The Holiday - Chapter 1

For our one year anniversary we decided to go to Belize. Our first year had certainly been anything but typical. Maintaining two households at first hadn’t been exactly idyllic, although we had certainly made it work. Then my being gone for almost 7 months wasn’t much fun either, although we had certainly become very adept at cybersex. The last few months though. Since we had finally moved in together. That had been amazing!

The long talks, no job being a chore, as long as we could do it together. The working, the playing, the f****y life, but most especially the sex. You sure couldn’t tell that we weren’t 16 by the way that we acted.

We had showered together almost every morning, and of course no shower was complete without at least a little sexual contact and more often than not full blown sex. The shower was a great place for some warm wet fun.

And sl**ping in the nude each and every night was also very wonderful. Not a night had gone by without a little bit of skin on skin action. Once again sometimes hours of making love, sometimes only a little cuddling but always something.

Then of course there were the days. We took such great delight in flashing each other, or sneaking caresses, or rubbing up against each other almost constantly. I’m sure that the k**s were beginning to think that we were glued together.

Anyway, back to our trip. For our first anniversary we wanted to do something special, and as November isn’t exactly high season. In fact it is still in hurricane season, we were able to get a great rate on an all inclusive package at a five star adult only resort.

We were both really looking forward to getting away to someplace exotic, to laying on the beach, to snorkeling, to skinny dipping and to the hours and hours of sex that we knew that we had to look forward to.

Our trip started as every car ride seemed to. You inevitably wore one of your shorter skirts. After I had tossed our bags in the trunk I opened the door for you. You slipped in, spreading your legs widely as you did, making sure that I had a great look at your pussy before shutting the door. I don’t know how many times we had gotten away with that little routine, even with the k**s in the car.

We weren’t even on the highway yet when you had shifted around to sit sideways in your seat. This too was practically habit. Even if we weren’t actively engaged in sex we always stole every possible chance to be as naughty as we could. As always I enjoyed the sight of your pussy.

Over the last year you had gone from just a tiny landing strip, to a firey red bush to absolutely bare. There wasn’t a style that I didn’t like, although I think that if pressed I would have to admit to preferring to at least having you pussy lips bare. The bare all over look also really turned me on. Yeah, just a glimpse of that cunt gave me an erection.

Fair being fair I had undone the buttons of my fly and pulled my erection out about the same time that you swiveled around for me. We had tried all sorts of sexual positions while driving, and while we had often gone for a drive just to try out a new position, or if we were simply feeling horning and playful our most common activity was for me to use my fingers on you, or for you to suck me. For our drive into the airport I had an idea for a new position though. After a bit of foreplay I had you twist around on your seat and then lay back so that your head lay on my lap. I then had you pull your legs up. Your right leg leaning against your seat back and your left opened as wide as possible.

As I had hoped this put your hungry cunt in easy reach of my questing fingers. It also gave you reasonable oral access to my cock. Finally, for a day time run, it kept our activities out of sight to all but the big rigs.

I was in no rush to finish playing with you, just as I was in no rush to have you quit sucking me. We were both feeling especially horny and playful. Usually, when we went past a big truck I would warn you and we would readjust until we were past. However, as I said, I was feeling more than a little adventurous I had a bit of fun at your expense. You were busy nibbling my balls and couldn’t see where we were going so you never noticed the rig beside us. I pulled level and stayed with the truck for quite a while. Finally, the trucker gave his horn a couple of loud honks and it startled so much you sat up to see what was going on. When you realized that I had let some stranger watch me finger you for who knew how long you slammed your legs shut and told me that you were going to punish me by denying me access to your wet slit for a while. It was time to get decent anyway because we were almost at the airport. I said I was sorry, but you smiled and I knew all was well when your hand snuck below your skirt. After a moment you offered me you juicy finger and said that you hadn’t realized how much it had turned you on, knowing that some stranger had seen us playing. I took the peace offering that you gave me, and sucked your delicious juices from your finger just as I pulled into a parking spot
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5 years ago
I am reminded of many trips with Master by this story...some overnights, some car action...great memories...sounds wonderful...thanks for sharing!