for a few moments, just gently stroking her hair, until she said.
“We’ll keep it as our secret, a wonderful memory, but never again.”
I knew that it wasn’t going to happen so I kissed her gently gave a faint smile and moved the kitchen door.
“Go on I’ll be okay.” She said.
“You sure?” I said.
“It’s for the best.” She sighed, picking up the veg bowl.
“Pity… You should see what I can do with a carrot.” I joked.
She playfully pitched a potato at me.
After taking the bags and cases up to our room and emptying their contents into draws and wardrobes I stripped down to my boxers and took my toiletry bag and tried to open the bathroom door, it was locked, from inside. The bathroom was a shared utility, our bedroom and then bathroom, then Sally’s bedroom. Each with a door to the bathroom, sometimes Sally would lock our bedroom door and forget to unlock it. I trudged down the corridor to Sally’s bedroom; I didn’t knock, what would be the point? She wasn’t home; she’d still be in school, not arriving home until about five. I pushed down the door-handle and walked in.
Sally’s bedroom was south facing, with two long windows that filled the room with soft mid-afternoon summer sun. The walls were covered in posters of boy bands and film stars, in one corner soft toys were piled high; a dressing table full of girly stuff.
I almost fell, tripping on a discarded school skirt, a green jacket, a white blouse and necktie, a straw boater hat, and a white bra; I looked at the trail of clothes which led to the bed situated between the two windows, upon which lay Sally. She was laying face down, her right leg crooked, her right arm d****d over a teddy-bear. She was naked except for her white socks and white panties.
My eyes feasted on her tender young body, her soft tight skin, I soon found the bulge under her arm with a promise of tit and nipple, how I would love to see her nipples again, to suck them deep in my mouth. My gaze moved on to the small of her back and her hips that propped up her lovely tight arse. My mind raced back a few weeks to the time that I had fucked her in almost the same position. In my minds eye I saw my cock pumping cum onto her curvy spine. My eyes moved down a little to her panties that stretched across her pussy, showing the outline of her lips; those same pussy lips that she had face fucked me with, before sliding down my waiting manhood, taking her virginity.
I noticed a darker part of her panties, but I put this down to shadow, but I remembered how wet she could get, almost streaming out of her.
My cock was becoming hard now, and not wishing to appear a pervert I turned and made for the bathroom door. I pulled down the handle, a snapping sound echoed in the silence of the room. Sally raised herself slightly before half turning and on seeing me gave the
“Hello Ben, what you doing?” She sl**pily asked.
“The bathroom door, it’s locked my side.” I crocked. “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.”
“That’s okay…” she smiled. “Come and say hello then, haven’t seen you for while.”
I walked back to her and stood beside her bed, Sally sat up on her knees holding the teddy bear, covering her boobs.
“What you doing home, you should at school?” I asked.
“We finished early…” She answered. “I was so sl**py; I had to come have a nap. I didn’t much sl**p last night.”
“An active sex life, bed for sl**ping as well you know.” I grinned.
“Sex life! I don’t have a sex life.” She groaned.
“But what about Creg, I thought you would have been at it like rabbits.” I chuckled.
“We’re finished…” She said sadly.
“Boys are like that; get what they want and move on; don’t worry about it plenty more fish in the sea, so they say.” I said.
“He got what he wanted alright; but it wasn’t me.” She said picking the teddy bears ear.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Don’t you ever listen to Terri? I know she told you that we had broken up.” She asked smiling.
“She might have done, but I’ve been busy over the last few weeks, it’s amazing how much work I have to put in before I can three weeks off.” I answered.
“Okay then, I’ll tell you. I was the week after we… you know?” she said shyly.
“How could I forget?” I said.
“Okay… Mom and Richard were going away on Friday afternoon, and wouldn’t be back until Saturday afternoon. This was perfect; I really wanted him, Ben… I had a netball match that night and he was insistent on coming with me, to give support… I thought it was all us girls in short skirts that were really on his mind. But what the hay, if this helped to turn him on, he could look at as many girls he liked, it would be me he’d be spending the night with.” Sally, still hugging the teddy bear slipped down onto her back and pulled her knees up revealing her firm bum checks.
When we got to sports hall I introduced him to some of the team, and Tony the coach. When we were playing, he would wave from time to time, and give odd whistle every now and then. But most of the time he would be talking to Tony, this was fine by me; at least he wasn’t talking to any of the other girls of the team.
“Now I had an idea, which I would start to put in play after the match, which we lost by the way. I took a long shower, allowing the other girls to dress and leave. Alone in the changing room I put on my little white socks and gym shoes. Then I took from my locker last year’s kit. The skirt was far too short, but that’s what I wanted, the same with the top, it showed my belly. That’s was all I put on Ben. No bra or panties.”
“Lucky chap.” I said.
“You think so.” Sally smiled.
“He was waiting for me outside the changing room, I gave him a hug and kiss, he never said anything about how I was dressed, he just said that the needed to go to the bathroom. I said that I would wait for him at the entrance. I sat on one of the benches opposite the caretaker’s office window. He was about an hundred years old and I could see his head and shoulders above the hatch. I was starting to tighten up after the match and so I stretched my arms above my head. I noticed my reflection in the glass of drinks machine, my nipples were really sticking out, and I was feeling so very horny. Ben I was naughty. I notice the old man looking at me, watching me, so I opened my legs, I knew he could see everything. I put my legs straight out in front of me and stretched myself back over the bench. I saw what the old man could see in my reflection, my tits looked huge and my nipples were sticking up, so big. My little skirt had shifted up, putting my naked pussy on show.
I stayed in that position for a while, before taking a peek at the old man; he was very red faced, and he seemed to be shacking a little. I stood up and started to pretend to look for something in my bag. I keep my legs straight and bent from my waist, my little skirt shot up showing all of my bum, I shifted a little and as I open my legs I felt my pussy lips open up. I heard a grunting sound from the old mans direction, he was about a hundred years old but I know he was wanking off, and it made me so very wet and horny. I gave him a little longer, wiggling my bottom, before sitting back on the bench. I stretched and opened my legs once more showing my admirer my private part. I began to flex my feet; this started a rocking action moving my pussy up and down.
I carried on do this for two or three minutes, as Creg and Tony arrived I heard a long low grunt, from the office.
They were laughing and seemingly getting on well with each other. I took Greg’s hand and as we walked passed the office window I smiled at the old man, who had a glazed expression. We said goodnight to Tony, and soon found a black cab. I got in first, letting my skirt slide up, I knew he could see my arse, but he never said a word. When we were in the cab, I rubbed my hand along the inside of his leg, squished my tits against his arm… nothing. No reaction at all. When we got home, well, it took me ages to get him upstairs, I kept bending over, pushing my tits at him, kissed him, felt his cock once… and so having took hold of his hand and literally dragging him to my bedroom, I finally got him on my bed, right here Ben.” Sally slapped hand down on the bed beside her.
“Right here Ben… he was on his back and I sat across him; I had pushed his T-shirt up and I was kissing and licking his chest, when I noticed he wasn’t responding. I sat up and began to rub my poor hungry pussy against his limp cock.”
Sally tossed the teddy bear aside, opened her legs wide; she had a wet patch on her white panties. She rubbed herself hard saying. “I wanted him in me, Ben. I don’t think I could ever get that horny again.” Sally knelt up, her tits swinging only inches from my growing bulge.
“I tugged my top off and licked my nipples like this.” She said.
Sally knelt in front of me and pushed her big tits together before taking a nipple into her mouth. “Is this sexy Ben? Tell me it is.” Sally whispered.
I watched as her pink tongue lapped at her long nipple, she sucked it a little before letting her spit drip onto the waiting nipple.
“Yes Sally; that’s very sexy.” I whispered.
She took her other boob and began sucking. “I saw a girl doing it on a porn site.” She said with her mouth full.
She kept on playing with her boobs pulling the nipple, biting and sucking, but she continued with her story. “You know, I looked down at him, everything was stiff except for his cock. ‘What the matter with you, don’t you want me?’ I said.
“Well now you’ve come to mention it…”
“What…” I cried
“Sally… you’re very lovely and sexy I’m sure, but you’re not my type.” He said
“Well you’re not my sex type Sally. Sorry, but I’m gay.”
“I didn’t understand, Ben he only wanted me to get at Tony. They’re a couple now.
She started to rub her hand over the bulge in my boxers… “You’re not gay are you Ben?”
She pulled down the front of my boxers allowing my growing cock to spring towards her opening mouth.
“Now that’s what I’m talking about.” She said as she licked at the tip.
“That’s a lovely cock; all full of cum, and I want it Ben.” She sucked me, rolling her tongue across the end and giving a gentle bit before licking along the shaft, down to my balls. She pulled my cock up against my belly and sucked one of my balls in to her mouth. Taking my cock in hand I pushed her head back and watched my hard dick slid into her mouth, over her tongue and down her throat. I slid my cock up and down her throat a few times before she began to gag. Gulping for breath Sally fell back on the bed and quickly wriggled out of her panties.
“Any way that you want me Ben, but please fuck me...” Sally begged.
I looked at the vision which lay in front of me; her young beautiful face looking at me with anticipation, her breathing, short and deep made her breasts rise and fall, enticing me to suck on her large protruding nipples. She was on her back, legs wide apart; she pushed in two fingers, the sight of her juicy, dripping, milky pussy made my cock twitch and jump. She sucked her juice as she slid her fingers into her mouth.
I remembered how sweet she tasted, how tight her virgin pussy was when I first entered her a few weeks earlier. How she had cum, time and time again as she face-fucked me, as I rammed my cock deep and hard into my wife’s equally wet pussy; until I cum, spraying my spunk over my belly, and the two girls sharing their prize, licking me clean.
To my surprise I found myself saying… “I’m sorry Sally… I can’t, not without Terri being here, it wouldn’t be fair.”
I turn away and walked to the bathroom door, while Sally pounded the bed with her fists crying… “Doesn’t anybody want to fuck me?”

My shower, which was long and hot, was interrupted by a tapping on the shower’s glass-door. It was Terri and she was naked; she pushed her lovely boobs against the glass and looked down at my still very hard cock.
“Well you’re glad to see me.” She smiled.
I stepped out of the shower and took her in my arm, my cock pressing hard into her belly.
“Hold it big boy… there’s nothing for you here, not now.” She giggled. “I’m having a quick shower and then I must go and see mom, she wants to talk to me.”
“Is that you Terri?” Sally called from her room.
Sally who had dressed in t-shirt and cut off jeans skipped into the bathroom. “Well?” She asked.
“Okay Sal, but you will have to wait until I can arrange something.” Terri answered.
“I can’t wait Tez, it doing my head in.” Sally whimpered.
“I know babe, there’s something for you on the bed, and it will help in times of emergency and drought.” Terri smiled.
“What’s that all about?” I asked.
“You’ll find out later, right now I need a shower.” Terri said sliding shower door to.
“Look what Tez has got for me, thanks s*s...” Clutching her first vibrator, Sally almost raced back to her bedroom.

I was sitting on the sofa, trying to capture a gun emplacement, with only a shotgun and three shells; I was just about to pick up some ammo when Terri sat beside me.
“Turn that thing off for a minute, this is important.” She said.
I pressed the pause button on the hand set, the room fell silent, and Terri whispered.
“It’s about Mom.”
I asked a little nervously. “What about her, what have you two been talking about?”
“She so very upset; it’s her and Richard… They’re not… You know… Doing It.”
“Doing it? Doing what?” I asked, quite puzzled.
“You know… it. For Christ sake Ben… They’re not fucking.”
“Oh I see… Well Richard has been very busy over the last few weeks, he works very hard you know… it takes it toll on a man.” I answered.
“They’ve not done anything for over a year.” Terri said in amazement.
“A year…” I exclaimed.
“A year; imagine, a whole year without sex. No wonder poor Moms so sad.” Terri Said softly. “The worry is this; Mom loves Richard very much, but she has her needs and if she finds someone, you know a fuck buddy, and Richard finds out… Well that puts us in deep shit too.”
Sometimes I’m a little slow when it comes to people skills, so I asked. “Your point is?”
“Richard is going to retire in a few months and you’re taking over his business; do you think that would still go ahead if he and Mom are split-up? Maybe, but I wouldn’t want to take the chance. Would you?”
“No, I suppose not. Do you think he’s found someone, got a bit on the side?” I asked.
“Mom thinks not, he still shows his love, but not in the way she would like.” Terri answered.
“It could be that he’s getting on and can’t get it up any more.” I said.
“Janet at work, her hubby went through a stage like that, now he’s on tablets’. But when he couldn’t get it hard, he still wanted to do it, so they did other things, a lot of licking I should think. Mom says that Richard doesn’t bother at all.” Terri sat quietly for a time before saying. “Imagine sl**ping next to Mom and not want to fuck her.”
“What!” I exclaimed.
“Ben, I know that you think Mom is hot.” Terri said.
“Do you want me to fuck your Mom now?” I whispered. “Get the full set.”
“No, at least not yet, but I’ll keep it in mind. We stand to lose a fortune and I’m not going to let that happen. We will do what it takes.” Terri whispered.
“I’ve seen how he looks at your tits; maybe he just needs a kick-start, to get him going.” I said.
“Ben, are you saying that I should fuck Richard?” Terri said with amazement.
I mimicked her, saying. “No, at least not yet, but I’ll keep it in mind. We stand to lose a fortune and I’m not going to let that happen. We will do what it takes.”
We sat for a while, nether speaking, until Terri jumped up with excitement, saying.
“A kick-start, yes, it just might work… Come with me.” I followed Terri as she walked quickly to the kitchen. Sam was sitting with a glass of white wine, looking very sorry for herself.
“Mom! Ben’s given me an idea, if it’s okay with you that is?”
“I’m game for anything dear.” Sam said slowly.
“We are going to give him a kick-start to get him back to his old self.” Terri smiled.
“You remember that you said that Richard had said that he fancied me. Well tonight, you and I are going to put some make-up on, do our hair the same and wear our little black dresses.” She said.
“The one that shows all your tits?” I asked.
“Might be… We are going to tease the hell out of Richard and at the end of the evening, well that’s up to you Mom. What do you think?”
“Well if nothing comes of it, it still sounds like fun, and I’ll enjoy dressing up.” Sam smiled.
“While you two are parading yourselves in front of Richard, remember that I’m going to be there too, and I don’t want to be sitting there with a big boner.” I said.
“Hello my f****y.” Richard entered the kitchen and gave me a high five and the two girls a hug and a kiss before disappearing up to his office to do two emails, then it was hols hols hols.
Richard had changed into shorts and T-shirt, he’s about five feet nine with silver grey hair and a goatee, and he has a good body for his age. His eye’s almost popped when the two girls entered the room, each with a tiny black dress, blond hair and make-up they really looked the business. I watched Richard’s eye’s fleeting from girl to girl, their legs and tits. “Well you two could be s****rs.” He said.
“Is he saying that I look old, or you look young, Mom?” Terri laughed.
Sally joined us for dinner, but soon left us for something she had to do in her bedroom. Terri and I smiled to each other knowing just what she was up to with her new joy. The evening continued, and the wine flowed more than usual. Both girls showing a great deal of stocking top, butt and boob, and still no visible reaction from Richard. We moved with our drinks to the lounge, I planted myself in a corner seat and Richard sat in the other corner of the same sofa. Sam had turned the lights down to a more romantic level and was sliding a CD into the player. Terri sat beside me, pulled her legs up and lay on my chest. This gave Richard a full view of her stocking tops and butt. I saw him look and quickly turn away. I secretly gave Terri the thumbs up, and she smiled knowing that I understood what she was doing. Sam lent over the back of the opposite sofa, exposing her full large breasts has she pushed them together with her arms.
“Just look at these two Richard, so much in love after all these year too.” She said.
“I do love Terri, and I would do anything to make her happy.” I stated.
“Anything?” Terri asked.
“Anything.” I replied.
“Would you take your clothes off for me.” She asked.
“That’s simple… I do that everyday.” I laughed.
“Now?” She smiled.
“Now?” I asked.
“Yes, right this minute.” She said and giving me a secret play-along wink.
I stood and removed my T-shirt.
“Shorts to.” Terri demanded.
“But I’m going commando.” I said.
“You said that you would do anything to make me happy.” Terri said.
“Okay.” I said.
“Now this has gone far enough, control your woman Ben.” Richard commanded.
Terri gave me a lingering look, and I pulled off my shorts, exposing myself for the briefest of time before rejoining Terri on the sofa.
“Well that wasn’t very good was it?” Terri said. “I meant like this.”
Terri stood and began to sway, slowly moving her hips and running her hands down her thighs. Turning slowly she pushed her butt towards me and drew her skirt up before wiggling and bending to touch her feet.
“Now come on you two, go up to your room.” Richard said.
“No! this looks like fun…” Sam said as she slowly and provocatively danced to Terri’s side. The two girls put on quite a show, considering Richards complaints where coming quick and fast. Terri saw Richard try to leave, before he had chance to stand she pushed him back onto the sofa with her foot and letting it rest on the arm of the sofa. This gave Richard a full view of her tight panties stretched across her pussy. He didn’t say a word has she slowly roll down her stocking. Leaning forward her left boob fell free.
“Oh my God!” He said. “What’s going on here?”
“Did you like that, perhaps you would like to see the other too?” Sam said as she unzipped Terri’s dress. Terri removed her foot from the sofa and turned to unzip Sam’s dress. Both dress slid to floor, Sam knelt and tossed them aside, she run her hands up her daughters hips and slipped her fingers under her panties and drew them down to Terri’s knee’s, she kicked them off. Spread her legs apart, and then spread her pussy-lips.
Richard looked to me, with a look of fear upon his face.
“Don’t worry about, he’s cool with it.” Terri said, reassuringly.
“But… But… you’re my daughter in-law, and you’re her mother…” He said.
“Oh do shut up…” Terri said. Leaning forward she placed her hands on the back of the sofa and lowered her boobs into his face, muffled sounds that escaped where replaced by a sucking sound.
I knew that Richard had finally given in, and I moved to sit opposite. Terri was still leaning over Richard, legs spread, showing her lovely pussy. She looked so sexy and I wanted to push my cock into her so much, but this wasn’t the right time. The strange think was that I didn’t feel jealous or angry at seeing my wife with another man. It was having the opposite reaction, I was feeling more turned on then ever.
“Okay, if that’s the way it is, I’m going to borrow your husband for a while.” Sam laughed, and Terri said ‘Fine, go ahead, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind Mom.’ Sam knelt in front of me and took my cock in her hand and whispered “I love your cock.” I felt the softness of her throat as she took it deep into her mouth.
I was looking at Terri and between her open legs I could see that Richard was still not aroused. Terri began to move down his body, rubbing her tits against his chest, then stomach and still further down. She was going to blow him; the thought almost sent me over the top, in fact and I wasn’t ready to com yet. I had pulled Sam off my cock, just as Sally walked in the room.
“Mom!?” Sally cried.
I pulled Sam back to me and pushed my cock between her lovely large tits.
“Stop… Stop… now.” Richard cried. “Sally should not be a witness to this.”
“Sal, will shut him up please?” Terri asked.
In a lightening fast move Sally removed her top and f***ed a long nipple into Richards mouth. His struggles were in vane, the two girls held fast, Terri was now sucking his cock for sure, head was bobbing with a steady rhythm, Sally keeping her nipple well into Richards mouth, but some how managed to remove her skirt and panties. She quickly moved from behind the sofa, and claiming onto the arm she throw her leg over, and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. He protested as Sally began to face fuck him.
“Oh his whiskers, oh my God.” Sally cried.
“Right you bitch, want a pussy licking do you.” Richard grabbed Sally’s hips and pulled her hard against his mouth. Sally almost fell over the back of the sofa, but Richard held her, his tongue working industriously over her pussy, soon her cum was leaking from her, covering his face and dripping from his chin. At the same time Richard was fucking Terri’s mouth, her head had stopped moving as he thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. Sam sat on my lap and slid my cock into her, with the first inch or so she began to cum. I felt the orgasm rip through her body, I pushed deeper into her, she let out a cry and I felt her squirting cum running down my cock to my balls. Sam went limp and fell onto me, her tits pushing into my chest. I held her tight, and looked over to Richard, Sally had gone limp too, and she was sliding off Richard’s face, to lie on the sofa.
Richard then picked Terri up and almost throws her onto the sofa next to me. He pulled her round and lifted her arse. “I’m sorry Ben, but she’s pushed me too far.” Saying this Richard pushed his cock into my wife’s pussy.
“This is for all the times that you’ve bent over in front of me, if you only knew how long I’ve wanted to do this.” Richard growled.
“Oh Ben… Oh my God…” Terri sobbed. “He’s fucking me so hard… Ben.”
“Are you okay baby?” I asked.
“Oh God yes… I can feel his balls slapping on my clit… oh fucking hell Ben, he’s making me cum.” As Richard banged into her from behind Terri buried her face in the s**tter-cushion, muffling her sounds as her orgasm reached it peck.
“Suck my nipples Ben, suck them hard…” Sam began to move her hips; sliding up and down my cock her wetness slurped against my balls. I took hold of her huge and lovely tits and sucked and licked them, biting and gently pulling her nipples with my teeth. She rolled her head back and I felt her tighten around my cock, the next second she was standing over me rubbing her clit and moaning “Yes…Fucking yes.” She burst a torrent, covering my face and chest.
“My God Sam, I didn’t know you could do that. Fucking hell… Yesss.” Richard pulled out of Terri and let rip, his first pump shot along her spine, his second splashed onto her arse hole; he hand pumped even more onto her butt before taking Sam into his arms and kissing her passionately.
I was sitting alone with my cock sticking up in the air; I slowly pumped myself as I watched Sally, who was sitting alone, legs wide apart stroking a lazy finger over her clit, silently masturbating.
When they broke from their kiss, Sam looked down at her cum covered daughter and said ‘I’m having that.” Bending over Terri’s back, Sam licked at the cum from along her daughter’s spine. This I know is an immediate turn on for Terri, she loved having her back kissed and licked, and she throws her head back saying “My God Mom your tongue feels so soft.” Sam continued to lap at Richards cum, working her way down until she found Terri’s bum-hole. “Mom, that’s my arse, Mom… Oh Mom that feels so good.” Sam was now on her knees sucking Terri’s pussy lips into her mouth, greedily lapping at Richards cum. “Do you like me doing this to you my darling?” Sam asked. “It’s so wrong, but please don’t stop.” Terri replied.
Meanwhile, Richard had move over to where Sally sat.
“So young lady you like your pussy licked do you?” Richard asked. Sally slowly nodded her head. “Do I take it that you’re no longer a virgin?” Sally slowly shook her head. “I would so much like to fuck you, would you like that?” Sally slowly nodded her head. Richard knelt between Sally’s wide open legs and pulled her to the sofa’s edge.
“You have a beautiful pussy Sally, and so tight.” He said.
I moved from the sofa and knelt behind Sam and pulled her onto my cock, she was hot and wet, making so easy for me to enter her and as I did she let out a low moan. I fucked her with long slow strokes, taking my time, building my cum, I wanted to blast a load and I wasn’t going to cum before I was ready for it to happen. I licked my thumb, making it sloppy wet, then I pushed it into Sam’s arse. She turned and looked over her shoulder; Terri’s cum juice had matted Sam’s hair to her face and she nodded a ‘Yes please.’ I stood above her and crouched down, guiding my cock into her. My cock being wet from her pussy slid into her butt hole, inch by inch, and Sam had reached her clit; I could feel her hand moving as she rubbed, but her whimpers were drowned out by Sally’s escalating orgasm.
Terri (who had been neglected by Sam since I began to arse fuck her) turned in time to see Richard blow another load, this time onto her s****r’s pussy and belly before collapsing into far corner of the sofa. Paraphrasing her mother Terri said. “And I’m having that.” She crawled to Sally and pulled her legs up onto the sofa and spread them wide, and then she took long licks of cum into her mouth. I don’t how long or how hard I was fucking Sam, my mind was focused upon my wife eating her s****r’s young tight pussy. I was ready to cum when Sam yelled as her orgasm hit home, and she slid from my cock. I tried to pull her back, I was so near, but she stopped me ‘No more I can’t take anymore, not yet.’ I took up place behind Terri and slid into her. “Make me cum baby; please. You know how…” I begged. Looking down at Sally, her eyes were rolled back and her head rocked from side to side, obviously enjoying her s****r’s attentions. Terri began to move her hips in a way that drives me crazy, because it makes me cum too quickly, but this time I needed it to happen.
I looked along the sofa; Richard sat with one arm over the back and the other on the arm of the corner of the sofa. His head back, gazing at the ceiling, obviously exhausted, but then I noticed with amazement that he still was hard. Like a cat Sam crawled passed us and up onto the sofa; I watched as she fell onto her back between her husbands legs; as she did so her still firm large breasts wobbled and her legs fell apart, showing her beautiful full pussy lips. I picked up the pace, I was ready to cum, and to cum big.
“I’m cumming baby… just a little more.” I almost sobbed.
I heard Sally say. ‘Can I have it s*s… Please.” I felt my cum building inside of me and there was no way that I was going to pull out; I felt it, in the bottom of my abdomen, then deep within my balls, I didn’t make a sound as my whole body began to tingle and I pumped my load into my wife pussy.
“As he cum?” Sally asked. “Come on s*s, give me his cum.” With cum dripping, Terri made her way over Sally,, Sally pulled Terri down onto her mouth and I could hear the slurping sounds as she sucked my cum from her s****r’s pussy. Richard lent forward and Sam took his hard cock into her mouth, and Terri began licking at her mother’s sweet meaty pussy. Sally was still slurping cum from her s****r’s dripping wet hole, I remember thinking as I slid my cock into her eighteen year old pussy, ‘This is going to be a great stay at home holiday.’

Thank you for staying with it I know it was a bit of a long story. I look forward to writing more for you in the future.

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2 years ago
i hope you write more about your holiday
2 years ago
Very nice story
2 years ago
terrific stories
2 years ago
So right and not at all wrong ;-)
2 years ago
awesome sweet loving family
2 years ago
Im with Anna,loved it,so wrong but so right hot stuff
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
Loved it, so wrong but so right.
2 years ago
great story.
2 years ago
Great sequence of stories.