Sally’s virginity

May I firstly thank all of you that made such nice comments for my previous story (15 years of Lust). If you haven’t read this yet I suggest that you do so, it will set the scene for my next little tail.

It had been a busy week, followed by a busy Saturday, we have an L-shaped sofa, and I lay across from the corner, watching some talent show on the TV. Terri lay with her head in my lap, lazily sucking on my cock. Terri loves my cock and plays with at every chance she can get; reminding me that it’s her plaything. She slowly raised her head and said something I would say that not many men have heard.
“Would you take Sally’s virginity?”
“What did you say?” I gasped with surprise.
“Would you take Sally’s virginity? Sally is Terri’s eighteen year old s****r.
“You mean if I wasn’t with you and she come on to me in say a pub or something?” I asked.
“No, I mean; would you take Sally’s virginity, next weekend?”
She rolled onto her side; her housecoat had opened exposing her full soft breasts. She looked up at me and squeezed my cock and began to roll its tip over her hard nipple.
“Are you testing me or something? Sally is like my little s****r, I’ve known her since she was three. That would be a kind of i****t, why are you asking?” I said.
“She’s not done anything with sex, she’s had her tits felt, but she kept her top on, and no ones been near her pussy. She told me that she’s worried about Greg, when she goes off to university, he might go off with someone else and dump her.” She continued as she pushed my cock between her tits. “You know her friend Carol?” I nodded yes, with a little grunt of pleasure. “When she went into hospital for a few days, well it was because she gave in to her boyfriend, but it all went terribly wrong. She became infected with a virus which got into her bl**dstream, that’s why she was in hospital.” Before continuing she slipped my cock into her mouth and sucked for a moment. “They were both virgins, and so is Greg, she wants to give him something to remember her by, but she’s afraid.”
“I still think you’re having me on.” I said.
“No… Every girl should give her cherry to an older and more experienced partner.” She took my cock and sucked for a while. “I told her that you have a lovely cock.” She said.
“You said what?” I said with astonishment.
“We were just talking, she asked me how it was, you know, my first time, and I said how I wished that I had kept myself for you, and how good our sex life is. Then she said that she didn’t fancy the idea of having a cock inside her, I replied that it is wonderful especially when it’s a cock like Ben’s.”
“But this was Sally you were talking to, your baby s****r.” I exclaimed.
“Well she’s up for it.” She said nibbling the tip of my cock. “She’s coming this weekend and we’ll do some shopping, when we get home we will have something to eat, then Sally and I will get ready, the rest is up to you lover.”
Terri stood and let her housecoat slip to the floor; I was looking up at her big boobs and flat stomach as she climbed onto my lap.
“But it’s Sally.” I said.
“Come off it Ben… I’ve seen you looking at her, when she comes home from school in her little skirt and white shirt and socks. I know that you want to ram your big fat cock into her, and I love my s****r and I want her to feel the way I feel when you do this to me.” She guided my cock towards her pussy lips and slowly lowered herself onto me.
“If you only knew how this makes me feel, this would be a lovely way to pop a cherry.” She said, before burying my face between her large soft boobs, and began to fuck me, hard.
Terri is a wonderful, vibrant, beautiful woman, and I find everything about her a turn on; so you can imagine how I felt when she ruled out any type of sex for the following week, saying she wanted me full to bursting for Sally. I still didn’t believe that it would happen, and part of me didn’t want it to happen. Sally was very much like my young s****r, I had watched her grow into a younger version of my wife, but Terri was right, I did find Sally extremely attractive.
Sally attended a private school and she was collected and dropped off each day by mini-bus, driven by Miss Watts, a stern homely woman, and at times when she was feeling under-the-whether, I would be asked to drive the eleven eighteen year old girls. Each dressed in a short green pleated skirt and jacket, with white socks and straw boater, and every one of them needing a good stiff cock inside them.
Saturday morning came and Terri left the house at about ten, leaving me to get on with a few jobs, like cutting the grass and sorting the garden shed. It was about four o’clock, and after a shower that I collapsed into the bedroom chair and fell asl**p. I was awakened by my mobile phone with a text from Terri. “Don’t come looking for us, enjoy the pizza and beer, c u soon”. A tray had been placed on a small corner table, the pizza was still warm and the beer was still cold. I pulled the ring and drank from the can; I then went into the bathroom to wash the sl**p from my eyes. When I stepped from the bathroom Terri was pulling the curtains’. With a big grin, she asked. “You ready?” She was wearing black stiletto heels and a black totally see through negligee. Her long thick flowing blond hair made its way down to her large full breasts, her nipples pushed at the thin cloth which covered them. I moved towards her, but she stopped me by gently pushing me away and saying. “You should see Sally, she’s beautiful. Put the lamps on and I’ll bring her in.”
I was fumbling with the light switch on the bedside lamp when the door opened slowly and Terri entered holding a video camera which was pointed towards Sally. She was dressed much like Terri, only in white. As she walked towards me her large pink nipples could clearly be seen through the flimsy material.
My eyes moved up to her face, her make –up was perfect, with full red lipstick. Terri switched on the TV set and connected the camera. My dumbstruck face appeared on the screen as Sally stood in front of me.
Slowly, her fingers slipped the straps from her shoulders; her negligee fell silently to the bedroom floor. She was looking into my eyes as her hand pulled the belt of my housecoat and pushed it from my shoulders. She then knelt in front of me and sucked the end of my cock into her mouth.
“You good girl,” Terri said, “The first cock that she has ever touched was with her mouth. Now carry on, just as we planned.”
Sally sucked me deeper into her mouth and my cock stiffened immediately as I watched it move in and out of her full red lips.
“This is not right.” I said.
“Am I doing it wrong?” Sally asked.
“Look at how hard he is, you’re doing just fine.”
Terri looked at me and smiled saying. “All you have to do is enjoy it and no holding back; I want you to fill her lovely mouth with your hot sticky cum.”
Terri pushed me back onto the bed and I watched on the TV screen as Sally crawled towards the bed and rapped my hard cock in her big soft tits. I looked at Terri in a quizzical way, how did she know how to do this?
“We’ve been watching porn on the computer for most of the afternoon, that’s what gave me the idea to film this.” Terri said.
I saw the screen image of Sally’s back as the camera panned down to her lovely bum and wide open virgin pussy. My cock slipped between Sally’s boobs and on into her mouth. “That’s it, fuck those lovely tits, and shoot your load into her mouth. No holding back.” Having an eighteen year old give you a tit fuck is mind blowing, but to have your wife encourage you is something else. It wasn’t long before I was ready to blow my load. “He’s cumming honey, get ready.”
Sally closed her mouth around my knob-end as I erupted a week’s load of cum. I was still filling her mouth when I saw the look of panic in eyes.
“It’s okay baby, just let go.” I said.
My cock slipped from her mouth and I continued to pump into her face and hair. Terri cried “Oh my God, what a fucking load.” My cock was still twitching as I gazed at the image on the screen.
“Open wide baby…” Terri asked. “Let me see.”
Sally opened her mouth and Terri zoomed in to see the white cum washing around and over Sally’s pink tongue. “Go on, you can do it.” Terri said reassuringly.
I watched as the image on the screen swallowed and then reopened to show that all my cum had gone. “Well done you cleaver girl. But I can’t let all that go to waste.”
Terri handed me the camera and with a trembling hand I filmed Terri licking the remaining cum from her young s****r’s face.
“Oh you taste so good, now it’s your turn for some fun.” Terri said.
With her most ample breasts swinging invitingly, Sally slowly climbed onto the bed and looked down at me, her very large nipples pointing, almost begging to be sucked for the first time. “Go on, just like in the movie.” Terri encouraged.
“But it looked so dirty and rude…” Sally whispered.
“I know it does, but Ben won’t mind, and I know that you will love it.” Terri gave another encouraging smile and Sally lowered herself onto my face. I saw her soft pink pussy lips slowly part just before they folded around my mouth.
“You be careful with that tongue of yours Ben, I don’t want any damage done.”
Then Terri continued. “Go on baby, just like in the movie; you said that you would like to try it.”
Sally, slowly worked her hips, grinding her virgin pussy onto my tongue. “Oh my God.” She said, before lifting herself off me. And as she did so my mouth sucked on her pink pussy lips. “Oh dear…” She said gasping.
“How sweet, you can swear, you’re having sex, its part of it.” Terri laughed.
She lowered herself on to me and my tongue began working over her lips, and finding her sweet little hole began to circle and lap at her flowing juices.
“OH God Terri… he’s eating my cunt, he is, eating it. Oh fucking hell… Oh my God.” Just a few inches away Terri was filming the action.
“Go on baby… Rub your pussy all over his face, go on rub it hard, feel his tongue and nose, let him lick your clit.”
She rubbed her sweet virgin cunt against my face, her juices flowed and I licked them into my mouth greedily.
She was having small orgasms, and let out a low groans with each, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed her to cum, big-time; to let go and cover my face, I needed her to scream, I needed to make her feel in way that she has never felt before. I took her by the hips, and holding her still, my tongue found her clit and I began to lick, hard and fast. She tried to lift off me, but I held her against my mouth, she wriggled and pleaded, but my tongue continued to work, fast and hard. Sally lent back and placed her hands on my legs a let out a long scream of delight, as wave after wave of the pleasure of her first big orgasm sent sensations through her body. She let out one last ‘Oh my fucking God.’ before slumping forward and raising her little pussy off my mouth. I found her tits and gently tugged at her long nipples as I watched her pussy twitch and let her white creamy cum drip onto my waiting tongue.
“Okay Ben; she’s ready, and I know you are too.”
Terri was looking at my rock hard dick. I moved up the bed and rested my head on the pillows as Sally asked. “Will it hurt?”
“Yes, a little.” Terri replied. “But not for long.”
Sally stretched her leg over me and wriggled down my belly, I felt Terri’s hand as she guided my cock to her s****r’s waiting virgin pussy. Sally’s eyes widened as my cock parted her lips and began to slide gently into her. Then I felt a resistance, something stopping me entering her.
“I can’t, it hurts.” Sally said. “Look how big it is, I can’t get that thing in me.”
I looked at the screen and sure enough my dick looked enormous against her tiny pussy. “You can do, and it will be wonderful, just slide down it baby.” Terri said still filming.
“I can’t, it’s too big, and it hurts.”
“Just move your hips around it will soon find its own way in.” Terri said reassuringly. “Okay, I’ll do that.” Sally began to move her hips slowly at first; I could tell that she found this to be a very nice sensation; she moved more quickly and began to moan with pleasure. I sucked on her large nipples and bit a little too hard; Sally pulled back and slipped down my cock. I felt the resistance give and my cock sliding into her. Sally cried out in pain. “Oh fuck it hurts, it hurts, take it out, please.”
“It’s okay baby, just keep still for a moment, let your pussy stretch, the pain will go soon.”
I pulled her face to mine and started kissing her mouth, pushing my tongue over her milky white teeth. She sucked on me and kissed back in the same manner. My hands moved to the small of her back and gently squeezed her firm butt, I pushed up and down, moving her pussy slightly, she began to respond, slowly at first but gaining speed and f***e with each push. Soon she was sliding along my cock and making strong grunting sounds with each thrust. “Oh yes.” She said repeatedly.
I started to fuck her a little harder, “That’s okay.” She gasped. “A little more… more.”
I pushed into her I looked across the room at the screen; my cock was pushing deep into her cunt, with her lips gripping it like a vice. I saw my legs and her pussy and butt were covered in bl**d, not wishing her to see this I pulled her head down into my chest and fucked up harder and deeper until she gave a gasp and said ‘Stop… That’s too much.’
I stopped and she began to move gently up and down my dick, I could feel that she was taking more of my manhood into her, for about ten minutes she did long slow grinds as her body built up to climax. Finally she gave a long moan and began to shake as cum after cum flowed throughout her body.
“Go for it Ben, fill her up with your hot cum.” Terri cried with excitement as she filmed my cock, now banging hard and deep into Sally’s hot wet pussy.
She felt so good, so tight; as she lay on my chest I fucked her, hard. I wanted to fill her tight little cunt with my cum, and as I exploded into her she looked me in the eyes.
“I can feel it, Ben, oh fucking hell Ben I can feel it pumping.”
I could see that she was having another huge orgasm and this made me cum even more, and I let out long a****l like sound as I watched my cum run out of her tight pussy and down the side of my cock.
I hugged her until we regained our breath and calmed a little. I looked towards Terri, she was crying. “That was so lovely, it was beautiful, fucking beautiful.”
I lay with Sally on my chest, her breathing was laboured and she trembled in my arms, until Terri gently moved her back onto the bed, and suggested that I left them alone for a few minutes, girl talk, you know what I mean.
I took a quick shower, the hot water felt so good as it sprayed over my body and washed away Sally’s virgin bl**d. When I returned to the bedroom the two girls lay upon the bed, Terri smiled at me as Sally giggled and shyly hid her face.
“Would you go and get the try from the kitchen please Ben? And I think that we should get you cleaned up too young lady.” Terri said.
I picked up my housecoat and pulled it on and made my way to the kitchen. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. It was totally fucking mad; I had just taken the virginity of my wife’s young s****r, and she had filmed the whole thing, there in our bedroom.
I collected the try, an ice-bucket with a bottle of champagne and three glasses, and took them back to the bedroom. The girls were in the bathroom and I could hear their laughter as I popped the cork from the bottle. I filled the three glasses and took one and lay on the bed. A short time passed before the girls returned and took a glass each and rejoined me on the bed. “A toast I think.” Terri said as she raised her glass. “Now it’s began, so here is to many years of great sex.” With that we clinked glasses and drank.
“Do you know what is really nice Sall?” Terri asked.
“No… “She replied.
“Ben’s cock and champagne.” She laughed.
She opened my housecoat, the champagne fizzed and bubbled as she poured it onto my cock and took it deep into her mouth. “Do you want some?” Terri asked, offering my cock to Sally, who poured some more champagne before sucking me into her mouth.
I will leave this little tail here, with two beautiful women sharing my cock because I need to tell you about my next story, which is even madder and outrageous.
So watch this space, so they say.

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5 months ago
nice fucking life story, dude fucked first very youg girl
and make hef to wife. after then he waited he fucked
her mother and finally his wife served him virgin your
hot young sister... amazing to read and taste....
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2 years ago
Again., a great story
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Your one hell of a writer, this story was very hot. Kinda curious as to what happened the next day?!
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Sure like the way you write your stories. Another great one!
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a good story. but i was kind of hoping for some sister lesbian action too.
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Awesome story. Please write more.
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What a super story, even better than the one about Sam. I'd love to hear about Sally squirting over you too.

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very well documented