s*s-in-law's white night shirt

We were on vacation in MB, S Carolina. The in-laws and my s****r-in-law were there also. My s****r-in-law, i'll call her lynn, is very hot. Blonde hair, pretty face, great body, and a recent boob job. We had been there a few days hanging out in the condo, lying on the beach etc. Every time we went to the beach I would sneek looks at her big beautiful tits straining under her bikini top. I would have to flip over on my front or go into the water to hide my hard-ons. Then finally one morning, she came out wearing her somewhat sheer white night shirt. She started making breakfast standing at the counter. As I looked over I realized I could see her nipples and aerola's right through the shirt. I started getting hard right away and couldn't peel my eyes from her. But was trying hard not to get caught by her or the f****y. Though i think she knew i was watching and was putting on a little show for me. After breakfast I went to take a shower and just couldn't hold back any more. I was stroking before I even got in the shower. When i got in I filled my hand with hair conditioner and started stroking faster and faster imagining Lynn standing there big gorgeous tits swaying and bobbing as her moved and seeing her erect nipples was too much. I came sooo hard I about lost my balance. I shot spurt after spurt of hot cum imaging I was shooting it all over thoughs beautiful tits. What a huge relief that load was. I still jack off thinking about. can't wait to see her this summer!
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3 years ago
shame you had to waste the cum down the drain. I have been in similar situations and although my sister in law does not have large breasts, she has other features that get me going and Ive had to take things into my own hands...
3 years ago
Too bad she won't spread her legs for you.