Finding Comfort In Sex - Part 2

Last Saturday was my s****r's wedding day. It was a welcome distraction from all the troubles I have had. The loss of my Aunt was just the first of my trials over the last few weeks. You see, I was so obsessed with the Japanese guy that I went away with him without telling the hospital, and they are now threatening me with removal from the nursing course. And then preparing for the wedding has been stressful. My s****r could relieve herself with her husband-to-be: sometimes just a curtain separating me from the happy couple, but I had no-one. Then Rose asked me if I would like to work at her club, and I've had all that to think about....

Although my s****r and I haven't always got on very well, I was surprised to find how emotional I felt at the ceremony. It isn't even as if they are going away to live, as they will be moving in with us next weekend. At the moment they are away in Manila, but they'll be back on Friday night. My Dad has got some workmen in to build a partition across my bedroom, so that they'll have some privacy, but as it's only plywood, I don't suppose it'll provide that much in the way of privacy. So I guess I'll be hearing my s****r being fucked every night!

Anyway, I fulfilled my role as a bridesmaid, and she bought me a really nice dress to wear at the mass in church. I was so happy with it that I wore it at the reception afterwards. And perhaps it was the dress that caught the eye of one of the barmen there. He kept looking at me, and when I glanced back I couldn't help giving him a smile of approval. I'd been without sex for such a long time that I felt myself being drawn towards him. I tried to think of something else, but my kang kang already wanted him!

Our conversation when I ordered a soft drink was sexually charged: just a means of getting me further aroused I suppose. He asked me whether I was satisfied with a "soft" drink, or whether I wanted something "harder". And when I said I might try something a bit harder, especially if it was a "long" drink, later in the afternoon, I saw him whisper to his co-worker behind the bar. I knew instinctively what was coming and went outside in excitement to wait for him.

I am surprised now how quickly a sexual situation can develop. I used to think it took many months, and a long courtship before I would be ready to take off my knickers for a man. Now I find I can get ready within a few minutes if I'm already in need of sex. And the emotional atmosphere at the wedding, plus the stress of the last few weeks meant that I was well and truly ready. Comfort again after a cold few weeks...

I guess the barman worked regularly at the venue at the clubhouse, because he knew exactly where to take me. We went round to the back of the hotel buildings and up a staircase to a locked room overlooking the beach. I guess it was where the club stored the loungers and other pool equipment, because there seemed to be all sorts of that kind of stuff up there. There were also lots of mattresses from the bedrooms, and he took no time in dropping one of these onto the floor.

He lifted my bridesmaids dress and pulled my knickers down, while rubbing his face all the time over my belly. And while he stripped naked, he entered me with my dress just pulled up. And it seemed quite normal, as if our urgency meant that was all that was necessary. I guess it was all over in about five minutes or so, but I was satisfied. I felt my vagina tightening as soon as he'd finished rubbing his cock against the entrance and entered me quickly and deeply. I was so wet that there was no difficulty in it sliding right to the top straight away.

And that was it....I felt no need to see him again. None of the longings that I used to have to see the same man again. It was as it we'd got to the important part straight away, without any need for a long build-up. I guess I'm a little shocked with myself that I used to think in terms of months, then weeks, then days, and now just a few minutes went by before I made love with a new "boyfriend". Perhaps I could work at Rose's club after all......

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