i have sex with my elder s****r

I live in spain. I lived in a remote place where ther is no portugesa around for hundreds of miles. I have done a lot of i****tious things in my life. When I was 14 I had an incident with my mother. When I was 16 I had an incident with my s****r. Two years later I had a incident with my mom's s****r. I am 21 now and this incident happened 5 years ago when I was 16. Let me decribe my s****r for a second. My s****r's name is Prithi ( not her real name, protecting her Identity) She is 5 yrs older than me. She was beautiful and she was sexy. I had thoughts of having sex with her since I was 13. Her breasts are perfect and her butt is chubby( perfect size for me). Her body is sexy and hot. Her face is beautiful like a 15 years olds face. When I was 13, I saw my s****r's breasts from that day I was dreaming and wanting to have sex with her. I used to mastrubate thinking about her. I lived with my parents in a two room house in spain.

My s****r Prithi got married while she was 20 and year later she divorced her husband because he was abusive. She was depressed and she was sad. She lived in portugal with her hubby but when she divorced she came back to spain to live with us.

For the first few weeks she slept in my bedroom and I slept in the living room( on the sofa) After that my parents bought a new double bed. Me and my s****r decided to share a bed. I was 16 and Prithi was 21. For about 4 months we slept in the bed without any trouble. One day I found out that my s****r was watching porn on the internet. I knew my s****r was desperate to have sex. Two or three weeks later I decided to do some thing brave.

I was on my school holiday and my father left to another city (about 8 hrs away). I was with my mother and s****r alone in the house. That night I was watching some porn online and I stayed up late. It was about 1am and my mother was sl**ping in the her room. I closed her room and went in to my room. I saw Prithi sl**ping, facing away from me and the table lamp was on. I decided to try it with my s****r. I prepared for it. I went into the bathroom and brused and peed. I made sure my mouth smelled clean and I took a condom( birth control- try not to get my s****r preagnant) I also took some tissues to clean my cum. I went in to the room and locked the door. I took the key and put it under my pillow just incase Prithi didn't want to have sex and try to run. I took some perfume and sprayed it under my arms and in my neck. I took off my underwear and I just put on my shorts. Prithi was lying on her chest and her butt was facing me. Her hands wer on both side of the bed and one of them hanged out of the bed. I went close and touched her fingers to see if she will awake. She did not move at all. I went on and tried to touch her butt with my finger. she didn't move at all. I got even closer and gave a kiss in her butt and pushed her butt with my nose.

My cock got hard doing that. I took her hand and kissed it. I touched her feet and she did not move. I kissed her feet and sucked on her toes. I pulled her skirt up until I saw her panties. I touched her butt now and it was so soft I wanted to bite it. I saw a little bit of her cunt but I wanted to see more. I lifted her shirt up and exposed her back. I gave a small kiss to her back. I wanted to pull down her panties. But her legs were positioned in a way that I can't pull her panties down. Only way to pull her panties down is to make her do it, seduce her in to having sex with her 16 yr old b*****r. But first I wanted to have some fun before she wakes up. I took the blanket and coverd her. I got on the bed and got under the blanket. Now she was facing me. I put my one arm around her hip and felt her back and I put my other arm around her neck and brought her face closer to my face. First I gave her a kiss in the forhead. She woke up and put her arm under my arm and gave me a kiss in the chick and she told me goodnight. She was on top of me. Her face is close to my face and she put her legs across my legs. I moved her and I pused her on top of me.

Now her legs were between mine and her both breasts were on my chest and my cock and her pussy were positioned well and I tried to put my hand on her butt. I gave her small kisses on her lips, she didn't feel it at all. I rubbed my nose on her nose and I kissed her ears. I wanted to ask her to have sex with me. I pulled down my short and started to stroke my cock. I moved her hair away from her space. I was slowly putting my hands in to her panties and touching her butt. I gave her a big kiss in the lip that woke her up. She was surprised to see me naked on the bed and she suddenly woke up and pushed me off of her. She got off the bed and started to walk away. I held her hand and asked her to stay. She tried to pull her hands away but I held it tight. She said no. But I pulled her back on to the and started to remove her skirt. I tired to get her naked so she won't run to my mother. I pulled her skirt down and threw it away from the bed. Now I tried to pull her panties down. I pulled her panties down to her knees and Prithi started to cry. I tried to explain that our parents won't know any thing about it and it is ok to have sex with your b*****r.

She kept crying so I went on with my thing. I took off her t-shirt and pushed my cock in her pussy. I started to fuck her hard and she kinda started to moan. I fucked her until I cumed in her pussy and my cum started to come out of her pussy. I pulled out my cock and gave her a kiss and told her to go to sl**p. What I did was like **** but I knew she liked it and once she had sex with me she will come back again. I f***ed her to have sex so she will be quite and she will come back again. After fucking her that night I kissed her and sucked on her breasts for a while. It tried f***e her to suck my cock but she refused to do that.

The next day as I expected she came back to have sex with me again. We kept having sex until a preagnancy scare came. Prithi thought she was preagnant with my baby, but it was wrong. We had sex until I was 19 and I went to college away from home. I came back from college and had sex with her 4times. After that she got remarried to another man and she had sex with me twice after she was married. Some times I think I ****d her but it was good for me. Fucking my s****r is alot of fun and i****t is a lot of fun as well. I 've done a lot of i****tous things. I' ve done things with my mother and my mom's s****r but I don't really want to tell what happened between me and my mother. I might change my mind and tell you guys the story later. I am trying to get my s****r again to have sex with me but she won't I have a lot of i****t experience ....

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2 years ago
No comment. As I don't condone rape, in any way, shape or form, I'll leave my opinion of this story at that. It has no reflection on the writer/author; the intent of pornographic stories--as I suppose all reading is intent to do--is get viewers' and reader's attention to peruse their offerings of writings and visuals. And, as we all know the majority of stories here are fictional.
2 years ago
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Good story. Thanks for posting