The Holiday - Chapter 4

After introducing “re”introducing ourselves it only seemed polite to ask them to join us for breakfast. At the table I couldn’t help but notice that Mark in particular, but Mandy as well seemed to be at least as uncomfortable as we were. However, our conversation soon picked up. Our chatter encompassed work, k**s, school, hometowns, golfing, sailing and diving, but nowhere did our flight down even come up.

Surprisingly though we found that we really liked this couple. They were very down to earth and fun to be with, and we found that we had many, many things in common, apart of course from the unspoken.

As we were getting up from the breakfast table I asked you if you thought it appropriate to invite M&M to join us on ‘our’ boat later that morning. You unhesitatingly said yes. When we extended that invitation it only took a glance between them to confirm their interest so we said that we would leave around 10, in just over two hours. Just long enough to get in a bit of a nap, because we hadn’t slept much on the plane. The looked that passed between all four of us at that moment was the first hint that we may yet address that ‘elephant in the corner’.

As we walked into our room we just kept shaking our heads, and saying “what were the chances”. But that all in all things seemed to have turned out ok. I then asked you if you had any interest in seeing Mark’s huge cock again. You turned a deeper shade of red that I had ever seen you go, but I have to give you credit for your honesty because you said “especially if he’ll fuck Mandy for us again”.

We stripped off and fell exhausted to our bed. I grabbed the phone and got us a wake up call for 9:45 and then I lay back again. You had just enough energy to give my semi-erect penis a quick suck and a kiss, while I watched in the mirror and then we both rolled over, touched bums and fell fast asl**p.

When the wake up call rang I was very tempted to call off the whole boat thing, but I knew that if I did I would regret it very much later, so I rummaged in my bag for the sun lotion and my bathing suit. You had your bathing suit out by the time I found what I was looking for. We hadn’t left ourselves much time so I barely got to rub your sunscreen in before we really needed to get dressed. Well, I knew that if any part of you got sunburned it wouldn’t be your tits, ass or pussy because those at least had the sunscreen well applied.

The boat boy was just walking me through the charts of recommended snorkeling spots and the features of the boat when Mandy and Mark showed up. You sat with them under the bimini while I ensured that we had enough snorkeling gear and life jackets for all of us.

“oh yeah” the boat boy said, “I almost forgot, those two arm rests on the sides of the boat are coolers. I hope you like beer.” And with that he untied us and set us adrift. I hadn’t even thought about drinks but appreciated the Corona that Mark handed me as we motored out around the point to a little key that had its own private lagoon.

After a very pleasant 45 minute sail and two beer each we dropped anchor, shut off the motor and raced to be the first kitted up and in the water. As I had the most to do I was the last in the water. I jumped in to join you and we spent almost two hours snorkeling around first the inside, and then the outside of ‘our’ reef.

Finally, without even discussing it we reached a common consensus and returned to the boat for more beer and to relax. You took your’s up to the bow where there was a very nice padded area for sun tanning. Mandy followed you, snagging a beer for herself on the way up. Mark and I were chatting about a particularly big ray that we had seen when I overheard Mandy ask you if you thought that ‘us boys’ would mind if she took her top off to avoid tan lines. You said that you were pretty sure that we wouldn’t, and that if she was going to go topless then you had better too.

Upon hearing that there were going to be titties in view Mark immediately made his way up to sit on the edge of the suntanning bed to be with his wife. Being sociable I couldn’t help but follow, even if it meant having to look at boobs. As always yours were magnificent. All dripping and perky. Mandy’s were decidedly smaller, and where your nipples were decidedly pink her’s were considerably browner in color. Not that I was looking mind you. OK, I was looking, but then so were you.

All of a sudden a thought dawned on me. “Sweetie, you haven’t had any lotion applied to you for hours. Would you like me to get your back for you?” You said that you thought that that would be nice. Mark just raised an eyebrow and said “Mandy?” and she nodded. I went back to our bag and pulled out our bottle. I also grabbed M&M’s after Mark asked if I would.

You rolled onto your tummy and I began to work the lotion into you much as I often did with massage oil. By the time I was done my speedo boy short bathing suit wasn’t even beginning to disguise my erection. I needn’t have been embarrassed though, because when I glanced over at M&M, Mandy was sitting up and Mark was playing with her little titties. I don’t even think that he had any sunscreen on his hands. Besides, the entire head of his very erect cock was sticking out the leg of his shorts and I quickly noted that you had noticed, because you were staring at it.

Mandy noticed your gaze and tracked it to see what you were looking at. When she saw she smiled and said “Mark dear, it appears that you have a tender bit that looks like it needs some sun screen too. Would you like me to get that for you?” He leaned back and replied “yes please!”. Mandy leaned over and rapidly pulled Mark’s shorts off and tossed them in the direction of their beach bag. She then knelt in front of him, with her back to us, squirted a dollop of cream on her hand and started to jack Mark off, using the cream as a lubricant. Mark reached around her and slipped her bikini bottoms off her to once again display her comely ass and pussy to us, but this time in broad daylight.

Her cunt was clearly soaked, and I couldn’t see any pubic hair from our angle. Unlike your pussy lips that stick out a bit where I can see them, Mandy’s were seemingly shy and stayed tucked in. It was too bad, because if I am going to look at a pussy I like the lips out where I can see them – just like yours! The puckered ring of her asshole was the same slightly brown color of her nipples. I wondered if Mark liked tongue fucking it as much as I liked sticking my tongue up your ass.

On the other hand, Mark was truly huge. His cock was about as thick around as my wrist, albeit I have small bones. He also had lots of veins clearly protruding and throbbing, snaked all over his cock. I thought that Mandy probably appreciated the extra ‘texture’. His cock head was uncircumcised and proportionate. In fact, it was almost like a small apple. Just like Mandy, there wasn’t a single follicle of pubic hair anywhere to be seen. Not above his pubic bone, not around the base of his shaft, not anywhere on his balls, and not between his balls and his asshole.

You didn’t say a word to me as you yanked my bathing suit off me so that you could take my cock in your mouth. I don’t know whether you intended to but you quickly fell into the same rhythm as Mandy’s fist on Mark’s huge dick.

As nice as the close up view of Mandy’s cunt and ass was, what I really wanted was to see yours so I lifted your head and laid you on your back, right beside Mark as it turned out. I then slipped your bottoms off and took up station right beside Mandy. By the time that I got between your legs Mandy had given up on using only her hand and had the top half of Mark’s cock engulfed in her mouth. It was pretty clear that she would have taken more of him into her if she could, but he was just too big.

You sat up to lean on your arms while I licked miss muffy. Your gaze kept alternating between what I was doing to you and what Mandy was doing to Mark.

About then Mark asked me what my favorite position was to watch our action when we made love. I wasn’t sure how blunt to be but as we were clearly past polite conversation I told him the same thing that I had told you so many times. I told him that I just loved watching your cunt pulse as I fucked your ass.

He asked us if we would like to watch him ass fuck Mandy again. Almost in unison, we both said “of course”. Mark then said, “but here is the deal. All you get to do is watch, but after a while we would like to watch you do the same thing. Deal?” We instantly agreed “That means no fucking, or sucking or anything while you watch though.” He added. He then had us each lean up against a safety line stanchion with our legs out in front of us. He sat facing us with one of his legs between each of our, but well clear of touching either of us. This close up his erection was monstrous. I was amazed that Mandy had been able to get even half of it in her mouth. However, it was even more amazing to see Mandy straddle Mark, again facing us and then squat over his crotch. She guided his massive cock to her crinkly brown asshole and then just sat down on him. Once he was fully embedded she leaned back and put one foot on top of each of his legs and began to slowly raise and lower her hips.

From this angle we finally got a good look at Mandy’s cunt. With her ass stretched sooo wide it f***ed her pussy to open wide each time she settled down over his dick. As it turned out her pussy lips were the same brown tinged shade as I had noted elsewhere. Her juices were oozing out of her cunt and luckily were leaking down to lubricate their fucking.

I realized that I had been staring and I felt very guilty for it. I glance at M&M’s faces, but they both had their eyes closed. I then looked at you and found it impossible to catch your eye as you watched Mandy get her ass fucked, knowing that very shortly it would be your turn. I also noticed that you pussy was convulsing with each of their strokes. Finally you looked me in the eye and said “I can hardly wait until its our turn.”

Mandy must have heard because she said that they shouldn’t be selfish because she could hardly wait to see us fuck. She said that even though we only owed them one ass fucking she was wondering if we would mind putting our show on doggy style as she and Mark really liked watching that. I knew that you wouldn’t mind, as that is your favorite too so I quickly agreed.

We essentially traded places, but they stretched out a little further so that they were almost laying down with only their heads leaned against the stanchions. I guessed that this would give them a better view – especially of miss muffy. You got down on all fours and I knelt behind you. Before attempting to slide my cock up that incredibly hot, tight ass of yours I wanted to lubricate it so I leaned over and ran my tongue around your ring for a bit. Once I was satisfied that your sphincter was well greased I stiffened my tongue and probed as deeply up your bottom as I could. I wasn’t really watching, and nor could I see, but as I began to tongue fuck your ass Mandy’s hand flew to her cunt and began to rub her clit like crazy. Satisfied that you were as wet as I could get you I slowly pushed the head of my dick against your ring. Knowing how relaxed and wet you were you pushed back against me and swallowed by entire erection in one gulp, before I even had a chance to thrust.

We then set up a mutual rhythm. As I rocked forward, you rocked back, and when we met my balls swung forward to bounce off your pussy. As we fucked for our new friends I watched them. Mandy was still vigorously playing with herself and Mark had begun to use both of his hands to caress his shaft and balls. Watching my cock repeatedly engulfed by your ass as well as our friends enthusiastic play was rapidly bringing the cum in my balls to a boil. At that point I didn’t give a damn about who could see us, or who or what I could see. All I knew was I wanted your lips around my cock so that I could fill your mouth with my cum. I pulled out of you and quickly stood up so that I could get around to your face. As I approached you sat up and started to pump me, even before you got your mouth around my head. You very tenderly held just the tip of my cock in your mouth, and you held it very still, but you used one hand to rapidly stroke my shaft at the same time as you fondled my balls with the other until I began to spray blast after blast of my cum into your mouth.

I then asked you how I could best take care of you, but you just grinned mischievously and said that you had just cum twice, but hadn’t wanted to let me know because you were having so much fun that you didn’t want me to stop.

Just then Mandy started to scream “I’m cumming”. We sat back to enjoy the faces that she made as she continued to play with herself. When she was finally drifting into her own post orgasmic bliss she noticed that Mark was started to get serious about cumming so she moved over and lowered herself down on him until he was fully inside her. His hips began to thrust and after plunging deeply insider her cunt only a few times he grabbed her hips and pulled her down against him as he repeatedly grunted as he came.

After a few minutes Mandy got off Mark as they both sat facing us, legs still splayed as Marks cum slowly oozed out of Mandy’s cunt onto the suntanning mats.

All I could say was “wow! And to think that I was considering blowing all this off so that I could sl**p”.
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excellent story hope there is more to come