My first BBC

Just a little back round when I was in high school and still a virgin I had a male black friend and we got d***k at my house and started messing around long story short he fingered me and sucked my tits till I had my first orgasm so I grabed his cock (and a very large and thick one at that) so large I did not want to have intercourse with him my first time so I suck till I was getting lock jaw and had to jerk him off (which I loved to see him cum all over my hand and my bed) we never had another chance to do it again (I still wish now I had tried)
any ways after many years of marrage a few toys Joe brought home a large black dildo (not as big as John from high school) and I enjoy all the time now (as you see from my pics) well one night during sex Joe asked if I had ever been with a black man I quickly answered no (I have told him about a month later) and asked if I would (Joe has a very good friend he went to college with we will call him Max they were roommates) so I knew what was up and asked why Joe told me max has not had sex in almost a year and he would like to see him have sex with me and join in (he said he had all ways wanted to at school) He is a very attractive man about 6'5" and 250# so I told Joe I didn't think it was a good idea but he could talk to Max and see how he feel (but really I got very wet which Joe knows now) so Max comes to our house about every weekend to hang out (which he also has a thing for one of my friends) So I started timing my showers for when he was about to show and come out in just a robe and sit with Joe and him and give a little flash of my clean shaved pussy So one night my friend left early and after several drinks I said I had a cold chill and wanted to shower and when I came out sat nex to Max in my robe Joe went to get more drinks and I grabed Max by his cock (I was soooo horney) he said better not do that its been almost a year and I told him I could not have him running around will blue ball Joe heard the whole thing and came back and opened my robe wide open and started sucking my tits and fingering my very wet pussy and looked at Max and siad it was ok and show Marie just how big your cock is so he pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen or been with which just made me wetter (and yes he was larger than John) So I was finally going to find out what I missed out on in high school So we went to the bedroom and Max licked my freshly shaved pussy better than anyone ever has as Joe sucked my tits and neck (I lost count how many times I orgasmed) I told Max I wanted him to fuck me now he looked up at me and smiled and asked are you sure your ready I told him I was more than ready a long time ago so he started to enter my very wet pussy and I could not believe how hard he had to push and all at once he was in Joe wasted no time and put his cock in my mouth (OMG the feeling of a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth all I can say is OMG) then Max started out slow short strokes to long slow strokes till I had it all the way in Joe had to go look he couldn't believe I took it all then Max would pull all the way out and put it back in to tease me when I was so horney and it felt so good I told Max to qiut fucking around and fuck me hard OMG I was moaning and yelling as I orgasmed over and over like NEVER before then Max made a couple of grunts and cum very deep in my pussy (where no man has before) Joe ran and got the camera and got one pic (it all happened so fast and we all were enjoying Joe forgot any way Max pulled out and I had all his cum running out of my pussy down my ass (which I love very much) and Max said it was early yet and it may be a year before he has sex again so he ask me to shower again and would make it up to me (I thought that was great anyways but if he wanted round 2 I was in) so he went out to have a smoke and Joe joined me in the shower to help wash me up and no Max went to the door and he was gone not realy sure why Joe has called I have called Joe has stopped to his house sometimes his truck is there but no answer So Max if you read this we had a great time but Joe is more worried about your friendship and wants to keep being your friend (we thought you being a friend we knew you were D/D free and we knew we all got along and no pressure so sorry if you don't feel the same PLEASE CALL JOE) Anyways you gave me a night I will never forget Thank you Max (To all you people a word of advise maybe a friend is not who you want to do this with)

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