Stayed at a hotel last night on business and noticed that the bedroom doors had key holes. As I was in a secluded part of the building I decided to have a peep at the room opposite! I had a good view into the room, a pair of ladies shoes on floor meant I was in luck!! I could hear some movement so I waited a while until my subject came into view. She was a young business woman in her early 30’s with short dark hair. She wore black trousers and a green woollen top. She had a lovely sexy body!! After a few minutes she loosened her pants, letting her belly out. She continued to wander about until suddenly she pulled her trousers down to her ankles, revealing her tiny black knickers. She then eased her panties down to her knees. As she had her back to me I could only see her perfect tight ass. She then turned around, allowing me a wonderful view of her private parts. I was able to observe her shaved vulva & pubic area. As she shuffled towards the door, she gave me a better view of her bald pussy & pink protruding labia lips. She stood right in front of key hole and wiped her cunt with a tissue. She then unwrapped a pad and positioned it in the crotch of her panties. She quickly pulled her knickers and trousers up. She was no longer exposed. She suddenly started to open the door; I quickly moved away and started to enter my room. I wished her good evening, she smiled. She will never know how well I knew her!!
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naughty naughty
4 years ago
That would be cool if it would happen for me.