Tale of Monster Jim


When we left my former Master we went down to Monster Jim’s extended limo. He got in first and laid
On the bed. He talked into the mike and the car started. I took off his pants and started to take him in my mouth. He got raging hot and grew to his 14 inches. I then climbed on then he went into me up to his balls. I love it. I kept going up and down and he kept with me. We went that way for about 20 minutes when he said suck me. I got off and he came in my mouth. That sweet taste of cum.

The car went into an underground garage and the door came open. As I was nude it was a little chili. We went into the main part of the house where I met his house keeper, her name was Saturn. She had golden brown skin with brown eyes and large tits and nipples. He introduced me to her as Luna, my new name. We all went into his study where he explained what was going to happen. He told me that even though I had tried to lactate, he would make sure that I would. Saturn goes on the pump 6 time a day. He said that he sells the breast milk on the net for $5,000 for 2 ozs. He said that Saturn makes him
$50,000 a day and he would expect me to do the same. He also said that I would be fucking and sucking a lot of men and that they would do whatever they wanted to me. If they left marks he has medication that immediately cures them. I said to him whatever your wish is, I am happy to do. We left the meeting and Saturn went to her pumps and I went into the dungeon. He had every device that one could think of. All the way from needles, whips, chains and devices I did not know what they were, but I looked at them all and could hardly wait to get started.

He then took me to another room, my room, that had a chair with a large dildo sticking up from it so when I sat it would be inside me. Above me was two electric pumps that would fit over my tits so that I could lactate. He said for me to sit, which I did, then he attached the electric pumps to my tits. The pump was very strong and it didn’t take to long for me to feel an immense orgasm coming on, both from the vibrating dildo in my pussy and the sucking action of the pumps. He said it is just a matter of time before I start lactating. If I don’t he has something that will make me lactate. He left me there for a while and I really enjoyed the orgasms and the pumping sensations. In about a hour he came to me and told me to follow him. We went into the dungeon and was confronted with 4 men that I could tell would really hurt me. He said to them. Do what you want. Do not kill her, if you do you will die and he left.

First Day in Dungeon

The four men grabbed me and put me on a cross and lifted me off of the ground. The each got a whip and started whipping me. The first couple hurt then I started to orgasm and it felt good. They whipped my pussy almost raw and me tits started to bleed. All the while I was having great orgasms. They lowered the cross to ground level and they all went and got needles. One was putting needles in my nipples , one was putting it in my clit and another in my other nipple and the fourth one closed up my pussy with the needle. The then put electrical prods on all needles and tuned on the juice slowly. It gave me quite a jolt and the juice kept getting more and more. I started to cum immediately and I started squirting as I had never squirted before. I had immense orgasms and I thought I was going to pass out. In fact I did. They threw water in my face. The next thing I knew the needles were gone as well as the electrical prods. They had me over some kind of machine that exposed my pussy and ass. One of the men started fucking me, it felt good. One of the others put his cock, what was about 12 inches in my ass up to his balls. The third put his 10 inches in my mouth and I jerked off the other. The all took turns as to where they would put their cock. It all felt so wonderful. I kept cumming and drinking their cum. This went on for hours. After about 4 hours they said they have had enough and rang a b ell. Jim came in and e****ted them out. He came back for me and gave me a good fucking in the ass and pussy. He came in my mouth what was wonderful. He them took out a whip and started whipping me. It felt good. I started to bleed all over my body, but it didn’t matter as the sensations kept coming.

He took me to my room and Saturn came in and looked at me. I have seen much worse for other fellows that you will meet in the future. She started rubbing me with the medications and like magic all the wounds healed as if nothing had happened. Time to sit on the chair again and put the pumps on. He gave me something to drink and before you knew it I was lactating. He said that I would have to lactate for 4 hours to get rid of the medication and have good milk to sell. As the pump was pumping I could feel my nipples expanding. I guess that is why Saturn has nipples like thumbs. As I was sitting there, I could help be feel being lucky. While I have a responsibility to Jim, I have a lot of orgasms and just keep him and his friends happy. The milk started out slowly, but as time went on it started to almost gush. I felt good to have them lactate.

After the 4 hours, Jim put me to bed to rest for a while. I was tired and went right off to sl**p. He awoke in six hours and put me on the chair again and I started the goo lactating. I lactated for 2 hours and had perhaps 6 ozs in the bottle. He said that was a good start.


That night we went to a party. He dressed me in a see through dress with nothing on jnder it. It felt good against my skin. Saturn was dressed in the same fashion. When we got to the party I saw that there were a lot of d**gs there. I detest d**gs as I don’t need them to have a good time. Just a cock in my pussy or ass.

Men started to come over to Jim and talk to him. He said do what you want, and they did. I had never had so much cock in my pussy, ass and mouth. There was one fellow that was like 9 feet tall and had a cock 18 inches. That really filled me up as he put it in so that his balls where hitting me ass. It felt good and he rolled me over and put it in my ass all the way up to his balls. I was amazed I could take it. I guess it was the good training. He fucked my for about an hour and when he came, it was like a flood, but I didn’t lose a drop. I later found out he talked to Jim about the possibility of buying me. Jim said he would think about it, but it would cost him a fortune.

When we got home Jim found out that I squirted a lot. When I sat on the chair for the pumps I had the vibrating dildo in my pussy. He put a put under my pussy so that when I squired it would go in there. He said he sold that as well on the internet.

After a few days I as milking about $20,000 a day in milk and when I wasn’t on the pumps I was in the dungeon being what ever the men or women wanted me to be. I generally came out of there pretty batted and bleeding. But again after the initial pain it was all sensations and I loved it. I couldn’t be happier in what I was doing.

In about a month I was doing the same amount as Saturn in milking and my nipples were really increasing in size, even my tits were getting better. I was getting all the fucking I wanted, all the cums I wanted and I wanted for nothing. Jim came to me one day and said he had sold me to the giant.

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