Learning to let go (part 4)

I suppose learning that your parents are just ordinary people, with ordinary sexual desires is the first step to growing up. As I have become more and more interested in sex, I've become ever more interested in the sex life of my Mum and Dad. I used to be embarrassed, but now take a keen interest in what goes on the other side of our shared bedroom wall. I've even used the old trick of putting a glass tumbler to the wall on occasions to better be able to hear what they are saying and doing.

Last Wednesday (13th April) was their 23rd wedding anniversary, so I thought that they'd probably be enjoying sex that night. But I went up shortly after them at 10.30 pm to find their bedroom completely quiet. I was disappointed. Then at about 12.30 am, I heard my Dad imploring me Mum to give him it. I heard her say that she was tired, but Dad kept on and on at her. He's very persistant. I guess it must have been about 2.00 o'clock before I finally heard my Mum start to moan as she finally gave in to him and he achieved penetration. I was really aroused and masturbating myself by the time I heard Mum and then Dad achieve climax.

Then, on Saturday, the girl who does the laundry (and provides other services for Dad) arrived at our house in a skirt and blouse. She usually wears a t-shirt and jeans, so I knew that she was expecting to have sex with Dad again. Earlier in the week, I'd been dreading Saturday coming. Now, though, after listening to Mum and Dad early on Thursday morning, I was able to accept the situation more calmly. I somehow knew that Dad's lust for Rose would find a way. That his persistance would get him inside her panties one way or another.

A friend had advised me not to leave them alone together, to stay around and make myself a nuisance. I did try this for nearly an hour, but when I saw Rose going into the summer house at the top of the garden, and then Dad disappearing a few minutes later, I realised for the first time that this was life - and I would just have to accept it.

I could hear Rose's giggles coming from the summer house. I call it a summer house, but really its just an open structure mounted on bamboo poles and hidden behind some bougainvilia bushes. I wanted to find out more about their relationship, so decided to go out through the side door and walk alongside the perimeter fence and conceal myself in the bougainvilias.

By the time I got there, Rose already had her clothes off and was up against one of the bamboo poles. I guess the two of them had been waiting all week for this, and they were anxious to get started. She was standing with her arms raised, clutching the pole, and Dad was seated naked on a low chair. He looked very loving, and was kissing her belly button, her breasts, and then disappeared between her legs. I kept looking at her face. She was happy, and somehow this made is seem perfectly fine for me. When he entered her, and she gave out a tiny sigh, I became very aroused. My kang-kang was really wet by the time they'd finished.

So now I know what really goes on in the adult world, I guess I've become less shy. I'd met a man last Tuesday - a taxi driver in his early 40s - and we'd swapped telephone numbers. But I never expected to have the courage to call him up. I was hoping he'd call me instead. But yesterday, driven on by what I'd seen in the summer house, I couldn't wait any longer and decided to call him.

I hoped he would think that I was innocently calling to make an appointment for a taxi. But a friend had warned me that if a girl rings a man, he'll know the real reason for the call straight away: sex. I was really nervous when he first answered, but he was very nice to me and I soon warmed to his voice. So now I'm set for a date on Thursday night and I'm expecting a result this time.
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3 years ago
very good i do agree with petdyke
3 years ago
I've just read your story so far. DO NOT lose your virginity to the taxi driver. Certainly not on the first date. Don't be in a rush to lose it. The first time I got intimate with a girl, I was 22/23/ and that was such a disaster, that I don't even know if I had full sex!! Sadly for me.. I haven't had a second occasion yet. I've had a few near misses, but it just hasn't happened for me. Wait for the right moment. Don't necessarily plan it. If it happens, it happens. Just look after yourself first and foremost.