she knows

i wake up one morning at my friends house by his s****r (shes about 5'4'a nice 125 nice thick ass 36DDD titties long hair with blue tips and big green eyes) shaking me asking me if i want something to eat i look at her and say " babe its 5 am " shes in her all blue thong and no bra she has her titties in my face asking am i hungary i say sure so i leave the room in some boxers she sits me domn and then gets on top of me she starts to grind real hard but yet slowly. kissing my neck and rubing my dick as i start to get hard she gets on her knees and reaches in my boxers she pulls out my 9 inch dick and starts sucking it gets it real hard as she rubs it looking at me with these green eyes and asks " daddy is this good egough for u " i resond "yes dady likes it when u deep throats it all she works around the head useing both hands to rub while shes sucking it.

she slowly pulls down her thong useing her finger to rub her clit her nipples now fully erct she sits down and slowly bounces on my dick then faster and harder. she gets up and lays on her back as i bite and nibble on her inner thighs she moans taking deep breaths i start eating her out wiggling my wet stiff tongue all over her now wet pussy i start putting a finger in and playing with her g spot she almost screams but loses her breath i get back up after ten mins of this i grab her put her on all fours i put my now fully hard 10 inch dick in side her i grab her waist at first pumping it hard and fast i then reach over and grab her hair makeing her moan even louder then before she looks back and said "daddy im cumming " i go even faster now having one hand on her ass and the other on her black hard nipples i slow down i feel like my dicks going to pop i lay down and she gets on top of me now starting the splits down on my dick bouncing to a ponit i came all over her ass and back she turns around and sucks my dick even more making me cum again in her mouth she swallows she looks at me and said "now are u hungary " and heads for the kitchen
82% (8/2)
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2 years ago
short but good