Martina's Diary: Monday, 25th July, 2011

08:30 My s****r didn't come home last night. I got myself aroused thinking about what she was getting up to with her boyfriend. Started chatting online again with my friend in America. I ended up feeling really horny. He gives me lots of useful, naughty advice. So instead of eating breakfast, I sat there in my bedroom without jeans or knickers masturbating furiously behind closed curtains. He's older than me, and I call him "Daddy".

09:30 I just had to go and see Rose again. I wanted to tell her my problems, my fantasies and my latest desires. We got talking and she told me that she can only achieve vaginal orgasm with a man on their first or second time together, when her desire is really strong. She said she could even achieve orgasm with her clothes on, provided her desire for a new man was really strong. It reminded me of my first time with Carlo, behind the barangay hall, when I was fully dressed but still achieved satisfaction. Now I'm wondering whether I'm the same as Rose: destined to be always searching for new partners. Perhaps, I'm thinking, this explains why I've already had three boyfriends since April and am now searching for another. It was naughty Rose who suggested that perhaps I like Carlo because I don't see him all that often, and that I'm secretly turned on by the fact that he takes other girls to his bed. And that I get, "...really fucking horny", as she put it, thinking about him having sex with other girls.

10:30 The sex talk with Rose led us inexorably to her bed. It began, as it usually does with Rose, with gentle, s****rly touching. Nothing is ever hurried. A slow running of her fingers through my hair, perhaps, or the touching of our fingers across the table and the squeezing of a hand. An introduction to us slowly, tenderly, start undressing in front of each other. I see something new in Rose every time. The way her nipples are hard and erect all the time, not just on arousal. The way she always leaves her panties on, as if still teasing me.

12:30 We were still in bed two-hours later. I've now explored her kang-kang for the first time. The words of a friend urging me on to explore her and kiss her down there. Rose gently guided my head at first, perhaps unsure of whether I had skill enough to please her. Perhaps I was being too rough with her. Anyway, Rose became wetter and wetter, with me having to swallow some of her juices, such was the flow from her kang-kang. And then, magically, she quietly came with me reaching up to squeeze her breasts in that wonderful moment of shared intimacy.

15:00 I left Rose to sl**p before her work. Got back home and found my s****r there with her boyfriend. They looked a bit annoyed that I'd arrived, but they'd obviously had some good sex already because he was all over her. When they thought I wasn't looking, he would press himself against her bottom and reach round to feel her breasts. Then they disappeared into the laundry room and I could hear the unmistakeable sounds of my s****r being fucked like crazy up against the door. And those sounds, those wonderful sounds, made me want a man again.....

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3 years ago
that does sound the way things are going & you did enjoy your 1st time at roses pleasure garden
3 years ago
OMG Martina you need to be in an all male college so you have enough cock to please you sweet dripping wet kang kang. lol
3 years ago
I wish I was in your country right now!!
3 years ago
mmmmmmmm oh yes lovely..