"The Man of the House" - Part 6

Chelsey entered the kitchen from the garage to find Sean at the sink washing dishes. “Where’s your s****r?” she asked.

“I’m in here, mom,” Amanda replied. She appeared at the laundry room door. “How are things at the hospital?”

“Not too good. There were several serious injuries. These were admitted. Others were treated and released.” She handed her daughter her tote bag containing her workout clothes. “Would you put these with the things to be washed?” She continued, “the problem is that these people on the bus are far from home. They will need to make arrangements to stay in hotels until they can get home.”

“I’m sorry you had to deal with that today,” Sean added as he approached his mom and gave her a hug. “You are a good person.”

Chelsey kissed him on the cheek. “So, what have you been up to?” As she asked the question, she thought to herself that she most likely already knew the answer.

“Nothing much. We’re doing the laundry like you asked.” Amanda also gave her a hug. “Do you want some lunch?”

“Yeah, that would be nice.” Chelsey opened the fridge. “I take it you haven’t eaten yet.” She looked through leftover items. “There’s some salad left. How about we just eat a light salad and maybe go out later.”

“Sounds good to me,” Sean said. Amanda agreed.

As the laundry finished and the Casey’s gathered in the great room to eat their salads. Chelsey shared a bit more about the emergency at the hospital and some of the people on the bus she met. She didn’t notice any peculiar behavior with her k**s and began thinking she might have been wrong to think that they had been sexual while she was away. The rest of the day was relaxing. Sean cleaned his truck while Chelsey and Amanda went shopping.

The Casey’s decided on BBQ for their meal, going to their favorite southern restaurant. They ate and chatted about the approaching summer. The conversation turned serious when Sean brought up the subject of his plans for college. He had applied to and received acceptance from four universities. Although he had made excellent grades in all subjects, he was particularly interested in science. He had shared his thoughts about neurobiology. He had discussed possible institutions for such study with the high-school guidance counselor. They worked together to research this field of study and developed a list of schools. He applied to the top four and each accepted him with two offering academic scholarships.

“What are you thinking?” Chelsey asked. “Have you made up your mind?” She had already told her son that money was not an issue.

“I don’t know,” he replied. He looked at his mom and then his s****r. “To be honest, I’m not sure I want to leave home.”

“Son, you have to think of your future.” She reached across the table and took his hand. “I appreciate what you’re saying. But this is a big decision. You have to think of yourself.”

“I know. But I really don’t want to leave the two of you.” As he spoke, Amanda, who was sitting next to him, placed her hand on his thigh. “You say I’m the man of the house. It will be hard to do that if I’m in another state.” It was clear that he was referring to more than just being at home.

“When do you have to commit?” his mom asked.

“I have another week and a half.”

“Okay. Let’s just think of it this way.” Chelsey place her other hand over his. “Without taking into consideration any other factor, which school would you choose?”

“Maybe the school in Tennessee.” He looked at both s****r and mom. “It is a great research center and that is really what I’m most interested in.”

“Then, we’ll think about this and see what you think in a day or two,” Chelsey replied. Neither she nor her son noticed the tears that formed in Amanda’s eyes.

The food came and the three ate with no further talk of college. The discussed the next few weeks of school and the upcoming volleyball tournament in Atlanta. The rest of the weekend went quickly. Amanda had little to say as she thought of being in the house without Sean. Sunday night she made her way to his bed and slept with him. They embraced and kissed. They did nothing sexual, respecting their mom’s wishes in that area.

On Monday morning, Sean dropped Manda at her school. Before she got out of the truck she turned to her b*****r, took his hand and said, “I love you.”

“I love you.” Sean lowered the passenger window and watched her walk toward the building as she was joined by several friends. He knew she was upset over the talk of his going to university. When she came to the entrance, she turned back to look at him. He waved and she returned it.

“You sure are close to your b*****r,” one of her friends said as she watched Amanda wave. “My b*****r said I’m a pain.”

Amanda wanted to respond that she and her b*****r were more interested in being pleasure to each other, but instead she replied. “He’s the man around our house. I guess we just grew up close without a dad. He takes care of mom and me.”

“I’d like to get close to him,” another girl said. “I think he’s hot.”

At the end of the day, Sean was waiting for his s****r when she came out of the building. He noticed as she stepped through the main entrance that several boys were around her. At first, he thought they were being typical middle school walking hormones, trying to impress a pretty girl. But he quickly realized Manda was trying to get away from them. She turned around and yelled. Sean could not hear what she said, but it was obvious she was upset. He jumped from the truck and headed toward them.

As Sean approached, one of the boys pushed her, causing her to drop one of her books. She was about to pick it up when another boy pushed her, almost causing her to fall. “Hey,” he said as he approached. The boys looked up to see him. They were immediately afraid.

“I think you owe her an apology. Now pick up her book.”

The k** reached down and picked up the book. Handing it to Amanda, he said quietly, “Uh..I’m sorry.”

“Now get the hell out of here,” Sean said. He made a quick movement toward the boys and they all ran. He turned to Manda. “What was that all about? Are you okay?”

“Yeah. It’s nothing. Let’s go.” By the time they were seated in the truck, she was crying.

“What happened? What did they say to you?”

“Nothing, Sean. Please. Can’t we just go?” She wiped her eyes. He started the truck and they pulled away from the school. Manda was quiet on the trip home.

They entered the house and Manda went to her room. Sean waited a few minutes to see if she was coming back to the kitchen for their snack. When she did not join him, he went to her. Knocking lightly on the door, he entered. Manda was still in her school clothes. She was laying on her bed crying. Sean sat next to her, placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Hey. Tell me what that was about?” She continued to cry. “Do we keep things from each other?” He laid next to her and put his arm over her. Manda turned toward him and fell into his arms. She cried for several minutes before she looked at him.

“It’s nothing really,” she said through her sobs.

“Well, it’s something to me if it made you cry.” He wiped her face. “Please talk to me.”

“They call me names,” she said. “They say that because I don’t act like I’m interested in boys that I’m gay. They were calling me a lesbo whore.” She began to cry again.

“Well, we know that’s not true.” He held her close. “Those idiots wouldn’t know a lesbo whore from a sign post. They are jerks and they want girls to think they’re the worlds great lovers.” He hugged her. “The only love they know is between their hand and their dicks.”

They laid together for a while. Manda calmed. “I feel so safe with you.” She looked up at him. “Sean, what am I gonna’ do when you leave? I love you. I need you.” She began crying again. “You were there for me today. You always are.”

He held her as she cried. “Oh, Manda. We still have decisions to make about that.” He tried to be reassuring, but he was not sure himself what he would do without her. As she calmed down again, he held her close. “I love you, Manda. We’ll work something out.” They held each other for a long time, getting up when they saw it was near time for their mom to be home.

Chesley walked into the kitchen. She found Sean and Amanda in the great room on the sofa. Her daughter was leaning against her son. It was obvious that Amanda had been crying. “What is wrong?” she asked with genuine concern. “Are you okay?” She sat next to her daughter.

“Yeah,” Amanda said, nodding her head. “I just had a bad day at school.”

“It must have been pretty bad to make you cry.” Chelsey looked at Sean. He smiled a half smile and made a facial gesture that indicated a problem. “What happened?”

“Let Sean tell you.”

Chelsey looked at her son. “Some boys at school called her names. They accused her of being gay because she doesn’t treat them like they think they deserve. You know how boys that age can be.”

“Yes. I’m sorry, sweetheart. Your age can be really cruel toward each other.”

“Oh mom, that’s not all.” She looked at her mother. “I don’t want Sean to leave us. I want him to stay here.” She leaned toward her mom and began crying again.

Chelsey held her, looking at her son. Tears welled up in her eyes as well. “I know how you feel, Amanda. But we can’t always have what we want.” Still holding her daughter, she reached toward Sean and touched his shoulder. “It’s nice having him as the man of the house.”

Amanda cried for several minutes before getting up and going to her room. “Can you come by the office tomorrow? I think she has practice and you and I can talk.”

“Sure mom.” They rose from the sofa. “You might want to go see about her. She needs to cry I think.” Chelsey went to Amanda’s room. She laid with her daughter until Amanda fell asl**p.

Returning to the kitchen where Sean was looking into the fridge, she said, “I know how she feels.” She approached Sean and hugged him. “But, we’ll talk about all this tomorrow. Let’s prepare for dinner.”

Amanda came into the kitchen as Chelsey was finishing preparing the meal. She hugged Sean and her mom. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass.”

Sean turned around toward his mom and his s****r. He rubbed his hands over his butt. “Does it look like my ass is in pain?” he asked. They all laughed.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yes, I do. And you are not a pain in the ass. You’re being honest and sharing what you feel.” He hugged Manda and gave her a quick kiss. “At least you’re not saying, ‘I can’t wait until you leave.”

“I would never say that.” Amanda did a fake punch to the stomach.

The f****y ate their meal and cleaned the dishes. They all sat on the sofa to watch a favorite series program. Amanda sat between her mom and b*****r. Later, they prepared for bed. Chelsey slept in hers. Sean found Amanda laying under the covers in his when he finished brushing his teeth. He climbed in bed next to her. He was wearing his boxers. When Amanda cuddled to him and he put his arms around her, he realized she was wearing only her panties.

As they held each other, he could feel her warm body against his. They kissed, their lips parting. As their tongues played, he slipped his hand from around her and began caressing her left breast. It was firm and yet soft. “Hmm,” he sighed. “They are getting bigger by the week, I think.”

“All the better to please you with,” she whispered. She placed her hand behind his head and pulled him down to it. “I need you to love me,” she said. As he leaned toward her, she added. “I don’t mean make love to me. I just need to feel your love.” Sean sucked her breast as he massaged it into his mouth. Manda ran her fingers through his hair. “I need you,” she whispered.

Sean moved to the other breast and continued his gentle attention. He did not suck hard, simply licking her nipple and areola. He moved his hand across her body, dancing his fingers over his smooth skin. After several minutes, he raised up and kissed her deeply. “I love you, Manda. I need you, too.” He pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her. Manda laid her head on his shoulder, feeling herself pressed against his body. They breathed together.

“I want to be with you,” Manda said quietly. “You are the one who takes care of me.”

“I will always take care of you. Somehow this is happen.” He continued to hold his s****r, realizing that she was asl**p. He lightly caressed her head, wanting so much to be all she needed him to be. “How can a f******n year old be as mature as she is? How can I love a f******n year old so much. And my s****r at that.” Sean drifted into sl**p thinking of the decision that had to be made about his future.

Sean’s clock woke him. As he reached for it, he felt Manda’s body laying against him. He eased his arm from under her head and pressed the reset button. He turned back toward Manda and caressed her face. “Time to wake up,” he said. He kissed her forehead.

Manda stirred, then snuggled against her b*****r. “I want to sl**p,” she said groggily.

“I know but we need to get up. This is a school day.” He kissed her on the lips. “Wake up, sl**ping Beauty.”

Manda f***ed her eyes open. “Can’t we just hide here all day. I don’t want to go to school.” She pulled the covers over her face.

“Yeah. That would be nice, but I think mom may have something to say about that.” He slowly uncovered her face, continuing to pull the covers down. He saw her breasts. He leaned down and took one in his mouth. He sucked for a moment.

“Keep that up and you’ll want to stay home, too.”

“I already do. Let’s get up.” He crawled out of bed and headed toward the bathroom. He was standing at the toilet as Manda walked through. She patted him on the butt as she passed.

“I’m going to shower,” she said. Without closing the door, she passed through shower area, letting her panties drop to the floor. She kicked them with her foot toward her bathroom.

“Not if I get there first,” he called after her. He got into the shower and adjusted the water. “He was lathering his hair when Manda joined him.

“Need some company,” she said as she reached around him and began stroking his limp cock. He jumped at her touch, not expecting it. After Sean rinsed his hair, he began lathering his body. Manda stepped around him to stand under the water flow. She began lathering. Sean’s cock twitched as he watched Manda rub her soapy hands over her body.

When they finished their showers they dried off. Manda headed toward her vanity to dry her hair. Sean dressed and headed toward the kitchen. His mom was already working on breakfast. Glasses of juice were on the table. “Well, it’s nice to know you are trying to save water,” she said as she looked at him.

“What do you mean?” He already knew was she was referring to.

“Well, I’ve always heard it is good to share a shower and save water.”

“Sorry. It just happened.”

“I understand. Not a lot can happen in the shower anyway.” Once she said it, she had vivid memories of what she and Rob had been able to do in the shower. She decided not to correct herself.

Within minutes Manda joined them. They sat and ate breakfast without much conversation. “Are you feeling better this morning,” Chelsey asked Amanda.

“Yeah. I’m sorry about last night. I think what happened yesterday upset me.”

“If they bother you again tell me,” Sean said.

“And you’ll do what?” his mom asked. “That’s all we need is for you to be arrested for assaulting some middle school boys..

“I wouldn’t assault them. I would just scare them so much they would piss in their pants.” They all laughed.

Sean took Manda to school. He looked out for the boys but did not see them. Manda waved at him as she entered the building. He waved back. “I can’t believe this,” he thought as he pulled away from the school. “I really do love her.”

The day went slowly. Amanda when to volleyball practice. Sean went to his mom’s office. He called her on his cell phone and she told them to meet in the cafeteria. He arrived before she did. When he entered the area he noticed a number of nurses and other hospital employees at tables. As he was looking for a table for he and his mom, he saw Alan Coster. He was drinking coffee with a woman. She was a little bit overweight and rather plan looking. They were in conversation that appeared to be a bit heated.

“Now’s my chance,” Sean said to himself as he headed toward the table. “Well, hello there, Alan.” The man looked up and almost jumped out of his seat.

“Uh...hello,” he said with uncertainty and worry.

“You do remember me, don’t you. I’m Sean Casey, Chelsey’s son. You remember. We met when you came to the house several times for dates with my mom.” Alan’s face turned red with anger and fear. Sean looked at the woman. He held out his hand. “Hello, I’m Sean.”

“Hello,” the woman said with hesitation, looking at Alan and back to Sean. “I’m Jan Coster,” she said. Her voice was shaky, her hand limp in Sean’s.

“Oh, nice to meet you. Are you Alan’s wife?” He did not wait for a response. “My mom dated your husband several times. Actually, on the last date they went to a motel. Unfortunately for Alan, my mom intercepted a text message from another jerk here at the hospital and found out that Alan has a wife and k**s.”

Alan Coster was frozen in anger. “What are you saying? Shut up,” he demanded.

Sean continued to speak to Jan Coster. “The text said that your husband had to get laid by my mom or lose a bet.” He looked at Alan. “So, how did that go for you? I guess it cost you a thousand bucks.”

“What are you talking about?” Jan Coster said loudly. Others in the cafeteria toward them. She looked at her husband as Sean continued.

“There was something about making excuses for not being at home with his wife and k**s. Sounds to me like he is up to his old tricks.” Sean looked at Alan. “I’m sure my mom would confirm this.” Looking at Jan Coster, he added, “And I’m sure she could share some interesting details with you.” Sean looked up and noticed her mom heading toward the three at the table. “Her she is now.”

Chelsey approached. “Sean, what is going on here?” She turned to Alan. “Hello, Alan. Is this another victim of your scheme for getting laid?” She turned to her son. “Let’s go, Sean. We have more important things to discuss.” She looked at Jan Coster and then Alan. “Good-bye.”

As Sean and his mom sat at a table, they watched as Jan Coster toss her cup of coffee at her husband. She turned and left the cafeteria. Alan chased after her. “Well, that went well,” Chelsey said. “Would you like something to drink? I would like to talk to you about something.”

“Sure. What about you? I’ll go get it.”

“I’d like coffee. You know how I like it.” She watched Sean walk toward the drink area. “He is more of a man than he realizes,” she thought. “Like his father and yet, he his who is that is not his father.” She continued to watch as he prepared a cup of coffee for her and a coke for himself. “I do love him so, but I’m his mom. It’s not fair to him to expect him to be anything other than my son,” she said softly.

Sean returned, set the drinks on the table and sat down across from his mom. After taking a long drink from his cup, he said, “So, what do we need to talk about?”

Chelsey sipped the steaming coffee. “About your going to university.” She paused. He waited. “I wanted to talk to you about that before we involved your s****r.” She leaned back, holding the cup with both hands. “Sean, I know you want to go to the university in Tennessee. I can’t blame you. It’s a top university in the field of study you want to pursue.” She looked into his eyes. “You deserve the best.”

Sean listened to his mom. He knew she would get to the point eventually. He sipped his drink. “Well, I think the better my education, the better my future.”

“You’re right. So here is what I have been thinking.” She paused. “And doing.” She sipped from the cup. “I have a friend who used to work here who now works in the university hospital there. I contacted her about your acceptance at the university. She was excited for you. We talked for a bit, then I asked her what job openings were at the hospital.” Chelsey sipped from her cup, looking for any response Sean might make. He appeared curious. “She mentioned several and asked if I was interested. I told her I might be.”

“You mean you are willing to move? Is that what you are saying?”
“Well, I guess it is. But what I’m really saying is this.” She sat her cup down and reached for her son’s hand. “How do you feel about our moving to Tennessee as a f****y so you can go to school?”

“I never thought about that. It is just that you have your job here. Manda is in school here.” He put his hand over his mom’s. “I don’t want your life to be disrupted because of me.”

Chelsey laughed. “Oh, son. Do you really think our f****y life can be in any more state of change than what we have experienced over the past few weeks?” She smiled at him. “Sean, whatever our f****y was a few months ago it no longer is.” She looked into his eyes. “Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Sean looked at his mom. “I understand what you’re saying. We aren’t exactly the typical single parent f****y anymore.” He paused. “At least not in some ways.”

“So, if I were to get one of the positions, would you be okay about the three of us relocating so we don’t have to be separated?”

Sean looked around to make sure no one could hear what he was about to say. No one as sitting near them. “Are you saying this because you want things to continue as they have been over the past weeks?”

Chelsey blushed. “I guess that is what it sounds like.” She thought for a minute. “I think my first thoughts were that I didn’t want us to have to be apart. I know your s****r is distraught over the idea of you moving out of the house, not to mention out of state.” She held his hand. “And, I have to admit, the thought of your not being around the house makes me sad.” She continued to speak softly. “I don’t know where what we have experienced is going to lead; but, I have to say, even with the guilt I may have felt because of being with you,” she paused before she could say the words that were in her mind. “Being with you sexually, I am not sorry for it. I needed you and you were there.” She waited for Sean to respond.

After a moment of thinking about what his mom said, Sean spoke. “Mom, I think who you needed as my dad. I just happened to be the one there.” He smiled. “That’s okay. I’m glad I’m like him. And I’m glad I was there for you.” He half-smiled. “You know, it was pretty good for me, too. You’re not the only one who felt something really nice.”

Chelsey shook her head and smiled. “Yeah, I wanted to make you feel good, too.” She considered her thoughts before speaking. “I know I needed your dad; but Sean, I also knew you were not your dad. You where my son and I did not let that stop me from wanting you. I guess I should feel bad about that, but I really don’t. I was hurting that night. You were there. I wanted your father, but I knew it was you, not him that I was with.”

“So, let me see if I understand what you’re asking me.” He paused to organize his thoughts. “You are wondering if we could move to Tennessee as a f****y primarily because we are a f****y, depending on each other and enjoying being together.” He watched his mom nod in agreement. “But, there is the matter of what you and I shared that night and the following morning. You are saying that this might continue, that you and I would be there for those needs as well.”

“It sounds creepy doesn’t it? It sounds socially and morally wrong.”

“Well, we have to agree this is not what society would call a normal parent-c***d relationship, specifically a mother-son relationship.”

“Yes, we can agree on that. As I said, I don’t know what may happen in the future with this. But, for some reason, I think it might continue even if we don’t move to Tennessee. Right now, I can’t imagine me dating anyone else. At least, not for a long time. I was hurt, embarrassed, and shamed by that man. But you, my dear son, you helped me through it.”

“I’m glad I could be there for you.”

Chelsey leaned forward and spoke softly. “You know, I wouldn’t die for lack of sex. It is not like food and water. But, it sure does make life more enjoyable to have someone to care for and to share love with.”

“And you are okay with that someone being me, at least, for now and the near future?”

“I guess that is what I’m feeling.”

Sean leaned back, looking at his mom. “Okay, I think I understand about us. What about Manda?”

Chelsey breathed in deeply, slowly exhaling. “That is a different matter.” She sipped her coffee. “I really can’t be too harsh about that because I just agreed to doing the same with you.” She was thoughtful. “I don’t want your s****r to be hurt. I mean, emotionally or physically. She is still young and her body is developing. She is not a woman yet.”

“I know. I understand that and I don’t want her to be hurt either.”

“You also know that she loves you and, from what I can tell, plans on spending the rest of her life with you.”

“You mean like being married?”

“Yeah. I think that is what she is thinking.”

“Can siblings get married?” He thought for a moment. “You know, later on, our age difference won’t matter so much. If she were not my s****r, I’m sure I would love her enough to want to be with her and be married.”

“From what I can tell, whether you are married or not, she sees that as the future for the two of you.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“If you love each other, even though society may thinks it’s wrong, I guess it’s okay. I doubt I would say that about just anybody; but, I have seen the two of you together. You are exactly like your dad and I were.” She smiled. “You look like a young couple in love to me.”

“So what about the other thing. The sexual part.”

“Like I said, I don’t want her to be hurt. You understand that her being young and the size she is, she you be damaged by intercourse.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Chelsey looked at her son. “So, am I getting a message that you already have experienced that?”

Sean’s face reddened. He knew he needed to answer that question. He nodded slowly. “Yeah. We did.” He looked at his mom. “And she is really small.” I feel uncomfortable talking to you about this.

“Just see me as a nurse and not your mom.” She laughed. “That’s asking a lot, I know.”

“Well, we tried to make love. She is very small and I was afraid I would hurt her. We were slow but I couldn’t..you know...go in all the way in.” He could feel the heat in his face. “So, we managed to turn over with her on top. She was okay and we were able to do it without it hurting.” He paused again. “We both managed to...well, I think you know what happened.”

“Yes, I have a pretty good idea.” Chelsey could not remove the memories of her first time with Rob. “So, I guess it’s official with the two of you.” She was doing all she could to fight back the tears. “I am assuming this took place on Saturday while I was at the hospital.” Sean nodded. “Sean, I guess I have to accept what is happening. I would never had believed I would be in a f****y where this happened.” A tear rolled down her cheek. “In a way I’m sorry, because I know that we have to hide our love from others. We have to pretend to the world that we are just a single mom with two almost grown k**s.” She dabbed her eyes with a napkin. “And yet, I know what we are feeling and it is not all bad.”

“Mom, I understand. It’s crazy, I know. This is not normal. But that doesn’t make what we feel less real, does it? I mean, you, Manda, and I really do care for each other. And it’s not just about sex. It’s about who we are and what we feel as a f****y.”

Chelsey nodded. “You’re right. I know you’re right.” She finished her coffee. “I guess we need to go home and talk to your s****r tonight.”

“Yeah, I think so.” Sean rose from his seat. His mom did the same. He carried their cups to the trash.

“I look a real mess,” she said. “I think I’ll come on home. It’s almost the end of the day anyway.” Sean walked his mom to her office. She told her secretary she was leaving.

“Are you okay?” the secretary asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. We just have to make some f****y decisions.” The secretary looked at Sean. He smiled but said nothing. Sean walked with his mom to her vehicle.

“I’ll follow you home,” he told her and headed to his truck. He pulled behind her as she left the employee lot and followed his mom all the way home. He pulled in beside her in the garage.

“Rachel’s mom is going to bring Amanda home,” his mom said. “I just spoke to her on my cell.” Sean and Chelsey entered the house. “I’ll be back in a minute. I’m going to change.” Chelsey went to her room, washed her face, and changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Sean changed as well, putting on sweat shorts and a t-shirt.

Sean was in the kitchen when his mom returned. She walked to him. He opened his arms for her and she leaned into him. They held each other for several minutes. “I sure would like to kiss you,” she said.

Sean leaned down and kissed his mom. Their lips parted and the kissed deeply. “I love you, Sean,” she said as their lips parted.

“I love you,..” he paused for a moment. “I love you, mom. I almost said Chelsey.” She hugged him, enjoying the feel of his body against hers and the comfort of his arms around her.

“Well, let’s get on line and see what is available in the Nashville area as far as houses go.” They headed to the office computer. They were scanning through the homes that fit their criteria when Amanda came through the front door. Sean closed out the website as Chelsey went to greet her daughter.

“How was practice?” Chelsey asked.

“It was good. I believe we will win it all.” She responded to her mom’s hug. When Sean entered from the office, she walked to him and hugged him. “Hey, b*o,” she said, giving him a quick kiss on the lips. There seemed to be little need to pretend that there was nothing more than a sibling relationship. It was way beyond that now and all three in the f****y knew it.

“So, you’re ready to take on the world?” Sean asked as he placed his arm around his s****r’s shoulder. “Olympics, here we come.” Manda elbowed him in the ribs.

“Get real, my dear b*****r. This is just a regional tourney.” They all laughed. “I’m hungry.” What’s to eat around this place?” Dropping her sports bag and backpack on the floor, Amanda headed for the kitchen dressed in her volleyball uniform. Her mom and b*****r looked at each other smiling.

“We need to talk,” she mouthed. They followed Amanda. “We can prepare dinner,” she said. “I’ve got chicken ready.” The three Casey’s joined their efforts and the meal was ready to eat within forty-five minutes. They sat at the table and talked about a variety of topics. With the final weeks of the school year approaching, they discussed final exams. The subject of Sean’s college decision was not brought up.

When the dishes were in the dishwasher and left-overs placed in the fridge, Chelsey announced that they needed to talk as a f****y. Amanda gave a questioning look at her b*****r. He only smiled and said softly, “It’s okay.” He took her hand as they sat on the sofa. Chelsey sat in her chair but leaned forward.

“Sean and I had a discussion his afternoon,” Chelsey began. She related to her daughter what had been discussed about the f****y moving to Nashville. She mentioned the good possibility of her getting a job there.

“You mean I would begin high school there?” Amanda asked.

“Well, we’ll need to sell the house here and buy one there; but yes, you would either begin or transfer there.” She looked at Sean. “Your b*****r will need to be there when the Fall semester begins. We’ll either be there or move there when we can.” She looked at Amanda. “What do you think?”

Looking from her mom to her b*****r said with excitement, “I think it would be great.” She turned to hug Sean, then went to her mom and hugged her. “We could all be together.” She sat down again. She was smiling.

Nothing else was said for several minutes. Chelsey was deep in thought. Sean and Amanda were holding hands. Their mom finally spoke, “I guess we need to talk about this other matter.” She was serious in tone. Amanda and Sean looked at her. Sean knew what was coming. Amanda had an accurate guess. “I think we know that things for us are not exactly normal,” she stated. “From the outside we look like a normal single parent f****y. To others it is obvious we are very close.” She cleared her throat. “Behind these walls we are far from normal and close is not the word that describes what we have experienced over he past months.” She intertwined her fingers as she continued, leaning forward a bit more. “Normal families do not engage in sexual relationships. We need to be honest about this. It is called i****t and it is a social no-no.”

The three looked at each other. There was agreement without words needing to be spoken. “So, we need to get this out in the open between us. We all know what has been going on and we all need to decide what is going to happen in the future, at least in the foreseeable future. Do we agree?”

Sean and Amanda nodded in agreement. They did not speak, allowing their mom to continue. “You two have been sharing yourselves sexually for some time. How long I don’t know, but I realize that you have reached the point of intercourse.” This as not a question. Sean had confirmed this earlier. Amanda looked at her b*****r. “It was wise to put you on birth control pills even if you had to endure the trauma of the doctor’s exam.” She made an attempt at humor which did not bring the desired response. “Okay, so let’s see if we can come to some understanding of what we expect from ourselves.”

Again, neither Sean nor Amanda responded. “First, I’ll try to explain my feelings and what I think might happen.” She was thoughtful for a long moment. “It seems that I have allowed Sean to become a substitute husband. At first, I saw so much of his father in him that I tried to give him that role. I turned to him for comfort and he was there. In my mind, I really thought I was with your father once again, even after all these years.” Tears formed in her eyes. “We shared something that I had only shared with him until that night. At the same time, I knew it was Sean. I realized my son was with me and not my husband.” She smiled through her tears. “Sean, you were there for me and you did exactly what I needed that night. And more. I went to sl**p in your arms.”

Chelsey breathed deeply. “The next morning, I felt guilty. Not guilty for being with Sean but guilty for allowing him to meet a need I had without responding to him. It was almost as if I used you, Sean.” She looked at him. “I’m sorry for that.” She continued. “So, the next morning when I woke up in his arms, I played the cougar and I did what I could to please him.” She looked at her daughter who was obviously showing signs of jealousy as she looked her b*****r and back at her mom. “Amanda, we did not have intercourse. We did about everything else but that.” She smiled. “I think you have a pretty good idea of what “that” involves.” She emphasized the word to make the point. “From what I can assume, you have experienced “that” already and more.”

Amanda blushed, looking at her b*****r. “You told her?”

“Let’s just say I confirmed what she already knew.” He smiled at Manda and put his arm around her. He kissed her forehead. “You know, our mom is a pretty sharp cookie.” He hugged his s****r. “It’s okay. We need to discuss this.”

“Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it,” Chelsey stated. This effort at humor elicited a response.

“Oh. Good one, mom,” Amanda replied.

“Anyway, I’m trying to figure out where this is going between me and your b*****r. Seriously, I don’t know. I know that I don’t want to date another jerk. I think I’m gun shy right now. What happens in the future is not known. We can’t know. It is that I have shared something with my son and I’m not sorry about it.”

“What about us?” Amanda asked, gesturing toward herself and Sean.

“What can I say? I can’t very well tell you two to behave yourselves when I just admitted that I’m as guilty as you are for violating social mores. Not only that, I have pretty much left the door open for it to happen again. I love Sean. I like having him be the man of the house and all that seems to involve for this f****y.” She looked at her daughter. “I don’t know about you and Sean. I think you two will have to work that out.” She waited a second before continuing. “I just don’t want you to be hurt. I mean that you could be hurt emotionally if what I think you are wanting to happen in the future doesn’t work out that way. I also don’t want you to be hurt physically. You are slender in body and still developing.”

She stood and moved to the sofa. “Sweetheart, you have the body of an adolescent. You are a young teen. You don’t want to get pregnant. Your body is not ready for that. Also, your vaginal area is that of a young teen. You will get larger and more developed. Intercourse could cause damage. Believe me, I’ve seen young girls come into the ER after being ****d.”

“Mom, Sean had not ****d me.” Amanda spoke f***efully.

“Oh, I know that, sweetie. I’m not saying he has. What I am saying is that even consensual intercourse can cause tearing and injury. I’m just wanting you to be careful. Both of you.” She hugged her daughter as she reached across her to take Sean’s hand. “You have a relationship that is not the typical b*****r-s****r bond. You say you love each other. From what I hear, you would be satisfied to be together as if you were husband and wife.”

Sean and Manda looked at each other. “I’d like that,” she said.

“Right now, that is what I feel,” Sean replied.

“This is what I mean,” Chelsey stated. “Right now this is what you both want. Right now you two love each other and have crossed over a social boundary to express that. I can tell it is more than just b*****r and s****r affection. You’ve gone way beyond that.” She stood and paced around the area for a moment. “But the right now may not last forever. No matter how much you want it right now, you are both young and you have a whole life ahead of you. Both of you or either of you may well meet someone else. What happens then?” Chelsey looked at each. “Either or both of you could be very hurt. Can you continue in this relationship that you have right now understanding that?”

Amanda began to cry. “All I know is that I love Sean. There is no way to know about the future. I know what I want to happen. But we can’t live today based on what we do not know. I want to love Sean and I will as long as I can.” She sobbed as her b*****r pulled her to him.

There was nothing else said for several minutes. Chelsey and Amanda both cried. Sean was lost in his thoughts until he finally decided to express them. “Well, I guess I need to say something.” His mom and s****r looked at him. “First, mom, you and I have talked. I understand what you say about seeing me as my dad. It’s okay. But we both know I’m not dad. And I’m not your husband. I am your son and I love you as a son. But there is more to it than that. We already know that.” He looked at his mom. “This is how I feel about this. I love you. I love you as a son loves his mother. But, I also love you as the man of the house. You say that is who I am and I have seen this as different than just being a son. To me it means that I have a responsibility to take care of both of you.” He thought for a second. “I guess I never thought that it would mean what it seems to have come to mean. I have always wanted to be what you needed me to be. I wanted to help you here at home. I wanted to make you proud of me. I wanted to please you. But I never even thought of that being sexual. That is, until I saw you one night in here watching tv.”

Chelsey blushed and felt uneasy. She knew what he was referring to. “When I was young, I saw you and didn’t really understand what was happening. Then, one night after your first date with Alan Coster, I saw you again.” Amanda looked at him and then at her mom. She was curious. Sean looked at her. “I’ll explain.” He continued. “That night I felt like you needed someone in your life. You needed someone to care for you in a way a son could not do. I was hoping that it would work out for you and him because I wanted you to feel loved, to be loved. It was obvious you were longing for the touch of a man.”

Chelsey looked at her son as he continued. “Then, that night I came home and found you crying. I wanted to be a comfort and support you. After you told me what happened, my anger toward him grew because I love and care for you. I began to see myself as the one responsible for loving you and caring for you. Somehow, my role as son evolved into more than what it had been. And, that is when I knew that my responsibility as man of the house included being what no other man could be. I wanted to be your comfort and I wanted to love you and do what that man failed to do. I wanted you to be able to trust me and let me please you.”

“Oh, Sean, you did. You were what I needed that night.”

“Since that next morning when we did more, I accepted my new responsibility.” He looked at Manda. “I love Manda. We had already shared some times of expressing what we feel.” He smiled at his s****r. “We know that we have more than b*****r-s****r love for each other. Maybe we have been naive about it, but we both began to feel that our love was different. It always has been.” He held Manda’s hand. “So, I have loved her as a b*****r, but I love her in a different way, too. We really care for each other. As far as I’m concerned, we’ll be together from now on. I am not looking for anyone else. I don’t care for the girls my age. They are silly and shallow.” He touched Manda’s face. “I care for her.”

He stood and looked at his mom and Manda. “So, this is what I am thinking. I’ll be the man of the house. If that means a house in Nashville, then that’s good. I’ll be your b*****r Manda. I’ll be your son, mom.” They were both staring at him. “But, mom, I’ll be whatever you need, whenever that is. Manda, I’ll be what you need me to be. I love you both. I love mom different than I love Manda, but I’ll be what I can for both of you.” He shrugged. “I’m not sure what that means. I don’t think we can know. We’ll just have to take one day at a time and see.”

“Are you saying that you will have sex with both of us?” Manda asked.

“I’m saying I’ll love you both. If that means “making love” with both, then okay. If that is what you need. I don’t plan on being a sex toy. I plan on being the man who provides what you both because we all love each other.” He looked at Chelsey. “Mom, you’ll have to accept it that Manda and I will be together. I mean, in every way. Manda, it means you’ll care about mom having her needs met as much as your own. In her own words, she won’t die for not having sex, but life is sure better when that’s a part of it. As the man of the house, I’ll do what I can. I’ll be studying a lot, but we’ll be a f****y that cares for each other and looks out for each other.”

Chelsey stood and approached her son. Manda stood and approached her b*****r. “That’s a lot to put on your shoulders,” Chelsey stated.

“But what about your needs?” Manda asked.

“Well, just knowing that I can be what you need is important to me. Being able to love the two most beautiful women in the world makes me happy. And, from what I can tell, I don’t think I’ll need to worry too much about having my needs met.” The three hugged each other.

“You know, I think I feel better,” Chesley said. “No more hiding. No more pretending with each other. We let happen what happens and we accept it.”

“As long as we accept it for each other, wanting each other to feel good about being f****y, that’s good for me,” Manda said.

The rest of the evening, the Casey’s were busy looking at houses for sale in the Nashville area. Chelsey called a realtor and discussed putting the house on the market. Over the next few days, Sean contacted the university with his plan to attend in the Fall. Chelsey completed an online application and faxed her friend at the hospital her resume. The days went by quickly. Sean planned a trip to Nashville to interview for a scholarship. Amanda looked toward the upcoming tournament in Atlanta. Chelsey began the process of bringing her job to a close, assuming she would be offered one in Nashville.

Chelsey thought about the relationship that was developing with Sean. She considered his words and how they would act with each other. She realized that it would not be the same as Sean and Amanda. They were like two young love birds. They were as she and Rob had been as their love grew. She noticed that Sean and Amanda showed affection more openly at home, hoping that they restrained themselves in public. “We’ll just see what happens,” she convinced herself. Sean and Amanda slept together without any sexual activity. They kissed and embraced often. They were comfortable with the freedom to express their feelings and that removed any sense of desperation to do whatever they could because they did not know when they would get to do it again.

The weekend arrived. Chelsey took off work early and went to Amanda’s school to watch the bus leave with the team. Other parents were there with signs and banners that would be displayed during the matches. Sean signed out of school early, indicating his intent to attend the tournament involving his s****r. He and his mom packed their bags and made their way to the city. Chelsey wore jeans and a spirit shirt. Sean did the same. At Chelsey’s suggestion they traveled in the truck. She had not ridden in it much and wanted to experience traveling in it.

The trip went well. Sean and Chelsey talked about a number of subjects, but the developing relationship was not one of them. The Casey’s were relaxed and each felt less tension about what they were experiencing. They reached Atlanta during rush hour. It took them a long time to reach the Hyatt. They checked in to the obvious stares of the young lady who had them fill out the registration card. Sean took care of that as his mom looked on. She scanned the registration information before giving them the key cards to their room. As they walked away she smiled.

Making their way to the room with their bags, Sean opened the door. He allowed his mom to enter first. The room was plush and appeared comfortable, especially the king-size bed. Looking at the schedule, Chelsey announced, “We need to head to the arena. Amanda’s match starts in forty-five minutes if they are on time.”

“I doubt they will be on time, but we can head on that way.” They left the hotel and decided on a taxi to the arena to avoid traffic and having to park. They entered the court area and looked around for other parents. Spotting a group in the bleachers with matching shirts, they headed that way. They greeted other parents and chatted before the match began. Amanda’s team entered the court area to the cheers of their fans. Before the match started, Amanda joined several of her teammates as they came into the bleachers. She hugged and kissed her mom and her b*****r.

“Cheer hard,” she said. “We’ll need it.” And the team did need it. The fans cheered them on. In the end, Amanda’s team won the first match but only by two points each game. They knew the second match would be even more of a challenge. Chelsey and Sean left to walk around the arena area of the city while they waited for the second match.

“I guess Nashville will be just as busy as Atlanta,” Sean said.

“It’s not as big so maybe it won’t be so bad.” They walked several blocks before crossing the bus street and heading back. The weather was nice and they enjoyed the time to relax. They took their seats just as the teams came to the court. Again, the parents cheered as their team struggled. Amanda’s team lost the first game. But they won the second and after extended play, they finally gained the two points needed for victory in the third. They advanced to the Saturday play.

Amanda ran into the bleachers. She got hugs and kisses from her mom and Sean. “Well, so far so good,” she said with excitement. “We know we’ll have to work hard tomorrow.”

“So what about going out to eat?”

“I can’t mom. Coach D’marco wants us to eat together. Just the team. We need to talk about these matches and what we need to do to get ready for tomorrow.” She sighed. “We also have a nine o’clock curfew.” She hugged her mom. “I love you,” she said.

“I love you, too, sweetheart. Try to get some rest.” She gave Amanda the hotel phone number and their room number. “If you need anything, give us a call.”

Amanda moved toward Sean. They hugged and he kissed her quickly on the lips. “sl**p well. We’ll see you tomorrow. “I love you.”

“I love you.” She gave him another kiss and joined her team.

Sean and his mom returned to the hotel. As they entered the room, Chelsey said, “It’s not so late. How about going out for a nice dinner?”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll change clothes.”

“I think I’ll take a quick shower.”

“Me, too.”

“You go first. You’ll be done by the time I’m ready.”

Sean undressed and headed for the bathroom in his boxers. He showered and dried off. He returned to the room with the plush towel wrapped around him. His mom was in bra and panties. She gathered her clothes and quickly headed for the bathroom. Sean admired her body as he walked away. Chelsey showered, taking longer than her son to dry off and get dressed.

Sean was watching the sports news on ESPN when he heard the bathroom door open. He glanced up as his mom walked into the room. His eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped when he saw her. Chelsey was wearing the black skirt she had worn on the last date with Alan. She had a different blouse. It was creamed colored with a low neckline that displayed an ample amount of cleavage. She looked very stylish and sexy without looking slutty. Her hair was pulled back and held in place with a tasteful clip.

“Wow, mom. You are...” He couldn’t find the words. “Finally, he said, “Stunning. And that doesn’t describe you.” He looked at himself. He was wearing khaki Dockers and a light blue oxford button down. “Maybe I need to change, but this is all I brought.”

Chelsey went to her hang up back and took out a blue blazer. “I brought this just in case.” She handed it to him. “You don’t need tie.”

They left the room and down to the lobby. They had looked at the information found in the room and noticed a nice restaurant some blocks from the hotel. As they walked through the lobby, they caught the attention of a number of guests. More than one thought they were observing a cougar and her prey. They walked to the truck and Sean opened the door for his mom. He realized that the height of the truck made it difficult for his mom to get in because of her skirt. He watched as she hiked it up her legs. She stepped onto the sideboard and then placed her left leg into the cab. In doing so her skirt rode up higher on her thighs and were spread open. This gave Sean a full view of her inner thighs and her panties.

“Sorry, not very lady-like,” his mom said with a grin as she settled into the seat. As Sean walked around to the driver side, he thought that his mom had wanted to travel in the truck for just that very reason.

They enjoyed their meal, chatting and laughing. Both were relaxed and happy. They ignored the glances of others. Their conversation focused on the possibility of the f****y moving to Nashville and the course of study Sean wanted to follow. More than once, Chelsey reached across the table and touched her son’s hand as they talked. What was an innocent touch of affection and appreciation for her son appeared to other diners as the gesture of seduction. Several of the women reacted with looks of scorn. The men, on the other hand, felt nothing but envy for the young man at that table.

With dinner finished, Sean and Chelsey returned to the Hyatt. The Spring night was warm. They walked through the lobby and into the elevator. Chelsey reached down and removed her shoes. “These boots are not made for walking,” she sang. They both laughed. Entering their room, she dropped them on the floor. Tossing his jacket over the desk chair, Sean walked to the window and looked out over the skyline of the city. His mom joined him. “It’s beautiful,” she voiced, wrapping arm around Sean’s. They were on an upper floor and had a nice view.

“I’ll tell you what’s beautiful,” Sean said. “You are beautiful. You were the most beautiful woman in the restaurant.”

“Thank you, son,” she said. “And you were the most handsome man.” They laughed. He placed his arm around her. She turned toward him. Chelsey looked into Sean’s eyes. She wanted to say, “Tonight was like being with your dad,” but she stopped herself. This young man was not her Rob. This was Sean, her son. But she had another thought which she allowed herself to speak. “You are handsome and good, Sean. I’m glad you are the man in my life.”

They kissed, gently at first. Their lips touching, almost caressing each other. Chelsey opened hers and Sean followed. Their tongues met, their arm wrapped around each other. Their bodies leaned into one another. As their tongues danced, their passion grew. Their lips parted but their tongues continued to touch. They move their heads from side to side as their passion increased and their breathing quickened. After several minutes, they parted. Sean stepped back slightly as he moved his hands from around his mom. The reached up and began unbuttoning her blouse.

Chelsey began unbuttoning his shirt. Slowly their hands followed the buttons until his reached her skirt and hers reached his slacks. Chelsey’s blouse opened enough Sean to see the lacy bra she was wearing. He pulled his mom close again and kissed her. He pulled her blouse from her skirt and slid it off her shoulders. She pulled his shirt from his slacks, unbuttoned the last button and slid it off is shoulders. He was not wearing a t-shirt so her bra pressed against his chest.

Sean touched his mom’s face, cupping it in his hands as they continued to hold the kiss. Chelsey’s hands rested at his waist, feeling his slim body and the warmth of his skin. Their lips separated. Sean took his mom’s hand and led her toward the bed. He sat on the edge with her standing in front of him, between his feet. He unbuttoned her skirt and slid the zipper down. He slowly lowered the skirt, guiding it down to the floor. She stepped out of it.

“Do you think we should close the d****s,” she asked. Sean rose from the bed and walked to the window. There was no other close building with a line of sight to their room, but he pulled the d****s closed. When he turned, he saw his mom sitting on the bed. He approached her as she held out her hands. He directed him to stand in front of her. As she unbuckled his belt, he slipped out of his shoes. She unzipped his slacks, and lowered them. He stepped out of them and she pulled off his socks. Looking into her son’s eyes, Chelsey pulled his boxers down across his legs. He stepped out of them. She gently grasped his semi-erect cock and stroked it slowly. She moved onto the bed, standing on her knees in front of her son, continuing to slowly stroking him. They kissed and their tongues once again danced.

Sean reached around and loosened his mom’s bra. She allowed him to slide it down her arms. He tossed it to the floor. Chelsey walked herself backward on the bed, holding Sean’s hand. He followed her. She laid down; he laid beside her, supporting his upper torso with his forearm. “You are so beautiful,” he said quietly.

“I need you,” she voiced.

“You have me, mom.”

“I’m glad.” She reached up and pulled Sean down to her. They kissed. Her hands caressed his back. His right hand caressed her body, his fingers barely touching her skin. He cupped her left breast, massaging it ever so gently. He moved his finger over and around her areola, causing the nipple to immediately become erect. Their lips separated and Sean kissed Chelsey’s neck, nibbling her ear. She reacted to that with a slight giggle. “That tickles,” she said as he moved down her neck. He kissed her shoulder and moved slowly down to her breast.

Sean raised up to look into Chelsey’s eyes. They smiled at each other. As he continued to gently caress and massage her breast, she pulled his mouth down to it. He covered the puffy areola and hard nipple and began to suck, massaging with more pressure as he pushed her breast into his mouth. “Mmmm,” she sighed. This gave him more encouragement. He increased his sucking, licking over the nipple and making circles around it.

Chelsey moved her hand to his cock which was now fully erect and resting on her thigh. She lightly stroked him with one hand. With the other she kept him attached to her breast. “Harder. Suck harder, my darling,” she whispered. Sean did as directed, massaging her into his mouth, sucking with more pressure. He could feel her inside his mouth. He loved the feeling.

After some time, Sean moved to the other breast. The nipple was already hard. Sean licked over it, flicking it with his tongue. Chelsey flinched, pulling him against her. “Suck me. Suck me,” she said with a moan. He sucked hard and long, massaging her, pushing her into his mouth and active tongue. One of her hands stroked his cock, the other moving him from one breast to the other. Her hips were moving side to side, pushing against his thigh. She was squeezing her legs together, moving her thighs up and down as if trying to relieve the sensation growing between them.

After some minutes, Chelsey broke the kiss. She directed Sean to lay down. He moved to his back and she lifted herself up. She kissed him on the lips and began moving down his body. She licked his nipples. She was no longer stroking his cock but it remained erect as she moved down across his abdomen. He reached the pubic area and moved back and forth. Her cheek was brushing his cock. She supported herself with one arm. The free hand moved down his legs, caressing his inner thighs. Sean’s cock was throbbing. Finally, Chelsey lifted herself up, raising her head above his cock. Without using her hands, she lowered her mouth, causing it to enter him. She did not close her lips against it until she felt the head touch the back of her throat. Then, she began to move up and down, encircling his head when she moved up, almost letting him slip from her mouth.

Chelsey changed positions, using her free hand to direct Sean to spread his legs. He did and she moved between them, kneeling down to continue her attention to his manhood. “What a manhood it is,” she thought as she used her tongue, fingers and lips to stimulate her son. She placed the fingers of her other hand under his balls and began moving them up and down, caressing, lifting, gently massaging his sack. She knew not to squeeze them, only gently cradling them to increase the sensation he was experiencing.

Sean lifted his head to see what his mom was doing that felt to incredible. He watched her mover her lips up and down as she stroked him. He laid it back down, moaning as he did so. Chelsey brought her lips to the glans. Placing her lips tightly around the upper part, she sucked hard while she circled the glans with her tongue. Sean almost cried out so loud that anyone in adjoining rooms could hear him. His mom looked up at him as she did this. His eyes were shut, he winced in pleasure rather than pain.

“Oh, mom,” Sean moaned. “What are you doing?”

“Loving you, my dear,” she said as she lifted up. She lowered herself, taking his entire cock into her mouth, feeling him in the back of her throat. She stroked, licked, sucked, massaged, and caressed his balls and cock for several more minutes. As he began moving his hips up and down, she slowed her movements. Finally, Sean reached down and pulled her up to him. She lay across his body. They kissed, their tongues attacking each other. He squeezed her ass cheeks and he moved his stiff cock against her.

With his mom still laying across, Sean turned over. He kissed her, then moved down her body. He sucked her breasts, feeding them into his mouth. After a couple of minutes with each breast, he moved lower. He removed her panties as he did so. Her legs were spread and her knees lifted. He licked and kissed his way down between them. When he was in position, he placed his arms under and around her thighs, lowered his mouth to her pussy, and began to lick. His tongue was actively moving up and down. He pushed into her moist, soaked canal. He tasted her fluids, lapping them into his mouth. There was so much he was able to swallow his saliva and her juices.

Chelsey could feel the orgasm building. She tried to pull Sean up to her but he resisted, continuing to lick and probe with his tongue. He reached around her thighs to part her lips with his fingers, exposing her now swollen and sensitive clit. He raised is mouth enough to lick over it. She jumped. “Oh, oh.” Again she attempted to lift him to her but he raised up, looking into her eyes.

“Not yet. I want to wait.”

“I can’t wait, my darling,” his mom was able to say.

“I can. You go ahead.” He lowered his mouth, covering her clitoral area. He sucked gently, extending it into his mouth. He flicked his tongue over it and around it. He used the flat of his tongue to sweep up and down.

“Oh, I can’t..I don’t...oh, Sean,” Chelsey moaned. The sensation was so intense she could not tell if she was in pain or experiencing ecstasy. When the waves of orgasm began, she cried out with pleasure. “Ahhh...ahhh...ahhh,” she moaned between short, gasping breaths. She pushed herself up from the bed as Sean continued to assault her pussy. Her hips gyrated so that Sean had to hold on to keep from being pushed away. The waves continued for over a minute. Although the last ones were less intense, she still jerked and gyrated. Her body was out of her control and under the control of the young man between her legs.

Sean licked and sucked. His tongue moving faster and faster as he felt his mom’s movement increase in speed. Her breathing was in gasps as she thrust herself to him. He could hear her moaning in pleasure. He was determined to make her feel his love for her, his desire to please her. As his mom’s movements eased, he slowed down his tongue. Slowly, gently he kissed her pussy. He outlined her lips with his tongue, lapping up the juices that flowed from within her.

Chelsey was beginning to relax. She felt the spasm in her lower abdomen lessen in frequency and intensity. Sean continued to lick between her legs. Her fingers intertwined his hair as she caressed his head. As she was catching her breath, she noticed Sean’s attention was changing. He touched her clit again with his tongue, causing her to flinch. “What are you doing?” she asked as she breathed in deeply. His reply was simply to begin licking her clit again.

Sean pulled his mom’s lips apart, noticing that her clit was still hard and very pink. He began to lick it again, softly, gently caressing it. When his mom began to react again, he increased the pressure and the speed. “Oh, no, Sean. I can’t do it again. Please my dear, please.” Again, Sean continued his focus on giving his mom pleasure. He licked faster, sucking the now super-sensitive clit, flicking the tip of his tongue over it. He felt her begin to thrust and pull away. “Ah, no..ah..I don’t think...,” Chelsey moaned loudly. Again, she lost control of her body. From deeper within her womanhood she felt another orgasm rising. Closer and closer to the surface it surged. “Aahhh, ahhh,” she cried. Her body began to shiver. Her hips thrust off the bed. She lifted her legs, attempting to calm the spasms flooding through her. Then she felt Sean move. He moved up between her legs. “Oh, yes,” she cried. She reached down, grasping his erection and pulling it toward her.

Just as his mom began the orgasm, Sean lifted himself up. He moved up over his mom. She instinctively grasped his cock and placed in at the opening of her pussy. Sean felt himself enter his mom. When his head was through the opening he pushed forward. His entire cock was engulfed within the walls of her vaginal canal. He did not begin moving in and out. Instead, he pushed in as deep as he could, allowing his upper shaft and pubic bone to press against her clit. His movements were grinding into her with short thrusts. She reacted.

Chelsey could feel her son’s shaft inside her. She thrust up to him and she felt him moving. He was putting pressure on her clit, moving against it. The sensation was beyond description. She cried out, “Oh Sean.. Oh my darling Sean.” The spasm were reaching a point of being unbearable. “Aaahhh,” she moaned. Suddenly, it was as if a lightning bolt struck inside her.

Chelsey pushed her head into the pillow as she reached for a loose one next to her. She covered her face and screamed. Sean began moving in and out, thrusting himself into his mother, withdrawing and thrusting again. He lifted himself up, as she placed the pillow over her head. His speed increased. He was like a locomotive, thrusting forward, crushing into her clit.

It was then that the sensation within Sean began. He had done everything he could to not think about the feeling he had as he made love to his mom. He wanted to please her. But the time had come for him to release what was building within him. He could tell that Chelsey’s movements were slower. She removed the pillow from her face and looked into the eyes of her son.

“I’m going to cum,” he said softly.

“Yes, my darling. Cum, please cum. I want you to feel it.”

Sean pushed forward as the first wave exploded from his cock. The second caused him to moan. “Oh, mom,” he said. She met his thrust as she pushed up. There were several more strong spasms that shot his cum deep inside her. He could feel the warmth surrounding his sensitive head, making it more so.

“I feel you. I feel you,” Chelsey voiced as a warmth filled her inner body. “It feels so good.”

Sean was spent. As the spasms weakened, he laid down on his mom. She wrapped her arms around him. “Oh, darling. My sweet darling,” she whispered to him, kissing his cheek
Both Sean and Chelsey were breathing in gasps for several minutes. As their breathing became more normal, he rolled to the side. His mom raised up and kissed him deeply on the lips. “I think something happened down there that I don’t’ ever remember happening,” she said with a smile. “I think I may have squirted.”

“I think my balls got washed,” he replied. “But it sure felt good.”

“Have you been watching porn? Where did you learn to do that?”

“No, mom. I don’t need to watch porn. It’s so fake and this is so real.” He smiled. “I have done some research, though. It’s amazing what a guy can learn about the female body on the internet.”

“I’ll be right back.” Chelsey got up from the bed, holding her hand between her legs as she headed to the bathroom. She returned in a minute with a washcloth replacing her hand. She laid back on the bed. She laid with her feet toward his top of the bed and her head toward the end. She positioned herself so she could stroke his now softening cock. Chelsey rested on her left arm and swung her right leg over Sean’s abdomen and chest, exposing her pussy to him. She handed him the cloth. “You made the mess. You can help clean it up.” Then, she gently grasped Sean’s cock and began stroking and covering it with her mouth. She sucked it and licked it as he watched in amazement.

Looking at her open pussy, Sean saw his semen oozing out. He gently wiped it up as it flowed from within her. Then, he jumped. He watched as his mom sucked only the sensitive head of his cock, alternating licks around it. “Holy cow, mom,” he said with a gasp. She didn’t look up but continued this attention to him. He was sensitive as he began to feel himself stiffen again. As she licked, sucked, and stroked, he became erect.

Sean also noticed something else. His mom’s clit was exposed and was still slightly swollen. He touched his thumb to a puddle of cum that had collected on her thigh and place the now wet thumb on her clit and began rubbing it around. This caused her to flinch. She licked him and he rubbed her. This went on for several minutes until he was completely erect and she was moving around in response to his touch.

Chelsey was not sure she could reach another climax but she wanted her son’s cock in her. When Sean was erect again, she sat up quickly, moving over him, and lowered herself onto him. Sean watched his mom impel herself onto his cock. She lowered herself completely and moaned as her clitoral area pressed against him.

Sean felt the walls of his mom’s pussy as she lowered herself. She was not tight but she was not loose. There was a sense of a gentle massage as she moved over him. Once she was completely lowered, she began to rock back and forth slowly. Their eyes met. They smiled. “Where did you learn to do that?” he said. “I’ve never felt anything like that.”

“Let’s just say I’ve done some research, too.” She smiled as the thought went through her mind, “I guess his s****r hasn’t done that yet.” For a moment she felt a sense of pride or pleasure that she had made him feel what her daughter had not. She was immediately sorry for the thought, knowing that her daughter had no experience, but more importantly, she loved her b*****r and wanted to please him as best she could. Her next thought was, “Maybe I need to teach her a few tricks.” This made her almost laugh.

Sean noticed. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m just feeling so good.” And good Chelsey did feel. With her son’s manhood insider her and her clit rubbing against him, she began to feel that she would cum again. And she did. She suddenly felt the spasm. It was nowhere near as intense, but a spasm it was. She leaned over, continuing to move against Sean. He wrapped his arms around her, then reach down, grabbing her cheeks and causing her to move more. She sighed as the spasms ceased. Laying against Sean, she waited until her breathing became normal before lifting up.

She touched Sean’s face. “I can assure you that I never reached that many orgasms before.” She kissed him. He returned the kiss and they embraced with Sean’s softening cock inside her. Chelsey rolled off of him as he turned toward her. They held each other, kissing softly. They were quiet for along time. “I love you,” she said.

“I love you.”

For a long time there were no words. Both were lost in their thoughts about what had just happened. There was relief mixed with some guilt. Chelsey felt that as Sean’s mother, she should not have let this happen. But she realized that she did not let it happen. She made it happen. She wanted it to happen. It was not guilt she felt. It was relief that there was a man in her life she could trust, love, and be loved by. That it happened to be her son was just a twist of fate.

Sean loved his mom. He was glad he pleased her. There was a sense of guilt that somehow he had betrayed Manda. He loved her. He was planning on taking care of her for the rest of his life if that was able to happen. He knew his s****r was aware that he and their mom would be together. He knew she would be curious and would most likely ask him about it. He just wanted Manda to know how much he loved her and their mom. He did not love her less, only different.

Finally, Chelsey said, “I think we are due a shower.” She lifted herself and noticed the bedspread. There was a large wet spot where she had been laying. “Hmm,” she groaned. “I guess I did squirt.” She thought for a moment. “Well, they’ll just have to wash it.” She got off the bed and headed toward the bathroom. “Give me a minute, before you join me.”

Sean waited until he heard the toilet flush and the shower flowing before he got up and joined his mom. They showered, embraced, showered some more, until they were clean and rinsed. They dried off. “Well, I guess it’s time for bed,” Chelsey said with a laugh. “I’m thinking we have earned ourselves a good night’s sl**p.”

And they did sl**p. Sean woke up and looked at the clock. It was after seven a.m. He shook his mom. “Wake up. We need to get ready or we’re gonna’ miss the first match.”

Chelsey stirred and stretched, exposing her breasts. “Okay.” She crawled out of bed and looked at herself in mirror. “It’s amazing what a little bit of sex can do to one’s hair.” She heard the toilet flush and the shower running. She went in as Sean stepped behind the curtain. “If you don’t mind,” she said. She sat on the toilet and emptied her bladder before joining her son.

After they dressed they made their way to the lobby where breakfast was being served. They grabbed sweet rolls and coffee and headed toward the arena. They ate in the truck on the way, finishing their coffee and tossing the cups as they got to the entrance. Sean’s thoughts were of his s****r. He prepared himself to answer the questions he knew would come. Even though the three of them had discussed their relationships, Sean was aware that Manda felt inexperienced and inadequate. He just needed to convince her of his love.

To be continued...next
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2 years ago
The most beautiful act of love--true, deep, caring, passion of body, mind and soul love--the most honest love of history and in the whole of the universe has consumated, crashed together and melded as one being!! So motherfucking (sic) beautiful. WHOW!!!
2 years ago
This mother and I could spend the remainder of our lives together; she is one more HOT momma.

Her love for her son and daughter should only get better, as lovers and in love!
2 years ago
Very hot.