Married to my s****r

I am amazed at how things have worked out. Growing up, I would have never imagined that I would be 24 and married to my 23 year old s****r. Add to that, that we are also expecting our first baby.
How did it all this happen?
Growing up there wasn't much to talk about. My dad left us when we were 6 and 5. Mom did her best to raise us by herself. But, being a single mother with no c***d support meant she had to work 2 jobs. That left my s****r and I alone with a sitter or by ourselves as we got older most of the time.
My s****r Renee and I are 19 months apart and growing up we didn't have many "play dates" like k**s today, so we spent a lot of time playing together. There wasn't anything sexual between us. We did the normal playing of cars, dolls, cards, hide-and-seek and so on. As we got older we both took on other interests. My s****r at 5'6, 110 pound became quite a cutie with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. Her main interest was dancing and joined the dance group at school. I grew up to be 6'2 and 175 pounds with short light brown hair and blue eyes. Mostly I liked to draw and took an interest in cross-country track.
When I turned 17 my mom started dating a guy named Bob. At first things were fine. After about 6 months of dating, Bob moved in with us and that is when all the problems happened.
I won't go into any real details, but we'll just say he was abusive, verbally and physically. I did my best to try to absorb the brunt of it to keep him away from my s****r and mother. I don't think I did a very good job, looking back at it.
After I graduated, I got a job at the local grocery store and tried to be home anytime Bob and my s****r were home.
By November I had really had enough of Bob and the home life. My s****r started spending a lot of time at her friends which made me feel a little better with my next decision. I joined the Army.
I left for basic training the beginning of January and got orders for Germany upon graduation. I got a note from my s****r right before graduation that she had dropped out of school and was going to marry her boyfriend Tim.
I knew Tim, he was a year older than I was and pretty much an ass. I knew he took a liking to my s****r several years ago, but she never really took an interest in him. From her letter it seemed she felt marrying him was better than sticking it out at home with Bob.
I felt really bad as I headed over to Germany for my 2 year term as an Infantryman. I managed to keep in touch with my s****r through letters and an occasional phone call. She wasn't happy with her married life at all. She was pretty sure that her new husband was cheating on her to boot. After my first year in Germany, I got a letter from my s****r that let me know my mom had cancer and was in a bad way. Bob had left my mom when she started to need someone to take care of her. So, Renee decided to move back home to help mom as best she could. It was shortly after she moved back that she confirmed Tim was cheating on her. After a quick divorce, Renee spent all of her time taking care of our mom.
About 2 months before my Germany tour was finished I got word that my mom had passed away. I took an emergency leave and flew home for the funeral.
Renee picked me up at the airport and we gave each other a long hug. The months of taking care of my mom had made her appear tired and worn out. The funeral was simple and mom was finally put to rest.
I knew I didn't have a lot of time, because I needed to return to my unit to out-process and head to my next unit. For the next couple of days we went through the house and talked with attorneys and the banks. During our down time we spent a lot of time just snuggled in to each other. My s****r was hit the hardest since she had gotten close to mom in her last days. I also found out the reason Tim had cheated on Renee was mainly due to their sex life. Since Renee didn't really love him, she didn't feel like having sex that often. She also was afraid of being trapped in a loveless marriage by k**s so she always made him wear a condom. I guess he got tired of latex and went to find some slut he didn't need protection with. When my leave was over, I signed a power-of-attorney to my s****r so she could take care of my mom small estate.
When I got back to my unit I had my clearing papers and found out I was being assigned to Fort Campbell in Kentucky. I finished up in Germany and headed back to the States. I had a hard time with the transition, mainly due to my thoughts being on what my s****r must be going through. I finally got to my unit at Fort Campbell and promptly went to the field. This meant we spent the better part of 3 months doing 5 to 15 day stints in the woods. When our field cycle ended and we went in to the school and detail cycle I got another disturbing letter from Renee. It seems the medical bills and funeral bills had really piled up and she was going to be selling the house to pay things down. The bad news was she would still be a few thousand dollars short. To top that off, she was a 19 year old high school dropout, which isn't exactly high on the in-demand jobs list.
I had managed to set aside some money and knew I could help her pay off the bills and promptly sent her the check. That only helped to delay the inevitable.
I was pretty anxious when I was finally able to take a couple of weeks of leave. There wasn't much left for me to help out with when I got there. Renee had found a buyer for the house and had arranged to pay off the bills. Most of the house had been emptied out and there was only her double bed, a small sofa and a few kitchen items. The only real question left, what Renee would do once the house was sold?
I decided it would be best to have Renee move out near me in Kentucky. We could get her an apartment near post and use my money to pay for it. It knew would take most of my money to supplement her rent, but it was the best thing to do and I was hoping my s****r could get a part-time job to help out some also. My s****r agreed but had some reservations. Her biggest question was what happened after my enlistment was up or if I got assigned overseas again. I assured her we would have at close to a year to figure that out. When I returned to my unit, I quickly found an apartment about 5 miles from post. Within two weeks the house was closed and my s****r was on her way out.

When she arrived, I helped her setup her apartment and told her about my field schedule. We spent the next few evenings catching up and just snuggling close together grieving over our past few years. As luck would have it my s****r did manage to find a job working at one of the local restaurants. Shortly thereafter I went back to the field again and our time together was again limited. When my field cycle finished up again, I was getting close to the end of my enlistment. I had pretty much decided I would re-enlist, since I only had a high school education or real transferable skills. When I told my s****r, she again voiced her concern about the possibility of a duty station change.
After much discussion and pondering I came up with a wild idea. My new roommate had just come back from his s****r's wedding. The only different part was the minister. Their Uncle had conducted the ceremony. He had done one of those mail-order minister licenses so he could perform the ceremony.
Then the thought had occurred to me, "Why not get married?" After all, Renee had a different last name than mine and we could use his Uncle to marry us. It could be a marriage for show only. That way Renee could travel with me if I got stationed someplace else. I would also get extra money for rent from the Army as well. OK, so we would be in big trouble if the Army found out, but I was willing to risk it.
I floated the idea to Renee who looked at me a little nervously. She was pretty sure we could pull it off, but was nervous what would happen if the Army found out. I told her not to worry and I was sure everything would work out. The next day I went out and bought a cheap engagement ring to help the facade.
The next week I told my buddy I had gotten engaged. He had seen pictures of Renee and I always referred to her as my girlfriend. He congratulated me and told me he would help out if he could. I told him we didn't have a lot of money and asked if his uncle could do the honors, since we really just wanted a low key wedding.
We got our marriage license by using Renee's driver's license and my military ID. Luckily they didn't ask too many questions. The day of our wedding finally arrived. We arranged to have it on a late Saturday afternoon. My buddy Mike and one of Renee's co-workers Jill stood as our best man and maid-of-honor. We met at a small park and decided to use the gazebo to get married. I stood in my dress greens next to my buddy and his uncle as Renee and Jill drove up. I was stunned when she stepped out of the car. She looked amazing! She had a on a sexy white dress that came just past her knees with a set of high heels and a small tiara on her head.
I actually felt a little nervous as she walked her way up to me. Once our eyes met and I saw the smile on her face I quickly relaxed.
The ceremony went very quick and easy until the end. There was one part I hadn't thought through. When her uncle ended with, "Now you may kiss the bride."
I think I was a little stunned at first. I hadn't thought about kissing my s****r. But, Renee just looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and I decided, "Why the hell."
Our lips pressed together and what I thought was going to be a quick peck, turned in to a slightly more passionate kiss.
When we broke our kiss, I felt a little flushed and saw a little redness in Renee's face as well.
Mike and Jill had also decided to take us out to dinner and drinks to honor of our nuptials. There were a few more kisses throughout the evening and we did our best to be newlyweds. I won't deny that I was slightly turned on by all the kissing by the end of the night. I am sure the alcohol helped in its own way as well.
We finally got back to the apartment about 10:30 and I really wanted to get out of my dress uniform. I went in to the bedroom and took off my uniform. I was about to change in to a pair of shorts when I turned around and saw my s****r standing in the doorway. My draw dropped as I took in her outfit. Renee was standing there in a just a short white silk nightie that barely came below her crotch. I could make out her firm b-cup breasts, bare and hardened nipples that pressed against the thin fabric. I wanted to say something, but nothing seemed to develop in my throat.
Renee looked very alluring and slowly walked her way over to me. She slowly walked up, ran her hands up my bare chest, then reached up and gave me a soft kiss.
"Uh, Renee," I muttered when our lips parted.
"What?" she asked.
"What are you doing?" I continued.
"Well, you are my husband now, and this is our wedding night," she replied.
"But I'm your b*****r," I reminded her.
"True, but you are also my husband. God knows I love you more than I ever did Tim," she continued.
My mind went foggy over the unfolding events.
My s****r reached up and pulled me to her lips again. The touch was soft, then our tongues entangled and I felt a slight twinge in my crotch.
My little head finally over ruled my brain and I pulled her in to me.
Slowly we lowered ourselves to the bed. My hands ran along the soft fabric and I felt the heat of her flesh underneath.
Renee rolled us on to our sides as we kissed. My hands slid down the silk fabric and on to her toned legs. As I ran my hands back up along her thigh and under the fabric I quickly noticed an absence in material. My fingers found only warm smooth flesh as they searched. I was so engrossed in my findings that I made a quick jerk as I felt a hand grip my hardened shaft. My head was abuzz with the thought of my s****r slowly stroking me through my boxers.

Then I felt my s****r fish my cock out of my boxers and resume her stroking. I seemed to be a voyeur in my own body as it seemed to move on its own. My hands rubbed up over my s****r’s wonderful ass up to her back and then back down. As if on instinct only my fingertips traced along the curve of her cheeks and down until they slipped along a slightly moist slit. My s****r's leg moved up higher on my thigh as if granting me further access to her sweet slit. My tongue re-engaged hers as my fingers slipped slightly further in to her softness. I could feel more moisture now as I slid down and ended up at the little nub. My s****r let out a kiss muffled moan as I slipped along her little nub.

My s****r broke off our kiss giving me the most devilish grin. Then I watched as she slowly kissed and licked her way down my check; her eyes locking on mine as she descended. I could feel her hand pulling at my boxers and my hips automatically rose to allow her to remove them. Ever so slowly she kissed her way down. I could feel her breasts through the fabric sliding along my thighs. My cock pulsed with anticipation as she finally arrived at her destination. I watched in amazement as my s****r licked my shaft. I felt her hands caressing my balls. Then she turned her eyes down and took me in to her mouth. I let out a gasp of pleasure as she sunk my shaft far in to her throat! My hands reached down and gripped for her hair. Slowly, meticulously Renee slid me in and out of her mouth, her hands playing with me, stroking me. I wanted this feeling to last all night, but I knew if I waited it would be over all too soon.

I decided to break the action by reaching down further, grabbing hold of Renee's nightie. I pulled up over her head, removing the garment and her sucking action to give me a chance to get a hold of myself. I was slightly surprised when Renee didn't return to her oral attack. Instead she sat up slightly, stroking me with those eyes staring in to me. I could make out her breasts full and firm. Then Renee slowly moved up, straddling me. I could see all of her. I noticed only a small strip of hair between her legs. I followed her body up, back over those wonderful breasts to her face now hovering over me. I barely had time to make a sound when Renee sat herself down, impelling herself on me. We both let out a loud moan as the pleasure rushed over our bodies. Renee slowly started rocking up and down, back and forth. My hands found her hips and I guided her up and down on me. I reached my head up taking one of her hardened nipples in my mouth. I sucked and nibbled those delectable objects. Renee continued to increase her moans.
I had to do more!
I reach around Renee's waist and flipped her on to her back, my hardened member falling from her vise. I wasted no time in sliding me back in to my s****r as far as I could go, soliciting another groan and moan from both of us. My lips lowered and touched hers as I thrust back in to her heaven! I could feel her nails gripping at my back, trying to dig in. I knew it wouldn't be long for me as I continued to pursue her pleasure. I could hear squeals of pleasure getting louder and louder in my ear.
Then, almost without warning, Renee gripped me tight! I felt her nails gripping my flesh, her legs quivered around me.
The sound of the squealing moan will never be forgotten as my s****r came! I couldn't help myself. My mind flashed images of my s****r under me, me deep inside of her, the waves of pleasure racing through my body! I erupted with a spasm of pleasure like none I had had before. I grunted loudly as I felt a torrent of cum explode inside my s****r's body! Another thrust, another blast of cream and another groan from both of us. I gave three more thrusts before the waves of pleasure ebbed from my body.

Slowly my s****r released me from her grip. I could feel the sweat on my flesh as she caressed my back. I fell on top of her, my head buried in her neck. Our breather was hard and labored. I fought hard to make sense of what had just happened. Had I really just fucked my own s****r? Then another thought shot through my brain. Was she on birth control? In the heat of the moment I had forgotten to get the condom out of my wallet. Well, not like I was planning this or anything. When I finally caught my breath and rolled off of my s****r, her body followed mine. Renee laid next to me with her head on my chest, arm holding me, leg d****d across my hips.

I started to speak, but was cut off by Renee.
"That was incredible!" she stated. "It was so much better than before."
"Yeah," I panted. "It was fuckin' great!"
I waited another few seconds then continued, "But, umm, are you on the pill or something?"

"No," came a soft voice. "You are the first to ever cum inside me."

My head was racing again. What if? So many what ifs!

"I wanted you to be the first." Renee continued. "I wanted to know what it would feel like to have nothing between us. When you came in me, the feeling was overwhelming."

"But what if you get pregnant?" I asked.

"I don't care. As long as it's yours." she replied.

I wasn't even sure how I felt about that statement. Renee was only the second girl I had sex with without a condom. The other was on the pill and I will admit it was way better without! But, did I just get my s****r pregnant? Was everything going to be alright?

I lay there trying to reconstruct the events when sl**p overtook me. I felt asl**p with my s****r snuggled close to me. I woke early the next morning to another wonderful sensation. My s****r was once again down at my waist sliding me in and out of her very talented mouth. This time I decided to see how far she would take this as well. Would she stop and mount me again? I slowly raised my hands and put them on her head again. It was truly an amazing way to be woken. The thoughts again raced through my head that my s****r was sucking my cock and images of our sexual endeavor from lasted night flashed before my eyes. Suddenly I felt another surge from within me. My cock seemed to harden even more as the fluids raced from their creation. My s****r never stopped as each salvo shot in to her mouth. My body twitched and shook in pleasure.
Renee continued to milk every drop out of me before returning to my side. She gave me a soft kiss on my cheek and said, "Morning."
"Morning to you too!" I replied. I looked over at the clock. It was 4:30am. I had a half hour before I had to be at the company area for "First Call". I gave Renee another kiss and told her I would be back around 6pm. She told me she would be looking forward to it.

The rest of the day was a blur. I had a lot of paperwork to fill out for me and my "wife". There were some congratulations and a lot of razzing.

When I returned home that evening there was a wonderful smell of something cooking for dinner and a naked s****r, I mean wife waiting on me. After tasting her sweet dish we sat down for dinner.

Renee didn't get pregnant on our wedding night. But 3 months later we managed to slip on in. We are 6 months along to a healthy baby boy. Renee was a little nervous that being b*****r and s****r would cause some deformity. She decided to tell her doctor that one of her friends had been sl**ping with her b*****r and they were nervous. The doctor informed her that, while sibling sexual activity can cause defects, they are very rare and usually are a result of generations of inbreeding, not typically a one time thing.
I did re-enlist and I know that no matter where I go, Renee will be there for me to take care of, her and our son.

96% (51/2)
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1 year ago
Awesome story...hope all has worked out well for you all.
2 years ago
All brother/sister incestual affairs should end this truly exciting and loveable way. The love is for the sake of love, no external pressures involved!
2 years ago
sweet story.
2 years ago
Wish things had worked out like that for me and my sister. When I was single she was married, then later I married and she was single. We still enjoyed each other quite often for many years.
2 years ago
very nice sister...can she be mine 4 tiem to time?¿
2 years ago
That was great! Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
Sweet.. Love the story!! cheers!
2 years ago
Very well done. Thanks for posting.
2 years ago
Nice story.