The Holiday - Chapter 5

I got up and fished the last four beer out and passed them around. I couldn’t believe that we had gone through well over a dozen between the four of us. Once everyone had a fresh, cool drink I slumped down beside you, and directly in front of Mandy, as you sat directly across from Mark.

By unspoken agreement everyone was still in show-off mode and we all sat with our knees up and legs spread while leaning against a stanchion. This gave us each a wonderful view of those across from us. In my case, as I admired Mandy’s gaping, well fucked pussy, I could still see cum oozing from it, forming a little puddle on the mat.

The sexual tension in the air had certainly ebbed since our last round of orgasms, but it certainly hadn’t disappeared. Finally Mark piped up “I can’t believe how kinky you guys are!”. I was surprised to hear that as I had thought them the kinky ones. “What do you mean?” I asked. Mark and Mandy looked at each other and said that they had never seen anyone actually lick someone else’s asshole. They knew that people did, and had seen it in the movies but had never dared to try themselves. Mandy spoke up then and said that watching me stick my tongue in your ass was one of the sexiest things that she had ever seen.

I told her that I was very surprised that they hadn’t ever even tried. When Mandy asked why I was surprised I said, because last night I saw you take Mark’s cock fresh out of your ass and suck it like there was no tomorrow. I then asked her what she thought of that. She said that she just liked him to cum in her mouth, and didn’t care where his massive dick had been. She just loved sucking him off. Then I asked her what he tasted like, especially after he had been in her ass. Mandy needed only one word to answer “Sex!” and then she added, “and I love it”.

“speaking of last night” I led off. “Had you guys intended to put on a show, or did you just want to join the mile high club?” As the conversation evolved it turned out that they had had no intention of being exhibitionists, but had looked forward to fucking on an airplane and had specifically asked for seats away from everyone else. When I asked why they didn’t just pick a different row when they saw us sitting there they sheepishly admitted that the thought hadn’t even crossed their minds.

I changed the subject again. “So you think that we are kinky do you?” Mandy replied, “well, you just let us watch you tongue fuck your wife’s ass. That’s pretty kinky” I said I supposed it was and asked them what the kinkiest thing they had ever done was. After whispering together for a minute they said that it was a toss up between what they had just done – encouraging us to watch them play and one other thing - fisting.

You broke in and said “you mean you let Mark shove his entire hand in your pussy?” Mandy replied “Honey, when you are used to getting fucked by a cock the size of his it doesn’t make much difference” You asked what it was like and Mandy replied that it gave her a tremendous sense of ‘fullness’ and that beyond that, that she really liked it.

Mark then turned to conversation back to us. “is ass licking the kinkiest thing that you guys do?”. We turned to look at each other and both started shaking our heads as we smiled. “No way! What else have you done?” asked Mandy. We started whispering together just as M&M had, but were interrupted and asked to discuss the possibilities out loud because our friends really wanted to hear all about anything ‘extra erotic’ that we had done.

You started the list, “well, you finger fucked me while we were driving to airport and made sure that that trucker got a good look”, “we like blindfolds and very light bondage”, and finally “oh yeah, and we like watersports”.

“watersports?” asked Mandy. So we went on to explain how we had found that we had turned a mundane act into something intensely sexual. Of course they wanted to know what we meant so I said I explained how I had felt ripped off that you always got to enjoy me squirting gallons into your mouth but that I had never had a similar opportunity. As well, I loved the taste of your pussy and ass so much it was only a logical experience. Then you added a comment about how incredible the double whammy of peeing and cumming at the same time was so mind blowing. You concluded by saying that the more you had to pee to better it was in the end.

Mandy then commented that as it had been hours since we left, and that she had had three or four beer that she had that part down pat but that she wasn’t sure if she could pee in a sexual situation. Mark said that he hadn’t ever thought of peeing as even remotely sexual, but that all of a sudden he was considering it in a new light. He then asked “do either of you have to pee?” We we both nodded, because, just like Mandy, it had been many hours, and many beer, Mark continued “would you show us”.

Having just happily ass fucked you for them it didn’t seem reasonable to say “no” so I stretched out on my back, facing away from them with my head about even with their knees. I then invited you to sit on my chest and then to lay back. I then asked you to grab hold of your legs behind your knees and enjoy. Your crotch was totally exposed to all of us, but especially me, with my mouth a mere inch from your trembling asshole. Knowing how much Mandy and Mark liked the view of that I played it up even more than I usually would have. Licking up and down the crack of your ass, teasing your hole with just the tip of my tongue, circling your ring and pushing as deeply as I could into you, and finally simply tongue fucking you.

From the squishy noises I could hear on either side of my head I could tell that both M’s were playing with themselves. I asked you to describe what they were doing (in detail) while I continued to lick you. You looked over at Mandy and told me that she was using both hands, fucking her hole with three fingers on one hand, while she was slowly probing her ass with the forefinger of her other hand. You then looked back over at Mark, where your attention had been earlier and said that he too was using both hands, one to stroke his cock up and down, and the other to wipe the continuous stream of seeping pre-cum with a finger tip and feeding it to Mandy.

I grabbed the nearest thing that I could find – my towel I think it was, and bunched it up under my head so that I wouldn’t get a crink in my neck from holding my head up for too long. I then began to lick up the crack of your ass again, but this time I didn’t stop at your asshole but continued all the way up, between your pouting lips until I got to your clit. I then reversed the process and let my tongue trail back down your crotch, briefly twiddling your clit, and then penetrating your juicy cunt before once again momentarily lodging in your ass. I then refocused on your clit, sucking it into my mouth and releasing it, flicking it with my tongue each time I sucked it. I had as much of your pussy sucked into my mouth as I could when you started to quake. I released all but your left pussy lip as the torrent of slightly beer flavored pee began to fountain from you. I let your lip go so that I could open my mouth wide and let you fill it with your hot spray, splashing all over my face, and I suspected onto both Mark and Mandy’s legs as well. I then lovingly tongue fucked your asshole with your pee spattering all over my nose, squinting eyes and forehead. When you were almost done I fastened my mouth to you and sucked until I had every last drop, enjoying your taste right up to the very last little squirt.

After one last lick from your bottom to your top you rolled off me and allowed me to sit up. I looked around, kissed you deeply and said “thank you, you know how much I love that!” and then I asked M&M what they thought. Their only response was to keep playing with themselves while it was their turn to say “wow!”.

“what about you? Do you play with your pee too?” Mandy wanted to know. In answer you knelt down with your tits pressed to the mats and your ass high in the air. I stood behind you, and in time began to pee, spraying back and forth between your ass and pussy. When I was almost done you turned around and opened your mouth to ensure that I saved the last little squirt for you to drink. “MMMmmm, you said, just like you, but with a dash of beer.”

I asked M&M if they wanted to try. Mandy said “hold on” as she continued to frig herself harder and faster with all four fingers while she sucked on the finger that had been up her ass. Then, with a cry she began to shake, and then within moments she too released her bladder. Her piss arced out in front of her, and had she not continued to pump her fingers she would have certainly sprayed me as I had taken my customary seat across from her. When she was clearly done she took he soaking fingers out of her cunt and offered them to Mark. He sniffed them tentatively, and then very cautiously licked them, slowly at first, but with rapidly increasing enthusiasm. When Mandy’s finger’s were all clean he looked very disappointed until he remembered that her pussy would still be wet so he thrust his entire face into her waterlogged mound until it was all cleaned up too. Mark looked apologetically at us and said “I’m not as brave as all of you” and he swung his legs around so that they dangled over the side of the boat. When he was finished peeing he swung back in, but it was plainly obvious that there were still a few drops clinging to the head of his penis. This was not lost on Mandy who showed none of Mark’s tentativeness as she swooped down to suck him into her mouth and lick him off.

About then I glanced at my watch and realized that we had less than an hour until our rental period expired so I said that we would have to go. I sluiced off the deck with a few buckets of water and we all enjoyed sunning ourselves until we were almost back to the dock when we reluctantly put our swim suits back on.
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