godess saritas slave 14 (giving away for 4 days)

I couldn't sl**p dat night my pee hole and butt hole burned like hell I was screaming with da gag on.. mistress came in da morning as she took a week off to spend time with her daughter she din have office today sha untied me and let me pee and take dump was chilli sauce was washed but it still bured like da upper layer of skin was so sensitive..

goddess tied me to the shower and washed me clean full body then shaved every hair except head .. I was shampooed and conditioned when dried up she changed my chastity cage and putted a normal plastic cage on.. den I was dressed in bra panties a tight jeans and shirt with a chain designed waist belt a pony tail and make up .. I looked normal and preety no maid dress..

I served breakfast den goddess let me eat milk soaked with bread on my bowl kneling beside me.. after a while when I was messaging her feet her senior came to home it was da same guy who had a farm house we visited and he had a slave which he pays to b his slave.. today he was alone..

mistress said me to leave with him .. he was going to take me to his home for 4 days .. and mistress will spent time with her daughter fixing da incident took place.. I was horrified im a straight guy though mistress f***ed me few times to b used by this guy it was complety beyond limitation.. mistress asked to clotes while da guy said no nedd he will manage..

he had some talk with mistress while I waited mistress is always strict abut chastity she din giv him da key .. she said him just to keep me for a while as goddess and her frnds mistress payel and sara was going with her daughter to the countryside for 3 days..

I was taken to the car and left.. when I enterd home dere was his dog and no 1 else it was a small apartment .. he strictly said to address him sir and take permission for things as it his home .. I was stripped naked and kneeled at middle of living room.. after a while we had lunch I was given to eat sitting beside him only wearing chastity naked with a guy was so uncomfortable in a long time I got to eat sitting on chair and with hand using after meal I washed everything..

he sat on da sofa made me stand infront examined my full body and ass .. I was driping from da touch I wasn't gay but I was so arosed as goddess didn't let me cum.. he laughed and humiliated me saying pathetic girl ..I was so embraced dat night .. he said me to sl**p with him .. I was scared i was standing dere he made me wear a panty and a night dress .. saying pose like a lady like wife ..

i din know wat to do he was watching me for a while then grabbed my hair and threw to da bed.. my nighty was removed and hands were tied behind .. he laughed being a strong guy i knew it was a matter of time no matter how much i struggle .. he was touching my body tickling me i asked for merce he gagged me with his underwear which was disgusting.. he kissed my whole body and putted apart my thigh kissing my inner thigh.. he was pinching my nipples when i was groning and begging..
he removed da panties and slapped my balls few times i was flipped and my balls between my legs he pinched dem and massaged dem i cried to let go he came up and made me suck his cock .. at a point he started fucking me doggy style i cried in pain while pre cum dripped when he was done he came inside my ass.. he got exhausted and felt asl**p i was lying helpless and bound used beside him .. at mid night he woke up and tied a rope around my chest then both my knees tied to my chest..

he slapped my ass few times then started messaging my prostate after a while i dripped pre cum i was feeling lik uninating but it was sperm he milked only few drops den left me like dat at morning he woke up and slapped me holding my nose i couldn't breath .. he putted his cock and urinated at my mouth commanded to drink it after few sips he let me go and went to toilet ..

i was let fee and was all exhausted aftr break fast he put a collar on my neck and wrist tied to da collar.. he put a spreder bar between da knees the took me to tha bathtub .. dere he wasshed me with his dog scrubbing my genetics even with chastity it was so frustrating after wash.. i was dressed in a white top and black miniskirt i was tied to da bed spread and he went to office.. dat night he fed me with his hand some liquid food da food was blenden together in machine.. i wasn't let free.. he started touching my body kissing and teasing it slow dehn he removed da tops bitting da nipple then skirt he released me and cuffed my hands.. he laid down and told me to ride him i was f***ed to do it till he came i was so horny i wanted to cum bad .. dat night it was over we slept..

it was the third day sir invited 2 frnds at night at morning i was beaten with belt and beaten bad made to watch belly dance and lap dance video he told to practice it and went out i was being recorded with a laptop cam .. i did as i wa said .. at evening he came home putted mw in a shirt exposing my belly and a skirt and a waist chain .. den his frnds came home.. i served food to every1 the at end every sat at living room me in center music on i was told to dance i tried my best whled dey brust in laughter after like 1 hour i ws so tired he said to give his frnd a lap dance.. his frnd were horny and while dancing on lap he threw me on floor ripped of my skirt started fucking my hole another infornt of me they fucked me and switch places until dey cum ..

master and 1 frnd was left i was made to give his last frnd blowjob then he tied my hands behind back and fucked me tlii my dick was leaking sperm i cried while dey laughed a lot of cum was out i was drained da party was over i fetl like a used slut ... dat night master threw me on bed treated me like his slut girl and came all over me .. then he let me sl**p..

it was 4th day the last day.. at morning after waking up getting cleaned sir went to office day was normal at night he came back sitting on his sofa he made me lick his feet for a while after dat we had dinner.. den he was in a rough mood he tied my knees together and hand to the knees pulling my caged cock between ass cheeks .. he made his dog lick my balls for a while it tickeled but felt gud the he started to beat it with a plastic scale 50 per ball i cried for letting go but he made me suck a dildo said if i utter 1 word 50 stroke increase after a wile i cried and cried he used a thin straw and used hard hit putting marks i cried and almost wanted to pass out at a point he stopped and untied me took me to bed tied my hands behind back and made me suck him till he came.. after dat he was lying down but i was made to suck again he said he will made me do it all night hours passed his dick wasn't getting hard but he was enjoying it finally he let me sl**p .. next morning i was dressed in da dress he brought me at his home..

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