19 Years Old? Perfect.

19 years old? Perfect.

Below a story of something I did two weeks ago.

We met online – that’s how it goes these days doesn’t it? Well it don’t always but the dirty slut fucker that I am I felt it was time to do something a little younger.
Usually I search for women in their twenties and thirties but when I met my friend for drinks the horny 47 year old walked up to me to shake hands and lo and behold a cute little 17 year old indo-cutie stepped out from behind him to extend me a hand and peck me on the cheek. Hmmm, the perfume was exquisite and mixed wonderfully with her freshly washed black girl hair. I sucked it up greedily like a horny papa.
If this babe was my daughter (which is possible) momma wouldn’t be able to stop me from teaching her to be the perfect slut daughter I have always wanted: Cum in her food and drink she would get starting age four. Dick sucking and pussy-licking she would be an expert in at age seven and servicing anybody daddy says so in full cum-slut gear with a dog-collar and chain in four inch stilettos and torn net stockings ex momma she would do but all too eagerly at age nine (they grow up so quickly..) under the watchful eye of a proud mother and father. Fuck, this chick was hot!

I couldn’t help it but my mouth must have opened and an ‘O’ paired with bulging eyes shot looks of jealousy to my friend – how did the old bugger do it?
Anyway, we both share the same hobby - doing cuties – so I had to hear his story. Long story short, it was a girl that worked in his apartment and walking along the lobby he had walked into her super body. Same evening here he was and the little slut was already calling him honey and handing him his foldaway reading glasses haha.

Heels, tight black jeans over long slender legs, a tight black top showing off her red bra (which she didn’t need coz her chest was as flat as a board), lipstick on her pout these-will-suck-cock-good- lips and long black straight hair reaching to her ass.
17 if a day and a cute as a button little Indo-babe my friend had there. A tight little slut like that could easily go for 11 or 12 in Europe or the States small as they are.

We spend an hour in the outdoor café before my friend said he must go now and see if she could indeed suck the thick gravy out of his cum – As we said goodbye and she smiled the parting smile all I could think of was that face glazed and those lips dribbling cum, her head thrown back and dick and pussy juice oozing out of her remaining holes.

My mind was made up: I was going to find me some below twenty pussy to eat out, spank till she is red all over and teach her all about proper kinky sex and I mean proper: tell her what to wear, get her all suited up in bimbo-gear, then take her to a club, dance, kiss and get some booze in her and then home for a shower and an all round cum, pussy-juice swapping. Give that teenage twat a good pounding and drill my dick into her and into the entry to her womb. (that little knob inside a shaven kittie-kat I just looove to bang my cock into over and over again. It hurts, it hurts she will scream in delight. Of course it hurts you cum-whore, don’t you like it baby? He he.
If she is up for it and has sucked cock after it has been in and out of her wet spunk hole, she is sure to love this: some 69-style ass-rimming – yummy yummy yummy ? combined with pussy licking and spitting juice in each others’ open mouths. Ultimately I sit her on top, grab her by her calves and roughly slide all 35 kilos back and forth on my shaft till she cums once, twice, three times before I blow my load up her girlie fuck-tube.

I watched my friend’s car drive out of the car park and went to look for a toilet – time for a wank – hmmmm, I had to have me a little fuck toy like that. Eve would love it, love it. I sms-ed her and told her about the girl and that I blew a good load in the toilet. She got wet and rang off to stuff some wet fingers in her mouth. The slut.

Since Eve and me don’t live together I can pretty much do what I like and Eve loves it when I fuck other sluts – no problem, she a good girl, gets horny watching ;). And so it wasn’t long before I found myself a cute little 19 Year old online.

A horny little cum-slut she must be as it didn’t take her long to tell me on chat she loved masturbating to Monica Belluci – at least something we could agree on: MB is the hottest mom any boy can wish for. We talked online and while we watched a MB movie trailer jerked ourselves off. Damn was I hungry to shoot my spunk in her and together make some babymix to swap and enjoy – haha!

I sms-ed her the next day with a crafty player-line and sure enough she was ready to go out. I told her I don’t date anything in heels under 3 inches and an inside and out clean and shaved clean kittie-kat that shows when she bends over and her mini-dress rides up her ass. Not a problem she said: I pay the drinks she would look like my slut daughter, she joked.

We met at a resto and sure in she came on super high black pumps – an inch and a half under the ball of her k**die feet (size 35! hmmm) which meant four inches at least of heel. Not only did they fit like a glove on her, she could actually walk on them too with ease.
She wore an all red mini dress open at the back, plenty of make-up and had thick raven-black touching her skin and a face to die for: the same pouty cock-wanting lips as my friends girl – hmmm, so hot!

As I helped her get on the bar stool the little skimpy dress did what it was designed to do beautifully and rode up to show just a sliver of light brown shaved girlie pussy. Yummy, my tongue couldn’t wait.

We spend some time there smoking and talking and I got a couple of margaritas in her. She had some trouble standing – (that’s what you get you dumb slut, sitting down and filling up on free booze hehe) – I got her a water and we got out of the place, arm in arm and walked to a nearby nightclub. Time to dance and get my hands on this cute chika.

Soon we were in and the place was happening as always. I got our gin-tonics and we moved to the back near the DJ. After I f***ed some drink down her throat I set down the glass and took her face in my hands – she was ready and a horny look played on her face. We kissed slowly and softly at first but soon our tongues were doing what needed to be done.

An hour later and I carried her down the stair and into a taxi – whereto mister? Home of course I said. The girl just laughted and laid herself down on my lap for a nap. Not so fast you teen whore, let daddy tongue that slut mouth of you good all the way home.

Coming home the security saw me and her coming and all three had a grin on their face –mister did it again and they could feast their eyes on yet another cock-hungry beauty of the species ‘slut’.

Into the room and I threw her on the bed, got on top, kissed her and played with her thick as twigs sleek black hair – god I love Asian chick hair – I pulled down rough on her red mini-dress to expose her almost flat chest: just as pappa likes it with maybe a bit too much tit for my liking but what the hell, she needed fucked and hard.

Disappointing as it was she insisted on a condom which gave me to know she was experienced in sitting on cock. I actually much rather like girls with just a single experience that was not satisfactory – meaning they lay there like used-up starfish with a dry cunt and sperm on their face and tits yet and this is where it gets good – they did not cum once. This for me is the perfect opening to teach them about sex and gives me the opportunity to teach them to master the art of being a total cum-obsessed fuck bunny.

Once they are what I made them they think everybody has sex that way and shares cum, gets ass-fucked, spat and cummed on, fucked in every hole and left dripping cum from every hole, their bodies a glassy sheen of pussy juice and ass-gel. And never never once do I even allow them to even think about taking off those uncomfortable four inch slut heels or daddy will slap their slut faces till their cheeks are red. A good girl always wears four inch heels and no panties and from a young age mind you ;) Daddy just likes it that way and I the cum slut obey. In short, they won’t know any better and think of all women as cum-obsessed fuck dolls. A perfect world.

I fucked her good but it was no Disneyland her body – too soft and not firm when at her age it should be. On top of that she insisted on the condom which not my mind but my body disagrees on. My dick gets limp in a bag. How would you feel dear reader if I would keep your body in a bag for an hour – not so great. Exactly. And so it is with cocks: they are enjoyed and kept best outside plastic enveloping objects.

Not a great fuck when it comes to my feeling as she did not want to get into juice-swapping. I came on her face and made her orgasm three times though. Solid but not the best performance Simon would say.

All in all, she woke up in the morning to leave me to my Sunday and left in a taxi.

I give her a 9 for appearance, a 7 for open and active sluttiness and a 5 for the eventual sex. Great bunny to have on your arm and show off with, not a great slut mom to end up married with.

Final conclusion: fuck her and chuck her.


40% (2/4)
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