In the woods (fictional)

It was a warm day, she felt sweaty and hot, her jeans sticking to her legs. She still had a long way to walk before she got home. Her bike got stolen at the park, she forgot to lock it and she didn’t have a cell phone, her dad took it from her because of her stupid b*****r, it was his fault the lamp broke and now she had to pay for it.

She had to rest somewhere in the shade, she started towards the woods, did not look very inviting, littered with garbage, but at least it would be cool. And it was, she walked quite a bit deeper to get the most of the coolness and slumped down with her back against a tree. It felt so good to be out of the sun, she closed her eyes enjoying the cool breeze over her warm face.

Then she heard it. A sound she heard before. At home, at night when she was supposed to be asl**p and her parents locked the bedroom door. She knew that sound well, she loved to listen to her parents while playing with herself, the moans her mother would make, the soft grunts from her dad, picturing him thrusting into her mother made her so wet, she walked into them once and will always remember her fathers sweaty back and the trusting of his hips, her mother calling his name.

The sound made her wet instantly, she forgot how hot she was a second ago and got hot in a whole other way. She listened to see if she could figure out where it was coming from and headed in that direction, feeling her panties getting wetter with each careful step she took. Behind a bush she saw some movement, she crept closer trying not to make any sound until she could see them, she had a perfect view from the side.

The girl was on all fours and he was thrusting so hard from behind the girl could hardly hold her position, having to replace her hands after almost every thrust. She started rubbing her pussy through her jeans but it wasn’t enough. She knew she shouldn’t even be watching them let alone unbutton her jeans but she couldn’t help it, she had to cum, it was all she could think about, she needed it and fast.

She loved this more then she would have thought, on her knees in the woods made it all even better then at home. The breeze over her naked tits, the sounds of the leaves under the blanket, the rustling of the trees and the occasional car driving by. She turned her head to look at him, he liked to see the pleasure on her face while fucking her.

The girl couldn’t have been older then 16 maybe even younger, she had her hands down her panties and was really going at it, the girl was staring so intensely at how he was thrusting the girl didn’t noticed she’d been caught. She was so pretty, those big eyes, open wide to not miss a thing, mouth open a bit with a trembling in her lower lip. Looking at this girl looking at them turned her on even more. She wanted the girl to look at her, look her in the eyes while she came.

"Oh yes baby, just like that!" the girl said, they had been silent apart from the moaning and grunting so this made her jump a bit, she looked at the girls face and saw she was looking at her, she didn’t know what to do and didn’t realize she was still rubbing herself until she came. She came while looking the girl in the eyes and it was so f***eful she fell to her knees, still rubbing, still looking the girl in the eyes, her other hand over her mouth to stiffen the sound. The girl started shouting "Yes, yes baby oh god yes." The girls hand went for her clit and started rubbing it, it was clear the girl was cumming witch made her come again, less powerful but somehow more enjoyable.

It worked! The girl was looking her right in the eyes now, that pretty baby girl was rubbing her pussy and looking right at her, it made her want to cum with her, he was still thrusting away, unaware of what was happening, good, she wanted the girl to be hers alone, she didn’t want him to see, the girl was there just for her, that pretty little thing rubbing her little clit so furiously, it turned her on so much to think about that young pussy in those wet panties, she imagined the girls pussy to be hairless and dripping wet.

The girl dropped to her knees from her orgasm, still rubbing that little pussy and clit, oh god how she would love to see, to smell, to taste. She couldn’t hold out any longer. Feeling her orgasm coming she started rubbing her own clit still looking at the little girl rubbing her little clit, so hot. “Yes, yes baby oh god yes.” It was directed to the girl but he would think it was for him, that’s okay the girl would know, and it seemed as if the girl had an other orgasm, “Oh fuck yes.” she cried and her orgasm hit her hard, her arm could not support her any longer and she collapsed on the ground, her pussy started clamping down on his penis and he came with one final thrust and a single “Yes.”

When she looked up the girl was gone, she could hear her run in the distance.

She stopped rubbing herself after her second orgasm and her mind cleared a bit. “Oh fuck yes.” When the girl collapsed she new she had to go, now. She buttoned up her jeans and started running.

He was so happy she went for this, he always wanted to fuck outdoors, she always refused. And now here the are, he loved the feeling of the breeze over his balls, it gave an extra sensation, a new one. He was trusting as hard as he could just like she likes it, he knows she just does this to please him so he is going to make sure he does everything she enjoys, even if that means having to go down on her. He never did like the taste.

When she turned her head to the side he saw something new on her face, surprise maybe, probably just his imagination, he could only see lust now, she really did like to be fucked like this, on all fours and thrusting hard.

"Oh yes baby, just like that!" she screamed, that just made him trust harder, he could feel his orgasm building, so fucking good. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep this up, maybe he could just use his finger to finish her, but she probably would want him to go down. If only he could make it last longer.

"Yes, yes baby oh god yes." She’s cumming? She really is cumming, she must like this more then he thought. “Oh fuck yes." When she collapsed her pussy got so tight he could hardly move inside her, on last thrust and he shot everything he got. "Yes." It was all he could say, feeling her cum was the best feeling ever, and she was still convulsing, milking his cock.

When she got up she looked at the trees, did she see something, he thought he could hear someone running. Better to not stick around. He sure hoped she would want to do this some more.

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Love sex in the woods..Hot Story..