My Surprising Step daughter 4

Introduction: i have been off line for a while, doing other things and have just come back to this story line. i'd be interested in genuine feedback from readers and whetther to continue or not. there is more to tell if anyone wants to read it.

it's by no means compulsory, but i would suggest you read parts 1-3 before this one. if i get sufficient good feedback- then i'll develop the story a bit further.

Well, after many hours trying to come up with a cunning plan to avoid visiting this damned ‘relationship counsellor’ I had failed miserably and the big day had arrived. I dressed smartly, and drove across to the counsellor’s office where I had agreed I’d meet Judy.
We would go in together, then after the introductions Judy would have a private session, then it was my turn.
I arrived on time, and lucky day found a parking space just outside the office. Judy was waiting for me and we went in. The counsellor turned out to be an elderly dumpy woman, in a smart business suit. She was very professional and actually quite pleasant to talk to. As arranged, Judy went in for her private session then it was my turn, Judy gave me a peck on the cheek as I went in, then she left to go to work. We would get together later to share experiences.
There was not a lot to my meeting to be honest, she asked a few questions about my sexual history and preferences, all the while taking notes and I just answered as honestly as I could, while not letting on that I had been fucking Judy’s daughter for some time, including a rather steamy session in the shower that very morning.
The session finished and I left, went to my car and sat behind the wheel, reflecting for a moment or two on my position.
Here I was, in a relationship with a beautiful woman who enjoyed sex with me, and wanted it more often. As did her daughter!
As I pondered, I noticed our next door neighbour Ann walking up the street with her daughter. I was about to wave hello, but just before they saw me, they turned and went into the sex counsellor’s office. Ann was striding purposefully, while her daughter Amy, who was about 11 or 12 seemed to be dragging her heels a bit.
Just as they entered the door, Amy looked around, as if seeking an escape route and looked me right in the eye. She gasped, blushed and turned to go inside with her Mother.
‘I wonder what that is all about?’ I thought, and then set off for home, where I was hopefully that my stepdaughter Emma would have some pussy waiting for me. As she surely did.

The next day, I was out in the back garden doing a few chores when I heard a noise coming from next door. I looked up and saw Amy had come out into her garden to play for a while. She looked really cute. Her blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail and she had on a bright red t-shirt, and blue shorts. I realised then that in a few years, she was going to be a real babe!
Amy looked up and saw me looking at her, and to this day I wonder if she had any idea what I had been thinking as she said ‘Hi Mr Logan’
‘Good morning Amy’ I said, ‘ How are you today’
So we had a moment or two of small talk, inconsequential neighbourly stuff.
After a while I decided to satisfy my curiosity.
‘I saw you in town yesterday Amy, with your Mom. You were going into the counsellor’s office. Is everything all right?’
Amy blushed, and I thought how cute she looked. I decided I was going to have some harmless fun.
‘Its ok Amy, I was in there just before you with Judy, but I was a bit surprised to see you going in with your Mom. Is everything ok between her and your Dad?’
That’s when Amy hit me with my big surprise of the day.
‘Yes, everything is fine with them Mr Logan, it was me seeing the counsellor. Mom is really worried about me’
I said nothing, in my experience this being the best way to get people to confide. As a general rule people seek to fill silences and sure enough Amy obliged.
‘ Last week ‘ she said, ‘ I came home from playing with Donna, and accidentally walked in to my Dad’s room while he was drying himself off after a shower’
‘ Well, that’s no big deal ‘ I said, smiling inwardly.
‘Yes’ said Amy, ‘ but I saw his dick, and it was big and hard, and I got scared and ran away. I had a bad dream that night about a big dick and told Mommy. She decided to take me to the counsellor to see if she could help’
I had almost choked with surprise when Amy talked about her dad’s dick like that and asked where she had heard it called that before.
‘My friend Donna told me that’s what it was called’ she said. ‘Is that not right? Because she has two b*****rs and she says she has seen their dicks loads of times, and that’s what they are called’
‘Well Amy, there are lots of different names. Some say dick, others say cock. Best not to use any names for them though in polite company’ I suggested.
And talking of dicks, I could feel mine reacting to talking about cocks to this pretty little girl. I was beginning to harden beneath my trousers and so an evil idea began to form in my mind.
‘How did you feel when you saw your Dad’s big hard cock’ I asked Amy, relishing her blushes and discomfort. However she was a polite girl and answered that it made her feel strange and a bit afraid.
‘There’s nothing to be afraid of, Amy’ I told her. ‘Anyway, Donna has seen her b*****rs and it didn’t do her any harm did it?’
‘No, it hasn’t ‘ she agreed and seemed to be relaxing a little.
‘So, have you looked at your Daddy’s cock again since then Amy?’ I asked, and was deeply happy when she said she had looked at his trousers sometimes, but hadn’t seen anything else since.
By now, my own cock was bulging in my trousers so I slowly slid my hand down to run a finger slowly up and down the bulge. ‘So, you haven’t seen your Daddy do this when he looks at you then Amy?’ I asked her.
‘No’ she replied slowly, watching my finger as I gently stroked my bulge.
‘ Has he taken his big hard cock out of his pants and shown it to you?’
‘No. he hasn’t’
‘Would you like him to take his big hard cock out and show it to you?’
‘I don’t know, I’m a bit scared.
‘Ok Amy, well if you are scared of your Daddy’s big hard cock, why don’t you come round into my house, and I’ll show you mine- that will help you to not be afraid?’
She hesitated, and looked over her shoulder into her house. Then she looked back at my bulging cock as I slowly ran my finger up and down. I held my other hand out to her, to help her step over the low fence between the two gardens and she made her decision. She took my hand, stepped over the fence and ran into my house.
I followed her in and found her waiting in the kitchen.
‘Make yourself comfortable ‘ I said as I placed an arm around her shoulder and led her through the house and into my bedroom. As I led her I allowed my hand to slip down and gently stroked her back, through her shirt, and then casually cupped her cute little butt in one hand.
‘Why don’t you go sit on the bed?’ I suggested and gave her ass a gentle squeeze. It felt so good and firm under my hand as she went over and sat down on the edge of the bed.
Her cheeks were flushed and she looked nervous, but very, very pretty. I closed the door firmly and walked across to the bed.
‘So Amy, you liked the look of your Daddy’s big, hard cock did you?’ I asked as once again I began stroking my own cock through my trousers.
‘She nodded, but didn’t speak.
‘And now you want to see my big, hard cock as well don’t you Amy?’
Another nod,
‘Shall I take my big hard cock out and show it to you Amy?’
Another nod, but I wanted more than that.
‘Tell me Amy, tell me what you want me to do’
‘I want you to show me your big hard cock Mr Logan’
‘Say please Amy’
‘Please Mr Logan, I want you to show me your big hard cock, Mr Logan’
‘Well, ok then Amy, since you asked nicely’ I said as I slowly unbuttoned my trousers and slid the zipper down.
I slid my trousers down my legs and stepped out of them. I was now dressed only in my own shirt and my bulging boxers, and the cute little next door neighbour was focussed on the boxers, or at least the bulge which was showing in them.
I slipped my shirt off over my head and walked closer to her.
Her face was now at a level with my cock, and about 2 feet away as I stopped and slid one hand down the front of my shorts.
I gripped my cock, and slipped it out of the waistband of my shorts as with the other hand I slid them to the ground.
I was holding my cock in one hand, partially concealing it from her enraptured gaze as I held out my other hand to her. She took my hand and I felt her hot little hand in mine as I released my dick from the other hand.
She gasped, as my full length bobbed in front of her face, as I once again began to stroke myself.
‘My goodness’ she gasped, ‘its much bigger than my Daddy’s’
I smiled as I gently stroked one finger up and down the full length, pressing gently down on the tip to make it bounce.
‘So Amy, ‘ I asked her, ‘ you like my big hard cock more than your Daddy’s then do you?’
She never took her eyes off my swinging dick, but just nodded and gulped in that enchanting way of hers.
‘And you see there’s nothing to be afraid of don’t you Amy’ I said
Again she nodded.
‘I want you to touch my cock Amy, just like I’m doing now. Would you like to touch my cock Amy?’
Another nod,
‘Ok Amy, I’m going to let you touch my cock now’ and I took the hand I had been holding and moved it towards my meat.
She stretched out a finger and gently touched the tip. She giggled as it bounced, and pressed again.
‘That’s it Amy. Now, I’m going to show you some neat ways of touching my dick, would you like that?’
Again she nodded, but this time she looked up into my eyes and smiled at the same time.
‘ I think you are enjoying playing with my big hard cock aren’t you Amy’
‘Yes, very much Mr Logan, but what will my Dad say?’
‘You know what Amy, if you promise not to tell your folks, then I promise that you can come across any time you like and play with my big hard cock, just as long as Judy and Emma aren’t around. What do you say?’
‘Ok, I promise’ she said as I wrapped her hand around my cock and showed her how to jerk me off.
‘I think I’ll just lay here on the bed beside you while you play with my cock Amy, is that ok?’
‘Sure’ she replied, shuffling over to make space.
I lay there beside her and gently taught her the art of jerking a man off. From time to time I would let my hand roam around her firm young back and shoulders, then slowly slip back down to her cute little buttocks.
Pretty soon, I had my hand down her waist band as I felt the curve of her ass.
‘You have a really nice butt Amy, did your Daddy ever tell you that? I asked her.
‘No’ she smiled, ‘you like it?
‘Very much Amy’ do you think you might like to slip those shorts off so I could give it a really good stroke?’
‘I don’t mind if you do that Mr Logan, but I can’t do it myself because I have my hands full of your big cock’
Gently I helped her out of her shorts and positioned her so that I could play with her cute little ass as she continued with her task.
She had on cute little panties, with pink flowery lace around the legs and waistband.
I moved her position slightly; it was no difficulty as she was so small and light. Soon she was positioned so that I could gently lick her ass. She gasped and giggled as I did, and looked round from where she was playing with my dick.
I carried on with my licking, up and down her cute little buttocks, occasionally slipping my tongue into deeper areas. Every time I did so, I could feel her lose the rhythm as she was stroking my cock.
I decided it was time to raise the temperature a little more.
‘Ok, Amy, now I want you to open your mouth as wide as you can for me please’
‘What for Mr Logan?’ she asked.
‘Because I’m going to put my big hard cock into your cute little mouth Amy, and you are going to suck my cock, just like you would a lollipop’
Sure enough, she opened her mouth and I slid my cock in. God it felt good to have my cock inside this little girl’s warm wet mouth. I filled her completely and she seemed to be struggling, so I paused my m*****ation of her cute little ass for a moment.
‘Tell you what Amy’ I said, ‘lets do it this way’
I helped her to her knees on the bed, and gently took the bottom of her t-shirt and raised it over her head,
She had nothing underneath, and only the faintest little bumps showed where her young breasts would soon arrive. Her nipples though amazed me, they were bright pink, hard and very long. They stuck out and just begged to be kissed and sucked. I sucked and kissed this c***d’s nipples as she gasped and groaned. She had never experienced anything like this and was reacting in the only natural way.
I continued to suck her titties as I reached down and slid my hand beneath her panties.
I could feel her hairless little slit under my hand, it was pulsing with heat as I gently slipped her panties to one side.
‘ok Amy’ I whispered huskily, ‘I want you to lift your leg over my face while I lie back here, and position yourself so that you can get my big hard cock back into your pretty little mouth again’
She moved in to position as I helped her, and soon we were in a perfect 69.
I felt her hot mouth wrap itself around my cock once again, and after a few gentle adjustments and suggestions she was soon sucking enthusiastically on her first cock.
I recommenced my licking of her lower regions and soon slipped my finger back between her legs.
Her hot little pussy was ready for my touch and she bucked as I slipped my finger along the line of her cunt.
With one hand I slipped her knickers down, as she moved her legs to slide them down, never once losing her place with my cock.
Slowly I let my tongue slide along the length of her hairless little cunt.
She jumped as if she had been electrocuted the first time, but I took her ass cheeks in each hand and pulled her down towards my face. This time as I licked her cunt she stayed in place, and the third time she began to push herself onto my face.
I could feel myself starting to build now, and knew I would soon come. I stopped eating her lovely little pussy just long enough to whisper a warning and as I did so, I began to come. She never missed a beat, and sucked and sucked every drop of juice from my cock. I shot load after load into her welcoming throat and, though she gagged a little she took it all down. As my orgasm subsided, I began to focus more on her and continued eating her hot little pussy.
She was so hot and wet by this time, that it didn’t take long for me to decide I needed to fuck her, and now.
I lifted her from my face and flipped her over onto her back.
She giggled as I moved her around the bed like a toy and placed myself with my still hard cock between her legs.
‘Now Amy, I’m going to show you what men like to do to little girls with their big hard cocks’
Her eyes widened as I began to push myself into her.
‘Relax’ I commanded her as she tensed up.
Slowly but steadily I slipped inside her. Her cunt gripped my like a hot wet glove and she gasped with pain and pleasure. There was a moments resistance as I took her virginity and then I was fully inside her.
I knelt between her legs, with my cock fully inside her and holding her legs up in the air.
I looked down on this cute little girl, with the hard nipples, hairless little cunt and newly discovered talent for sucking cock. Then I started to slide my cock back out. She closed her eyes and arched her back as my full length ran down inside her, then paused as I started to gently thrust myself in and out of her cute little body.
I fucked her slowly, but deeply, relishing every sensation as her skin began to glisten with beads of sweat.
Soon, I thrust deeper and deeper and began to feel her muscles spasm as she started to come.
She moaned and f***ed her little body into me as she started to come, again and again as I thrust into her.
I began to feel the surge as well, and pumped harder into this welcoming little body.
As I shot myself into her again she screamed with ecstasy as we finished together.
Jet after jet of hot fluid pumped into her until I was spent, and then I collapsed on to the bed beside her.
When I recovered my breath, I stood up in front of her.
‘Come over here Amy,’ I told her.
‘I want you to lick all of your pussy juices off my cock, then get dressed and go home. If you promise not to tell your folks, we can do this again sometime’
Slowly she cleaned me with her mouth, dressed and left the room.
Just as she left, she turned to me and smiled.
‘I promised not to tell my folks about this’ she whispered, ‘but I bet Donna is going to be so mad when she hears about it’
Before I could say a word, she turned and scampered back home.
‘Oh shit,’ I thought as a lay back, spent and exhausted. ‘What have I done?’

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9 months ago
I just discovered your stories. Hope you write some more.
1 year ago
the females of the species could never keep a secret. uh-oh.
1 year ago
Uh oh :P
1 year ago
read all 4 in the series. didn't expect this twist. hot though. just thought Judy was going to catch you 2 someday.
1 year ago
Would love to hear about times with Donna as well, what a threesome that would be.
1 year ago
2 years ago
great stories !!!!