The School Dad!

This story is based in truth, I have changed the name of course... I hope you enjoy it.


Sam's phone beeped with an incoming message. She look at the illuminated screen displaying the name of her son's school friend's dad.

Strange, she thought why would he be texting her as they had barely spoken over the past 6 months since their k**s started school together. In fact last time they saw each other which was only a couple of days ago all he did was give her a smile and said nothing.

Sam, opened the message and she couldn't believe what she read - 5 words. "I want to fuck you"

Sam was surprised because he seemed like a quiet shy guy and with them both being married he was taking a huge risk sending the message. Sam had always found him attractive and occasionally she fantasised about them together.

Needless to say Sam's mind immediately went to imagining what he would be like. It had been months since her husband had touched her and the thought of another man wanting her, sent a shiver up her spine.

Without thinking of the consequences she immediately replied with "yes". Justifying it with the thought, after all if hubby didn't want her then it was only reasonable for her to find satisfaction elsewhere.

The night had finally come after a week of erotic chatting, knowing looks at each other at the school fence. Hubby was working night shift so they arranged to meet at 10pm.

All afternoon, Sam was thinking about her lover to be, she took a long bath, shaved her pussy leaving a V shaped design in her pubic hair. She stroked and played with herself but stopped before she went too far as she wanted to be ripe for him.

It seemed like an eternity waiting for him. He was 5 minutes early and beeped the horn. Sam raced down stairs and out into the car.

He didn't say a word, he didn't look at her he just pulled away from the kerb and drove.

After about 10 minutes he pulled over at the town gardens. Being night time, the park was lit by the odd street lamp along the various paths that ran through the park. Apart from some roosting ducks, the park was empty.

He got out of the car and headed into the gardens. Sam knew what to do, she got out and followed him a few metres behind.

He walked towards a rotunda which was surrounded by trees. There were a few picnic tables s**ttered nearby.

Sam suddenly lost sight of her man.

She slowed her pace, puzzled, she looked around wondering where had disappeared to. She was just starting to think that maybe he had changed his mind and left when she felt a presence behind her.

Without time to even turn around she felt a powerful hand grab her arm and pin it to her belly. Another hand covered her mouth muffling a scream.

She felt a stubbled cheek pressed against her own cheek and heard a deep voice say "you are mine now whore"

Sam felt her pussy gush as those words sent a shiver of lust through her body. She was already wet with anticipation of tonight's activities but this unexpected turn of events only heightened her desires.

The guy was well built and he found it no problem to frog march Sam towards the rotunda. She felt small and vulnerable in his powerful arms.

They stopped at a table and he pushed her face down before taking a step back and lifting her summer dress.

He smiled as he saw the wet patch on her white underwear.

He held one hand on the small of her back pinning her to the table (although she wasn't struggling much anyway) then with the other hand reached up to her crotch and pulled her knickers until they tore revealing her smooth pussy. Her labia was already engorged and on fire, any touch would send her over the edge.

He dropped to his knees and buried his head into her soft flesh. He lifted one of her knees up onto the table. Her body now open to his desires.

Sam heard his long deep breath as he inhaled her female scent, then she felt his tongue part her lips and dive into her moist pink hole. He started licking and lapping at her diving his tongue into her as deep as it would go.

Her pussy was white hot but she needed attention on her clit.

Sam didn't have to wait long. Her leg shook and buckled as he found his mark. He sucked her bud into his mouth sending exquisite shards of ecstasy through her body. She pushed her hips back into his mouth her arms on the table and her hands gripping the other side of the table. Moments later she let out a loud guttural cry as her climax took over her body.

Sam was still coming when he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. He whispered in her ear "Whore, now I am going to **** you" Those words and the way he said them sent a shiver of a****listic lust flooding through Sam's body. This was always one of her kinkiest fantasies that she had masturbated to many times. The scenes played out in her mind were now being played out for real.

It had been such a long time since Sam had last felt a cock inside, her she was desperate She wanted him to fill her and to fuck her and to use her body. She wanted, no needed to feel him cum inside her she craved his sperm and she needed it now!

Sam heard him unzip his fly and take off his pants. Her anticipation building to almost unbearable levels her body shook and quivered awaiting the invasion that was to soon happen. She then felt his belt being wrapped around her neck. He pulled it tight Sam chocked and found it hard to breath.

She then felt a hand come around to the front of her, felt a tug on her dress then a tearing noise as he ripped the fabric. Her breasts were now exposed to the night air, her nipples hard as bullets. He felt around and roughly squeezed her left breast then pinched her hard nipple. He was far from gentle but Sam relished the sharp pain which only increased her desire. He pulled down distorting her breast into a conical shape until her nipple slipped free of his grip.

It was then that she felt him, his glans poised at her labia. The soft delicate folds protecting her tunnel his knob felt divine as he rubbed it between her legs to coat it with her lubricant. Then without warning he entered her in one hard thrust. His knob hitting her cervix and at the same time his cum laden balls swung forward and bounced against her hood with a soft thump.

He started to thrust into Sam, hard, deep strokes. She was being lifted off her feet but pulled back into him with his belt. She then felt a hard slap on her rump. The thought crossed her mind that they probably looked like a rodeo rider slapping his stallion. In fact Sam felt the heat of carnal a****listic lust coursing through her body she felt more like a dog in heat being serviced by a horny mongrel. Her body was in a state of exquisite delight the heat from her loins radiated through her body. His beautiful organ filling and stretching her to capacity.

His breathing stated to get shallower and his thrusts harder and deeper if that was possible. She knew he was close. Sam screamed "no not yet don't cum yet"

He responded with "shut up whore, your cunt is for me, I own it now and I will cum when I want"

Those words were enough to push her over the edge. As she climaxed her vaginal muscles contracted powerfully around his pistoning shaft. He felt her orgasm as her muscles ripples up his shaft

His glans seemed to grow and within a second she felt him shudder as his own powerful orgasm arrived. His fertile seed shot up from his balls and jetting f***efully onto her. The thick white liquid coated her cervix forming a small pool.

He pumped and ground his cock into her as both of their climaxes subsided.

He then withdrew pulled Sam's head around using the belt and told her to lick it clean.

Sam opened her mouth and took his semi hard cock, she could taste her own cream together with some globules of cum that ended up on his shaft when he withdrew.

He then pulled up his pants took his belt and then walked off leaving Sam alone in the park.

Her dress was torn her make up running making her look like a panda and his seed was starting to leak out from her sore pussy.

She walked home feeling like a slut and a whore. She couldn't wait until next time!

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