My lesbian aunt

This is my first story so I hope you guys and girls enjoy :)

One day on my usual routine walk to the school bus, I was walking past my Aunt Jane's house just as she was leaving to walk her dog but after she seen me I guess her plans had changed, we stood and talked for about 20 minutes until she decided to invite me inside for coffee because by this time I was already late for school. I didn't mind so much because I didn't enjoy school, when we were inside having our cups of coffee we were talking about what we have been up to the last few years. 

Because my best friend Cameron's parents are nudist and leave there magazines in the toilet so I've read a few of them and when I brought that up she thought it was a good idea and that we should try it right there and then, which I agreed to.

By the time I even had my shoes off she was already completely undressed, she's a bit chubby and about 5'3" and had nice firm d cup breasts and a freshly shaved pussy which was when I started to worry about getting nude because I had already started to get hard but I slowly took my jumper and t-shirt off but then she jumped in and asked why I was taking so long and because my aunt was a nice lady I didn't want to be rude, so I quickly jumped out of my chair and stripped off, and by this time I had a raging hard-on which she obsiously saw because she had a giant smurk on her face and a look in her eyes, she then asked what we should do now and because all that was going through my mind was her fresh shaved pussy and big breasts I couldn't say anything, she asked if I wanted to play a game, I asked her what sort of game, she walks out of her loungeroom and about 5 minutes later comes back into the lounge room with twister in her hands and said, why don't we play twister, I said ok and now I had an even bigger hard-on while she set up the game I finished my coffee, then we started playing and after about 9 moves we were tangled up in a position were her pussy was right above the head of my penis and even she dropped down a little bit it would touch her clit then she spun the dial and she had to move her leg and after the move my penis was right in between both of her legs which caused it gently grind against her pussy and that was when I felt she was dripping wet, that was also when I decided I might make the day more interesting by trying to have sex with my aunty, and then I decided to start grinding her more then before but then she spun the dial again which cause me to shift so my face was in her breasts and she must have realised I was teasing her before so she decided to tease me and sway her breasts across my face, I spun the dial hoping it would cause my dick to be imbetween her legs again but instead it end up in us being in a situation where we were in a 69 position and I couldn't reach the dial, but for some strange reason she wasn't spinning it but then all of a sudden I felt a wet sensation on my dick I thought I just came in my auntys face but no she licked my nob so I then lifted my head and gave her pussy the biggest lick I could which cause her to collapse which she ended up with my dick halfway down her throat and her pussy right on my lips so I started to lick her out and she started giving me head it was the best head I've ever had but then all of a sudden my face was sprayed with her ejaculation which made me instantly come in her throat,

We got up and looked at each other with a look of lust in her eye we went and cleaned ourselves up after we went back to the lounge room to watch a movie, about 20 minutes through my aunty  got up and rushed to her room and because we were laying on a fouton she ran back in with something but I couldn't see what it was but she quickly jumped under the blanket and continued to watch the movie, when I asked what she was doin she just turned around and asked what size I want small, medium or large and I didnt know what she ment but I found out after I said medium and I heard a click and then she started spooning me and I could feel something and I then realised it was a strap on as soon as I asked what she was doing she quickly thrust her strap-on into my anus I laid there stunned as she started thrusting in and out she's abit bigger then me so she pulled it oily set me up sort of doggystyle position and pounded the dildo into my arse and started thrusting she was getting hard and fast and then I blew another load  all over the pillow, she then pulled out and said it was my turn to pleasure her, I couldn't resist so I turned around and quickly pounced on her, I quickly position my self and thrust my dick into her soaking wet pussy which cause her to wriggle because she wasn't expecting it then after 2 minutes she pushed me off on to my back and stood over me a slowly lowered herself onto the head of my penis and then dropped and all I seen was her pussy eat my entire dick whole and then started bouncing as fast as she could, it wasn't that long before we both climaxed,

After that we went to the shower to get cleaned up again but this time we showered together and instead of cleaning she held me down and started sucking my dick faster and faster the less I could handle it I came in her mouth again and then even though my dick was going limp she jumped down and thrust my dick into her pussy which made me hard again she started bouncing for about half an hour until I came this time but then it was time to clean up, we cleaned up and had more coffee and put our cloths back on because It was getting dark and I had to leave soon but she quickly d***k her coffee and crawled under the table and ripped my pants down and took my dick into her mouth she was sucking my dick for a good hour before I came but that was also when I had leave so I cleaned up said goodbye and gave her a hug and a long k**s with younger and dropped to my knees and ripped her pants down and licked her out 1 final time before I left after I left i was about halfway home when I got a text saying "see you same time next week hot stuff ;)"
All I could do was wait, I was so keen
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great story :)
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yes good...
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