Learning to love sex 2

I'm just catching up on my diary. Nearly a month has gone by without sex: until last night that is. I never used to think about it all that much, until I tasted what it was like. I used to hear the girls chattering and giggling about it at college and at work, but I never used to take much notice of them. Ever since I went out with the taxi driver and our subsequent break-up, I've been thinking about it all the time. The feeling of his chest hair on my nipples, his thick penis in my hand, his lips and tongue on my opening, and his eager thrusts inside me - all the time that wonderful feeling of liberation from the cares of the world as we wrestled naked together on our bed.

A friend of mine had told me that my next lover would come quite suddenly, quite unexpectedly. But I guess I didn't really believe him. You know by now that I'm rather old-fashioned and thought that it would come after a steady courtship - just like in the old-time movies. All neatly planned and romantic. And for the last month I've been dating this boy called Ed (or Edmond) who I used to know in college. After my experience with the taxi-driver, I expected that my new date would make a move on me after the second or third date. I'd learned to expect that is how men behave. Instead, I've been waiting and waiting, and getting ever more frustrated. Every time I've come back from a night out with him, I've been masturbating in my bedroom.

I really liked him. He was quiet and shy, and it was so refreshing to be with someone like that after my experiences with my last boyfriend. So, after about the second week of seeing him, I was ready to make love to him. I just wanted him to make the first move - that would have been enough for me - and I would have taken it from there and really let myself go. That's all I wanted from him. At the movies last night, he finally put his hand on my knee and I expected him to be like the taxi-driver and proceed to move his hand up my skirt and into my panties. Instead he just stopped and didn't even draw me close. And so when we came outside my frustration turned to repressed anger. I think he must have wondered why I was suddenly cold towards him. When he asked me when I was going to see him again, I said I didn't know and got my own taxi home.

I always get out of the taxi at the entrance to the sub-division so that my f****y and neighbors don't know I've been into the town. My Mum and Dad always start asking lots of questions if they think I've been into town. Where did I go? Who did I meet? So I've discovered that it's always best to walk the 500 metres or so to the front door and pretend I've just been to the local mall. And it was then that fate took a hand (do you believe in fate?). Coming the other way was my old boyfriend - the basketball player - who I'd broken up from on April 7th. And despite all that had happened, all that I'd said to him on that night, my heart started pounding with excitement as soon as I saw him.

I didn't realise until then that something so seemingly simple as sex could be so complicated. I think if I hadn't been so frustrated with Ed, if I hadn't wanted sex so much with Ed, then I could have walked past my old boyfriend with my nose in the air! But I guess I wanted to prove something to Ed, or was it simply that I wanted sex? I'm ashamed to say it was probably the latter. I'd gone out last night looking for romance, and here I was about to take my knickers off for a man who I'd convinced myself I hated. A man who I'd told myself in April that I was never going to speak to again.

It certainly didn't take long for us to get our polite conversation over with, climb over the low wall that separated us from the darkness and start undressing in the quietness of the municipal park: just the sound of the cicadas in the bushes and the trees to deaden the sound of our eager sex. How is it that my hesitation with Ed, my determination that he be the first to make a move, should melt away with this man? There was no real conversation, after a few minutes beside each other under the street lights, we both knew that sex was going to happen.

I think he must have been surprised at how much I'd altered since we last saw each other in April. That's what I kept telling myself anyway. No longer the shy virgin he'd known then, always scared to take the next step. I licked him as eagerly now as he licked me. My friends have been tutoring me, and I was eager to try out what I'd learned from them on the art of love making. He did me up against a tree, and as he is quite strong was able to support me as I lifted my long legs up around his waist. Then we were on the ground like a****ls. It felt so wonderful. Do you think that I am destined to be with this man? It certainly feels like it after our reunion. I think I love him.....

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3 years ago
Destined to be with him? I don't know... I've got a fewmore parts to catch up with!
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
I am so happy for you kitten!
3 years ago
very good some times it does work
3 years ago
Nicely done; now I'll read the others as I wait for the follow up.