Godess sarita 2

before going to sl**p mistress tied me to my bed I was spread eagle and on my stomach there was a pillow under my stomach with my ass spread wide . aftr a few hour when I was about to sl**p mistress came back with a black medium 8 inch strapon on her she sat between my legs slowly removed the butt plug it was such a relief then she started to figure my hole with two fingures it didn't hurt at first as my ole was a bit loose for the plug.. then she putted her strapon in slowly all da way in I screamed at pain it was like a nightmare I couldn't move and she started to mount on me she putted a sock in my mouth it smelled lik vomiting..
she fucked me to the point till I cum.. she mentioned if I cum punishment is a must.. I moaned through the gag I was cumming she stopped ..
came to my face removed the sock holding my neck pressing my cheeks she kept my mouth open and spitted in it few time I swallowed it without a question she said I was being good and she wont make me suck the ass juce.. I said thank you goddess . then she putted a bigger but plug but the ending of it was narrow she says it will keep my hole tight. the she left..
next morning mistress released me removed the plug and the screw I was allowed to shit and pee in a sitting position at her presence after I was clean she putted the screw and plug back in. I made breakfast for mistress.. mistress got ready and instructed me to wear a black panti three quarter pants and a normal tshirt as she was having a party tonight and she didn't wanted people to know about this..
I did as she said then I completed all the work in the houseand waited for mistress kneeling on the floor beside the sofa mistress came home she was in a hurry said guest will be here any moment .. she removed my fake long hair . then guests came I served them food and drinks it was a nice party mistress was pleased with me. when every1 left mistress and her two best friends was there..
mistress called me and told me to get naked. I did as she said she as laughing wit her friends pointing the chastity I was feeling so ashamed.. among two frnds 1 left early and 1 stayed she was a transsexual mistress payel . goddess sarita cuffed my hands and said to kiss both dere feet making it clean.. I did as she said but the feet was really smelly and sweaty dere was also dust when I was done cleaning goddess told to lick mistress payels dick slowly I was shocked I was a straight guy and nevr imagined of smt lik dat it seemed disgusting when I hesitated mistress took a cane and slammed my bottom tears ran down my cheeks as I started licking her dick bottom to top it a 8 inch moderate thick dick with a hairy ball sack..
then goddess made me suck the cock I chocked several times as it was my first time several time I almost vomited mistress payel was very disappointed she made me lie on the bed tied my arms to two end of the bed and my legs were tied to my arms making my ass high and exposed she removed the butt plug and started to fuck me the pain was not tolerable while fucking goddess sarita was pinching my nipples and was making me lick her sweaty armpit mistress came inside my assand then goddess released me goddess sarita was wearing a black strapon and commanded me to sit on it I did as she said and all the cum inside my ass was on the strapon mistress payel pinned me down holding me tight while goddess pinched my nose close I was breathing with my mouth and she putted in the strapon I licked I clean and was about to vomit .. she kicked me at a side tied me to the base of the bed spread eagle and removed my chastity..
I was gagged with lot of clothes in my mouth couldn't make a bit sound.. thed started to kick my balls until they were pleased I passed out when I woke I was in my bed with my chastity on and a butt plug I was gagged wit a dildo and tied on my bed same position as last night..
next morning I woke up with unbelievable pain in the balls I got freash made mistress breakfast before leaving to office mistress cuffed me fixed a dildo to the stand I was made to kneel on a big bowl another bowl was beside me which contained almost 10 liter water she fixed a video cam turned it on said I should not stop sucking the dildo till she was back and I was suppose to drink all the water by the time she was back she removed the screw from the tip of the chastity .. seeing the camera there was no scope to disobey I did as she said drank water and sucked the dildo whole day every few moment pee started to drip automatically on the bowl under me it was so humialiting..
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