Helped her with "Homework" [STORY plus C

[comic] Helped her with “HOMEWORK”

Okay so this is going to be my re-telling of when 2 high-school students , I won’t name names, in Upstate New York (I won’t put the High-School on blast either, because that would just be bad form)

But anyways, yeah, I was about 15-16 years old. This must’ve been back in Summer 2005-2006 if I recall correctly.
I was a Junior in High-School and really had no experience to speak of in the ways love, romance, women, sex, girls, anything like that.

Little did I know, I was about to get “schooled” in the ways of The Slut.

So, I was in that awkward stage of puberty, I had just recently turned 15 yrs old, and all in the course of about 3-4 weeks over Summer Break Period, my dick just grew, and grew and grew.

It was horrifying. Each week I’d wake up and it seemed my penis was another ½ inch longer and was sprouting thick, dark, curls of hair, which were forming into, like, peach-fuzz afro around my balls and groin.

So anyways, Fall Season picked up at the High-School and I did my best to just gangle around in the School in my newfound tall, lankiness, and my deep voice cracked every time I tried to speak. There was no hiding it.

I’d clearly sprouted over Summer Break and was turning into a Man, and it showed.

The hardest part was Gym Class.

They made us wear these thin, lycra-Fabric Gym shorts which pretty much clung to your skin and had that static discharge when it rubbed against your thigh-hairs and stuff. Not to mention, all your manhood would show, as it flapped and swayed underneath the shorts while jogging or playing Ball.

One girl in particular started to take notice of me and flirt with me and I often saw her eyes fixed in a trance down at my long, swaying cock –she’d lick her lips and just stare while she was chatting me, like she couldn’t help it, and I’d be doing my best to sort-of stay flaccid, and maybe tuck my “tail” between my legs or something, so it wasn’t bulging and protruding out of my shorts so much.

It did no good.

My long cock would even sometimes peek down out of the bottom of my left-shorts Leg opening, as long as it was, I’m pretty sure this girl Cindy noticed more than once.

She would see the bulbous head of my schlong poking out of my shorts and she would Lick her chops.

Well, this girl, Cindy, wasn’t shy.

Apparently one day she’d made up her mind she wanted to have me over at her house to help her with homework.

She approached me after Gym, one Friday afternoon, and explained how her Math Teacher had given her a Bitchin’ work assignment and she knew there’d be a Pop-Quiz coming up, she just knew it, and would I please, pretty please, come over to her house and help her cram-study so she could pass the test.

I reluctantly agreed, but I was still a “Nice-Guy” and I relented after her pleading and begging and her seemingly hopeless situation.

Well, we proceeded to her house in the suburbs that afternoon in a 2nd-hand car her parents had given her for her 16th.

When we got there I was nervous, not really knowing this girl very well, but I tried to remain relaxed, calm and cool.

She motioned out back of the Rear Patio window and pointed towards the Jacuzzi and said “I’m gonna take a load off real quick. I’m kind of stressed from today – join me in the Jacuzzi?”

I said “…Ummmm. Yeah. Sure. I guess.”

So we got into shorts and swimsuits and went out to the Jacuzzi.

We sat opposite each other in the Jacuzzi, and to be honest with you, it was a really awkward first few minutes there.

She just sat, leaning back, and her eyes would casually glance over in my direction every minute or two and then dart away.

Finally she broke the ice and glided through the water, over to the side of the Jacuzzi that I was on, and she began tickling my armpits!

I was like “Okay….ummm….seriously? What the actual Fuck?”

I laughed nervously, like “Aheh. Heh. Ha-ha.”

And she gave up after a bout a minute of attempting to make me break.

So she went back over to her side of the Jacuzzi – she stared at me in disappointment and irritation.

“WHAT??” I said.
“I’m just not ticklish, that’s all. I’m not into that coochi-coochie-Koo stuff!”

She folded her arms, sighed out an exasperated sigh, and turned her head off to the side in frustration.

I was alike “...whatever. Let her be upset, I don’ give a fuck.”

Then out of nowhere, she fumbled out the words “…can I…ummm…CAN I FUCK YOU?”
My reaction was priceless.
“I wha?... You?... But I… I mean, like, Are you…? … Can you, just…it’s like…dude, what the f--…can we, ummm… fuck, I…mmmmbblmrrmnn…”
I stumbled around for a while trying to find something to say…meanwhile Cindy, with a sultry look in her eyes, glided sensually through the water, over to my side.

Her eyes were locked on my face, intent on devouring me.

She got over to me and crested the water, coming up and out, like Denise Richards in “WILD THINGS”.
Her wet, glossy hair shined, radiant.

Her perky, large breasts, swaying in front of my face, had beads of water running in streams down her black spandex Bikini- top --the nipples poking out in excitement.

I stammered out “Wait!! Ummm, wont your parents Catch us??”, in desperation.

Oh, they’re never here silly. They’re most likely on some corny cruise-ship in the Netherlands. Whatever.”

She came at me like a Spider Monkey, full-armed, with Tits-and-Ass to die for, from the Brow of Jove.

I was smothered in her breasts –the warmth of her naked, wet abdomen, enveloped me, and the sweet scent of her coconut-lotion inundated over my senses.

Her pussy was mere inches from my mouth, my nose, my face.

It was a like a mountain of warm flesh – tits & ass, sweet lavender and Pussy Musk, laid out on a Silver Platter before me. A feasts for a sex-starved young Man.

I could not resist, I plowed right in and began rubbing her pussy, through the wet fabric of her Bikini panties.
She moaned, leaned her head back and ran her fingers though my damp, matted hair as the Jacuzzi water churned and bubbled and frothed up all about us.

After a few minutes of getting her pussy wet and moist with a discharge from her stimulated clitoris –she tugged me out of the Jacuzzi to roll out onto the wet ground with her. She flipped around and mounted me in 69.
No sooner had I begun to protest “maybe this is too fast…” than did I feel the soft,

warmth of her juicy lips enclose over the throbbing , purple, swollen Luscious lavender Mushroom-meat of my sensitive Penis-Helmet.
I just let go of my resistance.
I thrust my tongue up into her wet, creamy pussy-lips which were sagging down, dripping their salty sex-juices into my already wet face.
We 69-ed for some 15-20 minutes, each of us reaching deep and feasting upon the others’ pudenda with the sweet cravings of a youngling in a candy-store.

Back in the Jacuzzi, Cindy scissored my face with her still sensitive Pussy, while I licked, sucked, kissed and feasted upon her clitoris. She especially loved this part.

After she’d orgasmed she still wanted more Sex, so she had me sit on the edge of her Jacuzzi while she polished–off my large, swinging, horse-cock.
Continuously she edged me towards explosion…then begged off.
She said she was going to go for at least 30 minutes, to build up a massive load of sweet, gooey Cum to spray her in the face.

30 minutes later with my dong, 7 inches down into her throat,
I felt the tremor deep within the root of my penis.
I felt an electric wave surge up, building in intensity as the heated crescendo of
sexual pleasure surged-up; a pressurized hose full of Hot semen, coursing through my schlong.—
It reached the climax and BURST!
AAAHHHH! I cried out in amazement.
YESS!! Cindy moaned, as the cum cascaded out of my dick in a thick stream of Goo.
Sprayed and splattered all over her face was the sweet & salty cream-of-my-Cock –to her heart’s desire , she licked it up and slowly sucked down on her lover’s cock a few more times to get the last bubbles of cum out of the depleted cock.

I didn’t even ask anymore about her math homework after that.
I was pretty sure she had made the whole thing up.
The end

Comic and Script written and hand-drawn By

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