godess sarita 13 ( daughter of godess arrived)

its been a long time goddess sarita kept me as her slave f***efully she was now sure even if she lets me go it will b hard for me to manage outside.. with 2 years of some workouts I had a toned body workouts were done at home goddess instructed everything.. I had a toned body curvy waist and a lot of legs workout I have a bubblo shaped ass my lower chest is bigger den upper chest its more like man boobs.. I hav a waxed body long sholder length hair no facial hairs .. it looks like a girl and with make up no difference from a girl can b understood..

dat morning goddess untied me from my sl**ping position unscrewed the chastity pee hole I was allowed to take a dump as uslual sittin at squat position on da pen .. mistress always enjoys it as im helpless.. den today she gave me normal dresses.. a bra ,panti croset.. a jeans and a shirt .. light make up I look like a perfect girl without my voice no1 could differenciate me.. goddess was in a hurry.. we went to airport to receive her daughter anna.. anna was now 17 she came here on vracation..

she introduced me to anna as her new house maid anna was happy to see us after going home I unpacked anna's luggage and fixed her room while goddess was gossiping with her.. I had strict restriction not to talk .. I preapered da lunch dey had lunch den I cleaned .. it was a problem now dat goddess was keeping me secret I was given food in my room .. I was standing where as da rules ws to kneel bside goddess.. things were a bit easy now .. dat evening anna was asking about me and goddess answered everything at night after dinner anna slept with goddess.. so goddess came to my room got me nude I begged for going to toilet .. she let me release den kiss her feet .. she said 1 nose will cost 100 stroke per ball I was so scared.. she tied me in bed position and locked da door on her way out..

next morning she came early and relased me while anna was still sl**ping I got readya nd fixed breakfast. goddess went to office .. anna woke up and after breakfast she was bored she din have any frnds here its been a long time she was gone .. she asked me questions but I was quiet she got so mad she slapped me and was waited for goddess .. at evening she compliained abut me staying quiet ..

things were being complicated anna wanted me out of house .. then goddess had no choice mistress sarah came home and explained anna about da situation.. she was first shoked and screamed on goddess saying she is a bad person.. there was lots of drama.. but anna calmed down and mistress went home that night everything was normal.. next day goddess went to office asking me to do as anna say..

anna woke up took breakfast and was in a different mood she was browsing sites on intrenet .. she said she was ok with her mom now I was shocked I tought anna would help me out of this life.. she saw the profile im using now and saw the favourites video .. she asked abut da rules her mother put .. and then she stripped me naked ..

laughing at my cage.. she made me lick her till she came few times then she din knw wat else to do .. at evening goddess came home she took a week off from office.. she was shocked seeing me nude and anna explained wat she did..

goddess was a bit uncomfortable as it was her daughter.. that night anna went for a sl**pover at mistress saras place.. goddess was relle stressed after dinner she made me kneel in da living room naked with only da chastity I was always horny I din hav a orgasm for years only I was milked on occasion still no orgasm.. goddess was relle angry on me I din kmow y..

she slapped me on da face she din let me eata nyting yet I was hungry da whole day.. she tied my hands behind my back and my ancles to my thigh.. she was sitting on da chair watching a movie.. with a bowl of pop corn .. she gagged me with a ring gag .. and was throwing pop corn on floor I was aske to eat it like she ws fetching a dog..

after a while I was so exhausted hungry I couldn't move properly for da bondage.. she coled me closed and made me lick her feet it had dirts on it and sweaty.. I was so thirsty .. she made we lick her cunt for a while den slapped few times.. she pissed in da bolwl on da popcorn and I was f***ed to ewat it.. after dat I was still so hungry she took me to her bed din release my bounds ..

she removed my chastity and started stroking it felt so good dat I wanted to cum so bad she edged me then watched da movie for few minuteds when I was a bit soft she edged me again she did it for as long da movie din end den she got me in da cage I wanted to cum I was crying begging to cum she was like wasn't even listening she said lick me she had 1 more orgasm den she made me drink a lot of water .. after an hour I wanted to go to da toilet so bad but I was still bound laying on da bed she removed chastity and started stroking gave me option take a piss or cum..

I was crying as asked plaz goddess let me take a piss den cum ..
she said stop being so greedy only option I could take I had to piss I had no choice I tried to persuade her it only got her mad den I chose to piss she was so angry she slapped me.. and waited till I was soft she took a seringe and injected lube through my piss hole it hurts I begged to stop she said if I piss or cum she will take one bal of today I was scared to death she was angry cz I licked her daughter she screamed how dare u do dat..

but I had no choice as anna f***ed me I din knw wat to do... she lubed me den slowly inserted a pipe in it was along pipe soon my piss came out without my control while she was pinching my balls I begged for mercy but she was still relaxed.. after I pissed she started stroking again and edged few time pre cum was dripping at a point 1 touch was enough to cum shw waited till I was soft applied ice and like so cold hearted she puon the cage I was crying and pleading..

my balls were so full she said she was done for the night she took me to my room tied me at bed position then put small amount of chilli sause on my butt hole she also put little amount on the screw of chastity that inserts in da hole she gagged me with her panties and tape sealed it.. I sereamed in burning pain no 1 herd she stood dere and watched for a while she smile and seeing me struggle she was too happy the she shut off da light going to her bed..

Plz leave a comment if u want me to write more.. there a lot of situations but im only allowed to write when goddess says me to write... if u want me to write and like writing plz leave a comment..
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8 months ago
thank you for comment.. I will write more.. inbox me to ask any thing specific
8 months ago
please write more, your situation sounds very interesting, close to how i'd like to be
8 months ago
i'd sure like to read more about you and your situation
8 months ago
i'd sure like to read more