My fantasy for my wife

It was Friday evening and we both fancied going out for something nice to eat and drink, we got showered and dressed, you were wearing that short purple dress that you wore in Mexico, which showed your cleavage and those sexy legs of yours and I wore my linen trousers and a loose shirt as it was still summer! We took a drive out and came across what appeared to be a nice restaurant, once inside we were told that there was a table available but would we mind sharing with a couple of other people, otherwise we would have to wait a whilst another table became available, we didn't really mind sharing our table so we agreed and the waitress showed us to a nice quiet table at the back of the restaurant where two men and a woman were sat eating their starters. You sat next to one of the men, whilst I sat opposite you; we said “hi” and asked if they minded us joining them? They explained that they had already been asked by the restaurant when they arrived that they may need to fill the table as they were very busy and they were ok with that!
It turned out that they were a married couple (Helen & Steve) and the other guy was a good friend of theirs who was in the army and had just finished a tour of Iraq! He was called Nate, 32 years old, half cast, good looking, very mellow and friendly manner, must have been 6ft 8” and was very big and muscular! (He looked like a giant) You made a comment that he must have scared the local Iraqis to death when they saw you coming “we all laughed”

We ordered our food and drinks and continued chatting with our new found friends; we all got on really well, even more so with Nate, when we explained that I had been in the army too! As the evening progressed I could see Nate keep looking at you and as I kept watching I noticed his eyes kept wandering to your cleavage, which gave me great pleasure knowing that this man was admiring my wife! I must say that your tits did look very nice in that dress you had on!
Just then Nate stood up and excused himself as he needed the bathroom, I saw him take a long lingering look down your top again and as he moved away I am sure I could see a massive bulge in his trousers! I leaned over to you and whispered that I think he likes you and I was sure as he stood up he had a hard on! You replied “really, I also think he likes me as he keeps rubbing my leg and he keeps looking down my dress” I said “oh you noticed” and we both laughed, you then told me that you did find him very attractive! He then returned and we ordered desert. As we were just finishing off, the Helen & Steve asked Nate what he fancied doing for the remainder of the evening as they wanted to go back home and open some wine, Nate said that he didn't want to go back to theirs, but fancied a movie at the local cinema, at which you turned and suggested that we would go to the movies with him as we had no plans. The couple asked Nate if he was sure as he was their guest, he just smiled and said “look, don't worry about it, we've been friends a long time, I just fancy getting out tonight and a movie would be a nice change! We settled our bills and headed outside where we said good bye to our new friends and Nate said to Helen & Steve “I will catch you guys tomorrow” he then walked over to us where we jumped in our car.
Nate explained that he knew where the cinema was and he would direct us; it took us about 15 minutes to get there. We walked into the main entrance and looked at the board displaying the movie list, but as we glanced through, nothing really took our fancy and it was getting late so we didn't have a lot of choice, then Nate suggested that they also have an adult movie playing on a Friday night, he said he had heard that the movie tonight had a good story but it had some sex scenes that we may not be comfortable with! We looked at each other and agreed that we didn't mind, we are all adults and it would be nothing we hadn't already seen. We paid for our tickets and headed to the designated theater, as we walked through the door it was quite dark, but the film hadn't started yet, so we managed to get seats near the top, from what we could see there wasn't many people in (we didn't expect many anyway) we took our seats, Nate sat on the end aisle seat, then you in the middle, then finally me! I then whispered in your ear and asked if you were ok, at which you answered “yes I am fine, I actually feel a little horny and excited” which I was amazed at, but also very pleased to hear!
You then said that you needed the loo before the movie started, so you stood up and went to move past Nate, as you did he stood up to let you out, because he was such a big man you squeezed past him, as you did your back brushed by his groin, you could feel something big in his trousers, you entered the aisle turned and smiled at us both and disappeared down the stairs to the bathroom. He then turned to me and said “hope you don't mind me saying, but your wife is really hot and attractive” I said “thanks, yes she is” I then asked him if he had a girlfriend or wife and he said “no, it has been about 3 years since he had been with a woman” I said “god how have you managed that? You must be ready to explode!” he laughed and at that point you returned. Nate stood up again, and you squeezed past, your hoping to feel that big member brush against you again, and you wasn't disappointed! I also noticed that there were a few other men in the room who couldn't take their eyes off you, but once you sat down they looked away again!

The movie then started playing, and it didn't take long for one of the sex scenes to start, it was a woman with two guys, they were touching and kissing her all over, she then released there throbbing cocks from their boxers and started giving them blow jobs, as they started fingering her pussy!!!!!
As the scene became more erotic, you became instantly turned on and started to rub my already stiff cock through my trousers. A couple of the men that were lower down in the theater moved to the row right in front of us, but then continued to watch the movie. I knew they were waiting for some anticipated action in the row behind them.

You said that you were getting very turned on and wet and asked me to slip my finger in your pussy, I reached under your dress and realized that you had already taken your panties off when you went to the bathroom (naughty girl, what were you expecting?) you were right, your pussy was extremely wet. My fingers slid easily in and out of your pussy and I knew it would only be a short time before you had an orgasm. After you shuddered in the seat I knew you had just experienced a small orgasm.

Nate had been watching us and looked directly at me and mouthed something like, Can I? I said, go for it she is horny as hell. Nate slid his hand up under your dress; you let out a gasp of pleasure as he touched the inside of your thigh! He then slid his finger slowly between the lips of your pussy, and then as he hit my finger he joined me inside your tight wet pussy. The look on his face was pure bliss. He then grabbed your hand and placed it on the growing bulge in his pants, you went into overdrive and unsnapped his trousers and pulled down his zipper in one quick motion. What I saw next was shocking, his cock was enormous! It was folded in half and stashed in his now skin tight briefs, as you pulled down his underwear the massive tool sprang out and stood almost straight up. You bent down and started to lick his large cock head. The sucking sounds of the expert blowjob you were giving him got the best of the guys in front of us and they turned around to see what you were doing. I could see his saliva covered cock disappearing into your mouth as you tried to get as much as you could down your throat. The white man in front of you asked if he could play with your boobs while you sucked the other guys cock, you reached up and unbuttoned your dress, you pulled your mouth from Nate's cock, and lifted your dress over head and tossed it over the seats behind us. Then you simply started to suck Nate's cock again. The man in front of us started to play with your nipples and I could tell you were orgasaming once more. I reached underneath and started to finger your pussy again, you were extremely wet and I knew that it wouldn't be long before you would need a cock in that pussy!

Nate whispered something into your ear and you released his cock from your mouth with a popping sound. You got up from the seat, faced towards the movie screen and spread your legs over Nate's lap, slowly and very seductively lowering your glistening pussy over his large impressive cock I could see his member slowly disappearing inside you as you managed to swallow his shaft. The guys in front of us were going crazy, you started to ride Nate with reckless abandon and started to scream obscenities as his cock filled and slid deep inside you. The white guy directly in front of you was rubbing both of your breasts and watching the amazing show in front of him. You asked him to get out his cock and he wasted no time in shedding his pants. As he kneeled on the seat in front of you, his cock was just in front of your face as he held it by the base and put it to your lips, in one fluid motion you swallowed his cock, I knew this guy wasn't going to last long as you continued to work your hand up and down the shaft while sucking him like a woman possessed.

Between the two men they were pleasuring you in unison, you were moaning around the cock in your mouth and mumbling a lot. The guy in front of you grabbed the back of your head and pulled your mouth all the way to the base of his cock as he released his load down your throat. You continued to milk the cum from his spent cock and the guy in front of you pulled up his trousers, zipped up his fly and then left the theater. The other guy who was sitting in front of us then pulled down his trousers and stepped into the same spot the man had just vacated, he didn't ask for permission he just grabbed your head and pulled your face to his cock, thankfully it was much smaller and you easily fit the whole thing in your mouth.

Nate still had his large swollen cock sliding in and out of your tight pussy. You started making low moans, almost growls and started to bounce up and down on his cock, the man in front of you again tried to put his cock in your mouth but you didn't even realize he was there any longer. You were totally fixated on the big fucking your pussy was getting. You were now covered with sweat and was saying out load “FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK”, over and over! Nate was grunting and raising his hips to meet you every time you tried to raise up off from his lap. This moaning and a****l ritual went on for about 15 minutes and you were screaming your head off! Nate announced to everyone that he was going to cum and then he blew his hot stored upload deep inside your waiting pussy. You couldn't believe how much hot cum he spurted deep inside you, you felt it running down his shaft and over his balls as he pumped in and out of you!

After the orgasms subsided you removed his long and limp tool from your pussy, I could see his cum drip from your pussy, it was all running down his big cock, it was all shiny and wet! you fell back into your seat and almost passed out from your orgasms. The guy in front kept asking you for a blowjob and Nate told the man to disappear. After we all straightened our clothing and you put your dress back on, we left the theater. On the way back home the ride was very quiet and I asked you if you were okay, you said that you were concerned about me and didn't know if I was mad at you. I told you I was ok and that I was extremely horny and couldn't wait to get home so all three of us could play properly, as my ball bag was still full of cum! Nate seconded that and said that he couldn't believe how great it was to finally fill a tight wet pussy like yours with all his 3 years worth of cum. The story continues!

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2 years ago
We can make this happen you no. There is plenty of theaters to go to. Love to play the roll of Nate.
2 years ago
I wish I could help to make this happen for you!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story Mark! Look forward to the next instalment.
2 years ago
AWESOME story I loved it
2 years ago
2 years ago
would love to hear more of your well-written fantasy !