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[Story] Original Giantess

From what I understand being shrunken is fake I like watching attack of the 50 ft woman but never thought anything about being shrunken. I live in the suburbs I have a regular job and a regular girlfriend. She works for an Advertisement agency I am a plumber. I do the usual guy stuff sports, work, sports sex etc… etc… We dated for quite some time; our sex life was great well at least that's what I thought. I sometimes hear loud noises coming from inside her room I try not to pay any attention to see what she's doing. I asked her one day what she was doing in there by herself. She told me tha... Continue»
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my short story

giantess Prison

I was brought here on charges of escaping my mistress Megan. I was found by a woman who I thought was going to help me she was very kind and sweet but apparently there was a bounty on my head for a good amount of money. I was then turned in by her and now im being put away until further notice. When I got there I was with about twenty others in a container I could hear people talking. I felt the container get set down and a person with long nails open the box you could see her fingers slip through and open it. She took a look inside without saying a word and then closed the ... Continue»
Posted by markosp31 3 years ago