Me and my Cougar, "RUSTY"

Me and my Cougar, “RUSTY”

I’d always wanted to have sex with an Older woman….and then it happened last week on a Friday.
I was walking home from school, taking a familiar route, down some back alleys towards my home – and there she was, walking towards me.
A 45 yrs old woman – Blonde, with full-yet-saggy breasts and hard, ¾ inch Nipples showing through her shirt . Bra-less.

It was weird because it was like, “Lust-at-first-sight” or something. We walked towards each other. We locked eyes. And we both instantly knew we wanted to fuck each other –right then and there.

She stepped into me – put her hand on my cock and whispered in my right ear “C’mon. Let’s go get a Motel Room.”
I WAS SPEECHLESS…but I followed her out of the alley towards the row of cheap, gaudy, Pink Motel Suites across the street.
I couldn’t believe this was happening to me in my Senior Year of High-school. A Fantasy come true.
There she was –an older woman with a husky voice, alcohol on her breath and an intense desire for my young cock.

We got into the Motel Room and wasted no time.
Sufficed to say, She DOMINATED me…
Pushed me down, sucked me off, rubbed her Pussy on my dick, licked my ass-hole –
She was so fuckin’ horny, I wondered if she wasn’t just trying to suck the whole load of cum right out of my balls, for the sticky, sweet taste of my Goo and to get a mouthful of Protein.
Maybe she ran out of food-stamps at home?
Next thing I know, she had my face pinned down between her thighs and she starts talkin’ dirty to me – She put her huge, moist pussy on my face – her slit covering up my nose and my mouth and all the way down, enveloping my chin inside of her.
She was so Hot and panting, and in a trance she said… “mmmm, yes baby, take this big fuckin’ pussy in your mouth. Ohhhh, Yes, yes!.....”…as she writhed her hips in a snake-motion on top of my face.—
“Yeah, baby…I’m gonna cum in your fuckin’ mouth. Fuck yeah! Take this big Pussy in that mouth baby, I’m gonna cum so fuckin’ hard and mop your face with my pussy juice….mmmmmmm, yeah..”
..she kept rubbing and rubbing and rubbing her pussy all up inside my mouth, over my nose…and my tongue never tasted such a sweet, sweet, sticky flap of pussy meat in all my life. :P
It was pure ecstasy for us both.
Forget Denny’s, I wanna eat these Flapjacks all day.

Now she was lifting her tits up to her mouth, and sucking her own hard nipples, as her pussy was edging towards an explosion in my mouth.
That’s when I saw it…
First her lower jaw started trembling, uncontrollably, her teeth clattering against her top row of teeth as though she was shivering…
Then her eyes crossed and rolled back into her eye-sockets …--still her hips moving back and forth, grinding her pussy into my mouth –…
…her body started slowly quaking and quivering – like a cataleptic seizure was wracking all the nerves and fibers throughout her very being…
…she had no control for the next 30 seconds!…
Her hips and Ass started vibrating and pulsating in a warm, violent eruption with my face, mouth and tongue still buried deep into her wet Pussy…then…her Pussy and Ass bounced up and down on my face, as a wet, sweet nectar of whitish, sticky Pussy juice flowed out of her quivering, churning Pussy…I licked it and slurped up all her pussy juice like a bear tasting honey!

In this Orgasmic trance, Rusty couldn’t breath as her body took over and shook for 20-30 seconds—
Tears were streaming down her face, unbidden, and she finally caught her breath and screamed out an uncontrollable slur of – “OHHHHHGod, ohgod-ohgod-ohgod-ohgod-ohgod AAAAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!”

This went on for another minute as, Like she said she was gonna do, “her big Pussy cummed all over my face and into my mouth”

After a couple of minutes of this, still in her state of orgasm aftershocks, she flipped over and brought her hot, red, flushed face up to mine – she was beaming with Pleasure.
And she stuck her tongue so deep into my mouth, I thought she’d jiggle my tonsils with it.

She French-kissed me with as much Passion as a 16 yrs old girl in love, and she licked up all around my mouth, slurping up her own Pussy juice and enjoying every last bit of her Love-goo, as she cumswapped with me –her own pussy juice dripping from her mouth into mine.
Pure Sex and Ecstasy on her face.

Apparently Rusty, that old vixen, she was still hungry, because she flipped her body around and even in her state of quivering nerves and spasming hip and pelvis muscles from her orgasm,
she hungrily sucked on my cock until all my cum erupted out into her mouth and she swallowed it down and rubbed some on her erect, sensitive Nipples!

That was it.
She gave me one last Kiss. Slapped me in the face, then turned on her ass and walked right out the door.
A whole afternoon full of the most freak-nasty, wet, orgasmic, dirty sex with my Ultimate Fantasy Woman…
And all because we saw each other in the Alley and wanted to fuck.

Well…I haven’t seen Rusty around since that encounter, but I know that one day, when we’re both hungry enough to eat a wolf, we’ll cross Paths again somewhere in Town…
And just fuck each others’ brains out like Young Lovers again.

(if you’re out there Rusty, get in touch.)

-Mark Fayer
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8 months ago
great story every school boys dream;0
you lucky bastard:)