Martina's Diary: Sunday August 7th, 2011

06:30 Got up really early. Didn't sl**p very well. Lots of things to think about. Had to decide whether or not to go away for the night with Lucio. A man friend in America has been encouraging me to go thru with it, and his horny messages have persuaded me to give it a try. Perhaps this is the moment I have been looking for. Perhaps I will find true love this time.

08:00 Packing ready to go away with Lucio after mass at church. These are new experiences for me: deciding which spare panties and bras to take, and whether to pack a nightie. I've never spent a whole night with a man before - just hurried sessions at Carlo's s****r's place, or behind the barangay hall, or a some cheap hotel downtown. All my knickers seem to have special memories for me: some happy and some sad.

11:30 Mass was very special at church. The priest chose to talk about the dangers of fornication in his sermon, as if it was intended just for me. Also Lucio was pressing my hand and stroking my fingers, giving me delicious feelings between my legs. It was difficult for me to reconcile the two messages I was receiving. I felt uncomfortable. One message from the priest, telling me to save myself for the marriage bed, and the other from the tender hands of my new lover. I prayed really hard that he would like me, and that perhaps this was all right as this might be the man who will change my life forever. He would marry me and make it acceptable in the eyes of the priest.

12:30 I'd never really asked Lucio where we would go for the night. I thought perhaps he would think me forward if I asked him that question. But, for some reason, I thought perhaps he intended to take me to a beach resort on the neighboring island, or a hotel in town. Instead we found ourselves on the road out to the north, and then out into the country, and it was only then that I asked him where we were going. He said, " my Aunt's house", and for one awful moment I thought that this was not going to be a rendevous between two new lovers, but some sort of f****y gathering. "She's away for the month", he added, and I don't know whether he noticed at that moment the look of relief that must have swept across my face.

13:00 His Aunt's house was plain, the rooms lined with lots of books from her work as a lecturer at the university, but I was secretly pleased that it was so isolated. We must have driven fifteen minutes or more thru banana groves to reach it. I thought, perhaps, that there would be lots of nosey neighbors, watching us drive up to the house and winking and nudging each other. I know what Filipinos are like. Perhaps even sitting outside, drinking tuba and relaxing, listening to us make love. That was my nightmare.

17:00 I was pleased that he did not rush me. I had expected that he might be like Carlo and want me in bed almost straight away. Instead, we sat for several hours on the terrace, where there was a slight breeze and just talked and talked. We ate a meal and I asked him about his wife in America, and tried to find out what had led to their separation. He asked me about my plans for the future, but I was reluctant to tell him that I planned to go abroad, just in case he might lose interest in me. So, instead, I just said I would try to find work locally (once I was married).

18:00 As the night started to fall, and as the insects in the trees started to make their song - attracting a mate I suppose - I began to feel as if I wanted to go to bed and make love. The newness of my surroundings, and the newness of my situation made me feel really horny. But I was nervous of appearing eager to give myself to him. For what seemed like ages I was thinking whether to say, "...where am I going to sl**p", or, "...where are we going to sl**p". It sounds such an easy question, yet I was really anxious about it. Perhaps, I was thinking, he believes that we should remain celibate until our marriage. Yes, I was already thinking about marriage....

20:00 I don't know whether Lucio had been aware of my nervousness, but he'd offered me some of the local rum mixed with cola and we'd sat drinking that for about an hour or more. Again, I was relieved that he didn't make a move on me. And, slowly, very slowly, I began to lose some of my feelings of timidity with him. So when he asked me whether I tired and wanted to go to bed, I didn't became anxious again. He showed me upstairs to the first bedroom on the left, and it seemed natural when he took me into a big bedroom with a nice looking double bed. Attentive to my needs, he asked me whether I wanted to take a shower, and showed me where I could hang my clothes.

21:00 When I came out of the shower, Lucio was waiting in a thin red robe and I could see it being pushed out slightly by his penis. I'd put on my pink nightie, which came down to about six inches above my knees, and my heart was pounding as I went about hanging up my skirt and blouse, and putting my knickers in my overnight bag. I felt shy again. "Are you all right," was all he asked. And all I said, I think, was: "Oh yes, yes...". So much for hiding my feelings of eagerness.

22:30 I think it must have been around this time when he finally entered me. He asked me whether I wanted him to wear a condom, and I told him I didn't. He'd been playing with my kang-kang for a long time, putting his fingers inside my knickers, rubbing and teasing my opening, and as I became aroused I'd opened his robe and started playing with his cock. It felt as big as it had done thru his pants. It didn't feel exceptionally long, but I couldn't quite close my thumb and fingers around it, so I knew that it had a very large diamater. Larger than anything I had ever felt in my limited girlish experience. My knickers and nightie were now on the floor beside the bed and we were both naked in the moonlight.

00:00 He pounded me hard and eagerly at first. Then he slowed his thrusts right down, perhaps worried that he was about to cum already. He then withdrew and licked my kang-kang for 15 minutes or so, before I urged him inside me again. His thrusts were long and hard again, and he was giving out those wonderful manly grunts that I know is a sign that a climax is about to happen. And, I guess, for only about the second time in my life, I felt a most wonderful orgasm that left our bed sheets wonderfully wet.

02:30 I glanced at the bedside clock. I'd slept a deep sl**p, and still half asl**p I felt his cock entering me again. It was really hard once more and he thrust deeper and deeper into me. Those feelings, as I slumbered, were some of the most wonderful I have ever felt. He licked me again, unable to cum himself, and then entered me again - making a circular motion with his cock. The thrusting, when it started, was frantic this time and eventually I felt his fluid entering me for a second time.

04:50 I felt his hand exploring between my legs and I again glanced at the clock. I was a bit tired now and my opening was a little sore and so turned my back on him, but again I felt its tip exploring between my legs. I still wanted to please him though so I lifted my leg slightly to allow him entry and we were off again. He was squeezing my breasts from the back and I could feel the hairs on his stomach and groin pushing into my bum and lower back as he pushes into me from the rear.

06:00 It is already daylight and we drift off to sl**p in each others arms. How I wish this night wasn't over. How I wish to do this again and again. I am thinking that I have found happiness.

09:30 He strips the bed of our soiled sheets, putting them in the back of his car. I wait, silently, for a proposal of marriage. Perhaps a proposal will come later..... On the way to breakfast in town, I ask him again about his wife in New York and when he is going to get a divorce (divorce isn't easy in my country). Perhaps I should be patient......but I am already worried.

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1 year ago
Beautiful time table format. It made me somewhat excited.
3 years ago
maybe he is just looking for some sweet young lil'darlin like you for a mistress & that was actually his & his wife's house
3 years ago
Sounds like you had fun, dont expect marriage proposal too fast he is married for one and second after you get a divorce you really want to wait and reorganise your life.. It maybe with you but don't expect it so quickly..
3 years ago
You lucky, lucky girl, he made love with you three times that first night, or should I say Lucio is the lucky one for getting to make love to a beautiful young woman!