Granny Duo!!

Recently at the pool, I saw my first granny duo. Bella & Yvonne both early 70s. Bella semi side view in left cabin - Yvonne full frontal in centre cabin. I knew their names because they were chatting throughout. Bella was large ugly dark haired woman - wearing a black one piece swimsuit. Yvonne was skinny elegant grey haired lady in a two piece a****l print costume. Watched Yvonne first - top off in a flash, small flat spaniel ears with small areola & flat nipples on show; rather wrinkled pot belly; bottoms off just as quick exposing her fine mousy haired mound & shrivelled dry slit. Now for Bella - just started to struggle with her suit, top down, eventually her massive jugs spilling out. Down further and her huge belly plops out! Now down to her knees - belly obscuring view of cunt & minge. Get side view of sagging udders as she bends to fully remove costume. As she is rather wide and the cabin quite narrow she stands semi sideways so get frontal view but still unable to inspect her cunt or pubes. Guess she is hairy but would like to confirm. Back to Yvonne for a bit watch her drying tits and cunt - lifting those spaniels ears to dry underneath then foot up on bench - left then right - rather withered inner labia and shrunken clitoris on view for a moment! Back to Bella - still giving frontal view - just in time right leg up on bench lifts up guts to dry between her legs - thick hairy minge with fat vulva & protruding bulky labia flaps - confirmed!! Quick look at udders again - large areola & wide nipples. Now back to Yvonne - white lace bra on, arrange tits, lace panties up, (shoot my load), white blouse, green skirt and flat shoes. With spunk still dripping from my cock - I have a final peek at Bella pulling on her pink granny pants then tights, off white bra (needs a boil wash) and her floral dress. They both leave simultaneously still chatting, oblivious of the violation of their privacy that has just occurred!!
69% (8/3)
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