The Holiday - Chapter 7

As much fun as it was to watch porn, we always ended up either turning it off or ignoring it. All this play going on around us was the same as far as I was concerned. Fun! In fact, lots of fun, but in the end, all I wanted was you.

I wanted to eat you without the distraction of knowing that people were watching. I wanted to fuck you without the distraction of people fucking all around us. It wasn’t that I was the least bit jealous of others watching us, or looking at your magnificent tits and wanting to suck them, or seeing your gaping juicy cunt and wanting to eat you or seeing me fuck your hot, tight ass and wanting to fuck you too. That didn’t bother me in the least. I just wanted you all to myself.

So, we wrapped towels around us, grabbed our clothes and went back to our room. We started off in the shower, to rinse all the chlorine off. Of course you had to make extra sure that my dick was clean so you used lots of soap. Once you had a good lather you applied it to my ass, balls and cock. Once my rigid dick was utterly soapy you began to pump your hand back and forth. Between the very light grip that you were using, and all the lubrication of the soap you weren’t really jacking me off. In fact you could have kept it up (figuratively and literally) for hours and I doubt that I would have cum, although I would have been rigid and in bliss for the whole time.

Once you were sure that my cock was clean you had me face away from you and you began to clean my bum. First the cheeks, and then finally my crack, all the way from the top of my butt to the bottom of my balls. Just feeling you run your soapy hands up and down left my cock twitching and drooling precum. Finally you began to center on my ass. Soaping my ring and working your finger deeper and deeper into me until it was all the way in. You then slowly added a second finger and began to leisurely pump. Once I was relaxed you added yet one more and bit by bit began to pump some more. You then reached between my legs with your other hand to take the shaft of my cock in your hand so that you could stroke that too. Despite all the soap and the feather grip you were using all of a sudden I began to feel my balls start to boil.

I really wanted to make you cum about 62 billion times before I came again so I regretfully pulled away from your probing and pleasuring and turned to take you in my arms, rubbing our soapy bodies together, but being very careful not to directly stimulate myself any more in the process.

It was clearly your turn for some fun so I turned you to face away from me and began to apply tons of sudsy bubbles all over your firm, sexy belly. Once you were well lathered I shifted my attention to your boobs. I took one in each hand and rubbed them in circles. I pressed them together and rubbed them back and forth. I massaged the soap into the bottoms of them, I stroked, I caressed, I fondled and finally I began to play with your nipples.

I then soaped your ass. I knew how much I had enjoyed what you did to me so I repeated it exactly as you had done. First I played with the globes of your perfectly proportioned bottom. Then I played with your crack, right from your pussy all the way to the top of your bum. Back and forth, up and down. Finally I knelt behind you and began to really work your ass. Just as you did with me I started with one finger, added a second, then a third and finally after you were very relaxed I added my fourth finger, although only to the second knuckle.

After I turned you around I applied the soap to the succulent part of you between your legs. I started with the insides of your thighs, caressing lovingly. I then cleaned the spot that had once been the home of your landing strip. Then I began to work my way around the outside of your pussy, beginning at the bottom. After five minutes of bathing that part of you I still hadn’t touched any part of your cunt and you were going crazy!

I cautiously slipped one soapy finger into your pussy and began to wiggle the tip of it back and forth over your G-spot again and again. I decided that I would keep that up until you came.

My finger was starting to cramp from the repetitive motion and I was wondering whether or not to relent and play with your clit too when all of a sudden you began to quiver. You surprised us both when your knees gave out and you suddenly sat down. We both laughed, enjoying the passion.

After rinsing all those splendid bubbles off of us we moved to the bed. I was nowhere near done with you. I threw you down on the bed and began to lick your pussy. No more teasing! No more toying! I just wanted to taste you and to stimulate you. I took long, deep strokes, drinking your freely flowing juices as your grabbed my head and pressed it hard against your mound.

I knew that what you wanted was the hardest direct pressure that I could bring to bear on your clit so I did just that. I pressed my tongue as hard as I could and began a rhythmic up, down. Up, down. Up, down. This time your orgasm built much more slowly than the last time, so close on the heels of your previous one. It built longer and longer, and when it crested you screamed out my name. Surge after surge of pleasure built and ebbed but I didn’t wait them out.

I clambered up your body and drove my cock deeply into your cunt and began to thrust. I could still feel your orgasm cause your pussy to pulse as I thrust into you and that enhanced my already extremely stimulated member so that my lukewarm balls began to boil almost immediately.

Despite having promised you that I would always give you the option of where I should squirt, this time I just moaned that I was about to cum, and as you said nothing I just kept pumping as I wanted nothing more than to explode deeply inside you, and explode I did. Blowing my cream as deeply in you as I could thrust.
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