Debbie was only sixteen when she gave birth to her son, Jake. The father was only eighteen himself and didn't fancy the responsibility of fatherhood, and he didn't stick around. In fact, he never saw his son. Debbie's parents were supportive and looked after baby Jake during the daytime to allow their daughter to finish her schooling. Debbie took her toddler son to college with her where she obtained a degree in business studies. Then she moved to the big city and started working for a big insurance company. Jake was then starting school and they made a happy mini-f****y - Debbie the twenty-something professional career woman, and her young son to whom she was devoted.

Plenty of Debbie's friends and colleagues were just in casual relationships with motherhood far away yet, so they all adored young Jake when they came to visit Debbie's apartment. The boy was quite happy to be pampered and cooed over by all these broody young women!

In 1999, when she was twenty-six and Jake was ten, Debbie moved out to the suburbs to a small neat home down a quiet leafy street. Jake was approaching puberty and enjoyed being the man of the house - mowing the lawn, washing the car, rescuing his mum whenever she encountered a spider - her greatest fear - going for a leisurely stroll to stretch it's eight legs round the bathtub. For the mother of an adolescent boy, Debbie was still a relatively young woman. Her and Jake were sometimes more like friends than mother and son, and very open and affection towards one another.

Debbie had taught Jake about the facts of life and where babies come from when he was only eight, wanting to be completely open with the boy with regards to such subjects. Jake wasn't in anyway embarrassed because his mother wasn't. He enjoyed having a mum who was just as much a friend and confident as she was a loving mother. He even once asked her what masturbation was, having heard the word on TV. Debbie had explained it without shame, saying it was 'when boys and girls play with themselves because it feels good, and it simulates the pleasures of sex but without an actual partner.'. It wasn't an explicit description, but nonetheless it was far better than the reaction of most mothers, who
would have been mad that their eleven year old son knew such a word! Debbie simply said that 'all boys' do it when they enter their teens and that 'it's a private act but not one to be ashamed about'. Jake had blushed a little at hearing his mum talk about such things, even though she was normally open about things anyway. But nonetheless it made him feel so glad to have a young and open-minded mother. He knew one friend who's prudish, nagging middle-aged mum was still telling her boy that masturbation (or 'touching yourself impurely') was 'wicked' and, furthermore, still repeating the age-old crap about it making you go blind!

Jake had a small circle of friends and even had a girlfriend or two as he entered his teens, although he didn't get up to anything more serious than kissing and a bit of groping! He spent a lot of time at home with his mum, enjoying her company and helping around the house. Debbie in turn had a circle of friends at work but she was primarily devoted to Jake, although recently she had agreed with her friends that she should 'get out more'. Debbie had not had a serious relationship with a man for years and rarely went out on dates. Upon realizing that she wouldn't be a twenty-something for long she began to conclude that it was about time she got herself a man, and because Jake was mature enough to look after himself without a babysitter, she figured she could start going out a bit more.
True love for Debbie, though, was closer to home than she thought.


It was a Friday in the Spring of 2003. Jake was f******n years old, a slender and handsome youth, five-foot-five with short blonde hair and blue eyes like his mother. He walked with a frined from school this Friday afternoon, the sky above turning gray and threatening rain. His friend's house was nearer the school-bus stop and he said goodbye (or more specifically, 'See ya at shitty school tomorrow dude') to Jake and went into his house. Jake walked on to his own street, walking briskly given that he didn't have a coat and it was clearly about to chuck it down with rain soon.

Luckily Jake made it home in time. It was just beginning to rain when he ducked into the house, kicking off his sneakers and shutting the front door on what was quickly turning to be a torrential downpour outside.
Jake heard dance music coming from the living room and he figured it was his mum back home. Debbie usually got home at six in the evening but on Fridays she left the office early to go the gym, usually arriving home at about the same time as Jake.

The youth strolled into the living room and saw his mum doing her aerobics in the center of the room. Debbie was a petite thirty year old blonde, and had a fantastic figure thanks to her love of working out. At five-foot-three she was just a couple of inches shorter than her son. Her hair was long and blonde, currently pulled back in a tight bun. Her eyes, like Jake's, were crystal blue, and her sweet smile and fresh face made her the object of lust for many of Jake's friends! He was used to his buddies telling him his mum was 'hot' and wasn't too offended by it, given that most of his friend's mothers were approaching middle-aged and letting themselves go big-time! Debbie currently wore a tight lyrca top that hugged her firm, sizable breasts, the pink material stretched over her tits and making the nipples poke out slightly. The top ended just below her breasts, displaying her flat, toned mid-rift. Debbie also had on a pair of tight lyrca shorts, bright pink to match the top, that hugged her arse and crotch, revealing the toned shape of her slender hips and also her long bare legs. On her feet she had on white sneakers and she also had pink wrist-bands on. Her exposed flesh was slightly glistening with sweat as she jogged on the spot facing towards the doorway in which her son Jake appeared, and Debbie's pink lycra top and shorts had damp sweat patches.

"Oh, hi Jake," she greeted her boy. She stopped jogging for a moment to reach out and flick the dance music CD off, then got back to jogging on the spot in the center of the living room.

"Hi mum," smiled Jake, "How come your here and not at the gym?"

"The gym is closed for reburishment."

"Oh. Nevermind. Havin' fun?"

"Yeah! It's pretty good working out here on my own, I don't feel as self-conscious as I do when I'm working out in the gym with other people around."

Jake figured his mum didn't have anything to be self-conscious about. There was no doubting she had a fine figure. He didn't mention this though, he thought it might sound a bit strange, what with her being his mum.

"Do you fancy a drink?" Jake asked.
"I'll be fine thanks," replied Debbie, still jogging on the spot, "I'll make dinner soon."

"Okay mum," Jake said.

He was as laid-back and as easy-going as his mother. He went into the kitchen and made himself a glass of orange juice whilst Debbie turned her music back on and continued working out. Jake usually enjoyed being able to come back and have the house to himself whilst his mother was at the gym because - like all teenaged boys given the chance to be home alone - he could whack off in peace! Nevermind, he thought. He could go upstairs and do it anyway, he'd just have to listen out for his mum in case she came up to see him for some reason. Debbie and Jake were fairly open with each other for a mother and son, but that didn't extend to the boy wanting his mum to know that he spanked his monkey! Even though she did know this of course, partly because of the battered porn mags she found under mattress when tidying his room (she wasn't too keen on Jake having these, but to avoid an embarrassing confrontation - and knowing Jake could probably just replace them anyway - she would just put them back where she found them). The main way she knew that Jake wrestled with the one-eyed trouser snake was through the simple silogistical rule that, because Jake was a boy of f******n, he must jerk-off! That's what f******n year old boys did.

With her son upstairs, jerking off to fantasies about his busty English teacher - a buxom brunette in her late thirties who's favorable treatment of Jake lead him to believe (correctly, as it turned out) that she had a bit of crush on him - Debbie continued doing her aerobics in the living room. She did some hip-turns, some sit-ups and then touched her toes a few times. Jake's friends would have paid all their allowance money for the chance to be standing behind Debbie when she touched her toes! Her beautifully shaped arse was thrust out, the material of the lycra shorts running up her superbly cleft arse-crack. However, only thing that was able to get a full-on view of Debbie's arse whilst the hot blonde was bending over and touching her toes was a large houseplant in the corner of the room and - being just a piece of vegetation with no sensory organs - the plant was somewhat less capable of appreciating the sight of Debbie's gorgeous bottom than a teenaged boy would have been.

A short while later, Jake had finished whacking off and, freshened up and changed into scruffy black jeans and a Green Day T-shirt, he went downstairs. The dance music had stopped and he hoped his mum was making dinner. He felt starved!

When Jake entered the living room he sat his mum sitting on the floor, reaching awkwardly behind herself to rub her lower back.

"You okay mum?" Jake asked, noticing his mother seemed to be in some discomfort. "Yeah, sort of," Debbie replied, "It's my back, I think I overdid things."

"Oh. Do you need a doctor or somethin'?"

"No no, I'm fine, really. I haven't torn any muscles or anything, just slightly strained myself. Ow!" She was having some difficulty reaching the base of her spine.

"Anything I can do?" asked Jake.

"How about a massage?" Debbie suggested.

"A massage?" laughed Jake.

"I'm serious," his mum replied, although she also giggled, "I need a back-rub. I can't reach, would you do it honey?"

"Sure mum," Jake shrugged, "I don't know how to do it thought."

"Oh you'll be fine, seriously."

"Do I do that thing the Japanese dude did in the Karate k** when the boy busted his leg?"

"Not quite honey, I'm not the er...Karate k**,"

Debbie smirked. She then shifted round and lay flat on her belly on the floor, still in her pink lyrca top and shorts. Because the top was only long enough to cover her breasts, her lower back was fully exposed.

"So what do I do?" Jake asked, kneeling next to his mum. Most teenaged boys would have either been a bit grossed out at having to physically touch their mum whilst she was fairly scantily clad, thanks to the instinctive refusal of boys to think of their moms in a sexual way to any degree whatsoever, whilst other teenaged boys might get a bit of a perverse thrill at touching a female - any female! Jake, though, didn't think it any big deal. He didn't give his mum massages regularly - or indeed at all! - but the relatively small sixteen year generation gap and the fact that Debbie was a pretty laid back, 'cool' mum, meant that Jake didn't think this was any big deal. He flexed his fingers.

"Just rub my lower back sweetie," Debbie instructed him, "just around the spine."

"Okay," shrugged Jake. He looked down at his mother's lower back - a good six-inches of her bare flesh visible between the bottom of the back of her pink top and the waist-band of her shorts. The teenager placed his finger tips on either side of his mother's spine and began rubbing, working on instincts. It was obviously having a good effect as Debbie, with her head to oneside, purred softly with pleasure.

"That's good honey," she said. Jake smiled and continued rubbing his mother's lower back. Her flesh was lovely and smooth, as well as warm and slightly damp with sweat. As he massaged her toned skin, Jake noted that the musky odor of his mother's body heat, mixed with her musky sports deoderant, was rather nice in a sultry kind of way. He soon found his eyes drifting down to his mother's bum, those beautifully shaped globes encased in the taut lycra shorts just inches below where his hands were working. Abruptly he averted his eyes as he realized his prick was beginning to stiffen. He felt a bit odd, not really ashamed or guilty but just...odd, that despite having masturbated a short while ago his youthful cock was beginning to reharden whilst he massaged his mother! He shrugged it off with relative ease though. Even though she was his mum, this thirty year old blonde woman he was in physical contact with was an attractive member of the opposite sex, and so he could hardly blamed for being aroused at this proximity to her...especially with her beautiful bum just under his big blue eyes. With Debbie laying her head to oneside and her eyes shut as she murmered soothingly to herself, Jake knew his mum could not see where he was looking, that he was free to stare at her arse. But he didn't stare at it...not much. He f***ed himself to just look to oneside or to merely concentrate on her back which his hands continued to rub and knead.

"Is that okay mum?" he asked shortly.

"It's fine honey, it's really good," Debbie replied, "My back feels so much better. It still aches a little though," she added, wanting her son to continue. Jake did so. They were soon in a rather amusing situation where neither wanted this innocent(?) activity to stop but neither wanting to explicitly admit this. Debbie continued to just lay there whilst her son worked with amazing skill on her back, Jake enjoying it so much too.
Debbie's back had felt much better just a moment after her son had begun massaging her. She'd let him continue though because it felt so wonderful and soothing, the youth's warm hands spread an aura of tingling joy up her spine and making her feel very relaxed after her hard workout. She was beginning to feel a little strange though, because after a few more minutes she began to realize she was primarily enjoying being touched by a member of the opposite sex. Since giving birth to Jake she'd had sexual relationships with only a few men, and the last was over two-years ago. She'd not dated for ages, mainly because she was so busy at work to go out much. It slightly disturbed - and thrilled her in a kinky, subconscious way - that she was getting a thrill beyond that of just enjoyment at the massage from having her own handsome teenaged son touching her. Debbie soon shoved such thoughts aside. It was not healthy, she thought, to regard her son in such a non-platonic way. She realized it just proved her desire for a male companion was in urgent need of being satisfied, not just the sexual aspect but simply having a loving companion. Debbie remembered that she was going out tomorrow night, Saturday, with a couple of women from work. They were all free and single and, hopefully, they'd all be swept off their feet by handsome guys! Debbie accepted this ambition as something that would stop her from these rather silly thrills she was getting at being massaged by her own son, and she just lay there and enjoyed it.

It couldn't go on forever though. After fifteen-minutes, Jake's fingers were getting a little tired.

"Will that do you mum?" he asked, taking his hands from her back.

"That was great, thanks," Debbie said, flipping over and sitting up, "Cheers honey, I feel a lot better."
"Good. I could do this professionally don't ya think?"

"Certainly! It'd make a good summer job for you," grinned Debbie, "working at the gym and massaging all those aching people."

"I'd only massage women though, of course," insisted Jake.

"Ah, so that's your plan then?" grinned Debbie, "You just want to get to touch the bodies of lots of beautiful women eh?" She laughed, as did Jake. Then Jake realized that his mum might be implying that he had only been happy to massage her because he wanted to touch her. Did she know he'd gotten a bit of a thrill out of it? After all, she was a beautiful woman.

Blushing a little, Jake then stood up.

"I'm starved, will dinner be ready?"

"It should be," Debbie said, standing, "I almost forgot about that! I'll get it out the oven."

"I'll get it mum. You go and get changed and stuff, I'll set the table."

"Thanks honey," Debbie said, and she strolled out the room.

Jake went into the kitchen, briefly thinking of some of the girls he fancied at school and wishing he could get a chance to massage them! Being a handsome youth, Jake did know that one or two girls would agree to a date if he asked them, but he was still a little anxious just in case he got rejected. Besides, he sometimes thought that if he had a girlfriend he would be out all the time and his mother would get lonely. He usually cooked dinner and helped out with the housework and he didn't think it fair if he got a love-life and was always out, especially as he was well aware that his mother's devotion to him and her career - in that order - was the reason she in turn didn't have a love-life. Eventually Jake put aside such philisophical thoughts and got back to the more mundane task of getting the dinner table laid.

The next day, Saturday, Jake spent most of the round a friend's house. He got home at four for dinner, helping his mum cook it in the spacious kitchen. They made quite a team together, working away as they prepared dinner, Debbie very chirpy as she looked forward to her girl's-night-out that evening. It was a sunny day so they opened the sliding doors leading from the kitchen into the back garden and had their dinner at the garden table on the lawn.

Debbie went upstairs to get ready at seven o'clock. Content to lounge around in jeans and a T-shirt, Jake put his feet up and settled down to watch TV. "How do I look?" asked his mother shortly, wearing a nice red dress. It hugged her slender figure, showed off a fair amount of cleavage and also her lovely toned legs. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and she wore diamond ear-rings and a pearl-necklace.
"You look gorgeous mum," Jake said as he turned to admire her.

"Thanks honey," Debbie said, feeling flushed with pride when she detected the honesty in Jake's voice. Debbie was glad sometimes that she had a son. She held the opinion that girls were, even from a young age, always eager to please, even with insincerity. Boys, on the other hand, may be more laid-back and sometimes apathetic in their adolescence, but at least when they came out with a compliment towards their dear mummy, they were sincere. Jake wasn't just saying it to please her, there was real admiration in his eyes at his young mother's attractiveness. Or was it desire?

A slightly awkward silence was threatening to descend when suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Ooh, that'll be them," said Debbie, excitedly. She went out into the hallway and opened the front door. Jake sat on the sofa watching TV whilst he heard his mother greet her friends. There was a lot of excited female chatter and compliments all round on one another's appearances. Jake felt a flutter of anxiety as he heard his mother invite the women into the living room! They were all confident and smart adults, and like his mum they were professional and reasonably powerful career women. It was a little unnerving being just a f******n year old schoolk** in the face of them all.

Debbie entered the room with her three friends in tow and she proudly introduced her son to them. The first was Cathy, a very tall and leggy brunette the same age as Debbie. She shook Jake's hand when he stood and offered it to her.

"Such a polite boy," Cathy smiled.

Debbie then introduced Jake and her other friend Debbie to one another. Debbie was a black lady, aged thirty-three, wearing lots of gold jewellery with the most beautiful eyes imaginable. She shook Jake's hand too.

Finally there was twenty-seven year old Selma, a petite blonde with large breasts that threatened to burst out of her little black dress.

"Oooh, what a handsome son you have Debbie," the bubbly blonde giggled, and she ignored Jake's offered hand and instead gave him a kiss on the lips. Just a quick peck, but nonetheless a rather affectionate one! Jake smiled and blushed.

"Aw, he's all shy," Cathy smirked, "I remember when I last saw you a couple of years ago Jake, when I came round to your mum's house. You were knee high! Well...almost."

"What are you up to tonight Jake?" asked Selma.

"Just watchin' TV I guess," replied Jake.

"Not going out to pick up some hot chicks?" Selma giggled, "Hey Debbie, can we take Jake with us?"
"No, he's too young to hang around in bars," smiled Debbie, "Especially with a frisky and slightly-tipsy woman like you!"

"I'm not tipsy," Selma insisted, "I just had er...a couple of drinks before we came over. And besides, it'd be great to take Jake with us! If I don't pull a guy I can just take the boy home with me!"

"See what I mean about 'frisky'?" tutted Debbie. She giggled and, seeing how much Jake was blushing,
she decided it was time to get going. "Let's go girls."

"Have fun," Jake said, "and behave!"

"We will," sniggered Selma, the chirpy blonde pinching Jake's arse before she followed her friends out the room. Soon, the women left the house and piled into the taxi waiting outside and were whisked off into town.

Jake had enjoyed Selma's little kiss and the way she'd pinched his arse...as well as the view of her impressive cleavage! She was damn hot, nice and blonde and petite. He thought of her comment, cheekily asking if Jake come come out that night so 'if I don't pull a guy I can just take the boy home with me!' Jake grinned to himself as he thought of the little hot blonde woman and imagined spending the night with her and fucking her! Selma had been a bit tipsy but that didn't account for the sincerity Jake detected in her flirty comments.

He was about to go upstairs to jerk-off, but then he noted that a movie was just starting. It was 'Fight Club', his favorite, so he decided to watch it first and then go off for a wank. He would have plenty of time, his mum wouldn't be back for ages.

Jake didn't get a chance to whack off. He finished watching the movie then flicked around the channels for a while. At ten o'clock, earlier than he expected, he heard his mother arriving home. Debbie was pretty much tee-total, which Jake thought was a bit of shame because he sometimes thought it'd be funny if his mum - normally laid-back and cheerful anyway - would be like if she was d***k. However, her interest in working out and keeping fit meant she didn't drink much elso other than mineral water and, perhaps on special occasions, one glass of wine. He wondered why she was home a bit earlier than he expected her to be.

"Hi mum," he said, turning as Debbie strolled into the room, looking glamorous and pretty in her sexy red dress.

"Hey honey, I thought you'd be in bed," Debbie smiled pleasantly, sitting next to her son. She still smelled of her expensive perfume, mixed with the slight sultry aroma of night-clubs. She was, as usual, sober. She was not the sort to get smashed out her head on cocktails.

"I was going to go to bed soon mum, I just wanted to watch more TV. You're back early."

"Yeah, well...I got a bit bored. It was fun, we went for a meal and everything, but the other ladies wanted to stay out all night and get d***k whilst I just couldn't be bothered. I'd rather cuddle up on the sofa and watch some TV." "Well, there's a couple of good movies on soon. 'Fatal Attraction' is on, it's pretty good."
"Yeah, lets stay up late and watch the box," giggled Debbie.

For a moment, Jake thought saw as Debbie more of a mischievous big s****r rather than his mum!

"Do you want a drink mum? Orange juice?"

"Yeah, that'll be fine honey."

Jake went to the kitchen and made the drinks. He went back into the living room, gave his mum a glass and sat down with his own. They sat close to each other as it approached midnight, watching the movie. When the scene came on with Michael Douglas giving Glenn Close a damn good shafting on the kitchen counter, Jake squirmed a little nervously as he began to get a stiffy in his pants. It was always awkward when a sex-scene came on TV whilst you were watching with your mum! Jake hadn't jerked off since that morning so his prick was soon fully erect, forcing him to shift to oneside, legs crossed, to hide the bulge in his jeans. His mum wasn't at all embarrassed, just a little despondent that she didn't have a nice 'n steamy affair to keep her occupied!

The movie was still only halfway through when Debbie felt tired. She didn't want to go to bed just yet though, she was enjoying just sitting down here with her dear son. She took off her shoes and settled back into the sofa, shifting up closer to Jake. After a while she felt sl**py and she began to nod off against Jake, her head resting against his shoulder. The youth was rather amused and delighted at his mum slumbering against him, her golden shiny hair hanging down over his arm, her cheek against his firm shoulder. He peered down at his mum and was a little shocked to see that he could see down her low cut dress. The neckline plunged sharply down between her sizable 32D tits and Jake had quite a good view. He tried to avert his eyes and watch the TV, but he was conscious of his erection, which had persisted in sticking around in his pants for the last hour. It was unlikely to subside given that his beatiful blonde mum was slumbering against him, inadvertantly offering him a perfect view of her lucsious cleavage. The teenager looked down again, licking his lips and enjoying the sound of his mother's peaceful and slow breathing. Without thinking, he lifted his hand and reached towards his mother's breasts, stopping just before he reached them and quickly taking his hand away again, wondering what the fuck he was thinking of!

It was one thing to be a perpetually-horny f******n year old boy who was fascinated by - and in love with - any female flesh, but this was his mum! Admittedly she was also a very attractive and sexily dressed thirty year old blonde babe...but she was still his mum!

Jake tried to concentrate on the TV once more, but once more, he failed. He glanced down at his mother's cleavage again and raised his hand. He reached out, still thankfully able to stop his curious fingers before they touch his mother's tits through her dress.
Just then, Debbie's eyes opened.

She didn't move and didn't alert Jake to the fact that she'd woken up. The boy couldn't see his mum's eyes and Debbie looked down, eyes wide with shock as she took into account her position and that of Jake's - her resting against the boy, head on his shoulder, his hands hovering temptingly over her barely concealed breasts. She wondered what was going on, whether her son was really about to grope her boobs! She was sure that couldn't be right, but after watching his hands hesitate over her chest for a few seconds, she almost found herself hoping he'd touch her. Then Jake lost his nerve for a second time and took his hand away, letting it rest over his lap, near his bulging crotch. Debbie shut her eyes and pretended to be asl**p, wondering if her son had realized she was awake. He hadn't though. Jake was still contemplating what to do, whether he should give in to his libidinous curiosity and risk his mum waking up and catching him. If he didn't, he'd regret it, he thought.

A moment later, Jake bought his hand round again, looking down at his mum (with her head against his shoulder he could only see the top of her head, not her face) and at her cleavage, his fingers fluttering for a third time over his mother's chest. He went for it this time, placing his palm lightly over his mother's right tit, lightly feeling it through the material of her expensive Versace dress. Debbie opened her eyes but was careful not to alter her breathing or to move, still pretending she was asl**p. It felt so wonderful to be felt up like this. if it had been just some guy taking advantage of her like this she would have freaked out and slapped him, but she didn't mind her son doing it because - so she justified it to herself - he was just a curious boy of f******n. Jake didn't really fondle his mother, he was still not wanting to wake her (unaware that she already was!) so he just lightly squeezed her breast. After a moment he thought he was pushing his luck too much and took his hand away, placing it back over his lap. He was memorizing the sensations - the sights and the feelings - of the last few moments so he could recall them tonight whilst jerking off.

Debbie closed her eyes again. Realizing a few minutes later that her son wasn't going to touch her again she yawned and opened her eyes, making a big deal of appearing to wake up.

"Oh, did I nod off?" she asked, sitting up and turning to her son.

"Yeah mum, about fifteen-minutes ago. I don't blame you, this film is kinda boring."

"Mmm. I've seen it several times. Boy, I'm tired."

"It's almost midnight mum. Past my bedtime!"

"And mine! Don't worry, it's Saturday. It doesn't matter. Hey, you feel like ditching this movie and watching an episode of The Simpsons? I fancy something light-hearted before bed."

"Sure mum."

"Fancy a glass of wine?"


"C'mon, you're old enough for a drink. And I fancy one too, after orange-juices all evening whilst I was out. I like a glass occasionally."

"Okay. Cool."

Debbie got up and went to the kitchen. She returned with a glass of white-wine for her and Jake, her son having just put The Simpsons on the DVD player. He and his mum sat close to each other on the sofa, giggling and sipping their wine, Jake still feeling horny and getting as many glances as he dared at his mother's cleavage whilst Debbie felt rather frisky herself thanks to knowing of her son's supposedly secret groping of her breasts.

Eventually, both of them felt very tired.

"I'm off to bed mum," Jake said.

"Me too honey," Debbie replied, using the remote to flick the TV off. It was suddenly very silent in the room.
They turned out the lights and, giggling to each other, stumbled their way up the stairs in the darkness. Upstairs, Jake stepped into the doorway of his bedroom and turned on the light.
"Well, goodnight mum," he said.
"Night night honey," Debbie smiled. She hesitated then stepped forth and gave Jake a quick peck on his lips. She smiled and strolled down the hallway to her own room, Jake puzzled as he shut his door, his mum not having kissed him goodnight since he was a k**! He undressed, got into bed, and promptly jerked off in the dark. Moments after spurting his seed over his belly he was so turned on that his prick was still hard, so he jerked off a second time before finally falling asl**p.

Jake masturbated in the morning too, still thinking of the sensation of touching his mother's chest yesterday whilst (so he thought) she was asl**p. He tried to f***e himself to think of doing it to girls at school or the more attractive female teachers, or Britney Spears, anyone other than his mum. It didn't matter how pretty his mum was, it just wasn't right to think about her that way. He even felt guilty at having touched her, although he knew if he hadn't he'd have regretted it. He decided he should make a determined effort to get a girlfriend to stop him from having these thoughts about his mum. Maybe he could get in touch with her friend, Selma. She may have been tipsy last night when she'd flirted with him but he thought it would be worth a try to see if he could find her phone-number, maybe give her a call. She might just laugh at him for taking her flirtacious comments seriously, but Jake thought he'd have to do something, His libido was sky-high, he wanted to jerk off again just after having done so already, and he felt he'd wank himself to death if he didn't get a nice lady-friend!

Reisting the urge to whack off a second time he finally got out of bed and pulled on some boxer-shorts. He stepped out of his room, yawning.

"Hi honey," Debbie smiled as she stepped out the bathroom wearing a fluffy white gown.
"Morning mum," greeted Jake, aware that he was only wearing his shorts. He noted his mother's eyes flick down to his torso, which he was quite proud of since he'd began working out at the school gym with weights, giving him fairly well sculpted pecs and a flat washboard stomach. He was no body-builder, still quite lean and not fully grown at five-foot-five, but nonetheless his bare torso did capture his mum's attention for a second.

"I've finished with the bathroom," Debbie said, "It's all yours."

"Cheers mum."

"I'll make breakfast. You got any plans for today?"

"Not really, I might just hang around the house. I've got some homework to do. I'll mow the lawn too if you want, it's getting a bit long."

"Okay honey. Like I said, I'll make breakfast. It'll be ready in about fifteen minutes."
"Sure mum."

Debbie walked off to her bedroom and her son went into the bathroom. He enjoyed the feminine smell of the room that his mother had left - the apple-scented shampoo, the luxurious Calvin Klein body lotion and a hint of perfume. To his amazement his cock was getting hard yet again! He knew it wouldn't go down so he turned the shower on, stepped in and jerked off. After squirting his load over the deep blue tiles he scrubbed himself clean, stepped out and dried off. Clean and dressed in his favorite pair of Levis and a black shirt, Jake went downstairs to the kitchen, where his mum was serving up breakfast. She was wearing a fairly low-cut black top and as they sat opposite each other at the kitchen table Jake had to try hard not to look down at her cleavage.

Jake was working on his History assignment that afternoon, sitting at his desk in his bedroom.
There was a knock at the door and, without waiting to be invited in, Debbie strolled into the room.
"Working hard?" she asked, approaching her son from behind with a cup of coffee. "Yeah, just a History assignment I gotta do," said Jake, still writing away. "I made you a coffee," Debbie said, placing the cup on the desk.

"Cheers mum."

Jake continued writing, wishing he'd started this assignment earlier so he wouldn't be rushing it now. Debbie remained standing behind where her son sat. She looked down at him, busily working away. She noted the boy's lovely hair, which was short and the same shade of golden blonde as her own. Jake had a slim neck but his shoulders were looking a little broader these days, emphasised by the tight white T-shirt he was wearing. Debbie placed her hands on Jake's shoulders and gently massaged him.
The boy was a little taken aback by this, but it felt good, and he said so too. "I can return the favour of that massage you gave me the other day," Debbie smiled, lightly squeezing and kneading Jake's shoulder muscles. She'd done a massage class a few years ago at the gym and was good at this, spreading a feeling of intense serenity through Jake's body. He put his pen down and sat there, eyes shut and sighing gently. It felt great!

"That's really cool mum," he commented once his mum finished massaging his shoulders a few minutes later.

"It's a good way to relieve tension, massage," Debbie informed him.

"I could give you a massage if you're feeling tense," Jake said, making it sound light-hearted but hoping that his mum would agree to it.

"Okay, if you want," Debbie chirped, "You can give me a massage once you've finished your school stuff. I'm feeling a bit tense," she added, which was a lie. She felt very relaxed and content at the moment. But she wanted a massage anyway, especially by Jake. He'd done a good job the other day with her lower back.

Debbie went downstairs and Jake quickly finished his school assignment. Then he went down to the living room where Debbie, wearing a pair of tight white jeans and a pink T-shirt, was sitting watching TV.

"Ready?" she asked Jake.

"Sure mum."

Debbie got up and knelt on the floor, facing the TV which was showing some sort of summary of the week's financial news. Debbie usually watched this to get her the career-orientated part of her mind in gear for the start of a new working week tomorrow. However, she had a hard time concentrating when Jake knelt behind her and massaged her shoulders. He just did to his mum what she'd done to him earlier, lightly squeezing the muscles between her shoulder and neck.

Debbie was feeling so relaxed and even a little horny! However, she made a promise to herself that she'd go out again sometime to a club and make sure she got picked up by a guy! She seriously needed a man, and more importantly a physical relationship with one. Jake was a handsome youth and, having bought him up single-handedly, Debbie felt closer to him than anyone in the world, and knew the feeling was mutual. But he was her son, and at f******n still little more than a c***d. It was totally out of order for her to be thinking about him in 'that' way, getting a thrill out of massaging him and being massaged in turn. Okay, the boy had groped her a little last night when he thought she was asl**p, but Debbie was certain that it was only because she happened to be there, asl**p (or so Jake had thought) - the boy would have probably infintely preferred another woman or girl over his mum to present him with an opportunity to feel her tits.

It was time, Debbie thought, to get herself a man. Well...maybe next week. Or next month. To be honest it was too much effort to filter out the d***ken idiots or absurdly flashy inflated-ego pricks that chatted her up. Perhaps she would be best to stick to her nightly masturbation sessions to satisfy her libido and leave all that messing about with relationships for a few years. After all, she could frig herself off and cum nice and hard by herself each night in bed. It was not like she was in need of an emotional relationship really - she had plenty of friends at work and Jake was fantastic company and as much a friend as he was a son.
Debbie decided to just enjoy the massage she was receiving, barely paying attention to the TV as Jake's hands worked away. The boy massaged her for fifteen-minutes before her moved back. Debbie thanked him, gave him an innocent peck on the cheek before she got up and declared she was off to make dinner.
"I'll help," insisted Jake, following his mother as if he didn't want to be apart from her if he could help it. Debbie couldn't help but be flattered by her son's affection.

The following week, Debbie was quickly caught up in her work and almost forgot about the little incident over the weekend. However, she did accept Jake's offer to give her a shoulder massage on Thursday evening. Lay on her stomach on the sofa, Jake kneeling next to her and rubbing her shoulders whilst his mum purred with delight. Jake made it out to be just a light-hearted thing, no big deal, but he naturally enjoyed it, although he barely had the courage to admit this to himself. Debbie returned the favour and was amused that her massage of Jake's shoulders was so evidently soothing that the boy dropped off to sl**p!

On Friday evening, Debbie was in the shower wondering whether to go out that night. Her friend Selma had invited her out for a few drinks with some other women from work, Selma also adding that some of the cute guys from the office would also be there. 'You might end up going home with one of them' Selma had lewdly promised Debbie. Debbie had said she'd think about it. She still recalled her promise to get out and get a man, but even though this decision was fuelled by her worry about the very tiny hint of desire she felt towards Jake, she nonetheless felt compelled to stay in tonight with him. Jake was not going out that evening, he had said he was 'gonna lounge about and watch telly' and Debbie thought it would be nice to stay in and sit on the sofa watching TV with her son (maybe even snuggling up to him...perhaps...as just mother and son would do. Totally innocent...of course).

In the shower, Debbie soaped down her slender naked body. She was very proud of her appearance. She'd been a little chubby as a teenager and had obviously felt somewhat unnatractive when she was plodding around as a sixteen year old whilst pregnant. Working hard at college and also looking after Jake when he was little had meant she'd not bothered with looking good, instead hurrying around, wearing practical rather than flattering clothes and snacking on junk-food to keep her going. She had never been fat, or unhealthy, but certainly when she started work at her current job at the age of twenty-one she was a little chubby and didn't looked terribly special. She had made a decision, after she had settled in at work and in her apartment, to work on making herself as beautiful as she had been before becoming pregnant. Debbie never ended up obsessive about diets or working out, but she certainly kept to a strict regime of aerobics and healthy eating. The transformation had been perfect, and the once plain-Jane Debbie was, by her mid-twenties, a total stunner. She had always had a pretty face but it was even nicer now that she had lost the bit of excess weight. She had fairly sharp cheek-bones, and her beautiful visage was accompanied by a slim and sexy body and a wardrobe full of expensive and tasteful clothes. She could have passed for a model or a sexy actress, and certainly captured the eyes of lustful males everywhere.
Stepping out the shower, Debbie admired herself in the mirror. Her limbs were lithe and toned, her belly perfectly flat, her breasts sizable but not too big, and very nicely shaped. It had been a long time since anyone had seen her nude other than herself, but it still boosted her confidence as she admired herself. Debbie decided that she couldn't be bothered going out that night. She called Selma to tell her she couldn't make it out that night and then - after getting dressed and having an impulsive spray of perfume - Debbie went downstairs to join Jake for a nice lazy evening in front of the TV.

They sat on the sofa, casually dressed as they watched the evening's shows, often chatting more than paying attention to the programmes. Jake hoped his mum would offer him some wine later. He hoped his mum would have some too, it was funny the way - unused to alcohol - she would get quite daft and giggly on just one glass.

The theme of one sitcom was a wedding, and because the programme itself was rather weak, Jake made conversation by asking his mum if she ever planned on getting married.
"Would you want me to?" Debbie asked, sitting up close to Jake, their legs almost touching. Debbie wore denim cut-offs, showing off her legs, but had changed from her T-shirt into the pink Lycra top she normally wore last week, the one that hugged her firm round breasts and revealed her flat toned belly.
"Well...I dunno," shrugged Jake, "I was just wondering."

"I'm not sure if I will. Maybe. If I meet the right guy. Right now I'm not all that bothered."
"I sometimes worry that you don't get out more often and get a chance to meet Mr Right because of me."
"Why do you think that honey?" Debbie asked, sad that her son felt that way and reaching out to gently stroke his bare arm with her fingers.

"I'm not sure, I just think that sometimes you feel obliged to stay at home with me tonight when you'd rather be out. I mean, your only thirty, you should have a chance to go out some nights and go wild!"
"That's not true honey, seriously! I was going to go out tonight with Selma, because I know you can look after yourself now that you're f******n, but I chose to stay at home with you. Seriously! I don't need wild nights out anyway, they're tiresome. I'd rather sit at home like this."

"Yeah?" smiled Jake, rather complimented that his mum appreciated his company so much.
"Of course! Selma and the others are good fun an all that, but they are a bit too energetic for my liking, and though at times like last week I go out with the hope of meeting a nice guy, I usually end up being chatted up by boring idiots or pervy middle-aged men who try to hide the fact that they're married." Jake felt a twinge of jealousy at the idea of older men chatting up his mum. "You know," Debbie continued, taking a hand from Jake's forearm and reaching round to light rub the back of his head and neck affectionately, "I sometimes think that you don't get a chance to go out more often because you feel obliged to stay at home and keep me company, which you don't have to."

"No no," Jake quickly insisted, "I don't mind. I mean, I'd rather have quiet nights in watching the box with you mum. It's cool."

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Debbie asked, abrupty, not sure why she asked. "No. Why?"

"Just wondered. No charming young ladies out there stealing my little boy's heart is there?"

"Not really mum," laughed Jake,

"You're the only woman for me."

He blushed a little, not sure where that statement had come from.

"I mean," he added, "I'm not ready for relationships and stuff. I just wanna, I dunno, leave all that for a while."

That wasn't true of course, he was desperate for a girlfriend, mainly to see if he could get laid to the edge of his libido which had caused him to do things like he did last week, touching his mum up! Hell, that was the only reason he wanted a girlfriend.

"You're the only guy for me," Debbie smiled,

and gave Jake a quick peck on the cheek. She then sat back and both sat watching TV, feeling very relaxed with each other. Debbie placed her hand back onto Jake's forearm and just lightly stroked it, feeling comfort from being in physical contact with her son. It did occur to her that she could pretend to fall asl**p here, just to see if Jake would touch her up again. Then she pushed aside such thoughts. It wasn't right, she told herself. It was fine to enjoy her son's company and the way they were so close, and to find it pleasing in a light-hearted way that he'd felt her up last week in what must have surely been nothing more than adolescent curiosity, and also to enjoy just being physically close to him...but wanting him to touch her up and think of her as sexually, that was wrong. Surely. Debbie tried to concentrate on the TV.
Shortly, Debbie made herself and Jake a glass of wine, just one glass to help them relax even more. They went from sitting up on the sofa to slumped back, lounging like a pair of k**s.

Jake felt his cock stirring in his pants as his mother casually stroked his arm, even though it must have only been an maternally affectionate gesture. His eyes sometimes glanced down to his mum's legs, although he tried not to look, not out of a fear of being caught but out of guilt.

At ten o'clock, a movie came on, starring Pamela Anderson, some box-office flop called Barbed Wire. In the opening credits there were lots of shots of Pamela Anderson dancing about naked, closes ups and profile images of her body which, unlike her acting abilities, was pretty damn impressive. Jake's semi-stiff dick began to grow stiffer. Eventually the credits ended and the movie started properly, beginning with the main actress putting on her clothes which lost half the TV channel's audience straight away.

"Do you want to watch this mum?" he asked.

"I'm not bothered. You can if you want."

"Not really, it's not all that good, so I've heard."

"Ah, so you just wanted to catch the opening credits whilst Pamela Anderson is naked then?" sniggered Debbie.

"No," Jake insisted, his lie proved by his blushing cheeks (and also by the bulge in his crotch, which he hoped his mum couldn't notice).

"Do you like Pamela then?" teased Debbie.

"Not really. Well...she's okay looking."

"Just okay?"

"I don't really know. Hell, I like all women, it's these hormones running through me," Jake explained, smirking as he turned to his mum. It was the truth - he could get a hard-on at the sight of any female flesh. Even his mum's! As he looked at his mum he fought valiantly to resist the urge to look down at her tits, but he failed, and he saw that his mum's nipples were trying to poke through the tight pink material of her lycra top. He looked away, blushing more, and Debbie smiled.

"Do I look pretty to you honey?" she asked, taking the plunge. She knew this flirty line of enquiry could only have been fuelled by less-than innocent latent desires, but she tried to convince herself it was purely innocent.

"Of course mum," Jake smiled, looking back at his mum who had placed her hand on his shoulder, both of them totally ignoring the movie on the TV. "You're really pretty."

"Thanks honey."

"Why do you ask? You're not getting self-conscious are you?" grinned Jake, "Seriously, you're pretty. All my buddies think so."

"Yeah?" laughed Debbie.

"Sure. Their mum's are middle-aged but you're really young and hot and...well, they fancy you." He gulped, his nervousness at revealing these things over-ruled by his delight that his mum was really flushed with pride at this revelation. "Most of them like you mum, it's kinda funny. I don't mind though, I'm not offended when they say things like 'Jake, your mum has the best body in the world' and stuff! It's quite er...sweet. They think your gorgeous and have great legs. And a nice bum," he added, smirking, the half a glass of wine in his system fuelling his courage to say such a thing.

Debbie laughed, neither her nor her son realizing that Jake, in the last couple of sentences, had been inadvertantly revealing his opinions on his mum's body but placing the words in the mouths of his friends (although his friends did indeed share those opinions!).

"Well, I'm glad I still have the touch," Debbie smirked. She felt compelled to give Jake a kiss, just a quick peck on the lips. She did so, leaning forwards as she sat sideways on the sofa, planting her lips briefly on Jake's. She placed her hand down to support herself as she leaned forwards, unintentionally placing the palm of her hand over Jake's crotch, feeling his erect prick through his jeans. She looked down and took her hands from the boy's crotch and looked up again. They were both blushing.
"Sorry honey," she smiled.

"It's okay mum," insisted Jake, grinning nervously.

"I shouldn't go touching up my son like that, dear oh dear," she laughed, trying to make light of the situation whilst part of her mind marvelled at just how big and hard her boy's cock had felt. She tried to shake herself out of such thoughts but found it impossible. Jake was appearing quite nervous, realizing his mum was clearly now aware that he had a stiffie.

"Sorry mum," Jake shrugged.

"What honey? What do you have to be sorry about?" Debbie asked. Jake wasn't able to say it, but his mum guessed that what he meant was 'sorry I've got a big hard-on here whilst sitting next to my mum.' "Don't worry honey," she reassured him, "It's only natural, with, y'know, Pamela Anderson prancing around naked on the TV! That's what boys do, get boners when they see female flesh."

Jake laughed, his nervousness pushed aside by the amusement of hearing his mum say 'boners'. He was also aware that it had been some minutes since Pamela had been nude on the TV - his arousal was purely due to the proximity of his mum in her tight top and denim cut-offs, more flesh on display than was covered. "Besides, you touched me last week," Debbie giggled.

"How do you mean?" gasped Jake, worried.

"When I was asl**p? You remember? I wasn't actually asl**p, I woke up before you touched my boobies. Oh don't worry," she quickly added when Jake looked anxious, "I don't mind, it's only natural you were a bit curious. It was my fault, I should have made it known that I was awake and stuff and...well, whatever. Either way, I'm not bothered. My my, you are blushing."

"It's just...well, sorry mum."

"Hey honey, I said it's no big deal. Seriously. It's quite nice...y'know, that you think of me that way."

"Yeah?" Jake asked, thinking that he was sure it was damn perverted to think of his mum that way.
"Well...oh I don't know. I'm not sure. It was a bit startling to find you feeling my boobs...but like I said, I'm not mad. We can just forget about the whole thing and never mention it again."

"Okay mum, sure," Jake said, quickly.

"Unless," began Debbie, amazed that she was beginning this sentence! Even the glass of wine couldn't take all the blame from the daring thing she was about to say. "Unless," she repeated, "You want to touch me again. I don't mind. I quite liked it and, well...you're a curious boy and you like women's boobs. Like all boys and men. And, well...I've got boobs so...y'know..."

Jake was looking at his mum with amazement. Did she want him to touch he tits? My God she did!
"I'd like to mum, yeah. Er...if you don't mind."

"Not at all. Hell, this movie is boring," she laughed, "Like I said, you're just a curious boy, you want to see some boobies and, well, I'm your mum so I'll do my motherly duty and satisfy your curiosity." She was trying to convince herself more than her son of the innocence of this proposed plan, even though part of her mind knew damn well she just got off on the idea of exposing her charms to her son. Not to any man or boy, but her own darling son.

"Okay," Jake said, "Er...shall we do it now?"

"Yup," Debbie said. She knelt up on the sofa, facing her son, her legs under her and her firm denim-clad arse on her heels. She looked down at herself, not sure what to do for a moment, before she went and unceremoniously removed her top, dumping it on the floor. Jake turned and knelt up also, facing his mum, his eyes glued to his mother's tits. They were magnificent! Not too big, but not just average sized either - a nicely sized pair of melons, firm and beautiful and topped with strawberry red nipples.

"Do they look okay?" asked Debbie, "No guy has laid eyes on them for a while so I just want to know if they're still pleasing to the male eye." She knew damn well her breasts were great, but was still attempting to reassure herself that this lewd exhibitionism was innocent and almost just out of scientific-enquiry. This 'I just want to make sure males still like my tits' excuse didn't fool Debbie's subconsciousness one bit.

"They are mum," Jake insisted, "Um...real nice. Can I touch them?"

"Go for it honey. Knock yourself out."

Jake smiled and then nervously reached out with his right hand. He placed the tips of two fingers over his mum's right nipple, feeling a thrill at the touch. Last week he'd felt his mum's tits though her dress but now he had access to her bare flesh. He also noted how stiff his mum's nipples are and he knew that this is what happened when women were turned on. The idea that he was sexually stimulating his mum provoked far more pride and pleasure in him than guilt. He placed his hand right over his mother's right tit and placed his other hand over her left tit. He knelt, gently kneading and feeling his mother's breasts, looking down as he did so. Debbie knelt with her arms by her side, breathing slowly, glancing down at the impressive bulge in the crotch of her son's jeans. Jake stroked and fondled his mum's tits, mother and son occasionally making eye-contact and smiling, reassuring themselves that this was just a light-hearted little excercise. No big deal. After a few minutes Jake figured that he'd had his fair share of feeling his mum's boobs and he took his hands away.

"They're great mum," he said, shyly, "Thanks."

"You're welcome honey," Debbie said. She was a little sad that Jake hadn't felt her up for longer, but she remembered that she was his mum and there was no way he was going to sit feeling her up all night. She put her top on then leaned over to give Jake a quick, motherly kiss. It wasn't very motherly though. She felt compelled to keep her lips on Jake's, unable to pull away. She sensed Jake moving his arm and she was sure that he'd push her away, but instead he placed his hand on the back of her head as if to keep her in place. The boy started kissing his mum back, grinding his lips to hers. His mouth opened a little and Debbie felt an intense thrill of dark desire when she sensed Jake's tongue dart into her mouth. She moaned inwardly and responded by pushing her own tongue into the boy's mouth, both of them actively frenching each other, kissing wantonly like lovers. For a full minute they snogged before they parted, smiling nervously.

"Sorry mum," Jake shrugged, "I got carried away."

"That's okay honey," said Debbie, flushed and aroused but certain that one of them - her son or herself - had done something wrong. "We shouldn't have done that honey, not really."

"Why not?"

"I'm your mum sweetheart. I should't be doing things like that."

"Well, it was me that started snogging you with tongues and things."

"Yeah, but I showed you my breasts. Oh look, let's forget about this honey. We had a bit of wine - only one glass admittedly, but neither of us are used to alcohol - and got carried away. It was fun but we shouldn't have done it. I'm sorry."

"Okay mum," Jake sighed, cutting his losses. They both nervously turned round so they sat side-by-side again. They watched some more TV before going to their respective beds at midnight. They cheerfully said goodnight to each other upstairs before going into their seperate rooms, and Jake was sad that there was no goodnight kiss that evening.

TO BE CONTINUED.................

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2 years ago
i hope there is a part2?
2 years ago
very good start
2 years ago
Definitely mislabeled as "Hardcore", though an interesting story, nonetheless. But needs some serious editing & rewriting.

For instance:

1) Pointlessly long & wordy - do the main characters' names need to be constantly mentioned when we're reading about them almost exclusively? Do two characters need to be named Debbie?
2) Not enough of the "hot" details (sexual, i.e. Jake's actions & fantasies during his masturbation sessions, Debbie's lack of a bra and description of her breasts & her body) and too many of the "not" ones (her lack of a relationship & the accompanying melodrama, her abstinence).
3) Struggling to define the justification for their potential relationship, which could be realistically solved by them talking openly & frankly about it, which they apparently do about other matters in their lives. We, as readers, all understand the pall of taboo that hangs like a black storm cloud over these types of relationships. That's a given. So, to the author, I say, "Understand your audience better."
4) A nagging suspicion this story was intended for an American audience, but sounds too British or Western Euro.

I totally get, and even respect, your literary approach to this genre. But if you tighten-up your approach, you'd increase the "hot" quotient dramatically, which would make for a more enjoyable read!
2 years ago
GREAT story