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[Story] What a day!!

i remember trembling with anticipation,as she took my hand and slid it up her short skirt.
"i`ve touched myself thinking of you",she whispered in my ear.
"mmm,do you feel how wet you make me?"she moaned softly as my fingers run over her hot,wet pussy.
i didn`t know what to`s my girlfriends mother,skirt hiked up and my hand in her panties.i certainly felt shocked,yet tunred on.i knew was the luckiest guy in highschool.i was alittle intimidated by this older woman,but was up to the challenge.
my cock was throbbing,pressing up against my jeans,as my fingers spread her pussylips and... Continue»
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[Story] My Best Friends Mom 2

I continued to suck Jenna for another 5-10 minutes until she came again flooding my face with her hot sticky cream.

After I finished eating her out Jenna wanted to suck me off so I laid down on my back and Jenna crawled on top of me and began sucking my cock. As Jenna sucked me off she stroked my cock and played with my balls. I could feel my cock swell with cum and I knew it wouldn't be long until I was going to cum.

Jenna then did something that none of the college girls I had been with ever did. She put her sumptuous tits around my cock and proceeded to tit fuck me. She could tell by ... Continue»
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Milf Gives Guy A Handjob

Hi All my names Helen im a swinging slut, im married 42 years old, a bit of a cougar some might say, the other week I met a guy at the swingers bar who wanted me to film me giving him a hand job, that’s all he wanted so I agreed to it and he came to my home when my husband was at work...

I was wearing a pink v-neck dress, why it showed of my tits perfectly and also it gave the guy who’s name was Bruce, the chance to easily grab a feel while I wanked him. Bruce came in and took all his clothes off leaving just his pants on; he then lay down on my sofa whilst I set up the recorder. Once we we... Continue»
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Fantasy with TS

Fantasies I have wet dreams about. Here is one :D

Shemale bus driver
I ride the late bus home from school. I could ride the normal bus, but the late bus driver is HOT. I am the last stop on the late bus so I get to talk her alone for a while. Also since my parents don’t get home until after 6:00 pm. I get home around 4. But I usually chill on the bus and talk to her. Her name is Alex. She is around 5’4” with a round ass and plump tits on an average frame. Hair dyed red and short. Today was different though. She had a rough day and wasn’t in the mood to talk. But I was persistent. She would... Continue»
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[Story] Wifes lover

My wife michelle, of almost ten years in absolutely gorgeous.. Five foot tall and in very good shape, dark brunette hair with a nice set of fake ds we have added.. She is amazing to say the least.. For several years i have shared with her my fantasy of sharing her in a hot steamy three way with another man.. We have in the past had another woman join us as well as played partially with other couples.. It has been a main item in the sheets to add to the moment.. For several years my wife has said she would gladly do it if she could only fing the right guy.. I was amazed as i knew how hot she wa... Continue»
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[Story] Granny Surprise

I was searching for older woman on the net and found an attractive 62 year old lady but she said she didn't want to date youner men. I was 39 at the time but I was focused. I kept in touch with here and over time she finally agreed to meet me. We met at a diner to have lunch, she was wearing a black dress, her hair all gray and in a pony tail. She was 5 feet tall 95 pounds.

We talked for a while over lunch then I walked her to the car. She gave me a hug and held on for a minute or two. I kept my arms around her waist and looked down at her. I motioned my face towards hers and gave her a kis... Continue»
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[Story] Toyboy and naughty milf

mmm hes a younger guy and we were both very nervous...he made me a drink and we sat in his lounge chatting, me on the sofa, he was opposite in his armchair, we had a little kiss when i got there but things had got pretty intense with us so i guess we were both really not sure how things were gonna go, i had my legs crossed and my dress had ridden up, i knew he could see my stockings..that turned me on because i knew he kept looking when he thought i he went upstairs and when he came back down he sat next to
me..really close, our legs were touching and the chemistry was such a... Continue»
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[Story] Grinding In The Sand

I lay there on the beach soaking up the sun. The day just couldn’t get any better. I was thousands of miles from work, rush hour traffic, anyone I knew and I didn’t have a damned thing planned. As I watched the waves roll in and back out again I began to think about the nightlife here. I can’t very well sit on the beach the entire time. I mean I loved it, but I needed to get my bl**d pumping. Some excitement! I swung by the front desk of the resort I was staying at and asked what they did to pass their time. I didn’t want to go to a tourist spot, I wanted a real place, where they didn’t jack u... Continue»
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My First Girl

I must of bee 19 at the time. i was out on the town with my friend John when i first met Sharon. She was a little older than me but we hit it off right away.

We were both into karaoke and enjoyed a good sing song, every so often we would do a little show for the guys on stage. Sharon would grope me to tease them, and sometimes I would grope her back. We became a little notorious for doing this and John loved it.

Over time, i got more comfortable with Sharon groping me, and i got comfortable with groping her. Eventually the guys cheered us on. One night, when the beer was flowing, i thi... Continue»
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Next day

The next day I went back to the hotel pool and had a look round to see who I might be able to spy when they came in to change. There were women off all shapes, sizes & ages. The very thought of seeing them naked during their private moments made me excited. I positioned myself in the changing cubicle with the spy holes and stayed for the duration.

I opened the door slightly to see who was entering the adjoining cubicle. My prey came towards the snare, she was in her late 30s. I had seen her earlier with her husband and young son. She was a typical housewife & mother, rather plain but not ... Continue»
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House peeping!!

I like going for a walk at night! Some of the houses in the area are student houses. The cheapskate landlords not only convert the front room on the ground floor into a bedroom, they skimp on the blinds. I noticed the light on in one such room, the window blind a good 6" too short at either side. I took a closer look. A slim sexy blond 20yr old student was getting ready for bed, she was just cleaning off her makeup.

She then started to remove her trousers and panties in one go. Her shaved minge came into view as I spied through the gap in the blind. Her hairless vulva and pink labia lips ... Continue»
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A Dream

When I look in your eyes.
There's only love I can't see lies.
When weré together we feel like one.
Till the time that you are gone.
The time goes bye very slow.
Alone in my bed I here the wind blow.
Darling I wish I could fly.
Over the clouds very high.
In your arms where I belong.
I am sad and I don't feel strong.
Together allways me and you.
Someday our dreams are coming true.
My love I wish you could stay
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geile hotelafspraak

Je zit met je werk in het hotel. Ik ben daar aangekomen en heb aan de
> receptie een sleutel gevraagd, zodat jij niet weet dat ik er ben. Ik ga
> naar de kamer en laat het bad vollopen, ik weet immers niet hoelang het
> duurt voordat jij binnenkomt. Voor de gelegenheid heb ik een mooi setje
> aangetrokken en kousen meegenomen. Ik kleed me uit en meen iets te
> horen op de gang. Ik loop naar het kijkgaatje en zie een aantal jonge
> mannen voorbij lopen. Hmm, je zou er wel eens zo aan kunnen komen. Toch
> ga ik in bad en heb er lekker wat schuim in gedaan. Met een boekje en
> w... Continue»
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18 jaar en in het park

ik was 18;net examen gymnasium gedaan;was dus vrij;mooi voorjaarsweer;ik zat op een bank in het bekende park van frank boeyen;een eindje verderop zal een vrouw ik schat een jaar of 40;ze keek steeds mijn kant op;op een gegeven moment stond ze open kwam mijn richting uit;vlak bij dacht ik dat ze zei;"komop";ik wist niet of ik het goed verstaan had;ik had nog niet zoveel ervaring met vrouwen en zeker niet van tussen de 30 en 40;ze zag er heerlijk uit;lekkere volle tieten onder een dun wit bloesje;je zag de tepels priemen ;volgens mij geen bh aan;mooie volle dijen onder een korte rok;hoge hakke... Continue»
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Sex with Lactating Mother

I posted this story on the internet before under the name Cimon.

One Friday my friend Paul, a young Swedish Protestant priest invited me to accompany him to Northern Finland to attend church services on Sunday. I was a teacher teaching mathematics and physics at a Swedish high school close to Finnish border. On Sunday we started at 6 am and it took us three hours to reach the church. Finns are one hour ahead of Sweden and we reached a small town at 10 am (Finnish time). It has everything that a town requites, a post office, police station, fire brigade, a school, and a church. The chur... Continue»
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Jonge moeders op het speelveld.

In onze straat is een klein speelveldje. Bij mooi weer zitten daar elke morgen wel een paar vrouwen die op hun spelende kinderen letten. Sinds mijn kind een maand of vier was ging ik daar ook heen. Een beetje kletsen, een beetje zonnen, lekker ontspannen. Op een goede dag kwam ik bij het veldje en er zat alleen maar een jonge vrouw, die daar net als ik vaker kwam. Ze had net als ik een wagentje bij zich waarin haar dochtertje lag te slapen. Ik had haar al vaker gezien en haar bewonderd om haar prachtige figuur. Ik ging naast haar op het bankje zitten en keek haar aan. Ze had prachtige blauwe... Continue»
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De buurvrouw

Al een tijdje was ik behoorlijk rusteloos. En opgewonden. Erg opgewonden zelfs. Maar ja, ik kon eigenlijk nergens heen met mijn opwinding.

Soms nam ik, zoals gewoonlijk, lekker uitgebreid de tijd om met mezelf te spelen terwijl ik mijn fantasie de vrije loop liet. En hoewel ik daar, zoals altijd, wel van genoor, bracht het me ook weer niet die ultieme bevreding waarnaar ik zo verlangde.

Wat was het geval. Ik had het geluk dat ik in de situatie was gekomen waarvan de meeste mannen alleen maar kunnen dromen. Of liever gezegd. De situatie was naar mij gekomen. Sinds kort had ik een ... Continue»
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