Martina's Diary: 23rd July 2011

08:00 Mum and Dad had another blazing row last night. I just knew that would mean I wouldn't get any sl**p again. Sure enough, about 2am I heard their old bed creaking as Dad started to apologize... I know his method. I've seen him use it on Rose. He's very persistent. He gently uses his mouth and tongue until his lady weakens and he can get his head between her legs. Mum sounded happy anyway.

09:00 I was feeling really horny after hearing my Mum and Dad's lovemaking for most of the night. I intended to go down to see Rose, but instead turned on the computer and ended up masturbating as I talked to a friend in America. He has been giving me advice on my love life and he always gets me excited. After talking to him, I really wanted to see Carlo again, despite all that I've said about him.

10:00 Don't know what's the matter with me! I ought to be happy, I suppose, with a reliable boyfriend like Ed, and with the soul-mate I have found in Rose. Instead, I decided to go down to the mall with Angie and Marie. Angie is very successful with boys. She is strangely attractive, even though she doesn't have good looks. I find it hard to understand. She often seems to end up down at her Aunt's nipa hut, which is down near the beach, and then coming home hours later with her knickers in her bag.

12:00 Sure enough, our girls day out ended when Angie and Marie both found boys to go with. I felt jealous of them. Angie, in particular, seems to have sex without any hang-ups. No guilty feelings. No need to confess her sins to the priest. I couldn't help noticing the boy touching Angie's bottom as they left: sure of where she was taking him, eager to get inside her. Took a motorcycle as far as the entry to the sub-division, then walked home via Carlo's house - the long way round.

13:00 I was excited, I couldn't help it, when I saw that Carlo was outside his s****r's house, cleaning his car (his s****r lives in Japan). After not seeing him for nearly two weeks, he looked more attractive than ever. His s****r has a nice house, and I know Carlo's bedroom is very nice....

13:15 No coffee. Little conversation. Already inside Carlo's bedroom by about this time. He unzipped my skirt, pulled my panties down, and rubbed his face on my kang-kang by way of introduction. He was wet when he came up and I used his t-shirt to wipe his face. He was really hungry for me, and I liked the feeling of being really wanted once more.

13:30 Carlo was already inside me within minutes. No real introductions necessary. We just seemed to continue where we had left off last time. I had a feeling that this was natural, where I truly belonged. His cock was so hard and so strong. I felt my bottom being pressed down into the mattress as he pushed and pushed and pushed. I felt so happy.

14:00 His mattress was wet from my juices when we finished. Had to use my knickers to dry my belly button. I felt triumphant when I saw him cum over my stomach. I really do think that Carlo is the man for me. Whatever I've said in the past, in moments of weakness, I want this man and what he can give me.

15:30 For once, I was like Angie. I walked home with my knickers inside my shoulder bag. I felt naughty, but not as if I had sinned. I put my panties straight into the wash, so that Mum wouldn't see them..... I'm still shy with my parents when it comes to sex.

18:00 Went to see Rose and share my experiences with Carlo. She always likes to hear what I have done with him. Ended up in bed with her kissing and cuddling and it seemed like I'd had a nice day. Quite forgot that I'd supposed to be seeing Ed.

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3 years ago
well carlo is still a player
3 years ago
3 years ago
love it.. wish i was there..