Holiday voyeur fun!!

A few years ago while on holiday in Cyprus I was checking out the holiday complex for voyeur opportunities one night. The complex had mainly single story accommodation and I saw a window with a chink of light coming from the not fully closed curtains.

As I got closer I noticed a guy lurking nearby so kept back to see what he was up to. I don't think he saw me because a few minutes later he approached the window and started to peep. After a while I made my presence known to him. He was concerned he had been busted at first but I indicated that I was a fellow voyeur. We took turns on spying on the young couple in the room having sex for a while until they turned off the light. We went looking for other opportunities but were disappointed not to find any more.

I had seen this guy with his mature sexy wife during the day. He had also noticed my wife. We discussed how neither of our wives sunbathed topless and decided on a plan. He agreed that the following night he would leave his curtains slightly open so I could watch his 45 yo wife undress and see them have sex.

The next day I saw them a few times and got excited at the thought of seeing his wife naked and having sex. Once it got late I told my wife I needed some air and went around to the guys window. The curtains were slightly open and I peeped in. Him and his wife were just starting to get ready for bed. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. A few minutes later she removed her top exposing her big titties which gave me a great view of her areola & nipples. The guy came over to her and gave them a squeeze and winked towards the window to me. He then pulled her shorts down exposing her belly and pubic hair. They both lay on the bed naked and he played with her tits & hairy cunt. He opened her up so I could see her labia flaps. Later he persuaded her to come on top and gave me a great view of his stiff cock entering her vagina!! Finally he put her on her back and fucked her on her back with her legs up. I met him the next morning and told him what I had seen.

The following night was my turn. I left our curtains slightly open and after a while noticed movement outside. I suggested to my 55 yo wife we get ready for bed. My wife was wearing a sun dress which she pulled over her head leaving her only wearing her knickers and showing my friend her exposed titties & naked belly! She then removed her knickers and stood naked in front of the curtains unaware she was being watched. I came over and fondled her tits & played with her pussy! Her vulva was shaved but a triangle of pubic hair remained above. I got her to suck my cock. We gravitated to the bed which faced the window and to return the favour got her to mount my stiff cock so my mate could see what I saw last night. I finally fucked her doggy style so he could see her tits swing as I pounded her.

The next morning we met again to discuss the previous nights show!! He described in detail what he had seen of my wife and what he would like to do to her. I returned the compliment.

We repeated the shows the following nights but this time took requests. I asked him to get his wife to suck his cock and to get her on all fours - which he did. In return he asked me to open my wife on the bed facing the window, pull open her labia and lick her 69 style - he said he had a great view!!

Unfortunately they had to leave after that. However, I managed to thoroughly examine his wife naked as he did mine. Neither wife was aware that they had been viewed naked by a stranger.

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4 months ago
great, great story
7 months ago
Major voyeur here....that story gavce me a helluva hardon...mmmm. Love lookin at a naked woman when they don't know they're being watched.