Maried whore gets whats cummin

My hubby John is always wanting to have sex. He is constantly sneaking up on me and publicly r****g me in our frontyard. He says its because i'm such an anal slut and its true. Last year John decided to host a christmas party for all the guys at work. He sent out 50 invites and about 23 of them called back and said YES. I was slightly nervous and tried to talk him out of it. 23 guys, beer and an anal slut. Does that sound hazardous to anyone else? Everyone arrived at the same time. I just slipped on a cute Santa's Girl dress John found last year. I looked in the mirror. I looked and felt like a christmas bitch slave! I stepped out side and passed the beer table. Half of what I put out was gone. I passed a corner to discover they were all d***k playing poker. “There you are honey” John wrapped his arms around me and pushed me to the floor. “You rotten good for nothing SLUT” he screamed. I guess i'll have to punish you for this. He climbed ontop of me and flipped me onto my stomach.He ripped my dress up and tore off my panties. On of our guests handed him a spatula and a knife. He whipped my ass until my buttcheeks looked like a grill. I begged him to stop and a different guest shoved his 7 inch rod down my sore throat. SHUT UP CUNT. They all yelled. John grabbed the knife and carved MINE into my left ass cheek. I screeched. John snapped and two guests returned with a box labebled SLUT SCORE.... toys for males and females. They emptied the contents next to me and i saw 10 massive dildos and 1 gag. The other box contained 6 rolls of ducttape and a blind fold. He shoved the gag in my mouth. He masked my vision with a sight proof blind fold. All i could hear were snickers as i felt a cock rub the shaved lips of my vulnerable pussy. It smashed through making me yelp which resulted in a hard thrashing. He taped my legs to the coffee table so that my ass was even with his dildo. Whoevers cock was in my pussy shot a warm load of cum into a carton of milk. I knew he would remove my gag to make me drink his cum. He did as i predicted. DRINK IT SLUT. after that it was cock after cock in my pussy. After a while i started to fuck back. Luckily my d***k hubby made them wear condoms so i wouldnt get pregnant. I felt a dildo being shoved into my ass. Then they ripped off my shirt and bra. exposing my 36b breasts. Spatulas smacked my tits until i couldnt feel them. I heard a soft buzzin sound and felt a vibrater replace the cock in my vagina. After a rough dildo fucking he ripped it out of my ass. I knew that 1 cock would brak my ass in too pieces. 2 ripped me out of my nightmare and into reality. It was this ongoing pain all night and morning until 7:45 a.m.. This was my christmas present. I couldnt walk for a week. John apologized a million times. THAT HAD TO BE THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.
55% (2/2)
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1 year ago
loved it appart from the carving into her flesh thats a bit much for me
2 years ago
A little short, but it got the point(ha ha)across!!