Naughty girl

A little roleplay story, I've done this one with variations a number of times. I'm a bit well-developed for the school uniform these days but that just seems to get make things harder ... if you see what I mean :-)

It's lunchtime, you’re sitting in your study behind the desk, there's a knock at the door, it’s me and I open the door and come in, closing the door behind me. I’m dressed in school uniform with a white blouse and tie, a short grey pleated skirt and ankle socks, my hair is braided back in a long pigtail. "Stand there" you say, "Now what have you been up to?" I look down sheepishly. “You’ve been caught masturbating in the toilets again, haven’t you? And there was that incident behind the bike sheds when you were found sucking off two of the boys at once. Now, lift your skirt and show me your panties!" I do as I’m told, but I’m embarrassed that my white panties are stained and you order me to remove them and give them to you. "Go and stand in the corner, facing the corner with your hands on your head until I decide what to do with you."

I do as told, and you leave me for a few minutes and then shout to me to turn round. I see that you’re holding a cane. "Come here and hold your hands out, this might stop you using your fingers to play with your self." You give me one stroke of the cane across the palms of my hands, and then make me kneel in your chair facing backwards and leaning over the back. I know you’re staring at my butt and can't help having a feel of it, stroking my hole and letting your fingers slide between my legs to play with my pussy. It's very wet, and you find my clit and rub it. I know this is very naughty but I can’t help myself, I can feel my juices flowing and soon shudder to a climax. You remove your hand and take up the cane again. "You know what naughty girls get." You say quietly to me. I nod, bend over the back of the chair and grab the leg of it. “Six of the best for you!” Slowly you administer five strokes across my bum. "Right now for the last one, the one to remember." You strike with the cane across where the legs meet the bum. I flinch at the pain.

"Stand up." You say “And come and kneel on the floor over here, kneel up and put your arms behind your back.” You tie my hands together behind my back, "You’re not wearing a bra, are you?" I shake my head and you take hold of my blouse in each hand and rip it apart. My tits are displayed in all their glory and you massage them, bend down and suck on my nipples. Then you stand up in front of me and pull down your zip, releasing your stiff, rock hard cock, "You know what to do." you say, “So get to it.”

My hands are still tied behind my back but l shuffle forward on my knees and begin to lick the end of your cock before putting my lips round it and start working up and down the shaft. Looking up, I see that you have my stained panties in your hand and you're sniffing them as I suck you off. You put your other hand round the back of my head and pull me closer so that you cock slides deeper and deeper into my mouth. I can feel your cum welling up inside. It doesn’t take long and I feel your cock start to twitch and then spurt after spurt of hot sticky spunk fills up my mouth. You pull away slightly and squirt another load all over my face. It runs down my chin and starts to drip onto my tits. You release me and I clean you up with my tongue making sure I get every drop, then you give me my panties back which I use to wipe all the spunk off of my face. You take them back, saying, “I’ll keep these, I might have a use for them later!” “Ok, Sir,” I say, putting your cock away and doing your zip back up. . You bend down and undo my hands, "Right get dressed, you can go now.”

“Ok,” I say … “Ermmmm … same time tomorrow?” …
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2 months ago
Next day I'd have walked with your pants whilst tonguing your arsehole!!!
7 months ago
Nice! .... Very good!
2 years ago
loved it! more to cum i hope
3 years ago
very naughty need the cane often
3 years ago
Very enjoyable
3 years ago
very very good
3 years ago
3 years ago
nothing wrong with a bit of role play ;-)