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will work for BLACK MASTER

I am a sissy and I need badly to be owned and enslaved as your property.I am willing to do all that you command and ask of me. My exgirlfreind has turned my mind into a girls and programed me to search for a BLACK MASTER\OWNER AND IS WILLING TO PAY HANSOMELY for my SISIFICATION after 1 year 10.000 to my BLACK OWNER.AND I should be registered at slave .com I cant beleive that I crave BLACK COCK or that im searching for a BLACK OWNER to use me as a sex slave and be HIS property. PLEASE ALL BLACK MASTERS sissy markie needs you to cntrol me. PLEASE CALL (816)217-4577 my ex says my NEW BLACK MASTER... Continue»
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sissy needs a daddy

Im a sissy that needs a Black Daddy in Kansas city call me and make me your white bitch own me (816)217-4577
Posted by markie2269 2 years ago

My girl freind wants a Black Master to Sissifie me

My girlfreind has been useing hypnosis on me to make me want to be owned and Sissified bye BLACK MEN.She has decided that since i love to dress in her bras and panties I should and will be the property of all Black Males that would like to have a white sissy bitch at thier disposal. I have no choice in the matter because I have been programed through hypnosis to do nothing more but obey her.I as humiliated as I am writing this do crave and wish to serve as a Sissy bitch for a dominate Black man. I want to suck his cock and swallow his cum and wish him to record me dressed as a slut being fucke... Continue»
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[Story] markie dunlap Kansas city sissy for all black Mast

I am a Sissy Faggot! I have been programed by hypnosis to write (beg) to be owned and femenized by a black Master in Kansas City Mo. For months I have watched repetedly sissy hypnoses videos and black cock worship videos. My girl freind set it all in play when she found me dressed in her panties bra and stockings. She has comanded me to tell all who read this that the phrase (black cock sissy) will in fact make me your sissy cock slave to dress me and use me as you wish. She has also instruced me to make it more intresting and let you know I live in Lees Summit and that Since I will not rememb... Continue»
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white sissy \looking to be owned by large Blackmal

My girlfreind for the last year has had me under the f***ed feminization hypnosy.She is looking to pay up to 20.000 dollars to any large black men or wemon that can turn him into a big breasted cock craving slave once i pleasure your cock youll keep me to pimpout
Posted by markie2269 2 years ago

[Story] turned into a big black cock sucking whore

hello. My name is Markie Dunlap i live in a town just out side of Kansas city Mo.My girl freind talked me into going to a bar to watch female impersonaters.So after convincing me to go we got ready and i went to warm up the car. lisa said that she would be right out that she needed to make a phone call and she would be right out.After about 10 min. she came out and we drove to a bar named MISSY B. As we parked and started walking to the entrance to the bar she told me that she had a suprise for me and that it would change my life and hers forever.As we sat and watched the show a very large bla... Continue»
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white sissy in K.C. MO.

insearch of bbc training for black cocks to use and abuse
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white sissy looking for big black cock

im awhite sissy slut for BBC.I love black cock and crave the hot loads of cum that pour down my throat and leak from my ass.wish to find a well hung black male to own this sissy and use as you see fit willing to do very thing you comand of me as my owner you may chose to hore me out use me to entertain your freinds or any other nasty things you wish to see your new property do. I need to be yor slut yours trulely sissy slut Markie Dunlap
Posted by markie2269 3 years ago

dream of being owned by BBC

white sissy wants to be owned and used as cum dumpster for big black cocks. Dream of cock and cum and being used by as many black men with huge dicks as I can take.Pump me full of female hormoans take away my balls and make me your fimenized sissy cock slut for your plesure.
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feminize me for your pleaser

Hello my name is Mark Edward Dunlap. Im a 47 year old white cross dresser and have dreamed my whole life that I should be owned and f***ed to become a sisified shemale with estrogen inhansed breast and willingly trained and used for the sexual pleasing of my owner. If anyone is able to make my dreams a reality ill do everything that is asked of me .
Posted by markie2269 3 years ago