The Milf and Me part 2

I rolled on my back almost dreaming, someone was slowly stroking my cock, bringing it back to life. For a minute I had forgotten where I was and who I was with, then it all came back. I looked to my left and in bed was my beautiful Catherine smiling at me. I said, “sorry Kat, I must have drifted off to sl**p after blowing that load.” She smiled broadly,”thats ok Mark, you needed a little rest before we get busy with that cock of yours. I am wanting you pretty bad right now.” I gently moved over for a soft kiss and I could feel the heat of her passion. I softly moved my hand down to her pussy, it was warm and wet, she shuddered a little as I rubbed her clit. She smiled.

I looked into her eyes and softly whispered,”can I tasted your pussy?” Without a word she shook her head yes and I complied. She tasted good, sweet and clean, her fine perfumed body quivered some. My tongue worked over her clit, then I pushed my tongue right in her vagina. She moaned a little and quivered some more. “I want your cock in my right now boy,” she said. I reluctantly picked up my head from between her legs and started to move on top of her, all she said was ,”yes, slam that cock into me.” Slowly I slid my member in her pussy, it felt very good, not tight but smooth and velvety like it belonged inside. The fact that she was the mother of one of the girls I graduated high school with really start to hit me, and that thought made me very hot. Slowly I started to push my cock in and out, using a nice smooth rhythm I thrust my member in deep each time. Kat moans a little with each push, she kissed me and pulled on my ass with each thrust.

After a few minutes some of the intensity of the position subsides, I ask Kat,”would you like to get on top?” She giggled a little and said, “yes, I would love to ride your cock.” I got off of Kat and she rolled right on top of me all in one motion. She guided my dick into her sweet pussy. She start to ride that dick hard and fast, she rocked front to back and side to side. It was very intense. All of a sudden she started to moan and her body became almost ridged, I was not sure at first but she was having a pretty strong orgasm. Her pussy felt like it was trying to milk my cock of its sticky juice. I basically just held on, she grabbed my hair and pulled as she moaned with a very high pitched.

After her orgasm subsided she crawled off of me, streched out beside me on the bed and whispered in my ear,”take your hand and rub my clit, it is so sensitive.” I started slow and rubbed her clit, she moaned some more, I pushed two fingers into her and she squeeled with pleasure. Before I knew it she was once again was riding my cock, and she came again, with more intensity this time. After she stopped shaking I said,” I am sorry Catherine but I have to shot my load please, please, I am going nuts here.” She laughed a little and said, “get on top of me again, I want to feel you cock shoot, I want your cum inside of me, fuck me hard.” I rolled on top of her again and started to thrust my cock into her nice pussy. Carelessly I pushed it in as hard as I could and as fast as I could. It did not take long, I shot the biggest load in side of her cunt, it kept coming, coming. Finally I was done, fully exhausted and satisfied, she gently stroked me all over. We snuggled in the bed for awhile and then we got up together and headed for the shower. I did not know how long Catherine would keep me around but I knew while she did it would be one hot summer.

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