The Booty Inspector of the Old West (part 2)

The Booty Inspector (part 2) by markfayer

Dick jones woke up with his tail between his legs – literally his schlong was tucked back up underneath his taint and was poking out between his butt-cheeks.
“Where am I?” he groggily queried aloud.
Then he noticed the 2 large feminine figures laying on either side of his naked body.
He was inside what appeared to be a traveling Whore’s-Bedroom-Within-a-Stagecoach.
The women were impressively striking – dark-skinned Nubian Zulu warrior Princesses. 6 ft. 2 inches tall, Long muscular thick bodies, with well-fleshed-out Asses and Thighs. One of them was near-bald, with only soft, wire-y curls of sun-bleached nappy hair. The other Nubian woman had long thick cords of tightly braided ebony dread-locks.
All 3 of them were stark-naked, and the Nubians were purring, and in a lascivious mood now upon waking, apparently thirsty for more of The “D”.
While the long-haired one languorously stroked his cock between his butt-cheeks, the short-haired leaned her breasts over Dick’s face, and bid him suck-out her nipples.
“MMmmmm, what a breakfast.” Thought Dick. “Nutritious Nubian breast-milk –vitamin D enriched & calcium fortified…and not to mention, but the dark-skinned Beauty down there suckin’ my cock aint a bad start either.”
“Ladies!” He said, as they took their liberties with his flesh, “I’ve decided to call you, the buzz-head, ‘Serena’ and you, with your gorgeous head of Dreads ‘Venus’ – I hope y’alls can manage that.”
“mmmmm…” they said in ascent and, nodding their heads, went quickly back to indulging themselves in Dick’s Cock and his tongue.
This went on for about an hour and ½ as a breakfast treat, and Venus got a mouthful of protein out of Dick’s penis & Serena squirted a pint of breast-milk into Dick’s mouth & she contributed as well, a glassful of nutritious pussy-water to the breakfast feast.
Now, as the satisfied Nubian beauties fell back to sl**p, Dick jumped up, pulled on his crotchless, ass-less black leather chaps and poked his head out of the front of the Canvas-covered Wagon-Coach.
They were still rolling across the Prairie, and just now Booty Inspector No. 2 was in the front seat, holding the reins and directing the horses.
“What Happened??” Dick queried to Junior, as he had no recollection of the previous night’s shenanigans and how he came to be fucking these two Black Goddesses.

“well boss, after we run down the stagecoach which was outward bound from the disembarked Pacific Steam-Liner, yous’n inspected al the booties of the Black, Brown, & Yellow Women aboard the Brothel-Carriage, then yous’n picked the 2 ZULU princesses for a Private Lesson, because they wanted to be ‘Broken-in’ after they saw your healthy-sized low-hangin’ fruit danglin’ out of your infamous Ass-less chaps.”
“Oh right…” says dick, “and they certainly got to taste the ripe fruit-juices to be had of my Low-hangin’fruits. Haha”
“You dawg!” exclaimed Junior with a hearty grin besmirching his twisted face.
“Well, what’s next?” Dick asked.
“Oh! You must’ve already forgetted all about readin’ the notice”
“There’s a new Circus coming into Rio Piadros with a few Freaks what need to be havin’ some Booty Inspections of their own.
“There’s the Twin-s****rs: 5 ft tall, Petite little ladies who each have an 8 1/2 inch massive dong –they call them “THE AMAZING PENISED LADIES!”
“Then there’s the two b*****rs – 6 ft 4 inch Men who were each born with a Vagina – call themselves “THE FANTASTIC VAGINA’D BOXLER b*****rS”

“A-HA! Said Dick, “sounds like these four need a Booty Inspection good’n’thorough!”
“But I think I’ll stand –off and watch them shag amongst theyselves from a distance whilst I perform my ‘Inspection’ “
“In fact I’d be well satisfied to see these Petite, well-hung, little lady-dolls giving a Deep-Dicking into the Boxler b*****rs’ muscular Man-Pussies.
“I reckon That’d be enough Booty Inspectin’, right there just to last me a whole Month!”
OH BOSS!” junior said, “What say we record it on one’ o’ them newfangled silent MOO-vie recorders and make a best-selling ‘CIRCUS FREAKS BOOTY INPECTION’ Vidjeo??” y’know, fer like, Posterity and what-have-you?”
“Junior” says Boss, he says, “I think you just might be shapin’ up to becomin’ a fine-tuned Booty Inspecticator yo'self one fine day”, and gave him a jolly slap on the back.
So off they rode towards the Circus, two naked cum-guzzled Nubian Amazons in tow--onward towards their next Booty Inpectin’ journey to “Barnaby’s Amazing Freak Parade Circus”…

(up next: join Dick Jones & Junior and their Nubian Sex-Goddesses at the Circus for a Hermaphroditic, Group-Sex, Silent Moo-vie!”)

[tune in tommorrow for the next installment of The Booty Inspector]

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