godess sarita 8 (smothering)

after one and a half years with goddess sarita things were getting less hard as I knew what and how goddess wanted so punishment was very rare.. but due to long time in chastity I could not take off my mind of my cage and I was thinking of some how getting it off and cum for once when goddess is at work ..
it was Monday goddess woke up un chained me from the bed let me take a dump and get fresh then I prepared breakfast.. goddess finished breakfast asked me to do the house works and left for office.. I did as I was said but the worst part was I was said to turn on the tv and kneel infront of it right at 2.00 pm and turn on the camera record which was fixed beside the tv it covered the whole room I did as goddess commanded when I turned on the dvd started playing it was a porn of a sissy maid I was a straight guy no way I ever tought seeing another guy will turn me on seeing the sissy fucked was so hot my precum started dripping it was so frustatuing I could feel the cage digging in my dick as it arose I had no permission to touch my self some how I was trying to rub the cage against the carpet but it only made worse after long 4 hours of tease goddess was home she turned off the record and started watching the camera while I opened her shoes and were licking her sweaty toes..
she brust into laughter talling wat a slut you are you have no right to be a man you see why you are even rubbing ur clit on the floor like a girl I was blushing red and so embraced goddess kicked me away and went to get fresh after that she had dinner and allowed me to have some from my dog bowl. after I completed my chores .. goddess was in her room doing sum work ..
seeing me she remover her specticles and called me forward and tied my hands pushed me on the bed I was lying on her bed with my two legs tied to two ends and hands tied behind me she slowly unlocked me tied my two balls separately and apart from my body it hurted a bit but was tolerable she removed her panties exposing her bottom she blew her hot breath on my dick instantly I got rock hard I could see her bare pussy so close to my face it was so arosing I just hoped she just fucks me tonight she jst gets so close once in a blue moon its like never I was dripping pre cum while goddess laughed and asked me if I want to cum I said yes goddess please goddess .. she smiled and said lets see what happenes tonight..
she bought her pussy closer and told me to lick her ass hole only with my toung and don't even dare to touch the pussy.. I did as she said she didn't shave for a while and it was the first time I was told to lick someones ass I didn't complain as I was desperate to cum it smelled a lil like shit still I hold my breath and was licking her clean it was worse when she sat on my face I couldn't breath she just gave me little breath and sat again I was licking the hole and fucking it with my toung she was wanking my pook dick with her feet at a point I couldn't take anymore she stopped and told me to keep licking while she put some pappers and files on my body she did some office works it went for an hour then finslly she got up and relaeased my legs ..
she asked you want to cum lets see how good wife you can be.. she took a 9 inch strapon lubed it well she started lubing my hole with her fingures getting it loose enough for her while doing it she took a small plastic scale started beating mu balls I screamed in pain and said plz mistress plz I beg you it hurts she laughed and continued then she lied on the bed and told me satisfy ur self like a good wife I wont do anything today..
I was so ashamed and sat on her dildo she commanden sit all the way down and up slowly it was burning my hole I kept on fucking the dildo my hands were tied behind my dick was exposed it was jumping up and down with goddess brust in to laughter and said try harder when I did she kicked me on the floor and started funcing me in doggy style I was said to bark I didn't protest and dis as she said I was feeling like to cum .. when I asked permission she stopped and mede me lick the strapon clean she whispered not today now get up and start licking my ass while I finigh the rest od the work my chastity was putted on while I licked her ass hole with pain in my dick she enjoyed and and smiled afer a while she would get up collect sum dripping precum and made me taste it .. it taste so sweet but only I could cry while she laughed ..
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thank you for your reply :)
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these stories get me off all the time. would love to read more about your milking sessions and you servicing cock.