The Booty Inspector (Part 4) –

The Booty Inspector Part 4 –
“Dick Jone’s Circus PORNO”

by markfayer

Picking up with our protagonist, Dick Jones, the Booty Inspector where we last left off,
He and his Intrepid companion, Junior ,and their two lesbian Love slaves – Tall, dark-Skinned Nubian Sex Goddesses – have gone to the Circus which came into town, and convinced the 4 hermaphrodite Circus Freaks to film a Sex-Orgy with them – the TWIN “PENISED” LADIES: 2 Shemales – little petite, 5 ft tall, ladies with 8 ½ in Long Schlongs, and also the 2 BOXLER b*o’S – 2 Tall, 6’4” Men, Hulky, and Manly, except that they’re hermaphrodites, with tiny, atrophied penises dangling off their Taint, just beneath their Large gaping, full-sized Pussies with working, sensitive Clitorises…

(Inside the Circus Sex-trailer)…Serena, the long-haired Nubian, shoved her pussy into the Boxler man’s face and he began licking an sucking on her pussy Lips right away – he was like a hungry dog who’d found some juicy, tender Clam meat to nibble on-- salivating and drooling, he gobbled that pussy up.
Serena went weak at the knees as the man devoured her clitoris, but, with his strong upper-body, he simply held her up by her thighs and went right on diggin’ her out.
Meanwhile, right next to them, Venus, the Short-Haired Nubian, tenderly approached the Little Penised Lady, seeming kind of timid, she was a bit intimidated by this Pixie-Looking lady with a massive 8 ½ inch Cock hanging off the front of her groin. She wasn’t sure what to do to begin, so she just bent down in front of the Penised Lady, got on her knees so she was face-to-face with the little Pussy-pounder and she proceeded to deeply kiss her –thrusting her long tongue into the lady’s mouth. The two of them, the Nubian and the Midget shemale, proceeded to kiss like lusty Lesbian lovers, and the petite shemale groped and fondled the black Nubian’s large breasts and erect nipples, while simultaneously, the Nubian found her two fingers’ way into the midget’s butt-hole. She was tentative to grab the young lady’s massive boner just yet, it was a sensitive subject, so to speak.

Meanwhile, Dick, watching this go on, was actually cumming in his pants. He hadn’t even had to man-handle his genitals at all, it was such a hot, amazing show, that his Penis started orgasming all of its own accord, and squirting out jizz from within his Long-John trousers.

Dick, looking on now, turned his gaze back over to the Nubian and the Man-With-A –Pussy – they were tribbing now –rubbing their Pussies together, and it looked that they would orgasm together and spray their pussy Cream onto each other’s’ Pudenda…dick decided to jump in on the action and help them out with some cum of his own, so, as they were tribbing and near to their Climax, he pulled out his famous 9 Inch “Booty Inspector’s Weiner”, he kneeled down next to the Nubian woman who was panting and sweating and flushed with a red color, he proffered his Dong up to her face –she took it gladly and sucked down on it like a Bratwurst. Minutes later, dick screamed for mercy and discharged a healthy load of semen –as it sprayed up in an creamy arch into the Nubian’s face and squirted in a long, thick stream down onto her breasts, the Nubian and the Vagina-ed Man also began to climax from their tribbing, All three of them cried out and shuddered as their hips shook, wracking with Intense pleasure and discharging Sex Creams, Cum and Pussy fluids.

Now, the last couple still going –the short-Haired Nubian princess, fucking with the Petite Little Shemale Penised Lady –by this time they were in side-long 69 position on the ground.
Lying on her side, the Nubian could easily man-handle the Little Lady’s huge Cock and suck it, lick it, stroke it, lick the balls…and the shemale, reverse-way-to and on her side could finger the Nubian’s Pussy, and she was HUNGRY! She buried her face into the Black woman’s big, pink, Swollen Cunt, like she was poking her head down the Rabbit Hole. Apparently she loved the taste of Pussy Juice as she was slobbering and sucking up the Pussy cream, licking her lips, gargling the liquids in her mouth – she was really going for it!

This had everyone else I the room entranced. The shemale Midget was oblivious to the rest of the room, just plunging into the Nubian Pussy, as it geysered and sprayed Pussy Juice up at her face like a hose drenching her…the Nubian, meanwhile trying to suck the Cock down her throat as she was Orgasming and quaking as her Pussy erupted. After 10 long minutes of this Orgasmic ejaculation show, the two finally slowed Down, now bathed in Pussy juice and the Cum from the Shemale’s Dick.
Booty Inspector no.2 – junior, as he was called, yelled out ‘CUT! That’s a Wrap!, ladies and germs!”
And they said their goodbyes and left to go to their respective Trailers.
“Now what Boss?” junior queried to the Booty inspector, Dick jones
“Dick sighed with exasperation. ‘Yeah, it’ll definitely be a shame to lose these 2 Sex Goddesses, but what’s gotta be done’s got to be done.”
. . .
So, off into the Sunset, in their Stagecoach, Dick and no. 2 rode, each with a Nubian Zulu Princess sitting up next to them, clinging to their men, arms wrapped around their waists as the horses Galloped across the Prairie towards the Pioneer Settler town of Rio Piadros.
They bid their Final Farewells later that day at the Rio Piadros Bar&Saloon, as they let the women go, and they took –off back towards their Cave Hide-Out in the Hills.
“Well Boss, that’s another Booty Inspectin’ journey well accomplished this Past Weekend, I’d say”
“yeah junior, we did some good work here. It’s only our fitting duty, the please that booty. And please it we did.”

Yes Sir. Please it we did.”
“Makes me kinda thirsty just thinkin’ about it. What sayz we get Piss-Faced on that bottle of aged Cognac over there in the corner and we brainstorm about what we’re going to do this next week to fulfill our Booty Inspectin’ duties?”
Junior Agreed and they go d***k and passed out, never having discussed any further plans.

(next in the Saga: Dick and Junior stow away aboard a merchant vessel headed to the orient and find themselves trapped amongst a Slave Stronghold of hungry, thirsty Asian Sex-Slaves who must perform their duties at All costs!”

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