Local pool!!

Just visited my local pool, which has a unisex changing room. I found a cubicle with a spy hole that gave a wide view of the next changing room. It was a voyeurs dream!

A woman in her late 40s entered wearing a black one piece swimsuit. She pulled down the top exposing her large dangling breasts and long erect nipples. Easing her swimsuit further I soon had a view of her slightly rounded belly, followed by her thick black untrimmed pubic hair. I watched her gently drying between her legs before she pulled on her white panties. She then attended to her big tits carefully drying them before hiding them inside her vast white bra. She continued to dress and left oblivious of the fact she had been secretly observed for my sexual gratification.

Next a plump woman in her early 50s entered wearing grey sweat pants and a white t-shirt top, I could see the curvaceous outline of her body, my carnal desires were about to be fulfilled. First she removed her sweat pants revealing her ample pink knickers. She then removed her top displaying her blue bra and providing me with a satisfying view of her wrinkled chubby belly. Removing her bra her bulbous naked breasts came into full view, her large pink areola and fat nipples exposed for me to view for my sexual pleasure. Pulling down her panties she gave me an extensive view of the area between her legs which I surveyed with lustful intentions. Her minge was covered with a light covering of pubic hair, light enough to see her vulva and the pink lips of her labia, gratifying my lascivious desires. She put on her green one piece swim suit tucking in her belly and tits as she pulled it up covering her nakedness. She left the cubical unaware that all the most private parts of her abundant naked body had been scrupulously and intimately voyeured by a lecherous stranger.

I waited patiently for my next subject. Soon a slim young mother about 25 years of age of arab origin appeared. I had seen her previously by the pool with her middle eastern looking husband and very small baby. She was breast feeding the baby by the pool but hiding her tits from view. She entered what she thought was a private cubicle where she could change out of her blue one piece swimsuit unseen. She was wrong, her every personal private move was going to be surreptitiously scrutinized in detail by a naked male stranger in the next cubicle. I stroked my erect cock in eager anticipation of her revealing her most intimate body parts to me. She started to disrobe, removing her tight fitting swimsuit. Straps down first then the top of her suit to the waist, immediately revealing her rather swollen lactating breasts. She continued to remove the garment until she had striped completely naked. The full black bush between her legs totally exposed for me to furtively inspect whilst I continued to quietly masturbate. I carried out a detailed covert examination of the uncovered flesh of her unveiled lower body concentrating my gaze between her bare belly and her nude thighs. Her thick hairy minge was particularly enticing until she covered it with her white cotton panties. I continued to survey the rest of her unclothed succulent upper body, the dark circular areola of her bulky lactating titties gave me yet more sexual pleasure. I watched in disbelief as she took a baby’s feeding bottle from her bag and started to squeeze her breasts in turn to express her warm milk into it. Her bosom was only inches from the spy hole giving me a remarkable view of her thick nipple squirting milk out of its minute perforations. I continued to wank my stiff cock maintaining my concealed observation of this young Arabian wife and mother while she finished dressing herself oblivious of the fact that a sexually aroused voyeur had observed her most intimate confidential moments.
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10 months ago
It is in Newcastle UK but was refurbished a few years ago with separate changing rooms for men & women :( so no more spying there!!
10 months ago
where is this pool?
2 years ago
so many good memories like this
2 years ago
love this!
4 years ago
Excitante histoire. J'ai vécu la meme chose dans les douches d'un camping dans le sud de la france. La paroi entre les douches avait un petit trou et je me suis masturber en regardant des femmes de tout âge venir se doucher... huummm très bons souvenirs.
4 years ago
sweet,good old days
5 years ago
nice story i would like to read more
5 years ago
Where are these pools that have male and females changing in the same room.