I noticed that the old ginger haired widow lady in the next street never closed her blinds properly. She always left about a two inch gap at the bottom. Her window was hidden by a tall hedge which made it perfect for me to spy! On many occasions I would see her lying in her robe on the couch, the only flesh exposed her hands, feet and ankles. Her toes & finger nails painted in different colours on each occasion. After fantasising for about a year but not expecting to see anything more, I took a peek on a rather warm night and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Although she was lying on the couch watching TV as usual her robe was open exposing her private parts!! Her large white breasts were completely uncovered allowing me to examine them comprehensively, their sizeable shape, the prominent blue veins, the purple stretch marks, the dark areola and of course the bullet like nipples!! Once I had completed my thorough and prolonged examination of her big fat titties, whilst slowly masturbating, I concentrated my attentions on her tubby belly and observed how rotund it appeared, further stretch marks and wrinkles were noticeable. I then focused my gaze further down her naked body to study in detail her genital area, to my delight and pleasure an extensive uncombed triangular carpet of ginger hair covered her pubic area. I spent some time savouring this delightful vista. All this time her chubby legs had been closed denying me access to the jewel in the crown, suddenly she let on leg drop off the side of the couch, the other she raised and placed on the couch back. My fantasy was fulfilled, her gaping pink labia and her wet crimson vagina were out in the open for my exclusive sexual enjoyment but more was to come!! She placed her hand above her vulva and started to scratch her ginger pubic hair moving her fingers closer to her clitoris which was now visible and looked quite swollen. She placed one long finger on her sensitive female sex organ and began to rub, eventually using more fingers to assist in her masturbation. Her fingers occasionally penetrating her vaginal orifice, stretching her labia flaps, retracting the hood of her clitoris or exposing her urethral opening. I started to ejaculate onto her window pane. Suddenly there was an unexpected squirt of fluid from between her legs, it took her by surprise she immediately got up and left the room. When she came back her robe was fastened. I have often peeked since but seen nothing, on every occasion her robe tightly fastened!!
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22 days ago
wow thats hot
1 year ago
a closer look from the outside and you may have tasted her
3 years ago
mmm another great story love them
4 years ago
well written
4 years ago
maybe she heard your cum hit the window
4 years ago
super story
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
That was a great story.