this story isnt mine i just adore it so i posted it

Before I tell my story I think its best that you know my story. I'm 21 years old and I have had my share of girlfriends. My looks are good but not exceptionally but what is most important is that I am really shy around women. I can't talk to a beautiful girl or woman even I my friends dare me after a lot of alcohol. That's why it has been almost a year since I had some sort of sexual experience, I know its not that long but it's starting to make me very horny.

I have always had a thing for older women. I just love the way they look like and the thought that they really know what to do with a guy just turns me more on than any girl of my age could. I has always been a dream to have sex with a woman at least twice my age but because of my shyness I tould it was impossible, Until I had my first encounter with my neighbour.

She was a woman with a sexual history in our town. There were some gossips about here and I just knew they weren't all a lie. It was said she had multiple affairs and loved younger guys. When at home, she did het gardening in clothes that some women didn't even dare to ware inside the house. Always a thong, very small tops etc. she was just a very sensual person.

Because she was my neighbour I could see her sometimes doing her garden and those were always happy times for me. I loved jerking off while staring at her and watching her bend over to take care of her flowers. She was my ultimate fantasy.

One day I was jogging my daily 5 miles when I passed her house. She was, luckily for me, planting some flowers and I could see her from a distance. When she saw me she waved to me with the gesture that I should stop. Being kind off in love with her I stopped immediately.

We had actually never spoken before so she started out with some small talk. She asked my name and how my run was. I tried to answer at a really cool manner but just couldn't. I was like a little c***d speaking to Santa Clause. My cheeks were turning red, I couldn't look at her and started to stutter. She immediately noticed what was going on and decided to tease me a little. She laid her hand on my shoulder, looked in my eyes and asked me if I was feeling nervous. While still being sweaty in my shorts and t-shirt from my running, I began feeling really uncomfortable. She said I shouldn't feel so nervous while her hand was slowly going down to my waist.

My dick instantly started to grow. Because of my outfit it was also instantly visible. She started smiling and said: "I need some help with some chores in the house, would you like to help me out". I saw my whole fantasy coming trough so no way in hell I was letting this opportunity go by.

The chore I needed to do was to change a light in the living room. The funny thing is that she is bigger than me so it was getting very clear to me that there was going to happen something. Trying not to ruin the moment, I grabbed chair that I could reach the light. I reached for the light while I felt something wet on my leg. She was licking me in an upward direction. I stopped with everything and just watched her going higher and higher. When she reached my short she stopped licking me but her hands kept going higher. Still just standing still and watching her, she got to my fully erect cock. She was feeling me out, finding out what size it is. Then she said: "it isn't big but I like it, if you can make me cum we will fuck whenever you want and I will never say no". I nearly came just from hearing those words.

She took my pants and boxers of, started to kiss my dick while also feeling my balls. It felt like she knew that I hadn't fucked in a while because she was doing it really slowly. It felt like heaven. Although it was the slowest blowjob I had ever received, it was very hard for my to hold my orgasm back. But then she picked up the pace and I had to shoot my load. I started to push my cock deeper in her throat. The gagging noises this created made me even more crazy and I started to shout:"I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING". During these words my first stream of sperm was shot out of my dick. Both in her mouth and in her face she was smiling like she had won the lottery. I kept shooting stream after stream. When my orgasm had stopped her face was covered. it was the most horniest sight I had ever seen.

I sat down on the chair and saw her licking my sperm of her lips. She then asked me to go down on her and if I tought she should clean up. I swept my finger across her cheek getting a bit of cum on it, fed it to her and said: "leave it on while I make you cum and fuck you like an a****l". I really spooked myself saying that and saw on her face she didn't expect it either, I think I was getting in the mood or something, but it worked.

She went to the couch, sat on her knees and spread her legs. I followed her and reached down, feeling her warm and wet pussy. I rubbed it for a few seconds. I felt a little bit of hair above her lips but nothing on the side. She obviously kept it very clean, something I could only encourage. She was already moaning and enjoying my rubbing. I licked my finger so I had an idea of what kind of taste her pussy had. It was delicious.

I started licking her pussy. I spread her lips so I could get my tongue a little bit in it. She loved it when I did that. I thought to myself: "lets see how far she is willing to go". My tongue was inside her and I brought my nose just an inch from her ashole. She didn't say anything so decided to go a little further. My nose was now touching her anus and she started to breath a little heavier. I pulled my tongue out of her and began licking her ashole. In the meanwhile I played with her clit and put 2 fingers inside her. I felt her breathing getting heavier and heavier. I thought she was ready to cum so I pulled one finger out of her pussy, put it in her ass and pulled up the pace. She held her orgasm off for about 30 seconds. She wasn't really that loud but I knew she had come because I felt some liquid flowing down on my finger. She was a squirter or she could be one.

I pulled my finger out of her holes. I held them for her mouth and she began licking them clean. She actually liked. When they were clean we sat next to each other with my seamen still on her face. She asked me:"how do you like your sex to be". I started to blush but thought that it was to late for games and decided to be honest so I answered with:" I like it very nasty with anal play, looking, toys, a little peeing from time to time and anything else you can think of". She replied with:" you are going to get the nastiest sex you could ever think of.

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2 months ago
HELL YEA SO DAMN SEXY,she must be a NASTY KINKY FREAKY AWESOME SEXY ASS GODDESS,i would beg to be HER sissy bitch boi,being used and abused by her,i would be for her to command sweetie,thank you for your story sweetie!:-)*
1 year ago
good story!
2 years ago
2 years ago
3 years ago
Good story Mark! Although you got a few words out of order and some typos...who could blame you...probably your mind working faaster than your fingers could type! Thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
Where's the "prostate" part?
3 years ago
nyc nyc..