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The Bedroom

It was a couple of hours later that Cindy came home, carrying a large bag. She didn’t say a word and went straight to her bedroom. I assumed she was mad at me so I left her alone. Several minutes later I hear a knock on the door to the bedroom where I keep my clothes.

“Come in.”

Cindy opened the door and stood there. I turned to look and could feel my mouth open in surprise. My fairly conservative wife was standing before me wearing a very tight, bright red tank top. Her hips and just barely her ass were covered by an equally tight black leather mini skirt. In fact, it was so short I could see the tops of her stockings and the red lacy straps from what must have been a garter belt. On each foot was a black leather boot ending just below the knee, each sporting a high spiked heel.

“So you think they would like this? Do you like your wife in her new whore outfit?”

“Yeah. You look fucking great.”

I then notice her face. Her make up is overdone, with accents to her eyeshadow and bl**d red lipstick. I notice her fingernails are covered in high gloss red too.

“You like my new lipstick. I figured I had better get some that promises to be smear proof. If it does, maybe we could sue them. Wouldn’t that be fun telling a court full of people that I was whoring and their lipstick smeared while I was sucking college cock?”

“You might have to demonstrate how that happened,” I offered feeling my arousal returning.

“Maybe you should take some pictures of me this way, so they can see what I looked like before I started sucking and fucking for money. Then if you’re lucky, you can get some after shots. Or maybe even some during. They would have a good idea what went wrong then.”

“Yeah,” is all I can manage to say.

“Actually, I was thinking you could take some of me like this, and see if my prices go up any tonight. Maybe give them a bit more to help them decide,” she tells me with a husky voice.

I grab my digital camera and lead her back to her bedroom.
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