"The Man of the House" - Conclusion

Introduction: This is the end or it is just the beginning. Forgive the typos. It's just part of it all. Thanks for the comments.

Sean and Chelsey entered the arena. Inside the crowds were yelling and cheering. Two teams were on the court. The final points were played.

“Look, there’s Amanda,” Chelsey said. Her daughter waved as she saw her mom and b*****r enter. She headed toward them from the bleachers.

“I was getting worried,” she said.

“Sorry dear. We lost track of time.” The three went into the bleachers and sat down with the team and their parents and fans.

Amanda sat next to her b*****r with her mom on the other side. She held his hand. “I wish I could kiss you,” she said, leaning toward him.

“Me, too,” he replied. They looked at each other for a moment.

Manda was thoughtful before she spoke. “Did you and mom?” she didn’t need to finish her question. She knew Sean would know what she meant.

He refused to lie to his s****r. She trusted him. He nodded slightly. “Yes,” he said softly.

Chelsey again was thoughtful. “Did you please her? Did it feel good to her?” She paused before adding, “and to you?”

Again, Sean would not lie. “Yes it did. It was good for both of us.” He was afraid she would be angry and jealous, feeling that her mom was a better lover or that he loved her mom better.

“I’m glad. I’m glad you were able to share what we shared.” She smiled. “I don’t care what anyone thinks.” She leaned up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “What matters is that you were my first and I was yours. I love you.”

“I love you.” They sat holding hands until the on-going game finished. Amanda’s team headed for the floor. “Do it to them,” Sean yelled. Manda waved.

“Well, did you tell her?” Chelsey asked.

“Yes I did. I’m not going to lie to her. I love her too much. I won’t lie to you either.”

“I know. How was she?”

“She’s happy that we made each other feel good. You know she loves us both very much.”

“I know she does. And I’m so proud of her.” She turned her attention to the match as it started but Chelsey’s mind was focused on her daughter. “I think we need to have that talk after all. I think I can help her understand some things about pleasing a man,” she said in her mind.

Amanda’s team managed to win their first match but lost the second. They left the arena in second place. She was sad as she joined Sean and her mom on the way home. But she accepted the loss and was ready to look toward the end of school and summer.

Over the next few weeks, important event took place. Chelsey received a job offer from the hospital in Nashville. This would be a promotion for her. The house was listed with a real estate agency and within two weeks there were a number of inquiries. At the end of the third week, there was an offer which was accepted by Chelsey. They buyers agreed on a closing day after the school year and time to look for a house in Nashville. The f****y checked online listings and found several possibilities. They contacted an agent with the same realty company used for selling their house. A trip to Nashville resulted in the three of them deciding on a home that was in a good school district and which allowed for a reasonable commute to the university and the hospital.

School ended. Sean graduated in the top three of his class. Chelsey expressed her pride in his accomplishments. The f****y made arrangements to move. When that date came, they were able to ride in Sean’s truck while pulling a trailer with Chelsey’s SUV. With all that was happening, the f****y was so busy that there was little alone time for anyone. Sean and Amanda slept together often. They joined Chelsey in her bed on a couple of Friday nights. Nothing sexual took place other than a bit of kissing.

The Casey’s moved into their new home, taking several weeks to completely unpack and place furniture. Sean attended an orientation session at the university. Chelsey had arranged for her job to begin after the July fourth holidays. The f****y was happy and enjoying life.

One day toward the end of June, Sean went to the campus to meet his advisor. While he was away from the house, Chelsey saw the opportunity to chat with her daughter. “Sweetheart, can we have a talk?”

“Yes, mom. Did I do something wrong?” She knew she and Sean had not had intercourse but once.

“Well, I think I’d like to talk to you about Sean.”

“What about him? Did he do something wrong?”

“No,” her mom replied with a laugh. “There’s nothing wrong. I just wanted to talk to you about sex.”

“Oh. I thought we already had that talk.”

“Well, things are a little bit different since we had that little chat a couple of years ago.” She corrected herself. “No, things are a lot different than when we had that chat.” Chelsey asked, “What do you know about what makes a man feel good?”

“Mom, do we have to talk about this?” She blushed.

“No, we don’t. But I was thinking that as long as you and your b*****r are engaging in activity of that nature, you might want to know what a man enjoys.”

“Oh. In that case, yes, I’d like to learn more.” She was surprised that her mom would enter into such a discussion.

Chelsey began to share with her daughter about the finer points of the male anatomy. She used a banana to point out the sensitive areas around the glans and the underside of the penis. Amanda commented, “Yeah, Sean said something about that.”

“Good.” Chelsey peeled the banana. “I want to show you something.” She began sucking on the banana and licking the underside. She demonstrated what she had done to Sean following his orgasm that made him erect again. She explained the balls and how to fondle them without causing pain. Amanda watched in rapt attention as her mother explained in detail the process of a man’s orgasm.

“Wow. I guess I didn’t know much.”

“Well, don’t expect yourself to know it all. It takes time to learn your man and please him.”

“Sean said you pleased him.”

“Yes. And he pleased me, too. He really did please me.”

“He pleased me. He was so gentle, mom. He didn’t hurt me even though it was really tight. But he made me reach several orgasms.” She paused. “We’ve only had intercourse once. I think he’s afraid he will hurt me.”

“I know. He is really very thoughtful when it comes to giving pleasure. He is very unselfish.” It was then that Chelsey realized that this talk about Sean and what she shared with him was having an effect she could feel between her legs. “Do you mind if I ask you something very personal?”

“You mean more personal that what we’ve been talking about? This has been pretty personal to me.”

Chelsey laughed. “Well, let’s just say this is girl talk.” She looked at her daughter. “Do you ever please yourself?” She saw this question made her daughter uncomfortable. “Do you masturbate?”

“I have. I haven’t done it in along time.” She smiled. “Since I’m sl**ping with Sean a lot, and sometimes the three of us sl**p together.”

“Yes. I can see how that does limit the opportunities.”

“Do you do it to yourself?”

Chelsey was not expecting the question. “Actually, yes I do. Sometimes I lay in bed and know that you are in Sean’s bed and not even doing anything. I get to feeling lonely and sometimes I just feel horny. So I will please myself.”

“It feels better when Sean makes me..uh..cum.”

“Yes. I know.” Chelsey was both surprised at the ease with which they were talking. She could tell that Amanda was still a bit uncomfortable. “Are you okay about this?” she asked.

“Yes, mom. It’s okay.” She paused, expressing some obvious discomfort. “Mom, can I talk to you about something?”

“Of course, sweetheart. It’s obvious we can talk about anything.”

“I don’t want Sean to know about it. I’m not sure I even ought to tell you.”

Chelsey leaned forward in her chair. “You can tell me anything. If it is something I can help with, I will.”

Amanda was thoughtful for a long moment. “Well, it’s about Atlanta.” Chelsey was attentive, allowing Amanda to take her time. “Friday night after we won the match, we celebrated as a team. We went out to eat and then met to talk about Saturday.” She paused. “I guess that didn’t work out so well, did it?” She didn’t wait for a response from her mom, who she could see was listening. “Coach D’marco told us we needed to keep the curfew and we all went to our rooms around nine o’clock. We took showers and went to bed.”

Chelsey listened to her daughter. She knew by her tone that this was something she considered serious. “Rachel and I slept in one bed. Marci and Teresa slept in the other.” She paused again, thinking of how to say what she wanted to share. “Anyway, we didn’t need to cut the lights out until later so we talked. Pretty soon the topic of conversation turned to boys.” She gave something of a smirk. “Of course, they all said Sean was the hottest thing on the earth.”

Chelsey was beginning to think that maybe the girls learned about Amanda’s relationship with her b*****r. She began to feel concern but waited until Amanda continued. “Eventually, the talk went from boys to girls. Marci and Teresa began to talk about girls being with girls.” She looked to see what reaction her mom might express. She could not tell that Chelsey was in fact relieved to know that her thoughts were wrong.

“After a bit, they started talking about what they liked to do. Marci and Teresa started kissing each other. Mom, I didn’t know what to do.” Obviously, this upset Amanda. “They kissed and started touching each other. Rachel and I sat there and watched them. Mom, they took off their t-shirts and were touching each other.” Then, we added. “They told us we ought to try it because it was better than being with a boy.”

Chelsey wanted to ask, “And did you?” but she restrained herself and was patient.

Amanda continued. “Well, after a few minutes of them daring us to kiss, Rachel looked at me and leaned over and kissed me on the lips.” She almost started crying. “I told her I wasn’t a lesbian. They all said neither were they. Marci and Teresa said they were bi-sexual.” She paused in thought again. “I asked if they had ever been with a boy. Both of them said they never had, but they wanted to. And they said that until then, they would just be with each other.”

Chelsey said, “Well, they really don’t know what they are, do they?” She then asked, “And what did you feel when Rachel kissed you.”

“I didn’t really feel anything but uncomfortable. I mean, we didn’t really kiss like Marci and Teresa. They opened their mouths and were touching each other’s breast.”

“Is that all they did?”

“No, not really. After a little Teresa laid down and Marci laid next to her. She put her hand into Teresa’s panties.”


“I think Teresa had an orgasm. Marci even sucked her breasts.”

“And you felt uncomfortable? That’s natural. You’ve never had that desire or the opportunity. I would have felt uncomfortable in that situation.”

“Were you ever with a girl?” The question almost made Chelsey gasp. A memory from long ago became fresh in her mind. She wanted to say “No,” but she did not want to lie to her daughter.

“Well, several years before I met your father, when I was younger than you and just beginning to develop, I did have something of an experience with a girl.” She looked at her daughter. “It was not pleasant.”

“What happened?”

“I was at a friend’s house. She had an older s****r. My friend and I were playing a game when the s****r came in. I think she was fifteen or sixteen. Anyway, she got to talking about sexual stuff and asked us if we wanted to play another game.” Chelsey was trying to word what she wanted to say. “Anyway, one thing led to another. We wound up with our clothes off and her s****r touching us. She began kissing me and my friend. Then, she told me to lay down. She got between my legs and licked me.” She blushed. “She made me have my first orgasm.”

“Wow. What did you do?”

“Well, I was scared at first. Then I enjoyed it. I had never had another person touch me before. My friend had apparently been doing this with her s****r for some time.” She paused. “Several times after that, my friend and I would do it to each other.” She paused again. “My friend and her s****r were caught by their mom and the f****y moved away.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“It appears we can talk about anything? Go ahead.”

“I think that you and Sean did that, too. Did it feel the same with the girl as it did with Sean?”

That was the last question Chelsey thought she would be asked by her daughter. “Well, I’m not sure. Since I was so young I really don’t remember. I know it felt good. But I can’t say it was better than what I have felt recently. Certainly my body is different now and my experience is different.”

“Sean makes you feel real good, doesn’t he?”

“Amanda, I have to be honest and say yes.” She looked at her daughter. “Doesn’t he make you feel good.”

“Oh yes. I can’t imagine feeling any better.” She looked at her mom. “I just wondered if there is a difference.”

“Sweetheart, I think we can agree that anytime we have an orgasm, it feels good. But there is more to pleasure than just having an orgasm. What makes it special is how we feel about the person we are with. Making love with someone we love is always better than just having sex with someone who really does not care for us.”

“So, if you care for a person, it will be special and different.”

“Yes,” Chelsey was becoming a bit uncomfortable. “Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know. It’s not important.”

“It was important enough to ask. It seems you are thinking about this.” She looked at Amanda. “You can tell me.” She paused. “Did more happen in Atlanta?”

Amanda looked nervous. “No. That was all it was.” She paused. “Sean told me that you made him feel good. You told me he made you feel good.”

“Yes, I did. And you told me that you both made each other feel good.” She could still sense her daughter was wanting to say more. “And?”

“I wish I could make you feel good, too. I love you as much as Sean does. But he’s a man and he can do what I can’t do.”

“Oh, my dear Amanda. I know you love me. I know that you love me as much as Sean does. And I love both of you. Please believe me, because he is my son and a man, I don’t love him more than you. Because he has pleased me, I don’t think you are not special.”

“I guess I just feel left out because he is able to show you love that I can’t show because I’m a girl.” She paused. “Anyway, I couldn’t make you feel as good as he does.”

“You don’t know that. All you know is how Sean makes you feel. I am thinking that he makes me feel just like that. Not better.”

“That’s what I’m saying. He is allowed to do for you what I am not allowed to do.”

“Darling, it is not a matter of being allowed or not allowed. You never mentioned this to me.” She looked at Amanda. “Now, let me ask you a question.” Amanda looked at her with watery eyes. “Are you wanting to know how I make him feel? Are you wanting to see if I make you feel as good as Sean does or if you can make me feel as good as he does?”

“I don’t know.” Amanda wiped her eyes. “It’s not important.”

“”Amanda, I think it is important to you. I am thinking that you believe that somehow Sean and I have something that you and he do not have. I am thinking that you feel left out or maybe not as special as he is because of that.”

“I don’t know what I’m thinking. I’m just being stupid like Marci and Teresa.” She sobbed softly.

Chelsey rose from her chair and sat next to her daughter. Amanda leaned against her as she put her arms around her. “Sweetheart, I’m not a lesbian. I never even considered myself bi-sexual. When that happened to me, I don’t think that word was even around.” She hugged Amanda. “But I do know this. I know that I love you and I know that you love me. You don’t have to prove it to me.” She stroked Amanda’s hair. “But, I will say this. If this is something you want to talk about more, or even if you want to share more with me, then we can do what you think will help you know what you want to know.”

“I don’t know what I want to know.” She sobbed. “I just want to know that I make you feel as good as Sean.”

Chelsey hugged her daughter. She thought about what had been said. “Well, I’m not sure how to do that except for one way.” She held Amanda at arms length. “I’ll tell you what. Let’s just keep this between you and me. And, let’s say that sometime when we’re alone and you still feel like you do today, you let me know. If you are curious, then we’ll find out. Who knows. I may be a bit curious myself.”

Amanda hugged her mom. “Mom, I love you so much. You are so good to me.”

“I love you, too. And you are good to me, too.”

Chelsey kept the conversation in her thoughts for the remainder of the day. Sean returned home and they all chatted about his meeting with his advisor. They went shopping for things for the house. Amanda seemed normal and she showed her affection for her b*****r as usual. In the afternoon, Chelsey received a call from the Human Resources Department at the hospital. She was told there was an orientation for new employees the following day. She was invited to come and do a tour of the hospital and meet a variety of people. She agreed to attend.

Chelsey left the house at nine a.m. Sean and Amanda agreed to take care of things around the house. The orientation included lunch with the Administrator. She kissed her k**s and left.

While they were finishing up with cleaning the kitchen, Amanda approached Sean. “I like it here,” she said. “I’m glad we get to live together.”

“Me, too,” Sean said with emphasis. He hugged Amanda. “Especially being with you.” They kissed. He looked at her. “We’re alone.”

“I know,” she responded with a smile. They held hands as they headed toward Sean’s bedroom.

Sean led Manda to the bed. They looked at each other. They smiled, they kissed, they hugged. He began taking off his shirt. Manda pulled her t-shirt over her head. Sean removed his shorts. Amanda did the same. Sean stepped out of his Crocs. Manda flipped her sandals from her feet. They laughed as they watched each other. Sean pulled the bed covering off the bed and used his hand to direct Manda to lay down.

Manda crawled onto the bed and stood on her knees. Sean joined her. As he laid down, Manda laid on top of him. “I love you,” she said. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, Manda.” They kissed, allowing their tongues to play and dance. When their lips parted, Manda sat up, straddling Sean’s abdomen. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She slid it over her arms and tossed it to the floor. She cupped her breasts. “They’re getting bigger.”

Sean replaced her hands with his. “Mmmm. Yes they are.” He massaged them for several minutes, caressing her nipples and watching them harden. “They are fuller and firm.” He smiled. “They feel good.” He put his hands on Manda’s shoulders and pulled her down. He directed her so that he could suck her breasts. He covered the left breast with his mouth and sucked. His tongue teased her nipple and made circles around her areola. He moved to her right breast and did the same. He lifted her up and began massaging them again

“That feels good,” Manda said. They looked at each other for a moment. “Sean, I want so much to please you. I want you to feel my love.”

“My darling Manda. I know you love me. And you do please me.” He touched her face. “I want to please you. I want you to feel my love for you.” He guided her to lay down. He turned to face her. They kissed softly. Raising up on his arm, Sean said, “Turn over on your front.”

Manda did as told. Pushing her hair to the side, Sean began kissing the back of her neck. He used the tip of his tongue to make small circles as he move across her neck to her shoulders. He moved over her body slowly. His lips softly caressed her skin as his tongue teased it. He moved back and forth over her shoulders, moving lower with each pass. He moved down her back almost to her waist.

Sean then began again, but this time he made circles down the center of her back, teasing her skin covering her backbone. He lightly kissed and moved his tongue in circles. As he reached Manda’s lower back, he began moving back and forth again. He finally reached the top of her panty waist. He continued his back and forth movement, gently pulling down her panties. He followed the fabric with his tongue, licking, circling, teasing her soft, warm skin.

Manda’s hips began to move as she felt the sensation of his touch. It did not tickle, but she felt her skin tingle as her b*****r made circles over it. As Sean continued to pull down her panties, she raised up enough to allow him to slide them under her. As he uncovered her hips, he continued with the tongue teasing and circling. Her hips continued to move in response to his touch. He finally had her cheeks completely naked as he continued his journey down.

Sean slowly slid the panties down Manda’s legs. As he did so he moved from one leg to the other, following the fabric. Manda responded as his tongue circled around her upper thigh. She began grinding her legs together as the sensation began between them. When he reached her knees, Sean teased the backside causing Manda to move even more. She moaned softly.

Sean finally pulled the panties off her feet, taking his time to kiss and tease her feet in the same way. He made circles around her ankles. Then, he slowly began the journey back up her legs. He parted her legs so he could tease her inner calves. He once again spent extra time at her knees. Moving up to her lower thighs, Sean spread her legs even move so he could position himself to lick and circle this soft skin. He moved up the inner thigh of her left leg. Manda’s hips began to move up and down. He switched to her right thigh and continue to lick and make circles moving upward slowly.

As he caressed Manda’s inner thigh, he could see her labia. He could see the moisture that was gathering. He spread her legs further to allow access to the area just inches below her pussy. He moved even slower as he made small circles on this sensitive skin. He was finally able to place his tongue at the area adjoining her lips. He licked that area on each thigh. He paused to look at her. Her hips were moving to his touch. Her pussy was so inviting. He lowered his head. Using the tip of his tongue and barely touching her, Sean licked up and around Manda’s labia.

“Ah,” she moaned loudly as her hips began to move up and down. “Do you know what you are making me feel?” she said softly. She spread her legs apart even farther, giving him access to her folds.

The tip of Sean’s tongue moved up and down the slit between her lips. He pushed in slightly as he heard her moan louder. He moved up and down and pushed in as he did so. “Oh, Sean,” Manda said softly. “That feels so good.” Manda’s hips rose up. Sean moved to her clit. He brushed over it. Manda responded. Slowly Sean moved upward. He brushed his tongue over her hip up the middle of her back. As he held himself up over her body, Manda turned over. She looked Sean in the eyes.

“Wow,” she said. She smiled at him. He leaned down to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around him. “Oh, my dear b*****r.”

Sean laid down beside her. They snuggled, they kissed and hugged. He caressed her back as she caressed his. He lowered himself down to her breasts. He sucked on her right breast as he massaged it into his mouth. Manda ran her fingers through his hair. “I love it when you do that,” she said. “I love you.”

Sean moved her to other breast. As he sucked and massaged it, Manda’s hips moved up and down. After several minutes he began moving toward them. He used his tongue on her abdomen, making circles and kissing. His lips barely touched her skin, teasing her lightly. As Manda spread her legs, he moved between them. Once again he kissed and licked her inner thighs. He could feel the warmth of her pussy. He could see the moisture caused by his earlier licking. He could smell the scent that turned him on even more.

Sean began licking her. Manda grabbed his hair and pulled him into her. Her hips thrust against his mouth as he pushed his tongue into her canal. Manda moaned loudly as her breathing quickened and came in short gasps. “Oh, oh..” she moaned. ‘I’m gonna’ cum, Sean. I’m gonna’ cum.”

Sean eased his movements, allowing her a moment to calm. He pulled his hand toward her pussy and pushed a finger into her canal. He moved it in and out. She was tight, but the wetness allowed him to move in and out without any resistance. After a few minutes, he again placed his tongue against and began to lick. He moved upward until the tip of his tongue moved across her clit. She jumped, raising her hips off the bed. As he continued to move back and forth, up and down, and in circles around her sensitive button, she began to cry out. “Oh, please, Sean. Let me cum.”

Sean wrapped his arms under and around her thighs. He parted her lips with his fingers, causing her clit to be fully exposed. He covered the area with his mouth. As he sucked in gently, his tongue danced over it. Manda went wild. She began to move up and down in jerks. She swayed back and forth. Her body was in constant motion as she began to cry out. Between her gasps she moaned.

Manda was out of control. Her body was moving involuntarily to Sean’s activity between her legs. Her hips thrust upward and fell back, pushing into the bed. She grabbed Sean’s hair, pulling his mouth against her. The waves began down inside her. She felt as though she was convulsing. She could not help it. When the first spasm started, she cried out, “I’m cumming.” One after the other swept through her slender body. Even in the throws of ecstasy, a thought came to her mind. “How can my body feel something this good?” Her legs stiffened. Her lower abdomen felt like it would burst open. Sean continued his licking and sucking until Manda collapsed. Her body jerked several times before she laid still.

The only motion Sean was aware of from his s****r was the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed deeply. He raised his head to look at her. Her eyes were closed. Her arms were limp at her sides. Her legs were completely still as they laid across his upper arms. For a moment he thought she had passed out. Then Manda moved her head with a loud sigh. He gently pulled his arms from under her and raised himself up to her. He rolled to her side, supporting himself with his left forearm, resting on his elbow. He looked down at her. He leaned over and gently touched his lips to hers.

Manda managed to turn her head toward her b*****r. She opened her eyes to meet his looking down at her. There was a gentleness to his face. Her breathing had slowed but was not yet normal. She tried to think if she could even feel her body. The tension of the orgasm had caused her body to now relax completely. “I can’t move,” she whispered to him.

“You don’t have to move, my sweet girl. You just have to lay there and look beautiful.”

“I don’t feel beautiful,” she said with a smile. “I don’t feel anything right now.” She paused. “No. That’s not true. I do feel something. I feel your love.”

“That’s good. That’s exactly what I was hoping you would feel.”

Manda breathed deeply and exhaled slowly. “If you’ll give me a minute, I want you to feel mine.” She smiled. She raised her arm in slow motion, bringing her hand to his face. “I love you, my dear b*****r.” After she touched his face, her hand dropped back to the bed. “I’m hopeless,” she said. “I am completely relaxed.” She thought for a minute. “I think there is a word for this. I can’t remember what it is. I can’t even remember my name right now.”

“I think the word is ‘euphoria,’” Sean said.

“Yeah, that’s the world. I never knew where euphoria was. Now I’ve been there.” She tried to laugh. “I like it. I think I could live here.” She once again touched her b*****r’s face. “As long as getting here is with you.”

Sean kissed her. He held his lips against hers for a long moment. When he looked at her, her eyes were closed. She was breathing softly. He continued to look into her angelic face. He saw peace and calm. He saw contentment. He did not move, not wanting to disturb the moment for her.

Finally, Manda spoke. “I’m not asl**p. I’m just so relaxed.”

Sean laid down. Manda managed to turn toward him. Sean put her arm under her and pull her body to his. He held her close and firmly. He loved the feel of her against him. For a long time they laid together. Wrapped in each other’s arms.

Finally, Manda began to move. She looked into Sean’s face. She kissed him. “I think I have come back to life,” she said softly. She lifted herself, pushing Sean onto his back. She kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. She raised up and said, “I’ve got a tongue, too, dear b*****r.” She began moving down his neck and chest.

Manda put her mouth over Sean’s right nipple. She teased it with her tongue and sucked it. She moved to his left side and did the same. She slowly moved down his chest and abdomen, making circles as he had done to her. She directed him to open his legs. She moved between them and began to lick and kiss is inner thighs. She purposely did not touch is erect cock. Moving up his thighs, she began to lick his ball sack. Using her fingers to gently lift it, she licked the underside and all around. As she cradled him, her fingers moved, causing his balls to move around as she licked him.

“Whoa,” Sean said softly. “That feels good.”

After several moments of this, Manda moved up. She did not touch Sean’s cock with her fingers. It was erect and leaning slightly. She moved her head so her mouth was at his erection. She pushed her tongue out and began making circles on the underside. His cock began to throb as she moved up toward the head. Again, without touching him with her fingers, she covered the head, closed her lips around it, and sucked while her tongue danced over the tip. Sean almost jumped out of his skin.

“Manda, what are you doing? That is...” He paused to breath. “I don’t know what that is.” His head dropped back to his pillow as he pushed his hips up. Manda lowered her mouth around him and began to move up and down. She had still not touched him with her hands. Sean moved up and down in time with her movements up and down his cock.

Manda raised herself up, looking at his cock. There was precum and the moisture from her mouth on the tip. She used the tip of her tongue to lick it. Her b*****r flinched again. “Just how much of this do you think I can take?”

“I don’t know. Let’s see.” She continued to lick the glans and move up and down his shaft. After several minutes, his cock was rock hard and stiff. She wrapped the fingers of her right hand around him and began to stroke him. The fingers of her left hand cradled and gently fondled his balls. Sean’s movements increased. Manda continued stroking, sucking, and teasing him.

“Manda, I’m going to cum in a minute,” he said with a sigh and a moan. “I can’t hold it much longer.”

Manda continued to stroke with her hand as she raised up to look at him. “I’m going to make love to you,” she said. She moved up toward him, straddling him as she had done before. She placed his cock at the opening of her pussy and lowered herself slowly.

“Be careful,” he said as he watched her. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You are not going to hurt me. You’re going to love me.” She pushed down enough that the head of his cock entered her. She moved down and he began to enter her canal. She felt the tightness, but her cumming had provided lubrication. She moved up slightly and lowered herself again. She did this several times. Each time he went into her a bit farther.

“You are going to make me cum,” he said as he reached up and began caressing her breasts.

“I know. That’s the idea.” She pushed down until she felt him press against her deepest part. She realized that his cock was not completely in her. She moved up and down slowly. As she did so, Sean moved his right hand down and with his middle finger, he began rubbing her clit. Manda leaned toward him and rested her hands on his chest. They looked at each other eye to eye. Both smiled.

“I like this,” Manda said.

“I’m enjoying it myself,” Sean replied as Manda increased the speed of her movements up and down.

Sean thrust up a bit, not wanting to f***e himself any deeper into her. They moved together. Manda controlled the depth he was in her. She increased her speed again. Sean rolled his head back into the pillow.

“Oh..I’m cumming,” he said. Manda rose and fell with increased speed. Sean could no longer thrust. His body was in suspension as the orgasm erupted. He could feel it deep within his groin. The flow of semen moved upward through his cock. The tightness of Manda’s vaginal walls cause his body to f***e the cum to the head. This made the feeling more intense. He cried out as the first spurt surged outward and upward into her body. The second and third spasm were more intense. The warmth of his semen brought about an increase in the sensation. The head of his cock was so sensitive it was almost painful. Several more spasm brought more of his fluids up and into his s****r.

As Sean began to cum, Manda also felt the stirring of orgasm. Sean had massaged her clit, causing her to feel those inner stirring. Even in the throws of pleasure, he was able to continue rubbing her, teasing her. As she moved up and down on his cock, the spasms rose within her abdomen area. Her cries joined with those of her b*****r as they experienced the ecstasy of orgasm together.

Manda fell forward, continuing to lift herself up and lower herself down on her b*****r’s cock. Sean wrapped his arms around her as he thrust himself into her. After what seemed like forever, their movements began to ease. The intensity they felt together waned for both of them. They lay still, his cock inside her. Her head on his shoulder. They breathed in unison. Neither moved other than breathing for a long time.

Finally, Manda managed to push herself up enough to look into her b*****r’s face. They smiled. She kissed him. Sean put his arms around her as she stretched her legs along side his. His softening cock remained tucked away inside her. They did not speak. Their calmed breathing was the only sound. They were one, joined physically, but also joined in love for each other.

In the calm and quiet and the exhaustion of their love making, both dozed off. At some point, Manda managed to gently roll off her b*****r. He had put his arm under her, turned toward her, and cuddled her to his body. Her leg was d****d over his. They slept in perfect peace and calm. For the moment, they were the only two people in the world.

Chelsey was able to meet the hospital administrator who would be her immediate supervisor. Her job placed her as director of all nursing services. She coordinated training and quality of service with various division managers and supervisors. Everyone she met welcomed her with open arms. She was excited about the position and looked forward to getting back to work.

As she drove home through the Nashville traffic, she thought about the new life her f****y had here in this city. She was never a big fan of country music, but she decided that she could come to like it. She thought about Sean and his education. He knew this was the place he should be. She considered the new school Amanda would be attending. She met the principal when they registered for the coming year. She was impressed with everything about Nashville.

As she pulled into the drive, she thought about the fact that her son and daughter had been alone all morning. She had little doubts about what they had been doing. She felt strange because she was unable to make herself say it was wrong. She understood her feelings for Sean. How could she deny those feelings to her daughter because she was young. f******n was young, but the girl was mature for her age mentally and emotionally. She still had to develop physically before she could fully enjoy the pleasures that sex could bring. But that would come in time.

She also thought about the conversation she had with her daughter about her experience in Atlanta. She focused her thoughts more on what Amanda had said about wanting to please her mom the same way her b*****r did. Of course, that was not possible. There was a pleasure that was part of making love to a man that another woman could not give. And yet, there was something that women felt that only another woman could provide. Although Chelsey considered this, she was not sure what needed to happen or could happen between her and Amanda.

She pulled into the garage. As she entered the house, she expected to find her k**s in the kitchen or den. The house was quiet. The tv was off. Sean’s truck was in the garage so unless they walked somewhere, they were home. She put down her purse and walked down the hall to the bedrooms. She glanced into hers as she passed. Amanda’s was also empty. She noticed that Sean’s door was closed. She listened but heard nothing. “Well at least they are not in the throws of sexual bliss,” she thought.

Chelsey knocked lightly on the door. When she got no response she opened it slowly. She stepped into the room. Although the lights were off, there was plenty coming through the windows. She could clearly see Sean and Amanda. They were on the bed. They were both naked. She could see the condition of the bed and tell that there had been activity. She caught the slight scent of sex in the air. She walked toward the bed. She looked at her daughter. There was evidence of their love making in the dried cum on her pussy lips and upper thigh. She felt something but she was not sure what it was. She was happy for them. She knew this would be happening so she wasn’t surprised. She finally decided that it was the fact that they had made no effort to hide their activity. Even knowing she would be coming home, they remained in bed, in each others arms.

Chelsey slowly backed away from the bed. She left the bedroom, quietly closing the door. She went to her bedroom, trying to identify her feelings and what was causing them. As she removed her blouse, the realized that part of what she sensed was loneliness. Seeing her c***dren wrapped in each other’s arms reminded her that she was alone at that moment. But, as she considered this, she was also aware that these two were her f****y and she belonged to them.

She had seen Sean laying their. Not only did he love her, he had made love to her. There was her daughter. Amanda continually voiced her love for her. And, she had just had a conversation in which her daughter indicated some desire to make love to her mother. She belonged to these two in ways that went beyond a normal parent-c***d love. She reasoned within herself that she had no cause to feel lonely. She belonged to her f****y.

In her thoughts, Chelsey was able to identify another strong feeling that developed as she looked at Sean and Amanda. As she removed her skirt, she began to think about what the two of them had experienced while she was meeting future co-workers. They had shared their love. She looked at herself in the mirror as she considered the pleasure they shared. She reached behind her, unhooking her bra. She tossed it to the bed and continued to look at her body. She hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties and dropped them to her feet. She used her foot to toss them aside.

Chelsey continued to look at her reflection in the full length mirror. Sean and Amanda had pleased each other. “Apparently, they enjoyed themselves to the point of exhaustion,” she thought. She cupped her breasts. She lifted them, massaged them, and ran a finger over her nipples. The feeling she experienced was heightened by imaging what her daughter must have felt as her son sucked hers and fondled them.

She lowered her hand to her abdomen, parting her legs and placing her hand between them. Her finger probed her pussy as she considered the pleasure Sean created as he mostly likely licked Amanda’s young pussy and inserted himself into her. Chelsey felt the stirring within her. She thought for a moment and came to a conclusion. “These feelings were because of what her son had caused her to experience and her daughter expressed a desire to share with her.”

Chelsey turned and walked toward her door. She found herself standing outside Sean’s bedroom again, listening for any sounds that indicated they were awake. Hearing nothing, she quietly opened the door, closing it behind her. She walked with bare feet across the room to the bed. She looked at the two still sl**ping, deciding that there was more room next to Sean than Amanda. She gently laid down next to Sean’s naked body. She settled herself, spooning against him. She laid her arm across him and rested her hand easily on Amanda’s hip.

“Now we are a f****y,” she said to herself. “I admit we are abnormal and we are violating societies codes about f****y relationships. But,” she thought, “no one can deny our love for each other, our need for each other, and our desire to please each other.”

With her head on the pillow and her arm tucked under it, Chelsey allowed her body to relax as she felt the warmth of her son’s body against her. She f***ed the thoughts she had from her mind and allowed visions of closeness, belonging, caring, love, and pleasure to free her to go to sl**p.
At that moment, she was now a part of that world where no one else existed but the three members of the Casey f****y.

Sean began to rouse from his sl**p, aware that Manda was snuggled up to him. He also became aware of a presence behind him. He opened his eyes and attempted to turn onto his back. Being unable to do that, he turned his head. He saw his mom. His movement caused her to awaken. “Mom,” he said quietly.

Chelsey woke when Sean moved. He heard him speak. “Yes, son.”

“What..uh..when...uh..” he wasn’t sure what to say.

“Are you wondering what I’m doing in the bed?” Sean was only able to nod. “Well, it appears that I’m doing what you and your s****r are doing. I’m taking a nap.” She moved over far enough to allow him to turn to his back. Her arm was still across his body.

“When did you...” he was still unable to finish a question.

“When did I get onto the bed with you? Hmm, I’d say about fifteen or twenty minutes ago.”

“How did it go at the hospital?”

“Son, I’m laying in the bed with you and your s****r. We are all naked. Is what kind of morning I had really what you want to know?” She laughed.

“I guess that was a rather irrelevant question.”

Chelsey raised up and leaned against Sean. Her breast was laying against his chest. “Maybe we should start with the question ‘how did your morning go?’” she laughed again.

Amanda stirred from her sl**p. She rolled onto her back, stretching her arms and her legs, yawning. She then turned again toward her b*****r, put her arm across his chest, and laid her hand on her mom’s breast. She opened her eyes. “Mom,” she said with surprise. “When did you...what are you...”

“Don’t ask,” Sean said. “It’s not important.”

“Oh, okay. I’m glad you’re home.” She laid her head on Sean’s shoulder. Not only did she not remove her hand from her mom’s breast, she began moving her fingers. When she realized what she was doing, she looked up at her mom, “Sorry.”

“It’s all right, dear. It makes me feel like I’m involved in the party.” She smiled again. “Well, it appears you two are completely spent. I think I’ll get up.”

“It’s not that, mom” Sean said. “I think we’re just surprised to see you here with us.”

“I understand, son. And it’s just fine. It was nice to lay here with you for awhile.”

Amanda sat up and looked at her body. “I think I’ll take a shower.” She rolled out of bed and headed toward the door. The second bath was in the hallway between her room and Sean’s. Her b*****r and mom watched her leave.

Chelsey reached down and picked up Sean’s cock, covered with dried cum. “Looks like you could use a wash, as well.” She leaned to kiss her son. “You’ll feel better.” She rolled off the bed and left the room.

As Sean watched his mom walk through the door he said quietly, “Now what was that all about?” He got up and headed toward the shower.

The guest bath had a garden tub and a separate shower which was large enough for Sean and his s****r. He entered with her. She turned toward him and gave him a kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth. When she pulled away she said, “That felt really awesome. Thank you.”

“Thank you. It was very intense.” He hugged her soapy body, kissed her, and began lathering himself.

“So, what was mom doing in the bed with us?” Amanda asked as she dried her body.

“I don’t know. I woke up and she was laying against me.”

“You don’t think she felt left out, do you? I sorta’ understand how that feels.

“Really. I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay now. I just felt that you and mom had something I couldn’t be a part of.” She kissed Sean. “Now I know I was wrong. But maybe mom is feeling that now.”

“Maybe so. So, what do we do?” He dried himself. He looked at his s****r.

“Sean, I don’t really know.” She looked thoughtful. “Do you think it would be wrong for the both of us to be with her?”

“You mean, you, me, and mom together. There is a name for that, you know. It’s a threesome.”

“So, what do you think? Maybe she would like be a part of what we share.”

“I don’t know, Manda. It seems to me that what we’re doing now is pretty weird. Well, not weird I guess. But it certainly isn’t a normal relationship we have with each other. All three of us together. I don’t know. What do you think?”

“I think that we should see what happens if we approach it with her.”

“It would mean that another woman would be with us. Not just another woman, our mom. Are you okay with that. I mean, it might mean that you and mom would be,” he was not sure how to continue his thought.

“It would mean that mom and I might be touching each other, maybe even kissing.” She stood in front of him, looking into his eyes. “Would you be okay with that?”

“Well, I guess so. I never thought about it.” He kissed her quickly. “If you think we ought to make the effort, then I’ll go along with it.”

“Okay. Let’s just see what develops.” They walked naked to their rooms and dressed. When they went into the kitchen, their mom was preparing food for dinner later.

“Hey, guys,” Chelsey said. “Feel better.”

“Yeah,” Sean said.

Amanda agreed. “Can we help?”

“No, I’m just marinating this chicken. I thought this would be good for dinner.” She covered the dish and placed it in the fridge. “This needs to sit for a couple of hours.” She left the kitchen and headed into the sitting area. The great room was open to the kitchen. She picked up a magazine and began looking through it.

Sean and Amanda joined her. Sean turned on the tv and watched a rerun baseball game on ESPN. Amanda sat looking at her mom and her b*****r. “I’m going to my room,” she said, getting up.

“Okay,” Sean said.

“Sure, sweetheart,” Chelsey said.

Amanda cleaned her room as the thought about her conversation with Sean. She was surprised that he agreed to her suggestion. Amanda wanted to talk to her mom further about being with her. Her thoughts had been that it would be just her and her mom. But now, she thought it might be better for all three of them to be together. That way there would be nothing to hide from Sean. She did not want to lie to him.

Amanda cleaned her room and organized her closet for the third time since the move. She thought about how much she loved her b*****r and her mother. The way Sean made her feel earlier made her realize that, although their sex was good, it was being with him that mattered the most. She loved her mom. The thought of sharing something sexual with her grew in part from curiosity because of what happened in Atlanta. But, the real reason was that when she thought about Sean and her mom together and that they were making each other feel what she had shared with Sean just hours before. She also felt like she was not good enough for him. She knew her mom had more experience and knew more about pleasing Sean. Maybe she was jealous. Maybe she was just so unsure of herself. All she knew is that she believed that being a part of what they shared would make her better at pleasing him.

Amanda returned to the den. Chelsey was preparing dinner in the kitchen. Sean was laying on the sofa reading. She touched his head as she passed him. Going into the kitchen she asked her mom if she could help.

“Yeah,” Chelsey replied. “How about peeling those potatoes. It’s been a long time since I made creamed potatoes. They will go good with this chicken.” The two busied themselves with the food.

All three of the Casey’s commented that dinner was delicious. Sean and Amanda complimented Chelsey on her culinary skills. She stated that is was a group project. “The girls enjoyed preparing it and the man of the house enjoyed eating it.” That all laughed.

The rest of the evening was spent watching tv and light chatter about nothing significant. The three made plans to go shopping the next day. The females of the f****y wanted to check out the malls and major stores. Sean said he would go along for the ride rather than stay at home by himself. He commented that the “womenfolk” in the household needed a man’s opinion about what looked good.

“I’m going to shower,” Chelsey said, rising from her chair. I’ll see you in the morning.” She left the room thinking that Sean and Amanda would no doubt sl**p in the same bed. She would spend the night in her own. She entered her bedroom and closed the door. She slipped out of her lounging clothes and headed toward the shower. Her bathroom had a jet tub which she enjoyed occasionally when time permitted. Her shower was a large glass enclosed area with four shower heads. She decided that tonight she would use all four. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her working out at her former hospital was successful. She lost several pounds and added tone to her legs, arms, and buttocks. With the water temperature adjusted, she stepped into the spray from all shower heads.

Sean and Amanda were in the den. “Well, what do you think?” Amanda said.

“About what?”

“About mom and us,” she reminded him. “Do you want to surprise her tonight?”

“Sure. That’s fine with me if you think this is okay.”

“I think it is necessary, my dear b*****r. I don’t want her to feel what I was feeling for awhile.” They rose from the sofa.

“So what do we do?”

“She’s in the shower. I think we join her like she joined us in the bed today.” The both hurried and stripped off their clothes. They met in the hall outside their mom’s room. They entered and heard the shower going. Quickly walked to the doorway to her bath area. The door was open.

Amanda went first. She opened the shower door, startling her mom. “Mind if we join you?” She and Sean stepped into the streams of warm water.

“Oh, hey,” Chelsey said. “I wasn’t expected company. I would have put on something more decent.” The surprise was obvious, but there was also a hint of happiness. “Make yourselves at home.”

The three moved around in the shower, allowing all four streams of water to flow over them. “This is nice,” Sean said.

“Need some help,” Amanda asked Sean. She began rubbing over his body with a soapy wash cloth. She scrubbed his back. Now, your turn. She handed him the wash cloth, indicating that he needed to return the favor. When she turned her back to Sean, she turned to face her mom. “How about you?” she asked. She reached for her mom’s cloth and began spreading the soap on her back. She moved down across her hips. As Sean finished soaping her back, Amanda leaned down and began rubbing the cloth up and down her mom’s legs. She used her free hand also, rubbing up and down the soapy leg, feeling of her mom’s warm, wet skin.

Amanda stood. Her mom turned around intending to take the wash cloth and continue her bathing. “Thanks. That felt good,” she said. Amanda did not give her the cloth. Instead, her daughter began rubbing the cloth over her chest. She scrubbed under her mom’s neck and then across her chest. She covered each breast with the cloth and massage them. As she had done with her mom’s legs, Amanda used her free hand to follow the soapy cloth over her chest. She rubbed over Chelsey’s breasts, cupping them, massaging them, running her fingers over her nipples. All the time, Sean was kneeling, washing his s****r’s legs from her ankles to her upper thighs. He used his free hand to press against her labia.

While her daughter lathered her chest and breasts, Chelsey soaped her hands and began rubbing them across Amanda’s breasts. She cupped them and massaged them, just as she was having it done to her. Sean stood and watched his mom and s****r rub their hands over each other’s bodies. His cocked twitched and he realized that both were enjoying the attention. Sean moved to the side of her mom and s****r. He dropped the wash cloth and soaped his hands. Kneeling again on the shower floor, he began to spread soap on their legs. He rubbed up and down the leg nearest him first. He would wash the outside, the move back and forth from the back of their legs to the front as he made his way up. On each he moved up to their inner thighs, coming very close to their pussies.

He resoaped his hands and moved to the legs farthest from him. He reached around, spreading the lather. He started at their ankles and moved up. As he reached their upper thighs, he purposefully made contact with their labia. He moved his hands back and forth across their thighs with the area just above his thumb. Both of them made a noise of enjoyment. Sean rinsed his hands and continued his movement. Only he began to press his index fingers between their lips. This brought more sounds of pleasure. He looked up to see Manda and his mom continuing to caress the breasts of the other.

After several minutes, Amanda turned to her b*****r. “Your turn,” she said. Both she and Chelsey soaped their hands and began to move them over Sean’s body. With one on each side, they washed his shoulders and harms. They moved across his chest, their hands meeting in the middle. Each tweaked his nipples which cause him to flinch. They made their way down his torso, across his abdomen.

Chelsey and Amanda kneeled beside him and began washing his legs. They stayed together moving up and down, back and forth, starting at his ankles. Looking at one another, they began to move upward. They finally reached his inner thighs. Chelsey used her hands to indicate he need to spread his legs. He complied. She began to wash her son’s ball sack. Gently she cradled his balls and moved her hand around. While she did this, Amanda began to soap up his now, semi-erect cock.

“Oooh,” she said. “Looks like Sean enjoys a shower.” After several minutes of stroking his cock and cradling his balls, the two females exchanged their tasks. Manda placed her hand under Sean’s balls and Chelsey began stroking him.

“Listen, you two. I don’t think I can take much more of this.”

“Well, I guess we better get you rinsed off,” Chelsey said, giving his cock one last pull. “We already have enough showers going in here.” She and Amanda laughed.

Their bodies showered and dried, the Casey’s returned to Chelsey’s bedroom. There appeared to be an awkward moment as if they were trying to figure out “what comes next.” Amanda went to her mom’s bed and pulled the covers down. She crawled to the middle of the king-size bed and sat down, pulling her knees up and wrapping her arms around them. She sat like that for a moment then patted the mattress on either side of her, indicating for her mom and b*****r to join her. They did.

As Chelsey approached the bed, Amanda moved, allowing her mom to lay in the middle. She pointed for Sean to move toward the other side of her mom as she laid down. Chelsey had the look of wondering what was about to happen as her daughter laid next to her, propping herself up with her elbow. Sean did the same on the other side.

“What’s going on here?” Chelsey asked with a smile.

“We just thought it would be nice to be together tonight,” Amanda said. “Sean and I want to be with you.”

Chelsey looked at her son. He smiled and nodded. “That’s right, mom. We know this is a bit unusual, but we want to be with you.” He reached and took his mom’s hand in his. He kissed it. Then he leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. When he lifted himself up, he leaned across his mom. As he did so, Manda leaned toward him. They kissed, opening their lips, allowing their tongues to meet and dance.

Watching this taking place above her, Chelsey moved each hand toward Sean and Amanda. She placed one hand on her daughter’s thigh and the other on her son’s. When they brought their kiss to and end, each laid down and moved close to her. Sean kissed his mom, pressing his tongue between her lips. She opened her mouth so her tongue met his. As her mom and b*****r kissed, Amanda began moving her hand over her mom’s body. She placed her hand over her right breast and began massaging and fondling it. She leaned down and began sucking her nipple and caressing it with her tongue.

Amanda felt a bit strange doing this to her mom, but she began to enjoy the feeling of having her nipple in her mouth. She began to circle the areola with her tongue as the nipple became hard. Chelsey responded by placing her right hand behind her daughter’s head and pulling her c***d into her breast as she continue the kiss with Sean as they became more passionate.

As Sean kissed his mom, he moved his hand to her left breast, caressing and massaging it. He moved his fingers over her hardening nipple, lightly pinching it. Chelsey moaned into his mouth. When their lips separated, Sean lowered his mouth and began sucking the breast. Chelsey moved her left hand to her son’s head, pulling him into her. She laid their between her two c***dren, each sucking a breast. She closed her eyes and allowed the feeling to wash over her body.

Amanda lifted her head. She moved up toward her mom. They looked into each other’s eyes. “I love you, mom,” Amanda whispered, touching her mom’s face.

“I love you, sweetheart.” She pulled her daughter to her and kissed her. Passion was brewing. As Amanda and Chelsey were kissing deeply, Sean withdrew his mouth from his mom’s breast and began kissing his way down her body. He licked and teased her warm skin as he moved slowly down her abdomen.

Chelsey felt her son’s attention change as he moved down her body. As he approached her lower abdomen, she spread her legs, continuing to kiss her daughter. Sean positioned himself between his mom’s legs. He looked down at her pussy, taking his index finger and lightly tracing the outside of her labia. He slowly pressed between them as he moved it up and down. There was wetness present as he reached the inner folds. His mom responded, lifting her hips as he touched her. He lowered himself and licked her slit with the tip of his tongue.

Chelsey broke the kiss with her daughter. “I need to come up for air,” she said softly. She looked at her daughter’s eyes. “So. How does it feel to kiss your mom?”

“Incredible,” Amanda said. She kissed her mom again quickly and smiled. “Mom, I want to make you feel good.” She began caressing her breast again.

“You already are, my dear. You already are.” She raised her head to look down at her son. “And your b*****r is doing a pretty good job at that, too.”

Amanda reached her hand down and ran her fingers through her b*****r’s hair. “Yeah. He’s pretty good at that.” She looked at her mom. “Do you mind if I try it?”

“Sweetheart, I’m all yours.” She watched as Amanda lowered herself, dancing her fingers over her mom’s body. When she was laying beside Sean she kissed the top of his head.

“Time for a change.”

Sean lifted his head and looked at his s****r. They kissed. Sean rolled out from between Chelsey’s legs and Amanda took his place. Immediately, she leaned into her mom and began licking her pussy. Chelsey let out a long, low moan. Sean moved up beside her and began kissing her, massaging her breasts, tweaking her nipples. He moved up to kiss her. When he did, Chelsey reached down and wrapped her fingers around his erect cock. She stroked lightly as they kissed. Following the kiss, Sean continued sucking her breasts, moving from one to the other. He massaged them, sucked the nipples, using the flat of his tongue as if he were nursing. Again, Chelsey moaned. She had never experienced all these sensations at the same time.

Amanda licked her mom and pushed her tongue into her as far as she could. As she did so, she thought about how her mom tasted. She had licked her own fingers after pleasing herself, but this was a first. She liked the taste. She increased her motion, moving up and down and in and out. After some minutes she moved to her mom’s clit. It was already a bright pink and hard. She licked it and sucked it. She alternated between making circles around it and moving her tongue back and forth across it. Her mom’s hips were now pushing up. Amanda followed her movement, staying in contact with her.

Sean continued sucking as his mom gently stroked him. She was moaning and moving. She lifted him up to her and kissed him. “That feels so good,” she whispered to him. Using her hands, she indicated that she wanted him to move up. He did as she pulled on his cock. When his cock was near her face, Chelsey opened her mouth and leaned toward him. She pulled him into her mouth and began moving back and forth. All this time, Amanda is stimulating her pussy.

Finally, Chelsey could not resist any longer. She cried out. “Darling, I’m going to cum.” Amanda pushed two fingers into her mom’s canal and licked her clit faster. Her mom’s hips were pushing up to her. Releasing Sean’s cock, she reached down and placed both hands on Amanda’s head, her fingers wove into her hair. “Oh, sweetheart,...” she moaned.

The first orgasm built up and began to move from deep inside her. As it moved toward the surface, she cried out and began to move up and down rapidly to the point that Amanda was having difficulty licking her. The second and third spasm followed. Sean laid his hand on his mom’s lower abdomen as if he could control the jerking and cramping that swept over that area.
“I’m cumming,” Chelsey shouted out. She pushed her hips down into the bed and then lifted them off the bed. Up and down she as the spasms continued. She reached down and pulled her daughter up. “I can’t take anymore. Oh, oh, oh...she moaned loudly.

Amanda moved up, laying at her mom’s side but across her chest. Sean saw this as an opportunity. He quickly moved down and positioned himself between his mom’s legs. Even though her hips were moving, he grabbed his cock and leaned forward, managing to push himself into her. He thrust in quickly, pressing himself against her clitoral area. He moved in and out, thrusting into her. She cried out again as the orgasm continued. “Aaaaahhhhh,” she moaned, breathing in quick, shallow gasps. Finally, the intensity of the spasms lessened. Sean slowed his thrusts. Chelsey’s body was limp. Still inside her, Sean leaned forward and kissed her. Amanda rolled off her mom and Sean kissed her.

As Chelsey’s breathing became more normal, Sean pulled himself out of her and laid down beside her. He was in the position that he could suck her breast. He did so. He massaged it and fondled it. “I love the way you feel,” he said softly.

“I love the way you are feeling,” his mom was able to say. Amanda joined her b*****r in sucking the other breast. They spent several minutes doing this as their mom recovered her breath and relaxed. Laying down, they both laid arms across her, pressing themselves as close as they could.

“That was incredible,” she voiced in a sigh. “You two are amazing.” She had her eyes closed but she smiled, laying a hand on each. “Thank you, my darling c***dren. Thank you.”

Sean rose up and looked down at his mom and s****r. Amanda was caressing her mom’s breast. “You are both so beautiful,” he said. He turned and crossed over his mom and kneeled on his knees between Amanda’s legs. She looked at him and smile.

“I love you, Sean,” she said. She purred as he lowered himself to her. Supporting his weight with his arms, he kissed her deeply. Their tongues danced their dance of passion. Sean could taste his mother. He lifted himself and moved downward. He stopped above his s****r’s right breast and lowered his open mouth to it. Covering the areola and nipple, he began to slowly and gently suck. His tongue brushed over the nipple, making it grow hard. As he sucked, Chelsey reached over and began to massage the breast. She pushed more into her son’s mouth. Sean’s tongue was busy as he nursed on his s****r’s young teen breast. When he moved to her left breast, Amanda brought her hand up and fed it to him. Pushing the firm mound into his mouth, she sighed.

Chelsey watched her son sucking her daughter’s breast. She leaned over and began sucking the right one. Amanda moaned as she watched her mom and b*****r enjoying themselves as they gave her pleasure. “This feel so good,” as she reached under her mom and began fondling her breasts. She could not reach Sean’s cock so she laced her fingers through his hair, pulling him into her.

Sean began to kiss is way down her body while Chelsey continued to suck and massage Amanda’s breasts. Sean’s tongue danced around on the soft, smooth skin as he felt her chest rise and fall with deeper breaths. Slowly licking, kissing, and nibbling his way down, Sean eventually reached her pubic area. He lowered his head between Manda’s thighs. He could feel her heat and smell her juices. With her legs spread, Sean could see the wetness in the crevice between her lips. He used the tip of his tongue to sample it. He licked deeper. “You taste so good,” he said as he began to move up and down. He pushed his arms under her thighs, making her womanhood more accessible. He pushed his tongue into her canal.

“Oh, Sean..oh Sean,” Manda voiced between breaths as Chelsey continued to focus her energies on her breasts. Sean reached around her thighs and parted her lips. With his index finger he pulled the hood back from her clit. He loved to look at it. It was small and wet and pink, inviting his touch. He began to rub it lightly with his index finger. Manda jumped. “Oh,” she cried out. Sean flicked it with his tongue. She cried out again. He made circles around it. Her hips pushed upward. He covered her area with his mouth and began lightly caressing her with the flat of his tongue. Manda’s hips moved faster.

Sean began gently sucking as his tongue teased the now swollen pleasure point. He began to move faster as Manda raised and lower her hips, reacting to the pleasure charges that were jolting her body. She moaned loudly. “I’m going to cum soon,” she said in gasps. Her body was jerking as Sean licked and sucked her.

Chelsey could sense that her daughter was on the edge of orgasm. She raised her mouth from her breast and reached up to kiss her. Then, she moved down and joined her son. “Let me, son. Let me do it.” Sean rolled from between Manda’s legs and Chelsey replaced him. She spread Amanda’s lips and began licking her. Sean moved up to lay beside his sibling love. He smiled at her, caressing her face.

“I love you,” he whispered and kissed her quickly on the lips that were open and gasping air.

“I love you,” Manda mouthed, unable to expend the air to speak. They looked eye to eye and Chelsey continued licking her daughter. “Aaaahhhh,” Manda moaned. Her body began to shake. Her thighs pressed against Chelsey’s head. Her breathing became short and quick. “I’m cumming,” she managed to say as she kept eye contact with Sean. “I’m cumming.” She cried aloud as the waves of spasm swept through her lower abdomen. Manda’s hips pushed up. Her body went stiff with ecstacy. She bucked up and down. Chelsey did her best to continue licking. She managed to insert a finger into Amanda canal. When she did juices began to flow.

The spasms continued for almost a minute before they began to ease in frequency and strength. Amanda’s hips collapsed to the bed, her legs went limp. Her abdomen continued to jerk and her breathing was still in gasps.

“Ooohhhhh,” she moaned. “Ah..ah..ah,” were the only sounds she made between breaths. Finally, her only movement came from breathing.

Chelsey lifted herself and began to gently massage Amanda’s lower abdomen where the orgasm was felt the most. “My sweet darling,” she said softly. She began lightly rubbing her hand over her legs. Her fingertips barely touched the warm skin. As Chelsey brought her hand up Amanda’s inner thigh, she lightly scooped a bit of the creamy cum onto her finger and put it to her mouth. “You do taste good,” she said. She moved up and lay next to her daughter, opposite Sean. They leaned toward each other and kissed. “Thank you for sharing that with me,” she said. She placed her hand on her daughter’s face. “I love you, Amanda.”

“I love you, mom.” She breathed deeply. “I love you, Sean.” Chelsey and Sean laid down, both turned toward Amanda, resting their heads on pillows. They watched as the f******n year old recovered from the intense pleasure she had just experienced. “I don’t think there is a word for what I feel right now,” she managed to say in a whisper.

“I can think of one,” Sean said quietly. He placed his hand on Manda’s chest at her heart, which he could feel beating. “I hope you feel very much loved.”

“Yeah. That’s it,” she replied. “That’s exactly what I am feeling.”

All were quiet, enjoying being there together. Enjoying being f****y. Nothing was said. No one moved. There was peace and contentment. The Casey’s were as one in that moment. Amanda had pleased her mom. Chelsey had pleased her daughter. They had shared that with Sean.

For almost ten minutes the three lay still in the dim light coming from the bathroom. Finally, Amanda spoke. “That was incredible.” She looked at her b*****r, then at her mom. They were both looking at her, smiling. Amanda leaned over to her mom, kissed her quickly and them whispered into her ear. “I think Sean needs some loving, too.”

Chelsey almost laughed. “I agree. What do you have in mind?” she whispered back. As Sean continued to lay there, enjoying the closeness, Manda and Chelsey rose onto their knees. Amanda moved to the other side so Sean would be between the two of them. “Your turn, young man,” his mom said. She leaned toward him and kissed him. When she rose up, Manda did the same. Only Amanda held her kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth, playing with his. Chelsey began to move downward. She spread Sean’s legs and lay between them.

Sean’s cock was almost flaccid at this point. Chelsey gently grasped it and began lightly stroking. She placed him in her mouth, sucking lightly. Within a minute, he was fully erect again. Amanda began licking and nibbling Sean’s nipples, caressing his body with her fingertips. His body was responding to the attention with sparks of pleasure igniting within him. As Manda licked his nipples, he reached to her and began caressing her breasts.

“Oh,” she said. “Would you like to enjoy them?” she asked. She lifted herself to him and placed her left breast over his mouth. “Sean want to suck?” He opened his mouth and she lowered her breast into it. He sucked and massaged it. She pulled it out of his mouth and began rubbing her nipple over his lips. He licked it with his tongue. She again let him suck it for a minute before bringing her right breast to him.

Chelsey continue to move her lips up and down Sean’s erection as she cupped his balls and fondled them. By his movements she could tell he was feeling great pleasure. “Mom, I’m not going to last long,” he said as his breathing became faster. He swallowed and spoke. “I’m gonna’ cum hard.”

Amanda pulled her breast away from his mouth and moved down to her mom. “Let me do it the way you showed me,” she whispered. Chelsey moved away and Manda took her place. She held his cock in her gentle grasp and cover just the glans with her lips. She began to suck as she moved her tongue around it.

“Oh...” Sean said aloud. “What are you doing?” He raised his head to see his s****r with his cock in her mouth. “Manda, Manda, that is almost unbearable.” He dropped his head. “Don’t stop. But I’m gonna’ cum.”

Chelsey moved up beside him, on her knees. She looked down at her son. She had a thought. She straddled him and moved up so that her pussy was just above his mouth. “Maybe this will help,” she said as she lowered herself to him. Sean began licking her, pushing his tongue into her folds. She moved back and forth, allowing him to lick her clit and move in and out of her crevice. “Yes, my darling, lick your momma.”

Suddenly Sean cried out. “I’m about to cum.” Chelsey lifted herself up and turned to watch him. Manda moved up from his cock and straddled him. She grasp his cock and placed it into her opening. She lowered herself onto her b*****r.

“I want to love you, Sean.” She began to move up and down until he was as far into her as her canal would allow. As she moved, she placed her hand down between her legs and began rubbing her clit.

Quickly, Chelsey moved to her. “Let me,” she said. She began rubbing Amanda’s clit as her daughter placed her hands on Sean’s chest and began pumping up and down. Within a half minute Sean was making noises that indicated he was about to explode. Amanda also began to moan. She moved up and down. Sean thrust himself into her. Chelsey continued to rub her clit.

As if they were one, Sean and Manda both said, “I’m cumming.” Sean’s orgasm began with a hard surge of semen blowing from the end of his sensitive cock into the tight grasp of Manda’s pussy walls. He cried out. Manda felt the wave of orgasm develop and sweep through her lower abdomen. She cried out.

Chelsey watched as her son and daughter experienced intense orgasms. She continued to rub Amanda with one hand. With her free hand she began to rub herself. Spreading her legs apart, she assaulted her clitoral area with two fingers moving over it. She knew that she would not wait long before she felt the sweeping sensations of orgasm.

Sean moaned as the spurts weakened. He felt the warmth of his semen as it filled what little space was left inside his s****r. Amanda fell forward onto Sean’s chest. Her spasms were less intense than earlier, but she felt the heat of Sean’s cum enter into her. Chelsey began to cum and fell to her son’s side, her hand between her legs, her finger moving over her clit. As the orgasm eased, she inserted two fingers into her pussy and felt the pulsations of the walls.

Sean was exhausted. Manda was spent, her legs so weak she could barely push herself up to lay beside Sean. Chelsey managed to maneuver herself up to be beside her son. They lay, side by side, all experiencing the effects of orgasms. They lay that way for several minutes. Finally, Chelsey positioned herself beside Sean. She moved his arm under her pillow so she could lay her head on his shoulder. Manda crawled up to lay beside Sean. She, too, pulled his arm under her pillow and she laid her head on his shoulder. Sean simply moaned as he wrapped his arms around them and pulled them close.

Again, they were silent for a long time until Amanda spoke. “Mom,” she said softly. “You really made me feel good.”

“Darling, you made me feel good, too.”

“But I think I realized something.”

“What is that dear?”

“As good as you made me feel, I think Sean’s cock makes me feel better.”

Chelsey laughed. “My dear, I agree with you. He does make it feel better.”

“What are you two talking about?” Sean asked as he breathed softly.

“Oh, just girl talk,” his mom answered. “It’s not important.”

Amanda giggled. “You know mom, if we both agree about that, then there is something that is important.”

“What’s that my darling daughter?”

“It’s a good thing we have a man of the house.” Amanda and Chelsey laughed.

“And what a house it is,” Sean said.

After a few minutes Sean spoke again. “So this is what life is like in Nashville.”

They all closed their eyes and went to sl**p. But not before they all had the same thought, “I wonder what tomorrow will be like.”
take care of you guys and girls ...this is fiction and im not the author ...hope you liked all the storyes
80% (27/7)
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10 months ago
this story could have taken many directions. i am so glad that the author chose the direction that they did. i was impressed by the impression of love here more than anything else. GREAT SERIES!!!!!!!
1 year ago
outstanding series
1 year ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
The author of this fantastic saga-epic MUST honor colleague reader's with at least several (three or more) Chapters/Parts for this family to more fully share, explore, enhance, discover more and higher degrees of this family's--sibling's and mother's--incredible incestual love. There is so much more this family could share that WE READER'S would ever be indebted for--all with out any outside-the-family influences (which for me would corrupt the Casey Family style, aura, love).

This is in the purest sense the ultimate, celestially highest and deepest love in the universe, the love of a most-loving mother for her children who love her just as much in return, though the love is incestual making the bonds even stronger. WE
2 years ago
There has to be at least three to as many as five more Parts/Chapters!!! We must find the author and convey our desire for more of this family of love and charm and thoughtfulness.

There is, with Mother being at the young age of 36 years old, the very probable, and desired, state of her becoming pregnant. There could be camping, sea cruise, island vacation, excursions and adventures of the three, and baby makes four, over several more years of their lives.

The saga is a perfect length of each Part; it is thoughtfully and compassionately presented. The feelings of the author comes through as whisp's of clouds do on sunny days. Tremendously terrific story!
2 years ago
Nothing like a really happy & satisfied framily,
2 years ago
great reading but a tad to long may be put your stories into chapters??????????????