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giantess Prison

I was brought here on charges of escaping my mistress Megan. I was found by a woman who I thought was going to help me she was very kind and sweet but apparently there was a bounty on my head for a good amount of money. I was then turned in by her and now im being put away until further notice. When I got there I was with about twenty others in a container I could hear people talking. I felt the container get set down and a person with long nails open the box you could see her fingers slip through and open it. She took a look inside without saying a word and then closed the container. I could hear her say I want three of them now. The container was re-opened and another woman just picked up three of us I was not one of the three. She then picked them up and closed the container. Me and all of the others looked around clueless but worried at the same time.

Then another lady opened the container and asked for a specific person. "I need Markos! She said I rose my hand and she said okay come with me. I was lifted out and she put me into another container she then walked down this dark hall. I could hear in the rooms as we were walking by screams and laughter I was kind of curious what was going to happen. I was then brought into an empty room and set onto a table. She then turned around and left I didn't see anyone but I could hear loud slams from the other rooms I was still waiting. An hour had gone by or at least it seemed and then I heard someone coming to the door it was a tall red headed woman who grabbed a chair and sat in front of me she wore glasses and had a nice suit on. She had paper work and a pencil in her ear. I looked up at her and she started going through the folder. I think it was my file. She then spoke to me and said for my first punishment I get the high heels. I wasn't sure what that meant I tried to ask but she told me there's no talking. A woman then walked in with a short skirt and nylons and high heels.

I was picked up out of the box and set on the table the woman that just walked in put her foot up on the table and I could see she wasn't wearing any panties. Kind of a turn on but she had a serious look on her face I climbed onto her foot and the other lady strapped me down I could not move at all and I was sentenced to stay there for one week. She then left the room and the womans I was strapped to stepped down and started to walk out of the room, she walked down the hall I could see bodies that had been squashed everywhere. She walked back and fourth all day she then went into the office and was apparently given an assignment, she was to go into the room and get fucked by one of the slaves and perform a death sentence for one of the inmates. She picked up two inmates and walked down the hall with them she walked into a room and there was a woman I had seen before she was at the front desk the lady that picked me up and put me in the room in the first place and she was loud and riding some black guy, the lady I was with was just sitting there and watching. As if she was waiting for her turn.

I heard the woman that was riding that big black cock turn to us and say its going to be awhile. So then the woman carrying me sighed and got up and stomped out of the room. She walked down the hall and looked in every room it was weird the hall way was so quiet you could hear a pin drop but once a door was opened you heard screaming or laughing or just extremely loud noises. And they echoed throughout the hall. She kept walking down the hall checking every room I could see the frustration in her eyes and she was becoming extremely upset. She looked down at me and said you will be getting punished today if so help me.

I didn't say anything she just kept looking in these rooms and then she went back to the main office and set me back in the cage with everyone else. She then walked away, I looked around and someone walked up to me she asked what happened? I told her all of the rooms were full and she brought me back here. I waited there and ended up falling asl**p I was woken up by the giant steel door that was the entrance to the room. The woman that walked in said "wake up everyone". I woke up and she was looking down at us she told us to gather our strengths because there was going to be a big party in celebration for us. I didn't take that in a good way but for some reason the others in this cage thought it was a good idea.

She looked at me and asked, "why the gloomy face Markos"? I looked up at her and told I was tired of being your normal peoples play toy and this party is not a party for us. We are the party. She looked at me smiled and said "you first"! She picked me up and walked right into the first room I could see in the room it was actually a nice clean room like we were in someone bedroom, she walked up to the bathroom and there you could see some bitch riding this guy on the toilet. The woman that was carrying me looked in and smiled and laughed a bit and the woman riding turned around and smiled. The lady holding me asked if it was her turn. The lady riding got up and said of course lets get on the bed.

I was pulled out of her front pocket and placed on the bed the other woman saw me and looked at her and smiled and said "we have company"? I looked up at the other woman and she said he's our first victim, with a dangerous laugh. I was picked up and strapped tightly to this guys huge cock the other girl who was riding him said to me "get ready for a really fun ride and deep throated him right away gagging on his cock while I was strapped to it. She pulled her mouth off and when the slobber dripped of and I could sort of see what was happening I was being pulled toward a waiting eager opened pussy, her lips were spread open by her long fingers and her nails were long French cut fingernails. I held my breath and he slid in to her but not all the way her lips closed up around him and started to slide me down to his base and her friend said to him "fuck her raw" I thought to myself "FUCK" and he did he slammed his cock so deep I was pressed into her pussy and he sat in her for a min I could hear her screaming and her lower body start to shake uncontrollably. He then pulled out and started to fuck her fast and rough I was at the base so I could see what was happening and I could hear her friend laughing and saying how hot it looked.

He was ramming her so hard the straps that were holding me snapped and I was thrown against her ass as she was coming towards him so then I was bounced against the bed I was pretty exhausted and when I opened my eyes I looked up and her friend was grabbing his cock out of her and sucking it deep, I just laid there for a min and she pulled it out of her mouth and shoved it back into her I didn't get up I just laid there. The girl that was watching was a blond and was really excited she noticed me on the bed and picked me up without them noticing. She put me on her middle finger and shoved me way up into her pussy. To make sure I was up her she grabbed a silver vibrator and pushed me up till I couldn't go any further. She used her vibrator on herself for sometime and then she pulled it out and that guys huge smooth cock slid right in and started to fuck her wildly in and out it went rough and crazy. Till he started to cum and then he pulled out and I could here is moan and he started jerking his cock till cum spurted out all over her pussy. When the guy left the other woman looked in her pussy and shoved her fingers in to grab me. She was like well you survived, looks like we're going to the next room.
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